Genosha's Address on Sentinels

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Genosha's Address on Sentinels
Date of Cutscene: 13 February 2019
Location: Genosha
Synopsis: Magneto responds to the Sentinel threat
Cast of Characters: Magneto
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Genosha has purchased network time all over the world. At the designated time, programming changes to the visage of King Magneto, in his office, dressed in his military styled regalia. His face is serious, his voice starts out grave. "My brothers and sisters." Of course he is talking directly to mutants of the world. "As many of you know, the BlackSleep has prompted governments all over the world to start using 'Sentinels' robotic overlords created to keep the peace and protect citizens of the world. Or so was what humans declared they were for. Instead, we have seen this." Magneto sits back momentarily, a cut in of footage showing a flying mutant being blasted to bits mid-air rings out, nothing censored, the murder is shown in all of its brutality.

The feed closes, moving back to Magneto looking very displeased. "This was a mutant, voicing descent against the government that was supposed to care for her. MURDERED in the streets by these...Sentinels. The nation of Genosha condemns the actions of the nations of the world for their continued usage of these flawed Sentinels. And as sovereign of the nation of Genosha, I hereby open my borders to all mutantkind seeking refuge from this oppression. Your governments do not care for your well being, I am different. I stand directly in opposition to every nation using Sentinels, and I wish for you to be safe and prosper."

Magneto moves forward, looking directly to the camera. "And to all the nations of the world using Sentinels I give you one message: protect your mutant populations against these machines, or Homo Superior will rise up and take charge. This is your one and final warning."