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Frankenstein (Scenesys ID: 1377)
""But success SHALL crown my endeavours. Wherefore not? Thus far I have gone, tracing a secure way over the pathless seas, the very stars themselves being witnesses and testimonies of my triumph. Why not still proceed over the untamed yet obedient element? What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man? (Letter 3.4) What can stop them? Well, the forces of nature, for onelike an impenetrable ice sheet. Also, giant reanimated corpses. Those can stop man, too."
Full Name: Frankenstein's Monster
Gender: Male
Species: Undead
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: .
Citizenship: N/A
Residence: Nomadic
Education: Complicated
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD, Howling Commandos
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth Varies Actor:
Height: 243 cm Weight: 200 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red / Blue
Theme Song: "The Monster Mash" - Groovy Goolies


A Frankenstien's Monster of Frankenstein's Monster; he still simply thinks of himself as Franksenstein. He is stitched together with seven monsters across seven different timelines. Nothing will ever be right again.



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There may be versions of Frankenstein that can blend into a crowd, but this is not one of them. It's not easy being Green, and he is it, a pallid almost fungal green, face scarred and stitched together. The thing is that there are major stitches and minor stitches. He's an ugly son of a bitch and from a distance, its possible to see the flat top scalp stitched to the moderately handsome face, but a closer look revealed that this handsome, almost noble visage is composed of many faces, stitched together with impossibly small, almost visceral threads made of a material that is difficult to discern. His eyes are mismatched, one red and one blue; one mad and glaring and the other blue, ice blue and almost flickering in the ambient light like a cat. There is a single black vein running up his right temple up his considerably large forehead. His body is massive, thick bulging muscles, also stitched together in a form that simply does not look natural but that is still physically perfect in is compound way. When he walks it is still with a slightly awkward gait since there is a slight difference between the high of his legs. He wears a jacket, a black T-shirt and pants.


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Frankenstein is a tortured soul, having been ripped from the afterlife by the unholy experiments of one Victor Von Frankenstein. He is neither cursed as a vampire might be nor restless like a ghost, very much alive but also not; locked into flesh that has been reanimated against the natural order in a method unique to the good doctor himself but that has since been replicated time and time again. He feels alone, even though there are nominally others of his kind, he is both alive and not alive, lost in time and planar distance. But beyond this, he feels wronged by the good doctor and humanity in general. His attitude towards humanity is complex; he hates them for how they have treated him and others who are weak but he would defend them from the most unholy things that would destroy them or enslave them. He wants solitude and at the same time seeks some kind of redemption. He is distrustful of authority since so often the hunts that have chased him down have organized in ways to annihilate him but at the same time agents of that authority have given him what little satisfaction he has found in his miserable pseudo existence.


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What gestalt of many minds made of many minds makes a man? The shadows of lives never lived, the haunting miracles of life and death; did he remember heaven or hell? He thinks he can see shadows, and these things haunt him more than the violation of the sacred that his mere being is. He has other memories, memories of creators alien and frightening taking the scattered images of Frankenstein across the timelines and sewing them together into a meta abomination. Does he imagine them? Does he have living flashbacks or hallucinations? Are these memories of things that never happened things which define him?

He fears the lightning for it strips him of his humanity and in the end, despite the terrible secrets he knows of what men are capable of, he clings to it, as he clung to the raft in those icy waters before the ice turned him into a corpse once again for a few passing seasons of the stars to make him the Odysseus of Death, traveling these and sundry worlds only joined again in the abomination that is I. He is He or He is I? Where does one begin and the other end? These are things he is not certain of, but there are some things that join the them / him / I.

He will protect humanity; the aggregate of humanity. He is no hero or even anti hero, he loves enough of what man and woman can do to want to protect them all but also understands their monstrous nature enough to let them suffer when they inflict it on themselves. He holds life sacred as does he death and will stop those who seek to desecrate the burials or rest sought by others. A few shadows of memories in his skull tell that there might have been attempts by him to seek a bride, and he rejects these as pariahs of he; for never must the abomination that is I to be repeated. Rejected, shadowed, shunned on the fringes of humanity he is to linger; but drawn as a moth to the flame that is his clinging connection to it. This is all there is, and in the end, it might be all there ever is. Ending it seems pointless, which mad scientist will drag him/them kicking screaming back to the world of entropy and death?


