8286/Undercurrents: Street Rules

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Undercurrents: Street Rules
Date of Scene: 12 July 2019
Location: Vernon Hills Shopping Centre
Synopsis: Nadia and Shredder's minions interrupt a drive-by shooting between MD12 and K Crew gang members.
Thanks to: Nadia, Shredder
Cast of Characters: Aquaman, Wasp (Pym), Shredder
Tinyplot: Undercurrents

Aquaman has posed:
The morning rush hour has given way to mid-morning traffic near Vernon Hills Shopping Centre. The shopping centre does not open for another hour and the parking lot is mostly empty. Not far from the truck bays for the mall, an Escalade, Lincoln sedan and 7 series BMW are parked together. Six hispanic or Brazilian men are standing around talking. A keen eye will pick out 'MD12' tattoos from their many others. The Madre Dios 12 gang for those who know. Street level, violent, focused mainly on drugs and prostitution. And not from this neighborhood.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia is a little out of place in this part of town. Or in any part of town for that matter. A petite young woman with shoulder length brown hair and an outfit that was thrown together with no regard to what's cool. A demin skirt and a t-shirt combo that probably came from a second hand clothing store (because it did).

She's also carrying round a clipboard that's got a stack of printed property listings for cheap industrial use locations. Places that might make an affordable science lab for the young and upcoming mad scientist on a budget.

She also seems unusually alert for a girl her age. Making sudden changes in direction or pausing to check behind her in store windows. All basic tradecraft measures you'd usually expect from someone in a spy movie.

Shredder has posed:
    They are always watching. Part of what makes the control work is that everyone stays in their place. Everyone has what they need. Monitoring takes a lot of manpower, which means Foot patrols can't be wandering around everywhere. The shopping center, however, is a high traffic area. Jack Strunk is assigned to this spot. Rooftops are low in Vernon Hills, the shopping center absent of high roof tops and things of that nature. It makes it harder to keep track of everything. To anyone else on the street, he looks like an average caucasian white collar worker on his day off. A polo shirt and blue jeans, brown hair that seems to gray a little. He isn't the youngest member of the Foot.
    He's walking along the sidewalk that paralells the road, eyes up, taking inventory.

    He spots Nadia first, given her out of place appearance, and her unusual level of alertness. Jack's own demeanor is casual and nonchalant, but he likewise is quite attentive.

    To be fair, it was Nadia that got him to look in the direction of the men standing around, and he knits his brow slightly. He turns to jaywalk across the street toward Nadia's general direction, speeding up a little to jog ahead of a car.

Aquaman has posed:
The first pop seems so out of place that nobody notices. But when the staccato noise continues in the morning air, people react.

A white Yukon and a grey-gold Hummer screech to stop out of the flow of morning traffic. Windows down on the driver side, two men from each truck are firing handguns at the MD12 men. Two men jump out of the passenger side of the Yukon and one out of the Hummer. They come around to shoot as well. All of them are African-American, the driver of the Yukon looks like Beats, who deals mainly heroin in this neighbourhood with K Crew. There are 7 K Crew members in total.

The MD12 men scramble for cover and their own guns. They are quickly firing back.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Growing up in the Red Room's science class was not exactly a pleasant experience. But even Nadia will there are certain benefits, like knowing how to tell the difference between a car backfiring and someone opening fire with a gun.

Even as the car is screeching to a stop the clipboard she was holding is falling to the ground. Usually this would be a sign that something tragic had happened to a hapless bystander. But today at least that's not the case. The clipboard drops because Nadia herself has seemingly vanished from sight. The sudden displacement of air caused by her shrinking making a little pop that gets lost in the gunfire.

Moments later she seems to pop back into existance, although only at the size of a dragonfly, suited in her costume and hoving mid-air on insect-styled wings. "Everyone please stop shooting!" she calls out in Russian accented English (Using a tiny megaphone to amplify her voice). "I'm placing you all under... what was it called... Oh yes! You are under citizens arrest."

Shredder has posed:
    Jack bursts into a sprint, giving an aside point to Nadia as he passes. "Girl, you'll wanna-" he glances around as she vanishes. He looks around, but doesn't have time to process it over the immediate crisis. While he doesn't enter the crossfire, he does get within shouting distance. The K Crew most likely know who he is, because he monitors the area, whether they engage with the Foot or not. He's the underworld cop of this shopping center, so to speak. He certainly can't engage such a high level of combat, but he pulls a small radio in the disguise of a pen from his pocket, and starts to speak into it. "We have shots fired in Vernon Hills," he announces, almost as a cop actually might. "K Crew and... I think Grunts...no, make that Madre Dios. No I don't know why they are here, other than to shoot each other."

