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Crystal (Scenesys ID: 293)
"Well, you're not the only one who can lose his temper -- now see what it means -- to anger an elemental!"
Full Name: Crystalia Amaquelin
Gender: Female
Species: Inhuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Princess
Citizenship: Attilan
Residence: Isle of Attilan
Education: Royal Tutors
Status: Dropped
Groups: Fantastic Four
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 1 December 2002 Actor: Holland Roden
Height: 170cm Weight: 50kg
Hair Color: Blonde/Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I'm a Lady," Meghan Trainor


The Inhuman Princess Crystal is less of a mystery to the world at large than most of her family. An adventurer, a diplomat, and a hero, Crystal is always in search of the next adventure and always ready for a new experience. Duty still looms large, as service to Attilan is her ultimate destiny, but it's no secret that the princess intends to enjoy every moment of her freedom until it arrives.

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Presence is made of many things. Build and looks are part of it, but so are posture, attitude, and energy. Crystal may stand an average five and a half feet tall, but she stands every inch of them, and there's a certain buzzing energy around her that softens the impact of an otherwise imperious posture. A delicate build is balanced by fit musculature and surprisingly generous curves, adding to the study in contrasts.

Her features are expressive, with bright blue eyes set over a wide mouth, firm jaw, and sharp chin. Her features are framed by strawberry blonde hair, with a unique pattern of black that travels a band above her ears to a circle at the back of her head.

If she isn't wearing the yellow and black combat uniform, she dresses in high-end casual wear - the sort of thing that may look casual, but the cut, material, and label speak to quality. Regardless of what she wears, it's geared to make an impact.


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Born to Amber and Quelin of the Inhuman royal family, Crystal's early life was a charmed one. The young princess wanted for nothing, and had a varied, tight-knit family to rely upon. When she was still a child, though, civil unrest drove most of the family from their home in Attilan. They wandered for years, seeking lost members, until they could reclaim their place.

Crystal learned much of the outside world...including a love for the variety and freedom she found there, a stark contrast to her strictly-regimented homeland. Upon their return to Attilan, Crystal was trained as both a diplomat and a warrior, her powers too useful to relegate her to diplomacy only. But the princess was restless, remembering the world outside.

And so, after a sufficient amount of begging, pleading, nagging, and sulking, the family finally agreed to send her to New York, serving as a representative with the UN.


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Crystal is a mixed bag of traits, but prime among them is curiosity. Leaving Attilan at a young age and her family's wandering left quite the impression on her - one that there's a whole world of incredible things and open possibilities. It's something that clashes sometimes with her own culture, but has also given her the moniker of the People's Princess for her interest in all of the castes. Crystal's interest in the new and interesting is constantly at war with her deep-seated loyalty to her family and the throne. Duty is a powerful call for the young princess, but knowing that it looms only contributes to her desire to pack as much as she can into the brief period of freedom that she knows could end at any moment.


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Through her elemental mastery of air, Crystal is able to create powerful wind effects up to 115 miles per hour. She can change the elemental composition of air, increasing or decreasing oxygen or other elements, and can effect air up to thirty miles away from herself. She is also able to manipulate the atoms within air to create force fields which allow her to fly, deflect attacks, or even seal a room. She can make these fields selectively permeable, allowing herself to breath underwater or even temporarily seal a hull breach in spacecraft.


Crystal's powers are ultimately based in an ability to manipulate elements on an atomic level, which allows her to combine them to various effects, including creation and manipulation of electricity, magnetic forces, and heat and cold. Because of the detail involved in these manipulations, they are less powerful and less natural to her than using gross elements on a larger level, but the capability is there.


Crystal is able to control the element of earth, including the various minerals that make it up. Using this power, she can create an earthquake up to a 6.7 on the Richter scale, compress elements into gems, and lift enough earth that she was even able to lift the city of Attilan. Fine control is limited to sight, but she can affect earth up to two miles away. She can also identify various earth and minerals and identify the source of said materials. If they come from an unfamiliar area, she can trace them to a fifty square mile area, while earths and minerals from familiar areas can be traced to within an area as small as two city blocks.


