Age of Darkness: BvS

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Age of Darkness: BvS
Date of Cutscene: 09 October 2019
Location: Metropolis
Synopsis: Batman vs Superman. 'nuff said
Cast of Characters: Superman, Batman, Lois Lane
Tinyplot: Age of Darkness

The sounds of chaos, screams, and sirens in the distance, come over the audio track. A woman with familiar features and black hair appears on the screen.

"We are in a state of chaos today in downtown Metropolis at the Central Business District in the heart of Metropolis, near Lexcorp Tower! It is one of the world's leading financial, cultural, commercial, and medical centres. Today the unthinkable happened!"

Flash to a scene of Superman, falling from the sky, and crashing into a Lexus car, destroying it! Then, the shape of a man, landing nearby, in the familiar armored costume of the Batman!

"Two heroes were locked in mortal combat today, Batman versus Superman, with no punches held's...unthinkable!"

The scene then shifts back at Superman grabbing Batman by the throat and throwing him through a wall of a nearby business. Superman moves lighting fast and appears to rip the very armor off of Batman! Then, a drone appears, explodes, and rains emerald dust on the combatants just after Superman then slams Batman into the ground, hard enough to break anyone.

"I have never scene such devastation from two individuals thought to be friends. I don't know what to say!" Lois looks back at the scene as the camera shifts, and sees Superman walk out of the building, smile, and collapse on the ground.

"I don't know what we are seeing. Is this the end of Superman? Of Batman? The paramedics are rushing in...we can't see if Superman or Batman are hurt!" Suddenly, several Metropolis PD arrive, and push Lois back and keep things contained.

"It is truly an Age of Darkness. Are Batman and Superman dead? What could have caused this?" Is the Age of Heroes over?"

OOC: Age of Darkness: A World Without Superman begins. If interested, the scene is here: