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Beta Ray Bill (Scenesys ID: 8657)
"I may not be a native son of the realm eternal, but the power in my hammer comes from Odin himself. So Beta Ray Bill fights for Asgard! On this day and all the tomorrows!"
Full Name: Beta Ray Bill (Simon Walters)
Gender: Male
Species: Korbinite
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Korbinite, Asgardian
Residence: Wherever the Wind Takes Him.
Education: Korbinite Gen Ed.
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 1539 Actual Age: 1539
Date of Birth 16 July 489 Actor: Voiced by Christopher Judge
Height: 201 cm (6'7") Weight: 218 kg (480 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: White
Theme Song: "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC


Beta Ray Bill is the former cyborg champion of the Korbinite people, who fled the fire demon Surtur's armies as they attacked and razed his homeworld. But when he encountered the God of Thunder and proved worthy to lift the Hammer of the Gods? The All-Father blessed Beta Ray Bill with the mighty Stormbreaker. Deemed worthy in the eyes of all who witness him, Beta Ray Bill is a hero by fortitude of heart and strength of character. With Stormbreaker at his side, Beta Ray Bill fights for Asgard, Midgard, and any realm who is faced by any evil that awaits in the coming darkness.

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Beta Ray Bill is an oddity even amongst his fellow Korbinites. Standing tall at 6'7", He has light orange skin with an elongated face and white, pupil-less eyes. No hair touches his head and no beard graces his face. Clearly alien in his appearance, Beta Ray Bill still manages to show both wrathful ferocity and peaceful warmth when necessary.

Bill is a champion and he appears as such. He's a large, muscular figure with naught a scar to marr his near-perfect physique. More often than not, he wears full Asgardian armor, colored black, gold, and gray with a flowing red cape from his shoulders. His arms left bare until the wrists, which are covered in armored gauntlets that end at the start of the fingers. He wears armored boots, a sturdy breastplate, and greaves of Asgardian make. He usually wears a winged Asgardian helmet as well.

the mighty uru hammer, Stormbreaker, is well in his grasp at almost all times.

When disguised as Simon Walters, Bill takes the form of a tall, athletic human with black hair and brown eyes, with a gentle degree of stubble along his jawline. He wears simple clothing according to the culture he is presently in. For example, on earth he wears a coat, pants, and boots. In this guise, Stormbreaker is disguised as a wooden cane.


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Some Heroes are born. Others are Made. Some are created in circumstance with great destinies set before them, while others simply create their own destiny out of the adversity and the trials meant to break them.

But this is a story of a flower that bloomed in adversity. This story begins thousands of light years away from Midgard.

Fleeing from the destruction caused by the Fire Demon Surtur and all of his unholy minions, the Korbinite people fled their desolated homeworld of Korbin in the hopes of finding a sanctuary to rebuild their forsaken home. The surviving leadership named a warrior, Beta Ray Bill, to be their champion and defender. His duty? Protect them against the demons and any other threats that chased them across the stars. To assist with this, the scientists on board gave Bill cybernetic enhancements to better his effectiveness in this fresh role.

With Beta Ray Bill's then-ship, the Scuttlebutt, leading the Korbinite expedition, the champion of the people took to his charge with fearlessness in his stride and actions, soon proving to be possibly the only Korbinite worthy of defending the endangered species.

But as the Korbinites entered the Milky Way Galaxy...He was met by an Asgardian who was sent to investigate. None other than the God of Thunder himself! But Bill thought the Prince to be an enemy and a demon of Surtur's creation. Thus the two fought, and Bill did the unthinkable.

He lifted the God's hammer.

A feat only the worthy could pull off, but nonetheless, the All-Father granted Bill his own hammer after displaying incredible honor when he returned the God's hammer to its rightful owner without even a thought of deception.

The hammer's name? Stormbreaker.

