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Blurr (Scenesys ID: 1719)
"Primus I hate saying 'wait'. Such an awful word."
Full Name: Blurr
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Field Operative
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Ibex (Iacon Province, Cybertron)
Education: Autobot Academy
Status: Retired
Groups: Autobots, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 26 May Actor: John Moschitta Jr.
Height: 445 cm (14'6") Weight: 728 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Blurr used to be the greatest and most famous racer on all of Cybertron. Living the high life, he had little care for anything or anyone that did not directly affect him or his racing career. But as tension between the government and the oppressed lower castes escalated, he began to realise that life was not as perfect as he thought it was. Still young and idealistic, he sought to take a more active role in righting the wrongs of the world by joining the Autobots as an Intelligence Operative. Now, he travels the galaxy searching for exploitable resources to feed a civil war that has been raging for eons as well as seeking out and monitoring Decepticon activity.

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Blurr stands 445 cm tall (14'6") in his biped mode, or about as much as an adult African Elephant, with a mostly blue and white paintjob covering his body. He has a very lithe and aerodynamic form that allows him a high level of versatility, and is slimmer than most other Cybertronians. Whenever he is online and conscious, his optics glow a brilliant blue colour, as well as various other points of light along his body. His vehicular mode is a very slick and futuristic looking hovercar of the same color scheme.


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Once upon a time, the Ibexian Athletic Association dreamed of creating the perfect racer; someone who could not only run and drive faster than anyone on the planet, but whose mind could also keep up with his incredibly rapid physical movements. But in order to do that, they would need access to a spark. The team researched the ways they might gain said access, looking first into spark splicing but when that appeared to be a fruitless search (since it didn't actually exist), they turned to attempting to convince the Senate to grant them access to a hotspot. Despite the scarcity of hotspots, the Senate actually agreed to allow this, so long as they had the final say in the fate of whatever resulted from the experiment. This was because they actually planned to experiment on new sparks in an attempt to create their own artificial "outliers" (Cybertronian individuals with extraordinary abilities), and the IAA's project aligned with their goals. Thus, the organisation was granted one-time access to the hotspot and allowed to harvest a spark for this purpose, and Blurr was born. At first, he was thought to be a failure -- unable to remain focused on a single item for more than a few minutes, or to even speak properly. However, after numerous training and therapy sessions, he was finally able to at least function normally.

The IAA saw great success with Blurr on the tracks and in the public sphere once he had become presentable. He went on to claim victory in the world's most renowned ground racing tournament, the Ibex Cup, a total of sixteen times before the races were shut down in the wake of Decepticon terrorist attacks. Blaming the Decepticons for ruining his career and for the death of several of his friends and colleagues, and in search of a purpose deeper than simple entertainment, Blurr vowed to put an end to their destructive campaigns and joined the Autobots' Intelligence Division.

As Cybertron's resources waned under the weight of the war, both factions took to the stars to search for something to feed the dying planet. As a scout and field operative, Blurr proved among those most well-equipped and qualified to venture to the cosmos and seek out valuable intel and / or resources.


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Blurr is fast. Not only can he move fast, drive fast, and talk fast, but his mind is also constantly running at a million kilometres a minute. As such, he is incredibly impatient and is addicted to constant action and / or motion. If Cybertronians had a version of ADHD, he would have a pretty severe case of it. In fact, he had to train hard even just to speak at a comprehensible rate. He absolutely hates sitting around waiting or doing nothing. He also has a tendency to look down on others because they can't move at the ridiculous speeds he can, but, having taken inspiration from people in his life who have stuck with him despite many of their frustrations with his behaviour, he's working on being more compassionate and less arrogant, or trying to.

It's easy for him to be charming and charismatic all day long to the people he likes or wants to please, given crowd-pleasing aspects of his former career. It is, however, much more difficult for him with certain kinds of people; like Decepticons whom he is convinced are for the most part terrible, warmongering revenge-addicts and hypocrites. His upbringing as a member of the elite caste certainly helped bring this attitude about, having easily led him to sympathise with government institutions.He isn't as young as he used to be, but he is still a lot younger than most other Cybertronians, so he is rather immature. Idealistic and optimistic sometimes to a fault, Blurr is out to use his special skills to help Ultra Magnus and the Autobots make the world right and stop the Decepticons from reigning terror on the people of Cybertron. It's certainly a loftier and more important-sounding goal than just being glorified entertainment -- amazingly talented entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless.


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Durability: Cybertronians are physically more durable than most organic species, and do not need to breathe in the same way. This allows them to survive in outer space without additional protection or equipment.

Enhanced Perception: A Cybertronian's visual and audio scanning spectrum is wider than that of a human's, allowing them to detect some things that are not typically detectable by the unaided eye or ear.

Life Cycle: Cybertronians don't really have one, actually. Although their sparks can sometimes be placed into different bodies and those bodies modified, they don't develop or change naturally or on their own. Additionally, their sparks don't die for millions of Earth years unless extinguished by some external force or cause. And even after millions of years, death by old age or cybercrosis can be averted. Sparks are typically contained within a special casing in their chests, but can survive outside of a body for extended periods of time as long as they are kept frozen.

Stasis: Cybertronians need to rest just like any other living being does, if not quite as often as most organics do. Ideally, they connect to circuit slabs to get the most restful stasis cycles.

Sustenance: Energon is the primary source of energy for Cybertronians, although they can accept alternate sources such as crude oil, or other fossil fuels. They don't need to refuel every day like humans do, allowing them a greater degree of flexibility, however they can 'starve' to death given extended periods of time without any fuel.

