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Abigail Brand (Scenesys ID: 1096)
"Okay, this is a ludicrously high-tech gun so it doesn't have anything which makes a handily intimidating noise. So imagine a 'cllllick!' at this point."
Full Name: Lt. Commander Abigail Brand
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant/Alien hybrid
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Agent of Alpha Flight
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Mansion Alpha (Tamarind Island, Sunshine Coast)
Education: University of Vancouver (DEng)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Starling-OOC, Alpha Flight
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 20 September 1997 Actor: Gina Carano
Height: 172 cm (5'8") Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "I Will Follow" by U2



Abigail Brand protects the Earth. As an agent of Alpha Flight, her duties include living on their low orbit space station, monitoring alien traffic to and from Earth. As well as fighting the various alien beings that don't want to go through proper customs protocols, or who want to eat the planet. No big deal. At least the pay's pretty good. Plus, free optical benefits mean she has a dazzling array of sunglasses now!

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Abigail Brand is like Dirty Harry, if he had green hair, mutant fire powers, a laser gun, and was a woman. Really, she's Abigail Brand and that's all there is to it. Tall, green haired, stern and fiery, she's a walking, talking, burning storm of duty. And that duty is to defend the Earth, or, if someone manages to destroy it, make them rue that decision for the very short period of time they will be allowed to contemplate the aftermath.


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Abigail Brand's history is shrouded in mystery. She's let a few things slip. Her father's an alien, her mother's a human. She's also a mutant, and she has an alien half brother named Lothithanriaxiaxus. She doesn't share much of her younger life, just brushing it off as 'typical teenager stuff' before she joined the military, and was tapped to join SWORD. Now, with SWORD disbanded she's joined Alpha Flight, and she's got dual Canadian/American citizenship, and even a little apartment and a cabin in the woods, for when she's not busy with her duties. Which isn't very often. Now things seem more hectic than ever. More and more aliens showing up who need to be investigated. Some good, some bad. And a bunch of amateur teenagers with giant dinosaur robots? That report has her concerned. Not the giant robots, that seems almost quaint. But a bunch of untrained teenagers fighting aliens? No way. They need a chain of command to follow, it can't just be a bunch of kids with 'attitude' defending the Earth. But she's sure she'll manage somehow. She always does.


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Brand's stern, serious, and short-tempered She's hardly a raving maniac, but once she's angry, she's not going to let anyone stop her from punishing the source of that anger, and she's not going to have patience for those who haven't got the confidence to follow her or at least get out of her way. She will, at most, take a moment to reassure them that she's a far larger threat than whatever alien menace is lurking about, and that it's better to fight the alien and panic after than to get on her bad side.


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Alien Linguistics:
Brand's tongue is like... at least a good portion of that 50% alien genes in her. It's got the ability to speak languages and form sounds human tongues simply can't. She might even simply have innate knowledge of alien languages. Even purple space dragon languages. That's right, she can talk to dragons.

Contact Pyrokinesis:
Brand has the mutant ability of pryokinesis. But it's -contact- pyrokinesis, so while Pyro can control fire, and shoot flamethrowers, Brand can only cover her hands in blue or red flame. There's seemingly no difference in effect in the colours, both are capable of ranging from pleasantly warming to lethally hot. And also she typically punches people while she's using it offensively. And you really aren't going to be pondering the fine details of -exactly- how you're being burnt while you're also being mercilessly beaten.

Superhuman Durability:

Abigail Brand's tough. Probably tougher than you, because she laughs at pain, and eats danger for breakfast. Well, okay, not really, she actually eats a multigrain bagel and a light salad. But she can get shot by a fancy laser cannon from space and be up and at 'em again later that day. Can you? Are you not sure? Abigail Brand has a laser cannon, and the answer, on the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station. Join today! But yeah, she can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Not really ticking though, she might be half alien half mutant, but she's not actually part machine.


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Combat Training:
Abigail Brand excelled in combat training. Marksmanship, demolitions, and especially hand to hand combat. And not just because she can set her fists on fire and that's a lot like punching people with explosions. She's trained in multiple hand to hand combat styles, although boxing seems to be her forte. Mutant powers, space ships, alien heritage? Brand is so special, she goes beyond special forces.

Space Pilot:

Brand has extensive training in piloting spacecraft. She might not be an astronaut, lacking the scientific brackground and doctorates required for the civilian space and research sectors. But she's got the piloting skills to fly an alien space ship, and use the weapons if she needs to. Just don't ask her to explain how the damned thing works.


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Alpha Flight:

As the commander of Alpha Flight's Low-Orbit Space Station, Brand has access to all the resources of both an agency of space customs officials, -and- all the cool doodads, gizmos, and presumably weapons you can bolt onto a space station. Probably even Star Trek style teleporters, and like, one of those cool flying cars like SHIELD is always so proud they get. She might not know science, but she probably has someone on speed dial who does, and that's not even counting her connections to the super hero community.


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All You've Got's a Hammer:
Everything looks like something you should shoot with extreme preju-, err a nail! It looks like a nail. But Brand hasn't -got- a hammer, she has fiery punching and laser guns. And when you've got laser guns, and a lifetime of military training, you're not so big on the 'Do no harm' part of superheroics where you just knock someone around and then call it a day. Fiery temper, lasers, explosives, and a tendancy to just go with her gut? Brand certainly couldn't ever be manipulated via that combination!

Social Skills:

Abigail Brand spends a lot of her time in command of a space station. Really most of her time. And the time she's not being a hard-charging space soldier in command of a sizable chunk of metal and people flying around the Earth, she's fighting off aliens on the Earth, and then she's even -meaner-. She's not good at communicating to superiors, especially if they're questioning her methods. She's like a loose cannon, a rogue cop, your typical surly badass action hero, unaware that sometimes an icy glare and a growled, cynical remark isn't the best tact for getting what you want.


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So, About the Cabal September 18th, 2017 Summary needed
So, I Have This Friend August 26th, 2017 SWORD needs a few good agents who understand about aliens and threats. Priscilla happens to work for them, and she thinks she knows someone who could help. She makes a point of introducing Taboo to her AWESOME BOSS!
After Action Report August 23rd, 2017 So after Priscilla's first op for SWORD - wonderful disaster that it was - she really should finally tell her Boss all about it, and they should discuss what to do about it.
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SWORD Interview August 8th, 2017 Sarah has managed to find a contact number for SWORD; Priscilla has agreed to a somewhat paranoid plan to reach out and contact them. Imagine their surprise when their call earns them a face to face interview with Director Abigail Brand herself. Imagine Brand's surprise when it turns out she knows the mysterious Voodoo already.
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