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Barricade (Scenesys ID: 7278)
"There are some crimes you can't buy your way out of, some things you just can't take back. It's not revenge. No. It's justice."
Full Name: Barricade
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Law Enforcement Official
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Polyhex (The Darklands Province, Cybertron)
Education: Academy of Cybertronian Law Enforcement
Status: Retired
Groups: Cybertron-OOC, Decepticons
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 23 December Actor: Michael Dorn
Height: 396 cm Weight: 1,012 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: Edwin Starr-War


He is the law. On Cybertron he is the prime enforcer of decepticon justice. He carries out the law seeking a purified for of justice to him. He is known as something of a bounty hunter at the same time and to have a bit of a dirty streak. While he may accept bribes to look the other way on the 'little' things there are some crimes that can only be payed spark for a spark. He's a decpticon with a strong code of honor and ethics that he holds hard to, even if it's not exactly traditional. He believes in the decepticon cause, and bows to the throne, not the one who sets upon it. He's known, he's feared, he is Barricade.

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+gen Description=A towering figure covered in sleek and bulky robotic angles alike on his hip rests a golden gun, its boxy design is deceptively toy like in style like a children version of an UZI with an under barrel flamethrower. Next to it a deceptively simple looking policemens baton like object that same golden color.

His torso is the front headlight and bumper assembly of a 1969 Dodge Polara 440 done up in police blue and white. It blends into the chrome finishing on parts of his exterior under the 'armor'. Which over all looks like an old style samurai. The pauldrons are car tired connected to a car door each. Along the sides of the car door is POLICE along with Gotham Police Department.

Inside of the police star where normally would reside the revelry of the GPD a Decepticon insignia instead resides along with the words: "Pacis Quod Alcedonia" around it. Beneath the circle are the words written in black "To Punish, and Enslave."

Inside each of his legs is a clear window of glass the legs designed to look more like boots for his suit of armor. The interior is a complex mesh of moving parts working together on unknown machinations.

His face carries through a similar style to that of the ancient samurai. With a bright purple glass visor forming the horns of his mask and an almost human face that looks far more like a helmet. The eyes are a bright red glowing through gold lenses with spots for ears bulked out on the helm.


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Barricade started out as a racer in halceon years long forgotten. All he wanted and lived for was the thrill of speed, of a good race. He didn't want for much, stayed away from conflict save for the occasional smuggling run for a bit of extra energon.

In those days he spend his time saving to build his own track and eventually did, doing quite well for himself. Though his relationship was strained with his Conjunx Endurae they stayed together enjoying their love for the racing way of life.

It was the brutal and violent murder of his Conjunx Endurae which lead him to join on with the Law Enforcement Acedemy. Their killer never being found was a huge driving factor for him to sell off the racetrack and start his tireless work.

At first he gained a reputation for a hard line enforcer of the law one who refused to back down, honest and firm in his convictions, then he refused to take the wrong bribe. He found himself put through hell and thrown into the arena for his 'mistake' being blamed for the death of his Conjunx Endurae.

The loss broke something inside of him, made him cruel. It drove him over the edge in a way, and made him see cybertron in a different light. He fought for his life, raced worked, and did anything and everything to make it through, to get justice.

In the pits he found word of Megatron and saw the peaceful method he proposed of ending the corrupt functionalism. He followed him for some time. Though the methods grew more violent he held to the ideals of equality of opportunity. He proudly assisted in the overthrow of the senate, and though he saw the darker side of things grew a respect for the nature of the new empire. Some called it a dictatorship Barricade saw it as a new begining. A place where anyone could become the leader through hard work, and determination to rise from lowest to the highest.

He worked alongside diligently. The emperors laws were enforced, and yet.. Barricade brought his own sort of justice to the table. A small bribe here or there to look the other way for much lesser crimes those that weren't hurting anyone.

Yet he grew a reputation for his policy of 'a spark for a spark' when it came to the act of murder. Some crimes he refused to let slide. And to many it was seen as brutal, or cruel, but to him it was true justice.

When the Nemesis went down he was on board, after a killer in the midst of the Autobot ranks. His quarry would not escape, and he was determined to catch them before they could vanish to the night.