Granted a place in Asgard's halls should he ever have need of it, Beta Ray Bill found a new home for his people in New Korbin, and then proceeded to name for them a new champion before he left for the stars, fulfilling his duty as a warrior of Asgard, honor-bound in his task, to defend the innocent against all who would harm them.

In the name of the King, FOR ASGARD!


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Beta Ray Bill possesses many qualities as befitting of a hero. He's a natural-born leader with an inspiring charisma that would make many wish to follow him into the known and unknown. He's exceedingly loyal to his friends, willing to fight through the darkest depths if it means he can be there for them. He fights for the righteous and the innocent for the sake of being good, and he holds his head high with honor in his actions. He stands for the peacekeepers and the helpless, becoming the hero they need in times of the great struggle. He has, on many occasions, proven himself worthy to lift mighty hammers and humble enough to return what has been given. He is uncompromising in his beliefs and convictions, and he is like a mighty fortress against the forces of evil. But, while he is confident, he knows his flaws and failings, using them to his advantage to grow as a person. He is merciful, even to his enemies...which at times can bring him burdens he should not wish to have.


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Beta Ray Bill can speak all the languages of the Nine Realms and can communicate/be understood in all languages.

Godlike Strength:
Beta Ray Bill is one of the strongest individuals in the cosmos. He's far above the 100+ ton mark, and can lift buildings as if they were paperweights and hold obscene amounts of weight with varying difficulty. Bill is fully capable of moving (or breaking) planetary and other obscenely massive interstellar objects and can shatter even usually unbreakable metals like Vibranium, Adamantium, and Uru. Bill's strength is the stuff of legend..and is incalulable.

Healing Factor:
If he's injured, Beta Ray Bill can heal. He heals broken bones in a few hours and most surface wounds (cuts, bruises) within minutes, if they form. He can't regenerate lost organs or limbs without outside help (like with magic) and he can't come back from death.

Beta Ray Bill is immune to human/mortal diseases, poisons, and toxins. He can endure pressure extremes and intense impact forces with no problems at all. He can survive in the vastness of outer space indefinitely with no discomfort and has even survived in the heart of a sun. He has taken blows from the strongest of the strong and kept coming back for more. He has suffered blasts from truly powerful cosmic entities and not only survived, but got back into the fight. Though this does not mean he doesn't feel pain. He can still be knocked unconscious or tire, and made to bleed.

Thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, Beta Ray Bill is effectively immortal. He will never die of old age or hunger.

Super Speed:

Beta Ray Bill is far faster than a human could ever hope to be. Several times faster, in fact. He's fast enough to keep track of and physically react to light speed objects or people.


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Cosmic Knowledge:
Beta Ray Bill has extensive astrological, astronomical, and space knowledg, Including but not limited to: alien civilizations, customs, and mannersisms. He's also knowledgeable of alien technologies that exist foreign to that of what earth currently possesses.

Beta Ray Bill is no King, nor is he a god. but he knows how to lead others. He has helpedl ead full revolutions of enslaved peoples, has led armies across battlefields, and is particularly good at inspiring others to at least attempt tasks they don't otherwise have the courage to perform.


Beta Ray Bill became champion of his people by becoming the best gladiator in his entire planet. He's a master combatant and warrior, able to trade hands with the best of 'em and come out on top. He's masterful with hammers, battle axes, and hand to hand combat, often utilizing his strength with his fighting styles.


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While not Asgardian, Beta Ray Bill has been accepted as a warrior of Asgard thanks to his humilty, courage, and general strength of character. He knows that if he has need, he could call on his allies and vice versa.


This battle maul was created as the brother-weapon to the warhammer Mjolnir. Created by order of Odin Borson, Stormbreaker is cast from the nigh-unbreakable metal known as uru and was forged by the dwarves of Nidavellir via the heat of a star as its cast. Its a magic weapon, capable of hurting beings who would otherwise be invulnerable. The properties of this weapon are many, and is the source of much of Beta Ray Bill's immense strength as a feared warrior.

