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During the Second World War, the United States government created a clandestine team to help deal with the supernatural and metahuman threats that faced their troops. Although they never existed officially, the group began calling themselves the Justice Society of America. After the war, they performed a few more missions before retiring to live out their days, their service to their country secreted away as though it had never happened. With the return of an old threat in the modern era, the Justice Society was once again asked to band together. Some came out of retirement, while others were recruited to the team.

Base of Operations: Wildcat Gym (Tribeca, Manhattan, New York)
Founded: 7 December 1942

(OOC Note: While the image is not what actually happened, the group loved it and wished to use it for their image. Also, all credit for image to Gat0rl1veBEATZ On Deviant Art.)

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