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The cobbled together version of Frankenstein is able to withstand a huge amount of electrical damage though there are always weird effects (see Weaknesses). Lightning can also reanimate him if his heart has stopped or he has 'died.' While he is not immune to lightning, he is able to conduct a large amount of electricity.

Being undead, he can all but ignore pain from most sources. His tissue will repair itself over time, usually within a day or several days (with some exceptions) but the strength of his mental resolve affects this more than anything else. The more human he regards himself, the less pain and regeneration he has.

Theoretically, his stamina is limitless since he isn't really human or living anymore. However, the psychological limitations of his still 'human' mind have a trace amount of fatigue that adds up over time such that typically he must rest after a 48 hour period of extreme exertion.

He is more than the sum of his parts and thanks to the infusions of chemicals and undead nature, he can lift at a 'running level' up to 10 tons. From time to time, he has lifted up to 30 tons but these are the exception rather than the rule.


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Over the years, so many have tried to recreate Frankenstein's experiment that Frankenstein (the progeny) could actually recreate various versions should he ever want to. More importantly, he will instantly recognize any element of someone trying to recreate the work and how best to sabotage or stop it.

Frankenstein, despite his awkward nature can dance; waltz, two step, swing, monster mash or even tap dance.

After a century and multiple lifetimes of people trying to kill him and fighting for survivial, Frankenstein has gained an understanding of how to use his strengths and a wide variety of weapons and brawling techniques. There is no kung fu Frankenstein, but using his brawn, his reach and the tools at hand he is a magnificent fighter.

Over the decades he has been largely exposed to the occult and is quite used to fighting them. He has some experience operating begining to medium level difficult magic items that can be operated by non mages, and in particular has a great understanding on the 'horror' or 'monster' side of the occult including weaknesses and the best tactics against such foes.


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He still has a titanic steam cannon and holy sword that he had when he was outfitted for the Howling Commandos in WWII. While the Holy Sword is not actually 'the sword of St Michael' it does act as a holy weapon and do considerable damage to demons and undead that are affected by such things. The Steam Cannon does a considerable amount of damage and a considerable rate of fire so long as he has sufficient ammo.

He has a direct implant that provides him all of the details of the SHADE database. This gives him an even more augmented understanding of the occult. Various creators and tinkers have hinted that he may have other implants, but these are dormant or something that he does not have concious control of at this time.

As an agent of SHIELD, specifically WAND, Frankenstein has access to certain toys he would never have on his own, like night vision googles, ammunition for the steam gun, other guns, plastic explosive, fire extinguishers (for pesky villagers) or the occasional magic wand (low end for idiots level use not Harry Potter styles). In short, he has access to stuff. While on the human end of his spectrum, he can use it all, but anything but ammo refills, and maybe fire extinguishers, are hard on his monstrous side.


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He has been cobbled together literally out of many many different versions of Frankenstein's Monster from alternate timelines so memories that he might have had aren't there and that might not have ever happened haunt him. Even beyond that, he has a stitched together brain that has suffered a great deal of trauma and lived multiple lifetimes.

Fire burns, and while he might be able to heal from it, because of the extreme psychological trauma he suffered when first created, combined with a natural phobia, fire damage heals at the same rate it would for a normal person (though he can slowly heal more than a normal person could). Extreme Cold past a certain point doesn't hurt him but it does put him in suspended animation to the point of not being able to do anything.

Exposure to lightning causes him to shift towards the more inhuman, more bestial side of his spectrum, limiting his intelligence and his ability to empathize with others. His limp becomes more pronounced, his vocabulary lessens and brief weird flares of electrical energy radiate out around him for a few minutes afterwards, potentially disrupting sensitive electrical devices.

Even at the most human side of his scale, Frankenstein is a monster, over 8 foot tall, hundreds of pounds and of a pale green skin. A hoodie and some makeup is not going to be sufficient to hide him in a crowd. Moreover, while some people think of him as 'one of the good monsters' that isn't likely to continue once they see the giant lumbering toward them.

Even at semi normal intelligence, Frankenstein has a speech impediment. This varies between a raspy slow methodical voice that can't pronounce anything quickly to almost total paralysis of his vocal cords.


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