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Airachnid (Scenesys ID: 297)
"You mean my trophies. I collect endangered species. Of course, they aren't really endangered... until they meet me."
Full Name: Airachnid
Gender: Female
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Praxium (Cuprahex Mountains, Cybertron)
Education: Primary Programming
Status: Retired
Groups: Decepticons, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 25 April Actor: Gina Torres
Height: 476 cm Weight: 670 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Going Under" by Evanescence


Moving like a venomous shadow under a midnight moon, Airachnid is a temptress. Conditioned to battle and hardship by her years spent hunting rare creatures across the depths of space, Airachnid is a powerful warrior. She is determined to prove herself as a leader - no matter who she has to destroy to do it. . Capable of converting thermal energy into poisonous cyber-venom, she lures creatures into her darkened den and then stuns them by firing a poison-tipped missile. In bipedal mode, her Nova Stinger Bow delivers a paralyzing poison to her victims.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Of a slender design, Airachnid resembles a bipedal arachnid. Her purple and gold coloration accents her otherwise sinister appearance nicely. Six spider-like appendage extend out from her back and can effectively be used in both combat and carrying her to add to her ominous demeanor. Her eyes glow a dark pink set against a off white metallic face in a black pointed helmet designed with purple accents.


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A history of agony is still a history. Airachnid was created for a singular purpose as an intelligence agent against the growing threat of terror attacks presented by the group identified as the Decepticons. By design she was programmed to feel no remorse so that there would be no conflict when gathering information on would be enemies of the planet and given a wide array of purpose oriented abilities specific for the clandestine nature of the work for which she was originally created.

In their shortsightedness, they had created the perfect double agent and given her the keys to the castle where she might assist the same enemy she was designed to protect against. Ruthless and without any ounce of concern for the life of others, Airachnid used the talents given her to further the goals of the Decepticons against the loyalist Autobots. Known to be borderline sociopathic, she is held at arms length even by her own allies and has multiple times proven that caution well founded by abandoning the cause when her own personal agenda supersede whatever Decepticons happened to be trying to achieve.

However, she is very good at what she does and second to few when it comes to hunting down Autobots. As the war raged on and took the Cybertronians into the stars, Airachnid has been set loose by Decepticon command to track and ground their enemies by any means necessary. While still largely considered part of the terrorist group, she acts more like a freelance bounty hunter than active combatant and is well paid for what she does. Obviously she is not told very much as to the greater plan, just incase she finds it more lucrative to use that information in some nefarious scheme of her own.


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First and foremost Airachnid is a collector of things, specifically things that are of a limited quantity. Her favorite thing is species of the endangered kind. She is not above causing the endangerment either, she is a cruel, mean-spirited, and psychotic with sociopathic leanings. She cannot and should not be trusted. She will, without fail, turn on anyone if it means getting what she wants. This is why she works solo for the most part and only teams up with other Decepticons when it suits her.

She enjoys hurting people. There's something decidedly disturbing about her inclinations to cause pain, but it makes her an effective assassin and an even better torturer. She searches for weaknesses and exploits them, even amongst her allies. In her mind, allies are just enemies you're not fighting yet so all alliances with her are temporary at best and an elaborate trap at best.

She's literally a monster.


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Tough: Cybertron is not a forgiving place to live and it has bread a people that are naturally resilient by necessity. They are able to survive the vacuum of space and the harsh environment of almost any world. Some are more adaptive to the worst elements, however, while others are actually designed for them. Airachnid is of the latter. She excels on planets where few living creatures could (Or would want) to survive. Particularly for her lair.

Perceptions: All Cybertronians have advanced visual and audio scanning across multiple visual spectrums and sound waves. Airachnid also senses vibrations, particularly as it relates to her lair webs and can detect biologicals by the beating of their heart or breathing patterns. She's a hunter by nature and has adapted to do so nocturnally, the better to catch her pray by surprise.

Life Blood: The Life blood of Cybertronians is Energon. They can take other things as replacement so long as their is trace amounts of the energy in it, but ultimately the gold standard is energon. Airachnid can actually suck the energon from other Cybertronians, but it requires them to be incapacitated and is hardly a pleasant experience for the affected party. She can also consume it in the normal manner, but she's not above eating her own.

Transformation: Airachnid is considered a Triple-changer. She can shift into the form of a stealth design copter, her bipod humanoid shape, and a spider-like beast form.

