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Greenjack (Scenesys ID: 38)
"Actually, this is only the third strangest thing I've seen..." by Hellogoodbye
Full Name: Daniel Wilde
Gender: Male
Species: Human / Satyr Hybrid
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America Hellenic Republic
Residence: Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York
Education: Empire State University
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 21 March 2006 Actor: Mitch Hewer
Height: 168 cm Weight: 82 kg
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Everything Is Debatable" by Hellogoodbye


The son of a Nymph and a famous adventurer, Daniel Wilde achieved fame from an early age as a member of the Wilde Family - a group of (mostly related) individuals with extraordinary powers who found themselves in the path of the stranger and uncanny portions of the superhero world. Danny is now striking out on his own, going to college, and trying to find a good balance between 'the life' and having a life. It's not as easy as it sounds.



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Danny Wilde is not your average teenager. For starters, most teenagers' skin isn't moss green. Lest he be confused with any of the gaggle of famous green teenagers, however, this one also has light blue hair and two small horn nubs on his forehead, right below the hairline - the small horns (mercifully, not sharp) that betray his nature as a Satyr, or Demisatyr, if you want to get technical. His eyes are surprisingly clear and a very light shade of brown, almost orange under the right light. Starting at eye level, his skin transitions from moss green to blue in a smooth gradient, and a defined streak of blue can be seen flowing down the back of his neck, hints at a potential marking or pattern to his skin.

He sports an athletic, solid build, and has a very casual and informal fashion sense, favouring a layered look with contrasting colours that play off his skin tone. His hair is styled casually as well, letting it fall moderately long and wild.

Those who may remember Danny from his day as the child hero 'Wild Child' may be surprised to see his 'field' clothes now: gone are the faux leaves and the Peter Pan inspired outfit. Now Danny usually wears an Underarmour style suit in white and orange, always shod in footwear that is sensible for the occasion.


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Daniel's history actually begins a long time before his birth. It all began with gods. A particular god, in this case, the god Dionysus.

Danny's mother is the mythic nymph Psalacantha (known to her friends as 'Sal', and she'll smack you silly if you call her 'Psal', thank you very much), famed in legend for trying to thwart the god Dionysus from seducing Ariadne after that jerk Theseus abandoned her on the island of Naxos. Because the majority of the Greek gods were jerks, Dionysus punished Psalacantha for blocking him by turning her into the plany-leafed plant that would be named after her, the Psalacanthos.

Normally, this would be where the story ends - BAM! You're a plant, the only thing you are doing is photosynthesis... not to mention that ninety percent of Greek myths end with someone being turned into something, whether they liked it or not. Indeed, for millennia the Psalacanthos grew to immense proportions on the island of Naxos, undisturbed in the secret sanctuary of the nymphs. However, something interesting happened around 333 AD - the Olympians cut all ties with Earth. The gods left Earth, as did the nymphs and other deities, and the plant was left alone to propagate in the ruins of temples that would eventually crumble to dust.

And for centuries, Psalacantha slept and the curse of Dionysus began to erode, the god's presence and legendary spite no longer maintaining it to full strength. Finally in 1960, Psalacantha awoke from her long slumber, finding that the curse had eroded to such a point that she could almost recover her previous form. Now, she was an unusual and unheard of hybrid of Nymph and tree, a Dryad-Nymph of sorts. This double nature allowed her to influence both the elements of the vegetable world as well as the ocean to varying degrees.

For decades, Psalacantha remained far from the world of modern man, content to limit herself to virgin forests and deserted beaches. In 1990, fate would conspire to have her paths cross with famous adventurer Oliver Wilde, who at the time was travelling in the company of the renowned tactician Salman Antar, and Elena Carnacki, the great-granddaughter of the famous occult detective. The trio were hot on the trail of a supernatural monstrosity terrorising the Greek islands - the terrifying monster known as the Empusa. Teaming up with Oliver and Elena, Psalacantha was able to help with the capture and dispatch of the monster, and became a permanent part of the team known as the Wilde Family.

In 2000, Oliver and Psalacantha (now going by 'Sal' for convenience) married, and Daniel was born six years later. Danny began to join in the team's adventures when he was ten years old (under the tongue-in-cheek codename of 'Wild Child', even though the team's identities were all public). It became clear that Danny inherited his mother's nature - as well as Dionysus' Curse.

Danny has lived a life of adventure and excitement, with his upbringing being anything but regular. He will be the first to admit that he learned to battle sea monsters long before he even had his first kiss, and he yearns and craves to have the normalcy and stability he believes people outside of his 'career' enjoy. This is why he decided to attend Empire State University instead of joining teams or institutions geared exclusively towards those with extraordinary powers.


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Daniel tries to remain in the moment and to appreciate both the big things and the little things. Although he strives to be patient, he is known to quickly grow annoyed at obstinacy, and bull-headedness. It can take him some time to let go of an unpleasant experience. All in all, he could be described as more of a mellow happy-go-lucky teenager with a strong hedonistic streak and a penchant for taking weird and unusual things in stride.

