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Knock Out (Scenesys ID: 7270)
"I'm not only an automobile; I'm an automobile enthusiast."
Full Name: Knock Out of Delta
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Weapons Specialist
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Ibex (Mitteous Plateau, Cybertron)
Education: Delta Science Institute
Status: Retired
Groups: Decepticons, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 1 November Actor: Daran Norris (Voice)
Height: 397 cm Weight: 1,197 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Fuel" by Metallica


Knock Out is oily slick; the ultimate salesman. Everyone knows his weapons are dangerous and prone to malfunction, and his installations methods often leave Decepticons scarred and crippled. But who can resist having quantum disintegration at their fingertips? Knock Out doesn't often test weapons himself - the danger of a catastrophic malfunction is just too great. Once his weapons are thoroughly tested and proven safe, Knock Out keeps the best ones for himself. He boosts their power output, adds a few personal touches, and then takes them out into the field to see what sort of damage he can do.

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If a robot could pull off sleek and delicate, Knock Out has it covered and then some. Standing approximately 13 feet tall, this Transformer towers over normal humans but actually comes in around average height for his kind. Red is his primary color and it's bold enough to immediately stand out, typically kept buffed and polished so it absolutely /shines/.

This mech's design is a clear call to an automobile of some sort, his torso and upper body holding a similar appearance to the front of a vehicle, with headlights stationed where the chest is. This leads to broad shoulders with his head in between the typical hood's location, framed by black and gold venting to either side, a pair of wheels behind, steel-belted radials and gold five-spoke rims.

The build of his head draws comparisons to a human's for the most part, a red helmet-like portion surrounding an expressive silvery face and protrusions shaped like ears. The helmet features five ridges that fan back from a point in the center of his eyes that creates the impression of a nose, the eyes themselves consisting of red irises against black pupils and sclera. His mouth has no lips to speak of, but remains capable of helping show a remarkable variety of emotions for a robot.

Upper sections of his arms and legs are mostly silver, his secondary color, with lower areas revealing other parts of what makes up his auto form. Similar to bracers, red side doors with tinted black windows cover his forearms, ending with nimble-looking hands and thin fingers, those also silver. Lower legs are bulkier, more of that red framework housing the other pair of wheels that helps make up his heels, his feet coming to silvery points. His midsection is a mixture of two main colors, showing part of a silvery chassis with intake vents, the red making up what would be his groin area and backside. Knees and shoulders are accented by additional extensions.

One glance at Knock Out suggests he knows just how good he looks along with how much effort he puts into maintaining that finish of his.


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From Velocitron, Knock Out's spark was produced through a hot spot within Navitas, the Titan that colonized the planet. From the beginning, like many Velocitronians, Knock Out was obsessed with speed and a sleek design. However, he tended to go beyond the norm even for most of them, developing a sense of vanity that left him on an unending quest to fine-tune himself for any extra speed and aerodynamic advantage he could gain; a scuff or scratch would often send him into a fit.

Living in Delta, Velocitron's largest moving city, Knock Out's growing prowess as a mechanic resulted in him going through the Delta Science Institute, and he became his planet's leading weight-loss surgeon and aerodynamic specialist. Whether the truth or his own boasting, many Velocitronians looking for any advantage they could gain when it came to racing sought him out for modifications.

Over time, he eschewed the traditional Velocitronian way of self-imposed isolation from the other plants, initially planning on spending some time around Cybertron to ply his trade and find out if anyone else could match him on the racetracks, though he avoided the primitive dirt tracks entirely. At one point, he won a wager with the owner of the Ibex Cup racing circuit, only for the mech to stiff him.

Incensed by this insult, he waited it out until the bot was arrested for fraud. It was simply bad luck, according to some. Wrong place, wrong time. The fact Knock Out gathered evidence of other bets going unpaid and reported it to the authorities on the down low was inconsequential, and when he convinced the man to transfer ownership of the racetrack to him for safekeeping before he was taken to prison, all was well. Right place, right time.

Cycles passed by with Knock Out gaining status and wealth through not only running the Ibex Speedway races, but also in providing modification services to those in need of them. While he tried to remain neutral during the ongoing civil war, caring only for things that had to do with the racing circuit, fate would not let him be. The Decepticons, wanting his talents for reasons of their own, came calling with a choice: join them or wind up on the scrap heap.

Faced with such a decision, it wasn't long at all before Knock Out came into the employ of the enemy of the Autobots, where in addition to winding up experimenting on both the willing and unwilling, an interest in weapon development grew. While he's made his share of duds, he's kept the best stuff for himself, including an energon prod. This would become his preferred weapon, great for varying degrees of zapping. Blasters, saws, and other implements of doom were developed under his watchful eye. As far as he knew, it kept his higher-ups satisfied, so he stuck with it.