    As Nadia makes her announcement, he glances about for a second before he spots the small flying girl. He tilts his head, a little uncertain what to make of the situation. "Dunno who she is," he announces, hoping to take advantage of the distraction, "But you should listen, you know we are working on less violent acts. You want your place, you both should stand down!" He isn't sure that the visitors would know who he is, but he expects that K Crew will.

Aquaman has posed:
Beats catches sight of Jack and swears. He shouts something to his guys and the ones outside the trucks start to back up. One falls to the ground clutching his leg. Bullet holes riddle the sides of the K Crew trucks.

"Is that the cops?" one of the MD12 men shouts and looks in Nadia's direction. He catches a round in the shoulder and is knocked to the pavement.

"Don't wanna bow down? We gonna fuckin' break you, filho da puta!" shouts another of the MD12 men.

"Caralho, the cops!" a third points at Jack, mishearing his friend and misreading Jack's approach. He swings his gun in Jack and (unknowingly) Nadia's direction and opens fire. "Let's go!"

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Lucky for Nadia it's incredibly hard to hit something her size when you're aiming at it. Let alone when that something is buzzing around at sixty miles an hour. Of course that doesn't mean she's just going to stay there and risk catching a stray bullet. Instead opting to zip over towards the newcomers car.

"I said /stop/ shooting not shoot more," she exclaims with frustration. Raising both tiny hands to point at the hummer and then shrinking it and the occupants to the size of a childrens toy. It'll only last for a few minutes. But it'll certainly make it harder to make a getaway. On the plus side the curb will at least prevent the tiny hummer from taking any more bullets! "You do not want to make me ask twice..."

Shredder has posed:
    Unluckily for Jack, he isn't tiny and doesn't move at sixty miles per hour. As Nadia shrinks the car, he looks stunned for a moment, which causes him to take a bullet in the right side of his ribs. He falls to the ground, but unlike most people, he doesn't make a sound from the pain, but goes to the ground. He drops the pen, and scrambles to grab it. "How far out?" he asks, sliding himself up against a parked car for cover. "Well make it a fast minute!"

Aquaman has posed:
"Where the fuck did they go?" yells one of the K Crew men who was running around the Hummer. He turns and runs across the street shooting wildly behind him. The other K Crew guys pile into the Yukon. Beats lays on the gas and peels out.

The MD12 guys start getting into their vehicles, too.

"Go go go!" shouts the one who was swearing at the K Crew before. He has a really distinctive skull tattoo over most of his face.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia Pym pops back to normal size and, before the driver of the now tiny hummer can recover enough to try to escape as well, neatly melts a hole through the engine block with one of the wrist mounted energy blasters in her suit. "I said /no shooting/," she yells at the member of the K Crew sprinting away firing blindly. Raising her other arm and putting a precision blast into the gun in question. Melting the barrel and giving a rather uncomfortable, although not lethal, burn to the thugs hand.

She doesn't seem inclined to chase anyone down though. There are more than a few potential gunshot victims in the immediate area and she starts making a quick judgement call on who needs attention the most and who might well be beyond her medical training.

Shredder has posed:
    As the MD12 cars start to fill up, an oddly dressed figure bursts around the corner, taking advantage of the chaos. Red hood and scarf, black vest and light gray wrappings on the arms and legs, the figure singles out the sedan, leaving the other vehicles. It dances between cars, and the odd combination of colors does a surprisingly good job of camoflaguing in the territory of a parking lot with the grays and blacks of many of the cars. Tekko-nagi claws stretch across the backs of the fingers and forward, and the figure pauses behind a car in the lot, pulling a shuriken to throw at a rear tire, and a second to a forward tire.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
With the gunfight largely over, aside from perhaps the unexpected ninja chasing after people, Nadia heads over to try help the injured by-stander. She might not have any formal qualifications in medicine (besides who really needs those when you're a supergenius?) but the Red Room provided plenty of on the job training. It also helps she's got a full first responder style medical kit in her pocket.

Not that this mean's she's happy prescribing a five year old drugs. But a tourniquet and some surgical grade glue to slow the bleeding until a proper paramedic can arrive is well within her skills.

The pair in the tiny Hummer only have two real options. Either stay put and likely get caught by either Nadia or the police in a few minutes time when everything returns to normal size. Or they can risk getting out and running at tiny size. Although they'll find that New York is an even more hostile place when you're small enough for any passing stray cat to eat you. Besides even running at full speed they'll struggle to get far enough away to avoid the authorities (or worse still the ninja).