Because of her abilities, Crystal is able to sense and identify the presence of various elements, as well as name them. She can identify if an element belongs in its particular area and track the movement of air and water through an area.


Crystal is immune to the effects of the elements she controls while she is in control of them, largely by dint of being able to prevent them from actually contacting her body in a harmful way. Unconsciousness would negate this ability, as does losing control of them to someone with a greater affinity for or control of the element in question.


Crystal's mastery of fire allows her to control flame, increasing or decreasing the amount within fifty yards for fine control (such as specific movements) or one hundred yards for gross control (such as lighting or dousing). Dousing a large amount of flames is not an instant process - generally she will remove the fuel or air supply, or else simply move the flame, allowing it to die naturally. Supernatural or magical flames are not natural, and therefore not subject to her control.


As an Inhuman, Crystal's strength, speed, endurance, durability, and reflexes are all slightly above peak human levels.


Crystal's master of water allows her to control up to several thousand gallons of water at a time. She can sense the element when it's near, combine abilities to purify it, summon it from beneath the earth, and by manipulating the molecules themselves, can turn it to ice. While she is usually limited by available sources for water, at need she can create up to one hundred gallons of water from available hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere. This, however, takes more time and concentration than simply dealing with existing water. She can draw water to her from as far as a mile away, but actually doing anything with it is limited to fifty yards for fine control and one hundred yards for gross control.


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Crystal is trained in hand to hand combat as a fighter. She doesn't have the skill of a specialist and generally prefers to use her powers, but she knows how to handle herself in personal combat.


Crystal is a trained diplomat, expected to represent her kingdom to the outside world. She has knowledge of treaties and history, and has learned the fine art of negotiation and polite interactions.


As the royal family traveled outside of Attilan, they passed through many human lands with many different languages. Crystal is fluent in Nepali, Russian, French, German, and English. She can speak a smattering of phrases in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi.


Crystal is no true scientist, but she is accustomed to Inhuman levels of technology, which exceed those of the world at large. Concepts which are graduate level for the population at large are within her general grasp, despite a lack of formal human schooling.


Crystal is trained in tactics on a kingdom level, aware of the needs of troops, transportation, and supplies. She's not an experienced general, but she has an understanding of the basic principles.


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As a princess of the Inhumans, Crystal has access to the resources of the kingdom. She has a brownstone in New York City for a residence or embassy at need and a stipend to insure that her needs are taken care of.


Crystal has access to advanced Inhuman technology. Usually, due to concerns about intellectual property and maintaining trade, this is limited to simple devices that make life easier; the equivalent of a cell phone or modern car to the average human.


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Crystal is able to maintain the effects of her powers for 45 minutes to an hour before her performance begins to suffer. She can continue using her abilities for another hour, but after two hours, she must stop and rest.


With her early years spent in Attilan's isolation and her teen years spent wandering the globe, Crystal has a tendency to view the world with a certain cultural relativism. While this means she may have an easier time understanding where a culture is coming from, it also means she doesn't always appreciate the depth of those beliefs. This can sometimes come off as flippant or disrespectful, regardless of how it's meant.


Crystal's powers are very much centered in the physical world. Powers from other realms or realities, such as magic, are utterly baffling to her. She may know all sorts of things about genetic powers, but she has no defenses against or knowledge of the magical world. Simlarly, while she is aware of psychic powers, she has no special protection against them.


Crystal is especially vulnerable to pollution, due to her affinity with the elements. While she's able to purify the area around herself (and usually does for her residence), she needs to retreat from the city at least once a month to a less polluted area to allow herself a chance to recover. Skipping this causes her to fall ill, first as if with a bad cold, and incresing to a flu. Exposure to severe pollution for a sufficient amount of time can be deadly.


Crystal is a passionate person, which sometimes leads to less than wise decisions. Diplomacy and duty can go out the window when someone pushes the wrong buttons.


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