Weaponry: Cybertronians fight. That's their thing. She has weapons and lots of them. Poison tipped claws on her hands and each of the six spider-legs extending from her back, blasters in her palms, corrosive acid sprays and all manner of other implementations of warfare. She favors subtler means of combat, however, and leans heavily upon her claws for stealth attacks upon unsuspecting victims.

Airachnid is able to control Insecticon Drones by producing a specific series of sounds that mimic the Insecticons natural communication. She often uses them in much of her work since she considers them largely disposable and are easily replaced.


Cybertonian's are not small by any stretch of the imagination, but Airachnid is adept at getting around sneakily all the same. She can climb on ceilings or slide along natural terrain with ease to keep herself out of observation while stalking her prey. She is an adept hunter.


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While Airachnid 'can' fight, she would rather not if she feels there's any chance that the other party might have any advantage over her at all. She's skilled with all of the weapons at her disposal, but is most proficient with her blades, particularly when using her wrist blades and the six spider-appendages as auxiliary. Her expertise, however, is in surgical strikes. She knows how to fight defensively until she spots a weakness and then presses on it to turn it into her own advantage. She'll lay traps, run and force combatants to waste energy chasing, and use every bit of terrain to assure her own success. Some call it cowardice, but few are those who would say so when surrounded by the arachnid's webs.

She's good at it. She is very good at it. More over, she enjoys it. She likes hurting people and takes pleasure out of the whole ordeal. For her it's not about the information extracted, that's jus an added benefit. She's good at all forms of torturer, moreover, but her favorite is psychological.


Once Airachnid has the scent of her prey it's next to impossible for them to escape. She has become an excellent tracker of most organics she's come in contact with, but she specializes in tracking other Cybertronians. Their tale tell habits are like air and if they don't take steps to hide themselves, she'll have them sniffed out before they even know they're being hunted.


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This is kind of true, but kind of not at the same time. While she is considered a Decepticon and will help them for the most part, they don't trust her and for good reason. While they might help her if she absolutely needed it, they'd do so while keeping her at arms length and with the full understanding that she'll bite the hand that feeds her almost habitually. She's really good at finding targets, however, and even better at extracting information from them once she's found them, so they put up with her untrustworthy nature so long as they have something to gain by working with her.

Airachnid has a lair on a poisonous moon of an uninhabited planet where she keeps all her trophies. There is nothing of value here, no secret minerals that will cure space diseases, only uninviting environments and a horrible monster of a spider that goes to this planet when she doesn't want to be bothered. It's a place where she can lay low if/when she bites off more than she can chew.


Her copter form is capable of space flight, but lacks a drive necessary to get from system to system. For this purpose she has a single occupant vessel that comes equipped with jump drives. It is unarmed, as she'd much rather fight herself, and is purposefully just to get from point A to point B.


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The Autobots generally have it out for all Decepticons, but Airachnid has actively tortured many and it's won her a special kind of hatred amongst her enemies. There is no redemption here, there is no way she'll ever come around, she's one of those Decepticons that it would be better just to put down than try to capture. Even the most goody of the Autobots can appreciate the special kind of horrible Airachnid represents.

When the entirety of your planets export is warfare the rest of the galaxy tends to grow an understandable disdain for you as a species. Particularly those civilized worlds that are familiar with the inclinations to bring your fighter wherever you go, Cybertronians are generally not welcomed. While Airachnid has a reputation and is begrudgingly welcome in some of the underworld(s) of the galaxy, she is generally barred by her races arms race from visiting the nicer locations... sometimes violently, mostly from the smarter worlds in the know.

Airachnid is not a very pleasant creature and the word has gotten around about her. She's a monster by most definitions who hunts people for sport and delights in torture, these facts have not won her any friends in the galaxy. Some people are outright and understandably terrified of her, but others wouldn't mind putting her down for the good of all living and decent folk.

Airachnid likes solitude and would rather work alone. This is for the best for all involved, with the possible exception of her since it has left her with few people to turn to if she breaks off more than she's able to digest.


It's saying something when even other Decepticons don't trust you. She's not as bad as Starscream, but she's close and she has a bad reputation for turning on her own when something of personal desire comes up, even in the heat of battle. However, she's never sided with the enemy to further her own gain (likely because they'd sooner destroy her than trust her) and that's about the extent of her trustworthiness.


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