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Jim Corrigan (Scenesys ID: 1047)
"Gotham's getting weird. You ever heard the expression? "Set a beggar on horseback, and he'll ride to the devil..." So who's handing out the horses?"

"Serving and protecting, Sergeant. When nobody else can. When nobody else knows how."
Full Name: James Brendan Corrigan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (AFC)
Occupation: FBI Special Unit in Charge SCU
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Upper West Hill, Old Gotham
Education: B.A. in Criminology and Psychology, Gotham University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family, Justice Society, Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 39 Actual Age: 39
Date of Birth 3 January 1992 Actor: Armie Hammer
Height: 180 cm Weight: 83 kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "The Spectre" by Alan Walker


James "Jim" Corrigan has been a police officer with the GCPD, briefly with the NYPD, and is now the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Special Crimes Unit for the Northern United States. What is not known is that Jim Corrigan is also potentially the host for the Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre. Living a dangerous life, can it only be a matter of time before the man bites off more than he can chew?

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Tall, approximately 6'1" and athletic in build, weighing in at around 185 lbs or 83 kgs, is a man who looks older than he actually is. His hair is short, but not too short. It is red in colour, and unkempt, as though blown in the wind after a long day in the elements and his "hair gel" has long since dried up. His face looks tired and "scruffy", with two or three days beard growth. His eyes are a deep, icy blue, and reflect a troubled soul that has seen too much on the streets of Gotham.

Currently, Jim is wearing a long black overcoat, fine but not expensive. Underneath this coat he is wearing a very dark, almost black-grey suit, a dark blue coloured shirt not buttoned at the neck, and a crimson-red tie that is slightly loose around his neck. Jim's black pants are pressed, but a little wrinkled, like they have been worn more than once or from sitting in a car too long.

On Jim's left wrist is a well-worn watch, with a dark brown leather strap, that looks like it was something bought in the 1940s. His black patent leather shoes are well worn, and should have been replaced some time ago. His black leather belt contains a holster, with a GCPD issue firearm, a set of handcuffs in a leather holder, and a badge, with his name, rank, and badge number showing he is a GCPD Detective Lieutenant.


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James Brendan Corrigan was born on the 3rd of January, 1905...or was it 3rd of January, 1992...that was it. 35 years ago. Jim Corrigan was born to a man named Jebediah Corrigan, a Christian evangelist and a quiet woman. Jebediah repeated physically abused Jim in order to show him the choice between right and wrong and what was the difference between justice, wrath and vengeance.

Jim was an exceptional athlete and a scholar, so he left his old home behind after his mother died, and headed for Gotham University, attaining a scholarship through the Christian Ministry in Criminlogy and Psychology.

Graduating from Gotham University, Jim joined the Gotham City Police force, and was disheartened by what he saw. Although he quickly rose to the rank of Detective and later, the Liuetenant in charge of the Major Crime Unit, it got to him.

Over the years, Jim has investigated several serious crimes, and through these encounters has met many of Gotham Cities denizens, both on the side of Justice and on the side of Evil. Corrigan has always had a strict sense of justice and vengeance, and the current state of affairs in the city is starting to get to him.

This means he has been taking risks in order to try and catch the bad guys, but Corrigan doesn't wear a mask, or have any special abilities that he knows of, so it is just a matter of time. Especially considering he is a good cop, and is completely above board. This was rare in Gotham. A clean cop.

A few years ago, Jim Corrigan was approached by someone in the shadows. A deep, mystery voice told him he was wasting his talents in Gotham, and should think bigger. Taking the man's words to heart, Corrigan left the GCPD, and joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With his experience and background, Corrigan has just recently been promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the Northern United States Special Crime Unit. This is "cloak and dagger" for investigating major and serious crime involving "capes", especially the "bad guys". His authority comes directly from the Director himself. But which Director?


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Jim Corrigan is a pretty black and white kind of guy. Raised by his father with an iron fist early in his life, this molded him into being a God fearing Christian who has very set ideals of right and wrong. Strong-willed, dedicated, charismatic, with a sense of justice and vengeance that sometimes, in a democratic society, grates him the wrong way. Corrigan believes in an eye for an eye, do unto others, and lead by example whenever possible.

Corrigan is very much like a Paladin or Chivalrous Knight of old. He is a gentleman whenever possible, and is unlikely to strike unless he is attacked first. However, he is not above using lethal force to defend those that he deems under his protection. Athletic and fit, strong and brave, Corrigan is very much a believer in order and a way to do things. Although he likes routine and everything in its place, he finds that life does not allow this as often as he would like.

Jim Corrigan is observant, with a dark sense of humour, and a rapier wit that sometimes gets him into trouble. His "bad boy" cop image seems to attract women to him at first, but he never stays in a relationship long because of his dedication to justice and order.

With his recent, as in, the last five years experience with "masks" and "vigilantes", Corrigan has found himself releasing some of his iron-clad beliefs and, gasp! finding a way to perhaps trust that some "masks" may be good for the world. This is very grey, and so, he struggles with coming to grips with that. Heaven forbid he would ever become one of those masked vigilantes, striving to enforce God's Vengeance!


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Jim Corrigan is destined to die a horrible, slow, painful death, and be reborn, as the Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre. This has not happened to this incarnation of Corrigan yet. This is only a matter of time, a shadow that casts a pall over his very being. Sometimes he gets a feeling, an inkling, perhaps a memory, of what may be, and then it is gone, like a wisp in the wind. This is terribly disturbing and upsetting.


Jim Corrigan has an extremely strong willpower, so much so, that he could potentially be a Green Lantern. His sense of justice and will allows him to continue on, even unto death. It allows him to push aside pain and even mortal wounds to get the job done, if necessary. It also allows him to go without sleep, food or water for days, and still get up, and continue on.


