Krystina Jordan

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Krystina Jordan (Scenesys ID: 237)
"Never judge a book by it's cover."
Full Name: Krystina Jordan
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: University Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: Metropolis University
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 1 April 2005 Actor:
Height: 5'2" Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
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Krysti is a university student with a major in chemistry and culinary arts. During one of her lab tests, the experiment exploded rather violently, but she, somehow survived. Now still trying to live out a normal life as her body goes through it's own changes, she continues to maintain her place as the top student in Metropolis University

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Standing 5'2" tall, this woman has black hair that comes down to her shoulders. She has large blue eyes framed by black eyebrows and high cheekbones. She has an angular face with full, pink lips.

She has a fit, yet slender body, with a modest chest. Usually, she wears a t-shirt that has a WoW Alliance symbol upon the front of it that usually fits loosely.

She has slightly rounded hips and a rather nice firm butt. They're covered by a pair of loose blue jeans, with her lower legs covered by a pair of black leather boots with a 1 inch heel.


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Krystina Jordan is the eldest daughter of four children of the Jordans. She was also the most intelligent of the group. So it was no surprise that she had top marks in many of her subjects in school. However, she was only passable in sports. She was in shape, but was never to the level of the jocks. There were times where the cheerleaders would tease her, until be befriended one of them. Strangely, she didn't become friends JUST for Krystina to work on her friend's homework, they ended up becoming good friends, despite being complete opposites. This friendship lasted until well beyond high school. Even when Krystina managed to gain a scholarship to Metropolis University, their friendship endured. She even got Krystina to learn some martial arts with her.

When Krystina made her way to Metropolis University, her friend saw her off, and they wrote each other when they had the chance. What Krystina didn't tell her friend was that she had gotten a scholarship for her marks in Chemistry and Culinary Arts. So her dual majors not only would help her later on in life, but it would help her in making delicious meals. Sadly, the dual majors would also provide significant distractions for her. In her freshman year, she was a studious sort that kept her grades up. In her Sophomore year however, there was an accident at the lab where she was creating something in a lab that her professor wanted for her grade. The accident wasn't her fault, but she thinks it is, as someone had sabotaged her experiment, and it exploded rather violently. She managed to survive, and her friend visited her in the hospital. Krystina was touched that her friend would leave New York to visit her in the hospital, and her friend stayed there with her until she recovered, which was a LOT faster than the doctor's had thought. So Krystina and her friend left the hospital...only to be mugged on the way to the car. It was then that Krystina, and her friend, realized that her body had changed, as Krystina stepped in between her friend and the mugger.....and she grew a full foot in size before both of their eyes. The mugger shot at her, and the bullet compressed on her body, and fell off. Then Krystina crushed the gun in the mugger's hand, before returning to normal before a police officer saw what happened. After that, Krystina decided to experiment with adapting her body to different conditions. She found she could become much stronger, nearly invulnerable, and much denser than what she was. She could also grow in size when she needed to, but she never tested the upper limit of it. She could also shrink in size, but she'd also gain wings when she shrank. Currently, she is experimenting on changing her appearance through various means, her favorite being bubblegum.


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Krystina, Krysti to her friends, can be very analytical and have a dry sense of humor at the best of times. Other times she seems quite aloof and introverted. She's a video game lover when she's not working on her experiments to improve the food she is cooking, or things like that.

She cherishes her friendships, and she tries to hang onto them, since she's normally very introverted and shy when it comes to new people. She's also protective of children.....unless she has seen them, or experienced them doing something detrimental to another, such as bullying. Then she won't help. And she has a very long memory.

When Angered, she is vicious, but thankfully it takes a lot to anger her. There is only one true trigger that will set off her anger instantly, hurting her friends. Then she will, if possible, pound the offender into concrete until there is nothing left but a stain.


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Krysti's body is able to 'adapt' to her surroundings if they are extreme enough to cause her body to adapt. Such as going underwater, or being exposed to extreme heat environment. However, when her body adapts, she may gain new abilities that fits the environment, such as the ability to breathe underwater, create torrents of water and swim extremely fast while underwater. She can only gain an ability that works with the environ, not gain an opposing ability, such as the ability to use ice in a fire environ. When this ability is used, NO OTHER ABILITIES OTHER THAN SUPER STRENGTH MAY BE USED.

