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Ysabelle (Scenesys ID: 325)
"All knowledge is worth having." - Jacqueline Carey
Full Name: Ysabelle Orion
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Seeker of Lore
Citizenship: Greek passport, but travels the world
Residence: N/A
Education: Extensive
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 31 October 130B.C. Actor: Lady Kat Eyes
Height: 147 cm Weight: 47 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Turquoise
Theme Song: "People Are Strange" - The Doors


Ysabelle is a friendly old soul, at least most of the time. Quiet and calm, she searches for the next piece of knowledge with a tenacity that would put most to shame. A gifted Magician, she would be willing to help those in need either with knowledge or something more, should the cause be worth the cost.



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At less than five feet, many people would be forgiven for thinking that Ysabelle is a young goth trying to impress with clothes rather than her low stature. On second glance however, those rounded shoulders are squared, her back straight and she walks with her head held up, if normally hidden by a hood.

Bright turquoise eyes catch the light not unlike a cats, whilst her paper white skin is smooth, the woman herself seeming to be in her mid-twenties or so. Full lips are her main form of expression, quirking or turning down as the mood takes her.

As eyes scan further down her body, she seems to be in the prime of health, well fed and with all the curves a woman might wish for. Moving with an easy grace, the woman seems comfortable in her own skin, or at least unaware of it enough to pull that off.


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Born into Greece just before the Roman Empire decided to invade, Ysabelle was saved from slavery by a strange traveller. Taken to his retreat on a lonesome tiny Island with no strategic value (and hence no interest to the Romans) it was there that he began to train his new 'apprentice'.

Ysabelle learnt fast, devouring all the books that were put before her (after being taught to read). Having the natural gift of a photographic memory, she was able to read a passage once and recall it by wrote immediately after. And thus, her hubris grew.

Feeling she was ready for greater things, the by then young woman attempted to use Time, to terrible effects. Her Master withered before her, the house aging and crumbling along with its many tomes and treasures. By the time she managed to cease the spell, everything was gone and she herself was changed forever. Paper white skin, her eyes gone from darkest brown to bright turquoise, and of course, from that moment on she was ever so slightly out of sync from time itself, never aging from that second. An eternity in a fleshy shell.

With no master, and no books, Ysabelle has travelled the world since, looking to restore that once great library, and maybe one day, find some way of making penance for her catastrophic mistake.


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Friendly and often willing to help, Ysabelle none the less tends to keep her own history under wraps. She prefers long dresses and deep hoods a'la the modern idea of medieval garb. Slow to anger and quick to forgive, the main driving force behind this gifted magician is the desire to return knowledge to the world, and to share that with those whom she deems her old Master would have considered worthy.


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Accomplished and with centuries of study behind her, there's little within the realms of magic that Ysabelle doesn't at least know some rumours about. Powerful in her own right, Ysabelle's tactics still tend to the subtle. Why kill a man, when you can just trip him and escape?

The womans main spell focus is defensive and the ability to unlock, or teleport herself (and others) within a place whilst disarming any traps (magical or physical) without much effort. Despite this, she is of course adept with various forms of magical combat, her favourite weapon to summon being a slim rapier.

Ysabelle's magic is varied and powerful, if she ever brought it fully to bear it might even be a fearsome thing. But thats not her way, she might be able to conjure a beam of fire, or wrap enemies up in air so thick that they cannot move. But its more about the finesse of a thing, what can a beam of fire do that a tiny point of white hot flame cant? Why show so much of her ability, when just putting a locked door between yourself and those enemies will do just as well. A rival for an Arch magus she may be, but shes much rather be left alone with a good book.

Defensive: Barriers, walls & shields from her hands or hanging in the air. Ysabelles defensive magics are her strongest talent, being able to stop both physical and mystical attacks. As per all Ysabelles magic, the Balance comes into effect she can easily stop or turn aside a hail of bullets for instance, but a sustained barrage of a magical attack requires constant upkeep which taxes and tires the mage within minutes.

Offensive: Ysabelle prefers elemental attacks when using magic to fight. Earth, Air, Water and Fire come quickly to her disposal. As per her normal modus operandi, the magus will always use the least amount of effort required to get the task done. But flows of air thickening and holding, points of white hot heat and shards of ice are firm favourites. It should be noted that Earth includes any element found therein, but using anything than basic earth and stone requires more concentration and thus, will tired out the woman faster. On average, with a battle going normally Ysabelle can last approximately ten minutes before she risks harming herself or will need to find another source of energy to exchange for her spells. NB: Ysabelles favoured blade is a rapier conjured from hardened air and contained fire. Summoning it requires concentration, but maintaining it once summoned is second nature to her now. The sword will cut through most normal materials (eventually, objects thicker than the sword is long may well withstand it), but is on the same level as any other mystical effect and thus will rebound from shields and the like.

