Sarah Osborn

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Goblin-Girl (Scenesys ID: 36)
"I am not the monster here."
Full Name: Sarah Osborn
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
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Education: Sunny Hill High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Scooby Gang, Angel Investigations
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 26 September 2007 Actor: Gwyneth Paltrow
Height: 168 cm Weight: 57 kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
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The illegitimate daughter of Norman Osborn, raised by her poorer relatives in Blüdhaven, Sarah was given a blood transfusion from her father following an injury. At time, Norman had repressed the memory that he was the Green Goblin. She developed powers and, after finding out her father was the Green Goblin, rejected being a goblin to create a new identity as the Velvet Ant.



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A pretty blond teen in excellent shape that might actually attract attention, if she ever wore makeup, or dress nicely. Somehow, she always seems to be too busy reading or working on something to bother.


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A year ago, Sarah did not know her parents, she knew her twin brother Gabriel, her cousin Daniel Osborn, and his parents, whom she had lived with as long as she could remember. She believed Norman Osborn to be her uncle and Harry Osborn to be her cousin. A wealthy industrialist, Norman came to visit once and a while. In fact, when she and her brother were nine, Uncle Norman saved their lives by giving them a blood transfusion after they were involved in an accident. Daniel and his parents were the wrong blood type.

Some how, after that, things changed. Sarah and Gabriel found themselves outstripping their classmates in about everything, though Sarah was the smart one of the twins, and Gabe the strong one. Uncle Norman advised them not to let anyone know they were special, because most people would not understand. He also helped teach them about a lot of things... like fighting, acrobatics, building stuff, and chemistry. While the twins continued to do well in school, they learned a lot more from Uncle Norman.

One thing Uncle Norman made abundantly clear was his dislike of Spider-Man. He frequently shared newspaper stories, mostly from the Daily Bugle, showing how much of a danger that Spider-Man is. When they were older, Norman vanished and Cousin Harry told the twins Spider-Man was responsible for their parent's death. Sarah became determined to confront him and bring him to justice.

She began working on special gear...when Cousin Harry caught her at it, he helped by providing materials and suggesting she model her garb partly on that of one of the foes who fought the wall-crawler often, the Green Goblin.

Sarah knew that she would need experience before confronting Spider-Man, so she joined her cousin Oz and his friends in hunting down some of the monsters that prowl the streets of Blüdhaven.

After several months of monster hunting and fighting villains as Goblin-girl, Norman reappeared. Sarah was working on an investigation of her parents, and this prompted her to go to the police. A Police officer helped her discover the truth, though the officer went first to Norman to confront him. Norman admitted to Sarah that HE was her father.

Sarah also found out a few things that made her suspect that Norman was the Green Goblin. Further, she found enough evidence to suspect that the Green Goblin was at least complicit in her mother's death.

Given these facts, Sarah has decided that she does not want to be a Goblin any longer. After a bit of thought she came up with a new identity, the Velvet Ant. Velvet Ants are, in fact, a form of wasp, and are extremely tough, with a remarkable number of defensive adaptations. Sarah has decided to emulate them, she already has the proportionate strength of an insect and great durability, it should be fairly simple to adapt her goblin gear with an insect theme.


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Sarah is much tougher and more resistant to injury than normal, though she is not bulletproof or even knife proof. What damage she does take impairs her far less than usual.

Sarah possesses a keen intellect capable of reading and comprehending a college textbook in a day. Her general learning rate is enhanced and she retains the majority of what she learns. She is also an innovative thinker.

Sarah's powers come from the Goblin Formula in her blood, a mutagenic biological catalyst that vastly enhances her abilities.

Sarah has the ability to heal roughly fifty times as fast as normal. Further, her body can seal off life-threatening injuries even more quickly and can go into a death-like healing trance in the event of truly dire wounds. Her body usually heals completely, leaving virtually no scars.

Sarah has excellent reflexes, roughly five to seven times those of a normal human athlete. This gives her remarkable dodging abilities and vastly increases her acrobatic and fighting skills.

Her body is far more efficient than that of a normal human and produces less fatigue toxins. She has stamina surpassing a Triathlete.

