Investigation for Sarah Osborn

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Investigation for Sarah Osborn
Date of Cutscene: 23 September 2017
Location: Bludhaven Police Department
Synopsis: Detective Elizabeth Greene is looking into the past for Sarah Osborn. What she finds is intriguing but leads to more questions.
Cast of Characters: Sarah Osborn, Elizabeth Greene, Green Goblin

The cell phone goes off and Beth tucks it between her ear and shoulder as she continues to work on her computer, needing both hands for the keyboard. "Detective Greene."

There is a moment's hesitation then she nods before realizing no one can see her nodding over the telephone "Yeah, that's great. Glad you found it. Can you forward it to my work email?"

Another pause then she is reading the document she just opened. "Huh, that definitely is her name and date of birth but the father's name doesn't match up at all. You said it was misfiled too?"

She prints out the birth certificate as she listens. "That's really strange. And you have the information on the parents in here too. Excellent. I can continue researching, see what happened to them. Thanks, Tina. You're amazing as always and I owe you."

She hangs up and puts the phone down, picking up the small pile of papers "Hm, Harry isn't your uncle at all. He's your half-brother. Which means Norman. Huh. Things are getting interesting. I think I need to make a trip to New York."