Teleportation: When travelling alone or when touching another individual, Ysabelle is able to Pop from one place to the next, so long as shes been there or has seen it with realistic detail via extensive pictures/maps. Ysabelle can also open doors in the air, creating a bridge between one place and the next, at last count this was limited to the size that a double decker bus could pass through. Greater sizes than this require a fully prepared ritual circle and equivalent value exchange in goods or sacrifice that will be used up in the casting. The mage can also create gates between realms, but again other than the Mirror Realm, this requires fully prepared ritual circles, and at least eight hours of preparation time.

Telekinesis: An extension of her control of the elements, Ysabelle doesnt actually move objects with her mind, but instead uses flows of air to lift and carry objects and indeed people should she need it. Ysabelle can achieve a limited version of flight using this, or rather, she can slow her descent to the same falling speed as someone using a parachute. This is the best she can do however, flying itself being beyond her.

Rituals: When combined with her libraries, Ysabelles rituals are a many varied and powerful thing. They are all subject to equivalent

Alas not true immortality, the woman must eat, drink, breath and sleep. But she never ages a minute. Perhaps one day she might work out how to regain that last step back to real time, but right now she uses the gift to further her goals.


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The world was once a dangerous place for a lone woman to travel. Over time, despite her reticence, Ysabelle accepted that being able to fight was a neccessary evil. And so she tried various weapons over the years, finally finishing on the classical sabre or rapier. Slender and light, it fits Ysabelle's frame perfectly, not to mention being easier to give precision cuts to disable rather than kill.

Travelling and an eidetic memory has left Ysabelle able to speak a multitude of languages, even several ones that no longer are in common use (Latin anyone?). It's not something she really pays attention to, but sometimes she'll slip into the native tongue of those she's talking to without realising.

With so many years of searching, Ysabelle's aquired extensive knowledge over the years. Though she doesn't share it easily, those that seem trustworthy and indeed, worthy in general might actually convince the old Magician to part with her hard won information. After all, all knowledge is worth having.

No one researches like Ysabelle! Between the books she's collected over the years, and through repeated pratice. If the information is there, she'll find it for you.


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Over the years, Ysabelle has collected various properties all owned by a company created just for the purpose. Though the CEO name may change, Ysabelle holds the rights to many properties over the globes. Almost all of them are small townhouses, or unassuming cottages. At least from the outside. Magic makes many things possible, and of course, she /has/ bought that small remote Island near Greece.

Not exactly an ability, but long life, collection of things that then become antique and carefully selected offshore accounts that require no first name, Ysabelle has amassed wealth over the ages. If she needs money, she has it. But as with everything about Ysabelle, she prefers the understated use, not the overt 'flashy' purchases that most might go for.

Not just one, but many. Ysabelle has several shell companies set up over the world, mostly in places which value privacy and don't ask too many questions. Obviously fake ID's and her own charisma have helped set up easily accessable accounts that just need to be changed every sixty years or so...


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Equivalent exchange. The Universe revolves around this precept. Although magic /can/ be used without, it will always have a price. Ysabelle must keep this in mind, balancing the equations either as she goes, or very soon after. As such, it is not only possible, but an ever present danger that should she push too far, she'll pay for that spell with her life.

Ysabelle's desire to learn can sometimes land her in hot water. It might not be wise to go into that old temple alone, what with those wards over the door. But she'll be going in anyway.

Ysabelle's magic works by creating resonances between her will and the Universe around her. Whilst in a perfect situation, this will include verbal as well as somantic components. For her larger works this may include lengthy rituals and objects. Anything that hampers this, hands tied, gagged or if she's under water (or in space) makes it either more difficult or even impossible if both are hampered.

Due to the modern movement, money is becoming more and more digital. No longer will gold in a vault hold it's value forever. Plastic cards and computer currency are making it harder and harder to stay anonymous. And anyone could hack her offshore accounts and take the lot.

Whilst it might not sound a weakness, Ysabelle's constant wanderings have left her unstuck in the modern world. Many things might pass her by unnoticed, and she doesn't exactly have friends to speak of. If's difficult to befriend people when you know in a few short years (maybe 50 or 60) they'll be dead and you won't.


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