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Doogie Decker (Scenesys ID: 7608)
Full Name: Donald Decker
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester, New York
Education: High School Student
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 30 January 2010 Actor: Jon Herder
Height: 190.5 cm Weight: 118 kg
Hair Color: Ginger Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Monster" by Skillet


Donald "Doogie" Decker was your typical depressed teen until he discovered he was a mutant with metamorphic abilities to take weird and monstrous forms. Now he's a student of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and attempting to find his niche in a world filled with beautiful, square jawed heroes.

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Donald "Doogie" Decker is an unfortunate looking looking teen, but seemingly harmless.

He is long limbed and awkward looking, while still being rather overweight. Most of this weight is carried in his middle, giving him quite the spare tire that hangs over his lap. His rather pale face is marked up with a double-whammy of acne and a heavy smattering of freckles. He also has something of an overbite. Despite all of this his hair still manages to be the cherry on top of the poor hand that genetics has handed him. His curly, poofy red hair stands up in a shape that is almost an inverted cone, like a big deformed ginger eraser standing up from his head.

His clothing is simple and casual. He wears a pair of relaxed fit husky size blue jeans, a pair of white Nike sneakers. Finally, despite looking more subpar than super, he wears a light blue shirt with a red Superman S emblazoned on the front.


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Donald "Doogie" Decker's family have always loved him, but still they've never really liked him. He was an ugly baby who grew into an uglier teenager. Despite being born into such fortunate circumstances of having a father who is one of the top neurosurgeons in the state, and a mother who is a high power state prosecutor, he's never really thought of himself as fortunate.

The spotlight was always on his older sister. She is beautiful, has a genius level IQ, and due to a subtle mutant ability (that neither she nor anyone else knows is a mutant ability) is a musical prodigy. So while she was playing in the New York Orchestra at age 16, Doogie was hidden away in his room, playing with his super hero action figures.

Doogie has been an extreme fanboy of all things super hero for as long as he could remember. They were everything that he could never be. Strong, capable, and attractive. He would fall asleep and dream that he would discover that he was a mutant, or that he would fall into a barrel of radioactive waste.

But one day a year ago he was unfortunate enough that his dreams were made reality. He was a mutant. But his abilities did not turn him into a square-jawed Superman. Instead it just made him differently ugly.

Unlike many other mutants, his family did not disown him or act negative in any way when he "came out". They have both been major supporters of mutant rights, and have donated large sums of money in the past to support mutant causes. Still, they have used it as an opportunity to pawn off their strange, awkward son that until that point they didn't know what to do with. Using their connections they contacted Xavier's School and had him enrolled. Now as a new student, he is trying to come to terms with his new life.


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Doogie Decker has always idolized heroes, not so much for what they are, but because he believes them to be everything he is not. He lacks self-esteem and courage, but behind it all he has taken the lessons of these idealized versions of those heroes to heart. Underneath his laundry list of character flaws, he is a good person who wants to use his abilities, as freakish as they are, to make life better for others. In his own peculiar fanboy way he has created a moral center that might be beyond that of the reality of the heroes that he admires. He just needs to work past his depression, and self-loathing in order to discover this for himself.


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Doogie is able to grow a chitinous shell around different parts of his body to protect him. Though what this can protect him from is limited. It can stop a bullet from low caliber weapons, though a high powered rifle can still punch through. It could stop a punch (and likely break the hand) of a regular person throwing a punch at the armor, but would easily be shattered by a punch from a super strong being.
Doogie is a mutant shapeshifter. But unlike most shapeshifters, he lacks the kind of finesse that would allow him to mimic a person or inanimate object. Instead it allows him to change his biological "features" in such a way that can mimic what is seen in nature, or can add to his already existing anatomy. So he could turn his arm into a writhing tentacle that ends in a lamprey eel's mouth, or turn his stomach into a mouth full of dagger like teeth. Finally, he's able to double his mass, or reduce it by half.

Doogie is able to grow muscle on his otherwise out of shape form to be able to lift as much weight as an Olympic weight lifter for as long as he can hold the transformation.

An ability that he has little training with, but has potential for growth. He has learned to shapeshift minor lacerations to seal closed to staunch the bleeding. He's only been able to use this on the kind of wounds no worse than one would get when they trip over their own feet walking down the side-walk and as of yet has been able to apply it to a more serious wound. A weakness of this ability is that it's only a stop-gap measure. As it relies on his shapeshifting ability, it is limited in how long he can hold the transformation. Once his grip slips, the wound will reappear. He's tried to use this ability on his acne, with little success.


On top of being able to grow things such as tentacles, quills and carapace, Doogie is also able to mess around with his existing anatomy. So for example he could move one of his eyes so it resides on the palm of his hand to allow him to peek around a corner, (though that trick messes with his sense of balance and needs to be sitting down to do it as not to fall over) He's also learned how to turn his bones into a soft, rubbery consistency to prevent breakage, though this itself can come with its own host of problems.


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As an innate extension of his powers which require him to have a mental understanding of his own shape and dimensions, Doogie has begun to become something of an artist. He's very skilled at drawing the human form, and has begun to experiment with sculpting with clay. He also has the potential to learn the kind of anatomy that a surgeon would know at the level of a prodigy, if he so wishes to do so in the future.

Doogie is a massive fanboy of all things hero. As such he knows quite a lot about public knowledge of many heroes.


Being the target of many bullies Doogie has learned how to talk his way out of such situations. Also when he's not using his abilities, he's easy to overlook and ignore as a threat.


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Doogie's relationship with his family is well enough. So he's still able to get some support off of them, even if they aren't his biggest fans.


Doogie has access to any other resources available to a student at Xavier's school.


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Holding a transformation for Doogie is like keeping a muscle tensed. It's difficult for him to maintain it for very long, especially with his inexperience with his fledgling powers. He's able to use his powers continuously for 5 minutes at a time with no issues. If he goes to 10 minutes, the next day whatever body parts were shapeshifted will be so stiff and painful that he will have incredible difficulty in using them. His absolute limit so far is 15 minutes, but between 10 minutes and 15 minutes it is absolute agony for him to even attempt it, and he likely won't be able to accomplish very much with the transformation. This limit applies to any usage of his power during that time, and can take multiple forms during that time. But once his limit has been reached, he will be to exhausted to use his abilities at all until he's had a few hours to recover.

This all assumes his preferred method of shapeshifting, which is to transform roughly 25% of his body at a time, generally his right arm. If he uses a greater amount of his body in a transformation he will tire more quickly. He can only hold a full body transformation for about a minute or two before collapsing.

When Doogie is angry, upset, embarrassed, or under any other kind of strong emotion he can lose control of his transformations. His body will become wracked by random, and generally useless transformations to the situation. Though there is a possibility that someone near him could be injured if he loses control in this fashion.

Doogie's powers have greater potential than he is currently able to access with his lack of experience using them.

Doogie is a very depressed teen. Some who have examined his powers have theorized that because of this his subconscious has poisoned his powers, making them the disturbing display that they are. It also makes him very shy about actually displaying his power for too many people.


Doogie is a fat and flabby nerd. Even running for a minute straight is enough to get him huffing and puffing. While he's learned to increase his musculature to be physically stronger than he normally is, he still has yet to learn how to use his abilities to increase his endurance. In fact when he adds muscle mass he can over estimate his physicality, and exhaust himself even quicker.


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