Krysti is able to make herself more dense. This means she's able to shrug off Bullets and energy blasts from most people. It also means she'll be able to handle deep space and the depths of the ocean for short periods of time like this.

Krysti is able to grow in size, getting stronger and more durable as she gets bigger. The largest she has ever tested herself to be is 50 feet, but if the need was great, she could get bigger, stronger and more durable.

Krysti is imbued with an accelerated healing factor. She is able to shrug off minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises in scant minutes, deep lacerations and moderate internal injuries in mere hours, and catastrophic edge-of-death injuries in a few days. Her healing factor can only repair the organs and limbs she has, not regenerate whole new ones. She can, however, reattach severed limbs or reinsert 'lost' organs.. A head, though, is not considered a limb.

Krysti is able to shrink down to, at minimum of a half an inch tall. When she does shrink, she grows a pair of wings that allows her to fly, and she gets insect-like strength. Also when at this size, she is able to use electric stingers from her hands, which is only possible when she shrinks. At a maximum of 4 feet, is when her wings grow and when she's able to use her stingers. Her Stingers have quite a bit of punch at her size. She can rapid fire them to become a real annoyance, which will sting just about anyone who can feel pain, about the strength of a 18v or so jolt of electricity. Or she can charge up a shot and put out one shot that has the power of a high voltage fence. it takes a while to charge up that shot too, so it's mostly to deflect attacks, or to stop a charge by shooting someone's foot.


Krysti is able to increase her strength to the point where she can lift cars easily or punch someone with enough force to knock them back a great distance. When she uses it, she tends to grow in size to about 6'8" or so. However, her strength increases as she gets bigger, to where she can rip buildings off of their foundations and use them as weapons, if need be. However, her strength does increase the angrier or more focused she gets, and she rarely loses control.


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Krysti is an excellent cook, and even knows how to mix drinks, thanks to her knowledge as a chemist. She can make some truly fine cuisine.

Krysti has some knowledge with computers and smart phones, as she has to record her results often enough, whether with her cooking, or her chemistry experiments.

Krysti is proficient in a few forms of martial arts, including Tiger and Crane Style Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi, the last one meant to relax and stretch out with, but she can use them in a pinch, if need be.


Krysti is a skilled scientist, specifically a chemist. She can research many things and even figure things out using chemistry. She can even create things with Chemistry.


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Krysti is rather well off, since her parents are rather wealthy, and she has a scholarship to Metropolis University. So she can afford her own room in Metropolis near the University.

As she is still a student, Any information Krysti needs, she can get in the University Library or on their internet.

Krysti has a leotard, boots and a pair of gloves that changes along with her body whether she grows, shrinks or shapeshifts. It counts as light armor, but it's a lightweight material.


Krysti has a high grade smartphone that she keeps much of her information on as well as quite a few apps for different things.


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Krysti is protective of her family, and since she doesn't have a dual identity, her family can be found out and, eventually, used as leverage against her. perhaps even turn her to crime.

Krysti's body is still undergoing changes, so she might have a measure of control over her body, she doesn't always have control over it, so she might suddenly grow in her sleep, or shrink while talking to someone or suddenly use her super strength while holding something fragile. Or something else could happen while she's working with an experiment in the lab.

While the Largest Krysti has ever 'tested' is 50 feet, she CAN get bigger. Changing her body does release a great deal of endorphins, so it whether she admits it or not she does enjoy it, but she tries hard to keep her original mind. She's been able to do that growing to the 50 ft mark, and down to 1 inch. Beyond that, she starts to have problems with control. It's not quite as bad as you're getting smaller, but getting larger does present a problem. There's a possibility that she may continue to get bigger, stronger and more durable. On top of that, the bigger she gets, the more destruction she causes, and the more it goes to her head. With the loss of control, she also becomes less intelligent, more brutish, and she begins to enjoy the destruction. So she doesn't try to attempt to grow above 50 feet willingly, but she still suffers from mishaps, and she may not have control over it all the time.

She does have an emergency antidote for her if her power ever goes out of control. Like an Epi-pen, the antidote is fast acting and tends to return her to normal inside of a few minutes for her giant size, and it's a contact antidote for her smaller size. But it also tends to render her powers unless for about a day.


Krysti is a student, first and foremost. Whatever she does, heroic or not, affects people that go to Metropolis University.


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