* Worthiness: Just like Mjolnir, One must be worthy in order to even lift it from the ground. If anyone who is unworthy attempts to lift Stormbreaker, it will be unmovable no matter the strength exerted. This enchantment is as much a hindrance to others as it is to Beta Ray Bill himself, for if he becomes unworthy, he will be unable to lift Stormbreaker and thus stripped of much of his power.

*Power of Recall: If Bill throws the hammer, or if it leaves his hand, he can summon it back to him by force of will simply extending his hand. It can break through any barrier, assuming the wielder's strength of will is strong enough.

*Transformation: By tapping the butt of Stormbreaker against the ground, Beta Ray Bill assumes his human form of Simon Walters and Stormbreaker assumes the form of a cane. Performing the same action intentionally will revert Beta Ray Bill and Stormbreaker to their true forms.

*Flight: By throwing the battle maul and holding onto the strap, Beta Ray Bill can fly up to supersonic speeds on planets, and up to light speed in space.

*Negate Magic: Stormbreaker can negate magical attacks, defenses, and enchantments.

*Sensing: The weapon can detect most kinds of energy, including mystic. Though in particular it can react strongly to presences of an evil nature.

*Portal Creation: Stormbreaker can be used to open and close portals to other dimensions(TP only) and virtually anywhere in space. The only requirement is that Beta Ray Bill knows where he's going. It shortens travel time extensively in the cosmos.

*Weather Manipulation: One of the primary abilities of Stormbreaker. It gives the wielder full control over the storm and allows the wielder to summon huge weather phenomena of thunder, lightning, rain, tornadic winds, even snow and ice. He can even create unnatural weather phenomenon like acid rain and fire from the heavens. This also extends to storms of a cosmic variety.

*Energy Projection: Stormbreaker can fire beams of energy at its wielder's whim. Though this takes the form of powerful lightning, it can also exhude energy from the electromagnetic spectrum. In certain uses like levitation, it can manipulate gravity in terms of the wielder's own (e.g flight).

*Energy Absorption: Stormbreaker can be used to absorb and block energies. If swung in a certain way, it can even deflect it, but the timing must be perfect.

*God Blast: Perhaps the most dangerous out of all of Stormbreaker's abilities. Despite not having any divine qualities, the divine attribute is given by Stormbreaker itself. Acting as a conduit for the given energy, Bill can release this energy in the form of a single blast that is limitless in its destructive capability. It can shatter planets and slay the immortal. But, that doesn't mean that either Beta Ray Bill won't be severely exhausted/damaged from it or that Stormbreaker will survive the extreme release of energy.

*Force: If swung at the ground, Stormbreaker could cause tremors or earthquakes of various intensity. If swing in a circle, it could create a whirlwind.


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Beta Ray Bill is an aggressive warrior. If he sees an enemy, he's a 'punch first ask questions later' sort of individual. This tends to allow him to get mixed up or make mistakes in judgement. Misunderstandings happen often for the warrior.

Okay, so, Beta Ray Bill knows full well what he can do. There's no obstacle he doesn't think he can overcome and there's no enemy that he can't knock down. But, its through this that he's always reminded that he's not unbeatable, unstoppable, or invincible. He can be baited or tricked, and can be duped into situations that are especially dangerous for him. More than once has he been forced to be a gladiator on a foreign planet because he didn't think ahead.

Asgard is Beta Ray Bill's adopted home. Should true threat come against it, he would no doubt rush to its defense and aid. Not to mention, he serves the King of Asgard, whoever it may be at the time.

If Beta Ray Bill loses Stormbreaker (as in, someone else is now wielding it or Bill has become unworthy or he's, for some reason, unable to retrieve it), then Beta Ray Bill will lose access to all abilities that are given/dependent on the hammer.

Magic affects Beta Ray Bill strongly and is one of his only weaknesses. Stormbreaker is his only defense against it. Without it, well...its gonna suck.


Beta Ray Bill is known on many different planets. He's not well-liked....which means he has many enemies who would love to take another shot at him.


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