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Billy Cranston (Scenesys ID: 783)
"It's time for molecular transformation!"
Full Name: William "Billy" Cranston
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Angel Grove
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 1 April 2009 Actor: Comic Book Billy (From POW)
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 66 kg (145 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby


Billy Cranston is one of the original five Power Rangers inducted alongside Jason Scott, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, and Kimberly Hart, when Zor-Don was awakened in 2024. Chosen as the Blue Ranger, he wields the Triceratops Power Coin, and commands the Triceratops Dinozord. A hyperintelligent, kind young man, he is true to a fault, and is more than capable of holding his own in a battle of wit and gadgetry, and in combat. He is a tinkerer, scholar, and for all intents and purposes, a certified genius, and at times, quite hard to understand - except by Trini, perhaps. He's quite the prototypical nerd when it comes to everything else, and jokes tend to go way over his head.

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Standing in front of you is a rather bookish, slender and androgynous figure nearing 5'7" in height, with rather dirty brown, short hair, coiffed back, though the bangs are a bit messy. His demeanor comes off rather bookish, by which the horn-rimmed glasses covering his blue eyes is accentuated. His face is soft, full of life, almost stretched perpetually with a small smile over his lips. He appears athletic, almost with that of a gymnast's build. His skin appears lightly tanned, indicating a generally high amount of time spent outdoors, at least to some degree.

His clothing ensemble is rather simplistic for a nerdy fellow; currently, he's wearing a pair of blue jeans, with a thin white belt holding them up on his hips, snugly; a black graphic t-shirt clings to his upper body, with a picture of a vial filled with a solution on it, and text pointing to different points of the solution - the top part reading, "If you're not part of the solution," with the bottom part reading, "you're part of the precipitate." Over this, he wears a fashionable but functional blue jacket-vest, unzipped, showing off the graphic design on the t-shirt.


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William Cranston, also known as Billy Cranston, is a member of the elite force of heroes known as the Power Rangers. Chosen by Zor-Don along with Jason Scott, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, and Zack Taylor, he is one of the original five Rangers that was originally inducted in 2024. Chosen as the Blue Ranger, he controls the Triceratops Dinozord, and is known as the "brains" of the group, known for his hyperintelligence and utterly kind and sweet demeanor. A native of Angel Grove, he grew up in a loving and caring home, and has been a straight A student for the majority of his life under the parentage of Candace Cranston and Nathan Cranston. He has been confirmed to be on the autistic spectrum, and at times, he has been known to let things simply slide right past him when it comes to jokes and practical humor. He is, and always has been, a stereotypical nerd, known as one of the top members of Angel Grove High's science club and a member of The Young Scientists of America Program, he developed the technology for the wrist communicators that the Rangers use for communication and teleportation to and from the Command Center, and is a skilled software developer, engineer, and inventor. He is capable of creating and repairing alien technology and weaponry at a whim.

In his personal life, prior to becoming a Power Ranger, he was simply a regular "teenager with attitude." Never really prone to large spurts of trouble, he would occasionally find himself bullied perpetually by the likes of the school bullies, Bulk and Skull; however, due to his friendship that he developed with Jason Scott prior to becoming a Ranger, this was never a huge concern for him. He's always, otherwise, been a quiet and reserved person, and has kept to himself.


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Billy's standout personality trait is clearly his raw intelligence. From his first appearance, he is the prototypical nerd/genius type of guy, who uses overly complex words when he speaks. It's almost like a running gag, to a fault. Almost no one, save Trini, can understand him. Of course, he's also lawfully good, to a fault. He'll never lie; he's far too good for that kind of thing. He's pure of heart, and will never go out of his way to even try and make someone feel bad; in fact, if he sees someone trying to do wrong, he'll go out of her way to try and dissuade them from doing wrong. If it comes down to it, he'll take direct action to make sure that wrong-doing doesn't happen.


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Billy's hyperintelligence is his bread and butter; he's literally a certifiable genius. He is a skilled software developer, engineer, and inventor that is capable of creating and repairing alien tech and weaponry on the fly. He is also known for creating the wrist communicators that tie into the Command Center's morphing and teleportation matrix, which allow for cellular-like communication with Alpha Five, Zor-Don, the other Rangers, as well as allowing teleportation directly to the Command Center and other locations as needed.


Prolonged exposure to the Blue Triceratops Power Coin has granted Billy superhuman strength. He can crush bricks with ease, knock out Puttie Patrollers, perform incredible leaps, and scale steep angles - all while bare handed or barefooted. With the coin, and without having morphed, he has superhuman Class 5 Strength. Even without the coin, he is still able to retain his strength, but over time the durability will diminish until he is back to ordinary human levels.


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Billy is skilled in Acrobatics due to his training with his fellow Rangers over the time he's spent working with them, and has become quite the Gymnast.

Billy has an almost photographic memory-like memory of locations in the Angel Grove area, and knows details of almost all areas in the the area that are relevant; this is partially due to his study of the city for research purposes, and partially due to his utter lack of other things to do when he gets bored.