When the main Autobot crew fled Cybertron in the Ark, Knock Out was stationed on the Nemesis, the pursuit ship of the Decepticons. By the time they'd ended up close to Earth, those on the Nemesis boarded the Ark and staged an attack. This resulted in the ship plunging down to the planet's surface, where it crash-landed and left those on board in a long state of deactivation due to an emergency stasis lock. This was the fate of Knock Out and all the rest on board for over 200 years, until one day when they were awoken again...


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Knock Out is as self-centered as Transformers get. Constantly fussing over his appearance, he is obsessed with keeping his finish as polished and buffed and, most importantly, scratch-free as possible. As a Velocitronian, he often comes off as snobby or impatient toward those he sees as slower than him, and for a mech from a speed-based planet, that means nearly everyone else is considered inferior in some way.

That doesn't mean he's going to put himself in dangerous situations with those who hold power over him. He understands the value of respect and politeness, and appreciates the same in return. All the same, his arrogance, vanity, and often sarcastic attitude is frequently on full display.

He would be considered cowardly, unafraid of bailing on a bad situation especially if he thinks he's going to get damaged in any way. If someone damages his finish, don't be surprised if he looks for an opportunity for a little payback. Knock Out also has a love of experimentation and invention, often showing no concern for the well-being of someone under his brand of care, or putting extra time and effort into developing a new and impressive weapon for his use.

Ultimately he is an opportunist who seeks to play for the winning side, whichever that happens to be at the time, but there is reason to believe he is not entirely evil. Rather, Knock Out may just be misguided, lacking a normal set of morals, given room to indulge in his interests by the Decepticons. If a better thing comes along, he might just go after it instead.


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Like all Cybertronians, Knock Out's spark is protected by a body made of Sentio Metallico armor. It is extremely durable to most damage, but is not impervious to it. He can still be scratched, dented, damaged, and so on, but it takes more powerful weaponry to get there. Any needed repairs would bring him back to normal conditions.

Cybertronians are able to project a holomatter avatar roughly 100 meters from their current position. They use this to interact with organic races while maintaining their cover. The holomatter avatar has substance and can manipulate other objects, but it strength levels are rather low. A larger holo image requires a larger expenditure of energy and concentration. Should he choose to, Knock Out can project the image of a driver when he's in his alt mode.

Like many other Cybertronians, Knock Out is capable of limited mass displacement when he transforms from one form to another. Primarily, this comes in the shifting to his alt form, but it can also apply to other forms under certain conditions. Though it is possible for limited mass displacement without transformation, it requires concentration and causes a good amount of discomfort/energy expenditure.

Knock Out has some skill when it comes to interfacing with computer networks. He isn't much compared to someone like Soundwave, who is an expert at infiltration and circumvention of nearly any sort of security whatsoever, but he's figured out a few tricks back home that he can use to his advantage when it comes to breaking through moderate encryption and security. Much beyond that may run the risk of being found out.

Knock Out is of somewhat below average strength for a Cybertronian of his size. He is capable of lifting around 25 tons, and can brace and hold more in case of needing to support additional weight. He moves exceptionally fast, being extremely agile for any Cybertronian. On foot running, he can run up to 120 MPH. In alt mode, he is considerably faster than normal vehicles. In fact, he is one of the faster Transformers around. Unfortunately, he is not faster than Blurr. Nobody is.

Knock Out, along with many Cybertronians, perceives the universe through a variety of sensor filters. They are capable of perceiving through infrared, ultraviolet, thermographic, and an energy sensor array that can detect energy signatures and expenditures. Cybertronians are also aware of high and low frequency sounds, though they perceive them primarily as data which also feeds into their internal comms systems. Cybertronians also have a other senses. They do have a sense of touch, thus why they feel a feedback sort of 'pain' when injured. They also have a limited sense of smell.

When in a combat situation, Knock Out is often mostly surrounded by a level of defensive shielding that helps to absorb and redirect kinetic energy, and energy blasts that strike him. They are capable of absorbing several direct blasts from heavy Cybertronian weaponry before needing to recharge. Also the shield can be coalesced and solidified into a smaller yet stronger shield upon the forearm which when concentrated to that degree can displace extremely high amounts of energy.


Being a Cybertronian, Knock Out is capable of transforming into an alt mode that has varying benefits, most importantly the ability to fit in with other vehicles native to his surroundings. His first alt mode was that of a Cybertronian car in the Velocitronian style. Upon settling in on Earth, he has taken an alt mode similar to an Aston Martin, quite the fast, stylish ride if he says so himself.


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Owing to being a rather unskilled fighter, mostly because the idea of having his finish damaged is so revolting, Knock Out has worked on alternate ways of protection for himself since gaining access to the Decepticon labs. His weapon of choice is an energon prod, though he's also modified himself with a variety of toys he can use whether in vehicle or alt mode. Others have been granted access to use some of his inventions, but those tend to be the ones he's put through the least amount of testing, often potentially unstable and dangerous.