Like every teenager, Daniel has insecurities - uncertainty about his future and about whom he wants to become. Until recently his identity had been encapsulated by his family's superheroic career, but the more he moves as his own agent, the more he has begun to question how much time he should dedicate to saving the world versus making sure his corner of the world doesn't collapse entirely. A naturally gregarious young man, his first instinct is to make connections and find somewhere where he can belong.

An avid lover of literature and stories, Daniel tends to read a great deal more than his peers, but in many other things he is a regular teenager in his tastes for music, movies and games.


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The vegetable world listens to the spirits of nature. As a Demisatyr, Danny is capable of manipulating existing plants (wood, vines, plants, moss, fruits, flowers) by command. He is capable of making plants grow at an accelerated rate, attack, and even move. His type of control is quite formidable, able to cause a seedling to grow into a tall tree in the space of a few seconds, trees to grow extra limbs, vines to snare and a myriad of other things. He is even capable of making plant life acquire locomotion by extricating it from the soil and moving about, but any plant or tree uprooted in this fashion will die in a manner of minutes unless quickly re-seated in a new location.

Because of the nature of his curse, Danny is capable of incorporating elements from the vegetable world into his own body. He may turn his skin into tough bark to absorb damage, give it the toxicity of the Manchineel tree, grow the defensive spikes of the Sandbox tree... or even sprout its explosive seed pods, which launch its seeds at up to 250 kph.

Note: Danny must be careful not to abuse this power - if at any point he transforms more than two thirds of his body at a time, he risks triggering Dionysos' Curse (see +wea Greenjack/Dionysos' Curse).

Let's be honest, Danny is technically speaking a demigod. In other pantheons, that can be quite significant - but when it comes to the Greek pantheon, that can vary quite a lot. The children of Zeus and human women can be world-breakers and shakers... the children of nymphs, on the other hand? Not so much (Achilles was a total fluke).

The gifts of his particular birthright are more in keeping with the spirits of nature that are Nymphs and Satyrs:

Long Lived: Danny is mortal, although his lifespan is greatly increased (most likely up into the century-and-a-quarter bracket).

Enhanced Dexterity and Speed: Daniel is quite fleet and graceful of foot, and a great deal more agile than normal humans, Satyrs, and Nymphs, having that oldest, "wildest grace that horses have never had, that deer have only in a shy, thin imitation, and goats in dancing mockery".

Enhanced Senses: The sense of smell and hearing is particularly acute in the children of nature, on par with that of natural predators.

Presence: There's something about Daniel's presence that puts people at ease. It isn't an attempt at manipulation, but his connection to the Earth and nature makes him a 'grounded' individual, capable of exuding great serenity. Some people find his presence to be soothing.

Stubborn as a Goat: Danny is notoriously difficult to influence - he is notably resistant to attempts at subjugating his will... resistant, but not immune.

Danny is keenly attuned to the well-being and distress of his immediate environment due to his nature as a Demisatyr. This allows him to understand the status and disturbances of the nearby environment: the quality of the soil, the flux in insect and animal populations, the disturbances of local wild-life (for example, the plants violently torn by a running man). Unlike full-blooded Satyrs and Fauns, whose senses could encompass entire forests, Danny's range is only approximately that of a city block. This sense can be dampened or turned off at will, and Danny usually has it turned off anytime he is in the city- otherwise the experience would be simply overwhelming.

The Satyr is a spirit of the forest and of nature, and has a special kinship with beasts. Non-supernatural or mythical animals are generally docile around Daniel and are often charmed by his presence. Danny is capable of communicating with them on a rudimentary level. The communication cannot convey sophisticated or complicated concepts, and it is geared towards the nature of the beast in question - predators and prey will be aware of different things and not notice others at all. Because his powers are limited by his half-nature, Daniel must either be able to look into the animal's eyes or place his hand upon their heads for the communication to occur.

Note: Mythical beasts are often hostile towards Satyrs, being naturally wary of their ability to charm animals.

Daniel can heal remarkably fasts from injuries as long as he has enough reserves of nutrients and sunlight - he is even capable of regenerating parts of himself that may have been destroyed or cut off without being immediately fatal - but this particular process requires Daniel to go into a healing stasis that could last several days, or even weeks. During this stasis, he must be in contact with fertile, healthy soil and be exposed to natural sunlight. Any disturbance of the process will require the stasis to begin anew when he is ready.


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Just because you're a human, it doesn't mean that you know everything about your body or your species, right? Danny's mother thought very much the same thing and insisted that her son acquire a great deal of knowledge into the field that shaped much of his powers and who he is. Daniel's knowledge of Botany is comparable to the core knowledge required to a Sophomore Botany major at a university.

