Brood Invasion

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Brood Invasion
Some of the Brood have chosen to invade. Will they be stopped before entire systems are devastated in the depths of space? (This is a Space Plot only.)
Base Info
Plot Scale: Major
Plot Runner(s): Star-Lord
Co-Runner(s): {{{Contacts}}}
Groups Involved: Guardians of the Galaxy
Target Audience: Any
Rating & Tone: Unknown





Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Brood Invasion: Buildup January 20th, 2022 Summary needed
Brood Invasion: On the Outskirts December 23rd, 2021 Superman comes to the Raken system to join the war against the Brood, and gets information from Star-Lord
Brood Invasion: The Moments Between November 29th, 2021 Star-Lord and Starfire discuss the ongoing Brood war
Brood Invasion: An Ambush November 9th, 2021 Summary needed
Brood Invasion: On Medical Leave September 18th, 2021 Summary needed
Brood Invasion: A Last Stand August 9th, 2021 The battle of Raken 4 in the Brood-Shi'ar war ends with the planet being turned to ash... but what was left of the population evacuated... and now the battle lines shift in-system to Raken 3
Brood Invasion: A Check In June 21st, 2021 Starfire meets Peter midway to the Sol system as he takes a break from contract negotiations with the Shi'ar.
Brood Invasion: A Reunion June 21st, 2021 Gamora is welcomed back to the Milano. Rocket continues repairs on the crippled Milano, and Peter goes to his quarters to revise a Shi'ar contract.
The Burden of Leadership June 21st, 2021 Kara stays with Lar as he recovers from lead poisoning and a Brood infection.
Brood Invasion: After Extraction June 20th, 2021 Lar gets his Broodling extracted by Shi'ar doctors on a flagship. Supergirl is there for support as Star-Lord and Gamora have a reunion. Lar ends up being taken on the Javelin as the Titans and League head back to Earth.
Brood Invasion: Extraction June 14th, 2021 After a scouting mission turns into a Brood ambush, the Guardians, Titans, and Justice League get together to save Lar from being Brooded right as a Shi'ar/Brood fleet battle starts.
Brood Invasion: Broken June 11th, 2021 Summary needed
Brood Invasion: The Second Rumor June 6th, 2021 The Milano heads for a remote Shi'ar system to investigate a distress call... only to get ambushed by the Brood. Guest starring Lar, who becomes Brood chow. For now.
Brood Invasion: Rumors May 15th, 2021 A Novan Listening post goes dark, and Star-Lord, Gigas and Silver Surfer converge to find out why. Turns out the Brood are involved and everyone agrees that turning the outpost into cosmic dust is a Very Good Idea


Title Date Scene Summary
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