Knock Out is a capable doctor, primarily in the field of robotic weight-loss surgery and aerodynamic improvements. This originated on Velocitron where every little advantage in speed is sought. However, he's also learned general repair, if for no other reason than the fact he's been allowed to experiment on various captives to see just how they're put together.

If you aren't a racer or someone there to help racers, you aren't going to be very high on the ladder as a Velocitronian. While Knock Out is not the fastest out there, he is better than most and sneaky enough to take advantage of any opportunities presented to him. Since he hates losing any race he's in, there are few lengths he won't go to in order to win, even if it occasionally means needing to get a little damage to his finish repaired afterward. This may be the one case where he can live with that.


With fighting not among Knock Out's specialties, he's practiced the art of persuasive speech in order to get his way - or avoid a worse punishment if he finds himself in some kind of trouble. Though arrogant and full of himself, he respects politeness and is prone to returning it in kind if he feels like it.


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When around Cybertron, there are those Knock Out is friendly with. While he may not have many close acquaintances, there are enough he has a working, professional relationship with when it comes to doing business. With him having been missing for over 200 cycles, however, he is believed dead at this point, with anything he had owned, such as the Ibex Speedway, long since auctioned off to another owner.

In service to the Decepticon Empire, Knock Out is expected to serve them unquestioningly. That does not always mean he does, of course, but he has tried to be a faithful mech they can count on for what they need. In doing so, they mostly help take care of his needs and interests, which can be somewhat particular. They also provide some protection when needed.

Knock Out's favorite weapon, one of his own creation. Its appearance is like a staff with a forked end, an energon crystal built in. The weapon is capable of electrocuting others to varying degrees, ranging from pain to temporary paralysis or even unconsciousness, and is effective on both Cybertronians and humans.

Knock Out has full access to all the tools he needs for the work he performs, which includes robotic weight-loss surgery and aerodynamic improvements, his bread and butter dating back to his time on Velocitron. Since then, he's expanded his work in the medical field to include recovery and repair capabilities, not to mention the experiments he conducts on willing and unwilling subjects.

It's Knock Out's favorite and it goes with him wherever he may be. Don't leave home without it.


As an inventor, Knock Out has created or improved upon a variety of weaponry for himself and the Decepticons, though he's kept the best for himself. This includes an arm-mounted drill, shoulder-mounted blasters, and built-in buzzsaws he can replace his hands with. When it comes to the others, he tends to let them use the things he hasn't put through extensive testing, which can sometimes bring with it unexpected results.


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As a member of the Decepticons, Knock Out's sworn enemies are the Autobots. They have conflicting goals and methods, which puts them in natural conflict dating back to the Cybertronian civil wars. Though he tried to stay out of them, he still ended up drawn in. There may be situations where Autobots and Decepticons can work together or simply socialize without coming to violence, which is his preference, but this all depends on who's involved and what's going on.

Knock Out hates losing. He absolutely despises it. Racing is one of his main loves, second perhaps only to his personal appearance. However, he can't stand being beaten in any way. His desire to win is so prominent that he will even risk damaging his paint job in order to win.

Make no mistake about it - Knock Out is a bit of a coward. He knows he isn't a skilled fighter, nor a strong one, so he's developed weapons to help him in that regard. However, if he sees himself in a losing situation or faced with taking damage, he's going to flee to try again another day. Self-preservation is the name of the game.

On Velocitron, the scientists there learned how to harness the power of the sun to provide for their energy needs, rendering energon more of an unnecessary luxury. This is not the case elsewhere. To function, at least on Earth or elsewhere around Cybertron, Knock Out must absorb energy. This ideally comes from energon, though rougher energy sources are possible for use. While Knock Out knows how to utilize solar energy, he still must imbibe some form of it regularly lest his abilities deteriorate and his defenses lower. If he goes for an extended about of time without energy he'll revert to stasis lock to maintain life functions but nothing else.

Knock Out lives by his own set of rules, which frequently do not line up with what is generally accepted by others. He enjoys his experiments, especially when he can work on someone who isn't interested in what he's up to. The Decepticons have more or less encouraged this in the name of science, but even he knows on some level that what he's doing is not right. The problem is, part of him likes it while another part of him fears what might happen if he refused.

Though the actual Sentio Metallico (body/skin) of a Cybertronian is non-ferrous, much of their gear and weaponry are made of lesser materials and so are easily affected by magnetic powers or devices.


There may not be another Cybertronian as in love with himself as Knock Out. He is extremely particular about his appearance, spending extra time to ensure his finish and paint job is immaculate and perfect as can be. His biggest fear is not so much running afoul of others, but damage being done to his handsome body.


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