Sarah is between fifty and a hundred times as strong as an athletic girl her height and build. She can pick up a car or crush a brick in her hands.


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Sarah can walk a tightrope, swing from building to building, do flips and cartwheels, and is generally an excellent acrobat. Her strength and speed enhance this to superhuman levels.

Sarah is a good, combatant in terms of skill, either unarmed or with hand weapons (including melee weapons and guns). She has become remarkably skilled in thrown weapons, being able to hit a vampire in the heart with a thrown stake from 50 feet or hit a target with a thrown pumpkin after bouncing it off several obstacles. Her increased reflexes and strength, however, make her a threat to most foes in melee, even if her skills are not as well trained as some.

When it comes to science and technology, Sarah knows a bit of everything. She can build a weapon, analyze a crime scene, hack a computer, or pick a lock. She is not going to be quite as good as a specialist in any of these fields, but is pretty good.


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Sarah's costume is made of special polymers to make it highly resistant to penetration and is padded against impact. It is nearly bulletproof and provides some protection against impacts, falls, fire, cold, and electricity. The helmet is designed to resemble an insect head, includes a gas mask, and vision enhancers...most notably an auric scanner that lets her identify many supernatural creatures, and sometimes spot invisible things, though she has trouble spotting inorganic objects when it is active. She has recently added a "Carapace" to her armor made of a highly durable ceramic that covers many areas of her body that do not need to be as flexible, in the covered areas even armor piercing bullets need a direct hit to penetrate (given the curved surfaces, many blows deflect rather than penetrate). The Joints are still vulnerable to less penetrating attacks. Of course, area effects and blows of sufficient force can overwhelm this armor, it does not make her invulnerable.

Sarah has a good motorcycle she has rebuilt herself, that is street legal, and off-road capable. She has a few things she adds to it when out as Velvet Ant to keep it from being recognized. (Primarily a polymer shell shaped like a velvet ant with colored LED glowing areas.)
Sarah does not only carry weapons, she also carries tools. On her utility belt she carries a grapple and line, a high-end smart phone, a forensics kit, lock picks, an electrician's tool kit, some smoke bombs, stink bombs, flashbangs, binders (in case she needs to take human prisoners) and some other things (up to four more specific items may be added for any mission). Possibly the most important thing on her utility belt is her tablet computer, on which she keeps a database of paranormal creatures that is annotated frequently as she discovers that myths and superstitions are and are not true. She is adding a similar database of known villains, though that is still in progress.

Sarah carries a Spring Gun (or as she calls it her Stinger) which can forcefully throw any object of a certain size, but needs to be cocked after every shot to reset the spring (takes exceptional strength to cock). This gun has been modified to a bracer worn on her wrist and can be used to throw her grappling/swing line as well. She has a variety of ammunition for this weapon on her bandoleer (generally a clip of eight shots). She tends to carry "paintball" shots of various liquids (including paint, holy water, adhesive, and a hallucinogenic), as well as solid shot including standard, silver, wood, and obsidian. Her latest addition to her solid shot arsenal is small needles of crystalized synthetic Velvet Ant venom, this venom is rarely fatal and is not paralytic, but is extremely painful to the creature hit for about half an hour. She also carries a number of throwing blades and stakes made of different substances. She does have limited space on the bandoleer and has to choose a total of 20 clips or knives / stakes to carry with her at any time. If she has adequate research on the target, she will tend to tailor her ammo to suit the foe.


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When you have a fast metabolism, patience is not easy to cultivate. She has a hard time waiting unless she is going something. If she does not have something to study or work on she tends to fidget or otherwise be physically active. This does tend to make her not good at waiting stealthily in ambush.

While her body is incredibly efficient, she still needs much more food than a normal girl her size. She needs to eat about four times as much food as normal or risk starvation.

Friendly, outgoing, and charming are not the descriptions used on Sarah. She has trouble with friendly interaction with others.


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Investigation for Sarah Osborn September 23rd, 2017 Detective Elizabeth Greene is looking into the past for Sarah Osborn. What she finds is intriguing but leads to more questions.


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