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A man who likes to live his life on the fast lane and enjoys seeing justice done. He's a highly dedicated man almost to the edge of obsession at times when it comes to tracking down a quary. He's been burned and hardened his heart over time, and in spite of how others see him as fickle it's actually a dedication to what he sees as the spirit of the law rather then the letter.


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Alt Mode
Like most all other Cybertronians, Barricades innate abilities let him change shape between his regular and alt mode with the potential for further down the line in order to adapt to his surroundings. His main transformation is that of a 1969 Dodge Polara 440 Gotham Police Department Interceptor. Though his first was a cybertronian racer most similar to earths f1 race vehicles.
Concealed Carry
While on Cybertron Barricades main weapon was designed as a standard issue police and riot control weapon to most other races this weapon is extremely deadly, firing a rapid fire concentrated force of energy that can cause about so much collateral as a rocket launcher. Its attacks are electricity based, and it's meant mostly to sap away shielding and energon reserves to help weaken a foe for capture rather than killing them.

It's fueled by his Spark, and with more concentration and higher energy drain can be used to fire a single much more powerful concentrated beam at an enemy. This beam is strong enough to take out most cybertronian shields in a single shot from a distance, or as an executioners device at close range.

His secondary weapon is an energy baton, again mainly designed for subdual, and correction. However wartime modifications added the ability to charge a beam of pure energon from the end for close up skirmishes, and self defense.
Energy Shield
Using an expenditure of energon Barricade is able to create a shield which covers his whole body allowing for the soaking of several blasts of Cybertronian weaponry, or roughly 35 tonnes of damage. The main purpose to allow him to get to cover rather than being a constant cover.

It can be hardened into a smaller shield only covering a 95 degree angle of himself used for directional shielding. This shield can take far, far more punishment but only covers that small section.

If this smaller shield is impacted directly it can take 3 times the damage of the full body shield but only a few shots (2-3 on average), and while the directional shield is up it provides zero protection to the rest of him not protected by the shield. Both types require a constant expenditure of energon to keep up.
Cybertronians are able to project a holomatter avatar roughly 100 meters from their current position. When in use the holomatter avatar has substance and can manipulate other objects, but it strength levels are rather low. The larger, and more complex the emitted figure the more energy and concentration it exponentially takes to keep up. These figures also don't tend to have much in the way of personal strength compared to the bots proper transformation.

Barricade sticks to avatars belonging to law enforcement of the local region, often taking plenty of time to examine a planet to switch and fit in before diving into a situation. However it does take time to adjust parameters in his emitter, up to a few hours.
Mass Displacement
The ability to shift matter for transformations is inherent to Cybertronians and allows them to shrink down to sizes smaller then their base transformation with ease. It also means they can store weapons and other objects in effectively 'hammer space' till needed with a good deal of effort.
Ocular Sensors
What appear to be eyes on this decepticon, like so many other cybertronians are actually a paid of visual sensors. These sensors allow the bot to pick up various light waves allowing for thermographic, and night vision as well as seeing the electromagnetic aura created by operating electronics out in the open.
During the war Barricade upgraded to a fresh new suit of Sentio Mettalico armor designed for open brutal combat. This armor renders him practically immune to weapons most conventional weapons, and can withstand a major beating from someone who is of equal strength.
This lovely ability allows Barricade to piggyback off of signals transmitted through the air. He can intercept the signal and listen in or inject his own data into the signal wirelessly through the air. Most often this is used for him to listen in on local police or security frequencies. It comes in really handy in chasing down perps. He can effectively 'see' the signals and pick them out. For reasons unknown it only seems to work with police scanners and unencrypted or poorly encrypted signals.
Super Strength

Barricade is in good shape for a cybertronian. His strength as a result is fairly average for one that does regular work-outs and trains extensively for law enforcement work. While he's by no means super strong for a cybertronian, for most races his strength is gargantuan. He's able to rather easily throw cars and other cybertronians that are slightly larger than him by about 35 tons.