Growing up in a superhero family means you're going to learn how to fight sooner or later. Danny's training in the Wilde clan included a core package of martial systems geared to help him defend himself. While it makes him a competent fighter, he is by no means exceptional - he often relies more on his powers and his natural agility to gain an edge in combat.

Danny grew up speaking Greek and English as part of a bilingual household and is therefore perfectly fluent in both languages. To that, private tutors and stints at different schools have added a competent understanding of French and Spanish to the mix.


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As a former part of his family's team, Danny can call upon its members for advice or suggestions. He has made it very clear that he intends to make his own mark on the world, so he is not terribly inclined to call upon them for help unless it is an extreme situation. Even then, there is a very big chance that they may not be there to answer his call, as they are a fairly busy team. In any case, the following members of the Wilde clan can be contacted as NPCs if the plot (and the storyteller) allow it:

Psalacantha Wilde: Danny's mother is a full-fledged nymph, and also afflicted with the Curse. Her powers are very similar to Daniel's, but much greater in scope and strength. She is an excellent resource for matters botanical and natural.

Olivier Wilde: Danny's father is a renowned archaeologist and ancient civilisations scholar. The intellectual head of the Wilde Family, he is the go-to person for matters historical and ancient. His curated collection of ancient amulets confers upon him some extraordinary physical enhancements that he employs when things go south.

Elena Carnacki: The descendant of the famous 'Ab-natural' investigator Thomas Carnacki, Elena Canacki is Olivier's distant cousin, yet she is closer to him than any of her brothers. Sharing her cousin's fascination with archaeology and history, and inheriting her great-grandfather's interest in the 'ab-natural' or supernatural, it was only a matter of time before Elena was not only able to equal Thomas Carnacki's investigations, but also surpass them. A knowledgeable and exceptional magic user specialised in ancient rituals and spells, Elena is a valuable resource when questions of the truly supernatural and spiritual need to be answered.

Salman Antar: Olivier's comrade-in-arms in the army and one of the world's foremost tactical experts, Salman is the team's answer to threats that have a more corporeal form. Although frighteningly ruthless with both firearms and bladed weapons, Salman is also a well-read and sensitive man who dedicated his adult life to unravelling the mysteries of true crypto-zoology and has become an authority in mythical and supernatural beasts.

While not billionaires by any stretch of the imagination, the Wildes are well-to-do and Danny is welcome to draw upon their resources if he finds himself in financial straits.


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The thing that grants Danny his increased affinity to the vegetable world, but which also hangs over his head like the fabled Damoclean sword, is Dionysus' curse. As mentioned before, if Danny transforms more than two thirds of his body at a time or creates too radical and encompassing change (such as, for example, turning completely into an Ent-like creature), the curse can be set off. When this happens, Danny essentially turns into an actual tree (from a proper local variety) and takes root.

As a tree, Danny is essentially out of the fight and out of the picture for a while. Telepaths will not be able to detect a mind, but mystics will be able to detect his spirit, dormant within the tree itself.

Under these circumstances there are only a few options for Danny's return:

1: He eventually fights his way back into full sentience. This can be a lengthy process, taking up days or even weeks as his soul awakens and fights back.

2: Magical or similar aid. Spell casters may attempt to (temporarily) dispel the curse long enough for Danny's form to re-assert itself. The curse itself is imminent and can never be totally dispelled - it will always 'grow back' and be a threat to Danny.

During his stint as a tree, it is very possible to destroy Danny's body (the aforementioned tree) if the foe so desires, since it is in all regards an ordinary tree.

Should Danny's tree be destroyed, he will essentially become an un-tethered soul. In this state it is possible for him to return to life through a process known as the Dryadic Birth, whereupon his spirit settles and inhabits the body of a mature tree (anywhere in the world, but a local area is usually the case.) After a 'gestation' of three months, Daniel will be re-born from the tree. This process can be accelerated by magic, but he himself is incapable of working any to alter this process. It, of course, can be stopped by killing the tree hosting Danny's spirit, at which point he must find another suitable tree and begin the process again.

In order to draw upon the vegetable side of his powers, Daniel needs for his body to absorb sunlight - even the dim glimmer of winter is preferable to total darkness. The strength of his plant-based powers (Botanokinesis, Chloromorphism, Regeneration) is directly proportional to his sunlight absorption rate. If he is exposed to prolonged periods of darkness or of purely artificial light without any sunlight, he will begin to lose his solar 'charge' until he loses those abilities. From a fully charged state, it usually takes about two days of darkness to drain Daniel, and it takes him about three days daytime exposure to recover his full strength.

Fire will always be an enemy of the vegetable world. Even though some plants have come to take advantage of forest fires (such as the California redwood with its serotinous cones), Daniel's powers are especially susceptible to its ravages. The proximity of intense fire will affect GreenJack's ability to manipulate flora, at times even hindering it completely. Any injuries that are caused as a result of fire will also be much slower to heal than other types of injuries, negating his accelerated healing.


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