Billy is a skilled tinkerer, and pretty much knows how to MacGuyver any kind of tech on the fly. Got computer problems? He's your guy. Want to rig up a Faraday cage? He's got you covered. Need to figure out how to modulate RF signals on a weapon to attenuate a harmonic frequency to attack an enemy's weak point? Oh yeah, baby.

Billy has become a skilled Martial Artist over time, thanks to training from Jason in learning to defend himself from bullies, and in learning to defend himself as a Power Ranger. He's quite skilled in hand to hand combat at this point, and can hold his own in a fight.


Due to his training as a Power Ranger, Billy has become skilled in summoning and using his Power Lance, as well as the standard Ranger sidearm, the Blade Blaster.


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Billy wields the standard Ranger sidearm; it's a small, high-tech dagger-like weapon that can be converted into a high-powered laser gun.

Billy has unrestricted access to the Command Center that all Rangers have, at all times. This includes the various rooms and technology stored within the ship; the most often used is the Power Chamber and the Training Pit, where the Rangers are constantly training to be ready to fight the evil forces Rita throws at them.

Billy's connections to the other Rangers are that of deep, personal friendships, ones that cannot be broken easily; the only thing that has been known to interfere with these bonds has been extremely powerful dark magic used by Rita and her ilk. Billy's connection to his family also runs deeply, and he would not lightly betray them.

The Triceratops Power Coin chose to bond with Billy. This alien artifact gives Billy access to the powers and abilities of being a Power Ranger. With the Power Coin being the source of his powers and abilities, should the Power Coin ever be destroyed (which would take unimaginable power) then Billy's access to his abilities would also be severed.

Power Coins remain dormant until they come into contact with the warriors they are meant to bond with. While in close proximity to the Rangers, the Power Coins may exhibit and radiate power and energy on a scale that's difficult to measure. The Power Coins themselves have been known to generate heat strong enough to melt and warp strong metals. The power coins are capable of minor shapeshifting between looking like ancient gold coins or having more crystal-like features.

This is the personal weapon of the Blue Ranger. A double-bladed lance that is close in height to the Blue Ranger itself, it can split into a pair of trident-like sai blades, the size of escrima sticks. When used as a part of the Power Blaster, it forms two of the five laser barrels. Billy lovingly calls his weapon the "Mighty Maces." It can generate intense bolts of electricity.

The Power Morpher is a way to access the metamorphisis process through which Billy becomes the Blue Ranger. The Triceratops Power Coin is placed in the middle of the Power Morpher, held within it, and the energy from the coin is channeled through the morpher and called upon when needed; unlike needing times of extreme duress, this makes the process much easier.

The Triceratops Dinozord is the Blue Ranger's oversized vehicle. It can be used as a standalone Battle Zord or it can combine with the other Dinozords to create the Megazord.

Height: 3.2m
Weight: 41.27 tons
Speed: 140kph

Megazord Location: Left Leg

Armaments: Dual Tricera Cannons (Tail-mounted), Chain Link Power Cables (Horn Mounted).

Note: The Triceratops Zord will only appear in scenes approved by a member of staff.


Billy has access to his wrist communicator, which allows him to have cellular like communication to the other Rangers and the Command Center at any time; it also allows him to access the teleportation matrix of the Command Center at any time, allowing him to teleport to whatever point of contact he needs to at any time.


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Billy is on the autistic spectrum. A lot of things tend to go over his head, whether he means for them to or not. Sometimes he can't help it, sometimes he can. Sometimes, he intentionally allows the more hurtful things to do so. It's all a matter of perspective, really. However, this doesn't change the fact that he does interact and socialize differently than most people.

While hate is a strong word for Billy's lexicon, it is one he can use to describe the emotions that are elicited when he thinks of Rita Repulsa and the evil she brings about. When it comes to dealing with Rita, it's easy for Billy to lose his cool, and sometimes, he may not even think with a completely clear head when it comes to dealing with situations involving her.

In his youth, during an experiment involving whirlpools, Billy was bitten by a fish during the conduction of the experiment. This led to a development of a fear of fish, also known as Icthyophobia. This fear has affected him well into his teenage years.

If Billy's power morpher, and therefore, Power Coin, are not present on his body or is stolen from him, he is unable to morph. Additionally, over time, his body's enhanced abilities will also begin to diminish back to those of a regular human being.

Billy lives by the Ranger Code:
1) Never Use These Powers For Personal Gain.
2) Never Escalate A Battle Unless The Enemy Forces It.
3) Never Reveal The Secret Identity of a Power Ranger.

Billy has a secret identity that he cannot reveal to anyone that he cares about or loves. This is a huge stressor for him, and at times, can cause undue pressure when he has to explain prolonged or otherwise explainable absences to his family in times of extreme emergency when the city is in peril.


While mature for his age and highly intelligent, Billy is still very much a teenager, and prone to fits of raging hormones, emotions, angst, and depression. He is far from being a perfect boy genius, after all.


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