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Academy Training
Having received a full law enforcement education Barricade is well versed in pre-war cybertronian law as well as criminal investigative procedures. This time also educated him on survival tactics and all manner of more basic patrol procedures for a law enforcement operative.
In close quarters and long range Barricade is extremely skilled. Even prior to the war his work as law enforcement and time training taught him the ins and outs of CQC and long range combat. The war, and the his time in the arena only served to galvanize these skills to a razor sharp fatality that make him an expert combatant.

His style of fighting tends to be mostly ducking and dodging to wear his opponent down before sending in highly powerful strikes down in an attempt to knock them out, be it with his baton or his fists.
Info Extraction
Interrogation isn't a word Barricade enjoys using, but it's something he's very good at. This bot is highly versed in various methods of information extraction and is known for breaking some of the most strong willed given enough time and effort. He's grown very good at intimidation tactics and others common to information extraction and retrieval.
Interplanetary Law
Barricade makes an effort to attempt to learn the local laws of planets he visits. Though initially a requirement of his job as time went on and things became more hectic it's fallen as more of a hobby of sorts to keep him feeling he's still on the right side of things. He hosts an extensive knowledge of laws between as well as on planets that he can draw from at any time.

Having spent much of his formative years racing at insane speeds on the ground across cybertron Barricade has become a master of urban racing. His computerized brain allows him the rapid fire calculations to make it happen and lengthy training over hundreds of thousands of years means he's had a lot of experience with some of the ultimate in dangerous racing.


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Cybertron Pd
As a top officer he has a good deal of sway with other members of the department. He has access to their resources and is willing to make full use of them in tracking down targets.
As a member of Megatron's direct inner circle Barricade has strong ties to the Decepticon forces and is a highly respected member of the empire within its ranks.
Across the galaxy over the years Barricade has built a complex network of associates for information gathering. These ears on the ground can be contacted and then will simply listen in for information relating to a given target then pass the information back up the chain to Barricade who pays them off in pre-war Gold Shanix.
The Horde

Hidden away on a small forgotten moon this collection is the result of millions of years of bribes dirty deals and worse. All in the name of collecting what's needed to get the real criminals dealt with. This horde, consisting mostly of Pre-War Gold Shanix provides all the incentive he needs to keep his information network flowing.


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Autobots was a derogatory term used to mean automatic robots, individuals that had no wherewithal and no chance at self determination. After the Decepticon movement began, Optimus confronted the senate and declared himself to be one, redeeming the derogatory term and taking it on himself to create this group as what we know today as Autobots. Little did he know he'd be creating a faction to directly oppose the efforts of the Decepticons. Today they are a united front presented against the tyranny of the Decepticon way.

As a direct result they've become an enemy of Barricade. It doesn't help that he already had a strong bias against the Autobots because of their compliance with the senate that kept him and the other Decepticons down.
Code of Honor
Barricade binds himself to a code of honor that often makes life difficult for him in Decepticon controlled territories and others. He is a strong believer in the philosophy of a Spark For a Spark. This obsession with what he sees as 'true justice' often gets in the way of his assignments, and can be manipulated.
Energon Dependence
While they don't need to eat or sleep as organic races what Cybertronians do need is fuel, and everything they do uses up fuel. Without it they can't do much in the way of actually surviving. Energon is the most preferential of these fuels, as it is the most effective for them. While other sources can be effectively transformed into energon it takes time and energy which means much more of it is needed.
Though the actual Sentio Metallico (body/skin) of a Cybertronian is non-ferrous, much of their gear and weaponry are made of lesser materials and so are easily manipulable by magnetic powers or devices. Barricade's weapons are no exception to this.

To a degree Barricade has and always will be obsessed with finding the one who killed his Sparkmate, the one who was made for him. Though he can sometimes put it on the backburner that drive to find out something, anything about what happened to them can send him down a spiral and be used against him by those who know him.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Transformers Earth: Lost cybersheep July 8th, 2019 Megatron and Knock Out make a short trip to Gotham where they detected a possible fellow Cybertronian. They are quickly found by Barricade who is brought back into the fold. The trio then make a somewhat flashy exit from Gotham returning to their 'home' on the Nemesis.
Bad Cop, Worse Cop July 4th, 2019 A legitimate Officer of the law and a legitimate businessman meet and have a talk over a quickly settled rivalry.


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