Transformation: Nearly all Cybertronians have the ability to shift between at least 2 different forms or shapes. One is usually a biped or humanoid shape, while the other is a vehicle or tool of some sort. Blurr's is a hovercar capable of travelling up to 1,300 kph and on the same terrains as his biped form does.

Weaponry: Most Cybertronians who are still alive today -- including Blurr, are those well-adapted to warfare. This means that a majority of them had at least standard laser weaponry installed into their frames at some point. Blurr's are retractable photon blasters that he can conceal within arm compartments or bring out at will.

Blurr is equipped with a special weapon that reverses the polarity of the victim's microcircuits, assuming they have microcircuits, rendering them temporarily paralysed and potentially causing some damage depending on the target's level of resistance to electrical attacks. A high-voltage stream of electricity is fired through the air to a maximum distance of about 215 metres (705 feet), and can be blocked by anything with insulating properties, or redirected by anything with conductive properties and oriented appropriately.

Before being sent off into space, Blurr was equipped with a holomatter projector, a device that allows him to remote control a hard light holographic avatar that is capable of appearing human or humanoid. However, it has a limited radius and cannot be projected more than a hundred metres away from him.

Blurr possesses strength enabling him to lift approximately 20 metric tons. He is able to punch through barriers as thick as a 10 cm (4 inch) steel plate. While his experience fighting allows for him to gauge the amount of force he exerts, he has been known to cut loose in cases of extreme stress.

Blurr is able to move at 1,300 kph on the ground in either car form or biped form. He is also able to accelerate to such a velocity nearly instantly from a complete standstill. In addition, given that his vehicle form is a hovercraft, he can move at such speeds across almost any terrain; in fact, he is so fast that he can easily run/drive across vertical or even fluid surfaces such as water. It would follow from this that he is very agile, and even the most talented marksman would be hard-pressed to land a hit on him. In addition, Blurr is not only able to move at incredible speeds; he also thinks, speaks, and acts at this same extreme pace.


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Blurr certainly knows how to put up a good fight when necessary. He is skilled in hand-to-hand as well as with guns, though he is not built to carry heavy weapons such as missile launchers. His primary advantage is in being able to dodge almost anything, and hit fast but not very hard.

Blurr is part of the Autobots' Intelligence Division, and functions as a spy and courier. These roles best suit his abilities and skill set, and he certainly knows how to apply them to his job. Working as an intelligence operative requires one to be agile and quick-witted, both of which come naturally to Blurr, who can also often make rapid exits for himself that others couldn't should his cover be blown. This also comes with the various skills of the trade that might typically be expected, such as hacking, sabotage, theft, deceit, surveillance, recon, observation, etc., as well as more knowledge of classified information (like a secret base or research facility).

Blurr was once the greatest Cybertronian racer of all time. He spent his entire pre-war life on the tracks, therefore, his racing prowess might even be considered legendary.


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Blurr belongs to the Intelligence Division of the Cybertronian military organisation known as the Autobot Commonwealth, or Autobots for short. They are likely the only ones he can count on for support, given Cybertron's poor galactic reputation. He can visit any Autobot base or outpost for refuelling and restocking as needed.

Blurr has a small stealth vessel, the Sentinel which he uses to travel across the stars. It is equipped with cloaking mechanisms, moderate shielding, light weaponry, and a hyperdrive for FTL travel. It has the ability to create a breathable atmosphere within itself, although this does require a significant amount of additional fuel and resources, depending on the species needing to be accommodated. It has enough space to comfortably accomodate five additional average-sized Cybertronian passengers, aside from the pilot, if you count the cargo bay.


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As with all Cybertronians, Blurr is a cybernetic being, essentially an extremely advanced artificial intelligence. This means that his structure is vulnerable to being hacked or otherwise manipulated by those who have the skills necessary to do such a thing.

The Decepticon Empire, or Decepticons, are the sworn enemies of the Autobots. Since Blurr is a spy, he is certainly high on his their most wanted list. And if they find him, there is likely to be a fight of some kind, which often results in massive amounts of collateral damage to whatever planet they happened to be on. This is a major part of the reason Cybertronians are hated and feared by much of the rest of the galaxy.

Blurr is a speed addict. He hates waiting for anything and is therefore extremely impatient. Thus one might find him charging into things without giving it much prior consideration. His impatience can also be very grating on his the nerves of those around him, and they may find it frustrating attempting to keep up with him. Since he thinks at least as fast as he moves, he has a habit of talking that fast as well. If you talk fast, you tend to say a lot just to fill the time, especially if you're Cybertronian and don't have to stop to breathe. As you might imagine, that can get pretty irritating when attempting to have a conversation with him.

The civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons has been bringing death and destruction to countless worlds for millennia. Even before the factional conflict, Nova Prime's (unrelated to the leader of the Nova Corps. It's a big galaxy out there) expansionist ideals didn't exactly give the rest of the galaxy a good impression of Cybertron. Thus, they are infamous throughout the galactic community for bringing annihilation to everything they touch, and therefore few civilizations want to have anything to do with them, regardless of any factional alignment or lack thereof. This means that Blurr probably can't generally count on the help of other groups aside from his own Autobots in times of need.

In order to be so fast, Blurr needs to be extremely light, at least in comparison to other Cybertronians his size. Therefore, he mostly relies upon his superior agility to survive in a fight, since he can't take as many hits as most can, given his lesser degree of armour.

A Cybertronian's resistance to many different types of extremes is purely physical and subject to physical laws. Since magic-based attacks or abilities are not always constrained by these same laws, they have a greater chance of being effective against Cybertronians.

Blurr is extremely arrogant. His pre-war social status likely had a lot to do with this. He was certainly the best of the best when it came to racing; however this often leads him to think that he can outrun anything which is not always true, and sometimes gets him into trouble. His ego is often insufferably obvious to others.


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