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Jim Corrigan can be very charming when he puts his mind to it. He is handsome and has a sharp wit, a quick tongue, and yet is polite, observant, and able to listen with the best of them. Although he can be a bit blunt and difficult to get along with in a long term relationship, people warm to him at first, and so, it allows him to elicit trust in others. This means that sometimes people say too much, and that is just what Corrigan wants.

Jim Corrigan is a very skilled criminologist and investigator. He has 15 years experience as an investigator in the GCPD and now, the FBI. He has investigated hundreds of murders, violent crime, racketeering, extortion, cyber crime, fraud, terrorism, to just name a few. His experience with "masks" and vigilantes is the reason why he has gotten his current job. He knows the law, both American and International, and has been labeled an expert in this matter before the highest levels of justice, including international courts. He is very good at what he does.

Jim Corrigan is an exceptional detective. His instincts are second only to the greatest master detectives that have ever walked the Earth. He could even give Batman a run for his money. This is his bread and butter, his raison d'etre. His deductive techniques are astounding, and his intuitive reasoning is scary at times. His recall and observation skills are incredible, and his memory is like an iron trap. What he sees, he rarely forgets. He has been trained by the best the World has to offer, in the FBI, the CIA, GCPD, and even SHIELD.

Jim Corrigan is a very proficient assertive driver, with training from the GCPD and the FBI. He has been taught defensive and offensive driving tactics, and is very good at it. His instincts allow him to anticipate while remaining observant to everything around him, and this makes him a very scary driver at times.

Jim Corrigan is no sniper or world class marksman, but he is very good. Top 1 percent of his class, so he can hit what he aims at, and is fully versed in several dozen types of firearms. These include most North American police issue firearms, to heavy weapons and automatic weapons. He has also received SWAT training, and can use most special weapons to deal with riots, crowds, and others. Corrigan has also recently received special FBI training dealing with "special" modern weapons. Weapons designed to deal with "masks", including several anti-vigilante weapons designed for highly prominent heroes and villains.

Jim Corrigan is a proficient in English, French, Spanish, Italian and even a touch of Japanese and Chinese. He has found that he picks up a lot of things, although not a full grasp of the language, but enough to understand what someone is saying pretty quickly.

Jim Corrigan is a very skilled psychologist, with a specialty in "masks" and vigilantes. He has been studying them for most of his life, and has a knack for knowing what they are thinking on an almost supernatural level. His instincts tell him what they might do next, and what would be the best way to deal with them, almost like a sixth sense. This allows him to almost second guess them, and this goes for good guys and bad guys.


Jim Corrigan is no master martial artist. He's no Special Forces fighter or heavy weight boxer. However, he never loses a fight. Strong and resilient, and never giving up is what best describes him. He's a scrapper, with police and FBI martial arts training, that he is a bit above average on. He knows how to win, knows how to win dirty and knows how to run away from a fight if necessary. It is this that best describes his fighting ability. Dogged determination and he can take a punch. Or two. He also gives back better than he gets by the way.


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Jim Corrigan has worked with the underside of several major cities in his years of law enforcement, including Gotham and New York. He knows where to go and who to talk to to get information. Usually this means busting heads, but in a lot of cases, he knows that in order to get to the top dog, sometimes you need to let the puppies go. This even includes several "masks". Many of these criminals are still breathing because Corrigan didn't take them in, so they know when to help, and when to disappear. Too bad he knows what they will do almost before they do it.

Now that Jim Corrigan has been with the FBI for a few years, he is at least semi-known to most members of the FBI, at the very least in the Northern United States. As the latest Special Agent in Charge of this area, the Northern United States Special Crime Unit, he has been tasked with investigating major and serious crime involving "capes", especially the "bad guys". His authority comes directly from the Director himself, and through him, the President of the United States.

Detective Lieutenant Jim Corrigan was a long serving member of the GCPD in good standing. He served with, and even supervised many of the good and not-so-good members of the Force, and was well liked by most members. He bled, cried, and fought with many of them, and they never forget. It would be no issue at all to get their help whenever he needed it, especially from most of the senior officers of the GCPD, including the Commissioner.

Detective Lieutenant Jim Corrigan has worked with the NYPD on numerous cases, including many that were of the "mask" or vigilante type. He has assisted many of their officers in countless files, and knows many of the rank and file, and the senior officers by their first names. It would be no stretch to get their help when required.


Jim Corrigan has access to most, if not all, FBI tactical gear for use whenever he requires it. He is usually issued with a Police unmarked sedan, a Glock 19 9mm pistol, with advanced armor piercing rounds, an advanced xylon/kevlar vest that can prevent penetration from anything short of military grade firearms, a shotgun and P90X automatic weapon in his trunk, which he never uses, and communications gear, including the latest laptop with military grade encryption.


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Jim Corrigan has a dark fate. One which may have happened before, and is fated to happen again. Jim Corrigan is fated to die a horrible death and become the Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre. The hard part? Corrigan doesn't know this. He doesn't remember the 1940s. He doesn't remember dying before. He just knows that, whenever he walks down the streets of Gotham, every so often, he feels the chill of someone...or something walking on his grave. It is not a good feeling. Like someone watching you...who isn't there.


Jim Corrigan has a very specific outlook on justice and vengeance. It sometimes gets in the way of doing things as a law enforcement officer. He usually sees things as black and white. This means, if you commit a crime, you go to prison. If you kill...you should receive the death penalty. It is mostly cut and dried. The conundrum? "Masks and "Vigilantes" have him reconsidering his position, and that just confuses the whole situation.


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