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Kup (Scenesys ID: 1808)
"Experience, lad. You should learn to appreciate it."
Full Name: Kup of Tesarus
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Warrior
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Tesarus (Koriolis Desert, Cybertron)
Education: Cybertronian Military Academy
Status: Retired
Groups: Autobots, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 11 January Actor: Lionel Stander (Voice)
Height: 460 cm Weight: 902 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash


Kup is an old veteran warhorse with an endless array of war stories. Even before the war he was a career military 'bot, dedicated to defending Cybertron against all threats. He has a word of advice for any situation and he's as brave and loyal as they come. In bipedal mode, he carries an old-style musket laser that shoots short bursts of metal corrosive hydrochloric acid. Kup sees himself as a seasoned campaigner with more knowledge and experience to share. His fellow Autobots aren't always receptive to his advice. In Cybertronian pickup truck mode, he has a top speed of 160 kph.

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Kup is a light blue transformer with slightly bulbous joints but is a lot smoother than most of his kinds with few oddly dangling fiddlybits. He has strong thick legs and a belt buckle that is gold in color. His face shows wisdom and there is a distinct sense of age about him despite the lack of lines on his highly animate face. It is obvious from looking at him that he is a full cybernetic orgasm, not just a 'robot.' He is alive and every molecule about him screams of a life well lived.


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Kup has been there, done that. He was there, at the beginning when they learned to assume disguises to survive. He was there when the war started and has fought every bloody inch of it. For a long time, he had a pathological hatred of the Decepticons simply because of their selfish and evil nature but over time gave that up. In the eons that have made up his life, he has been a tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, driver, and general; but he has spent the most time as a soldier. He has never held the matrix, but frankly could have if he wanted to. He knew the responsibility involved and has chosen to be another kind of matrix; a living memory for his people. He is, at a certain level, amazed to be alive and as such takes advantage of every minute of every day and tries to help others do the same. Of late he has done the chief duty his people needed which was find friends, find energy, find secrets that they can use to defend themselves.


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Kup is a decent soul who wants to help the world; particularly his kind. He comes across as a curmudgeon but truly enjoys the company of others. He is kind, gregarious and wiser than he seems but fully aware that he is not taken seriously though he only complains about it occasionally. He is also a soldier, and an old soldier at that but rather than fade away he just keeps on keeping on; because his duty to his people never ends.


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While relatively aged for a Transformer, he is still able to lift 15 tons and withstand small arms fire with effective immunity from most humanoid sized weaponry.

Kup is first generation Autobot, and as such variant Transformers technologies work for him. If it is something old, ancient, weird or unusual technologically; especially if it is Cybertronian in origin, Kup is going to be able to use it and to understand it.

He is a living robot. As such, he is able to withstand a fair amount of vacuum, effectively immortal (though he does require some downtime) and sophisticate enough that some things that affect organics can still affect him. He is also able to transform, in his case into a pickup truck which can carry about 5-6 tons and go about 200 miles per hour. He is also able to convert most forms of energy into 'energon cubes' which let him ...well...eat. These can also convert potential energy like oil into cubes for storage as well. He also has a suite of basic sensors such as electronmagnetic, gravitic, thermal and other items that make him very situationally aware. Finally his "AI immune system" is enough to easily overwhelm computers of a lesser variety that try to 'hack' him or monitor his systems.


He two potent blasters concealed on his person and has had a few other things added over time for various missions that sometimes he even forgets about. He has been around so long that from time to time a piece of odd technology that wouldn't even exist in the average Cybertronian.


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His specialty is in Mnemonics and Data Compression, making his own internal algorithms hold more and more data to retain all of the things he has learned. But he can get more bang for its buck out of most computers, find lost or hidden data or know ancient code or secret ways to bypass walls or wards that others might have forgotten. The older the computer, or the more primitive its technology, the more he will know how to make it do whatever he wants it to do. He isn't 'bleeding edge' in the most advanced Cybertronian computers though.

If it moves, floats or flies, Kup can pilot it. Aside from the personal perspective of you know....being a vehicle, his experience has helped him learn to be an exceptional drive. He is not THE BEST, nor would he ever be, but he is easily what you might call 'third tier'...better than most, and only exceeded by the best or their closer rivals.

Given the near constant focus of the entirety of the Cybertronian economy and tech on finding new and varied sources of energy; Kup has become something of an expert on the subject. He knows how to find it, store it, produce it, transfer it and distribute it efficiently. Pound for pound, his Energon cubes have about 50 percent more kick to them than most of his kind can produce. He knows multiple power generation technologies, which minerals and combinations of minerals can produce it and he knows instinctively how to increase the energy output of most anything that makes it from a windmill to an internal combustion engine.

Kup is good at killing things. He has been a soldier longer than some species have even existed much less the entirety of their civilization. He understands hand to hand combat, weapons of most kinds including hand to hand, artillery, vehicular, and starship. He is a warriors warrior and while he is not 'elite' at the cutting edge of any one particular thing he is 2nd tier in everything, including weapons you didn't even know existed.

Kup knows things older and elder scholars have long forgotten about the universe. If he doesn't know the answer, he knows far better than most where to find the clues. He doesn't seem it, given his crusty demeanor, but he is a scholar of history and secrets. It also means, he knows when to keep his mouth shut and keep secrets that were not meant to be known out of the hands of others.

There is a reason he is a truck; because one of his first jobs for the common wealth involved transporting supplies for the commonwealth. He has an intuitive understanding of what supplies are going to be needed to make a job happen, where they need to be and how to get them there. He is also able to track vast amounts of data with regards to this and it also lets him know how to track enemy activity based on sideways indicators that most people might not think to look for.

Kup has been to most every part of the galaxy and understands cultures, languages and things you wouldn't believe. He speaks every major language of every interstellar faction; fluently and understands the cultural subtext of each. Minor but up coming powers, like Earth are bit more of a mystery to him, but if they have been space faring for at least a 100 years, he knows all about them and keeps tabs of their current events, history and how to blend in. He also understands etiquette, manners and who is who. Granted, he might not care about it, but he CAN be quite polite if he wants to be.

In peacetime, he has become an accomplished surveyor and user of scanning and science equipment to get a detailed analysis of things. In wartime, he has mastered the ability to get a detailed sensory awareness of what the enemy is doing and what the repercussions are of actions that might be taken.

Kup is a master at setting up a secure perimeter. If he is on the job and actively paying attention, your odds of sneaking in to a facility are virtually nil, especially if he has had a chance to prepare. Conversely, that also means he knows weak spots in security, how to bypass most locks, traps and doors and how to simply socially engineer his way in to a situation that might allow someone of his appearance to get into a place that they might not belong.

For someone as big as he is, he can be quite good at keeping out of sight. He knows how to move without being seen though this can take a lot of time. He knows how to hide others or how to conceal one thing to look like something else. He extends the natural transformer ability to disguise things and makes it an art.

Kup has been a general; and knows how to set broad scale strategy. He can get a team to work on a directive that is not just going to win the battle, but winning the war. He knows how to affect change, since to him its just one other thing he's seen before.

Kup has been around the block enough to know a lot of skulldugerous things, and specifically knows how to find the underworld on any given world. He has been a criminal (when in resistance) or a law enforcement officer, so he knows the ins and outs of crime, smuggling and even forgery. He is no master artist, but he can swap transponders or get something into or out of where it needs to be.

This is one of the areas where Kup truly shines. When people listen to him, he can assess their capabilities, assess the terrain and know exactly how to get them to work together to fight in a way that is VASTLY greater than the sum of their parts. He has been there, done that, and been in so many battles that he can calculate a way to win if people will do what they are supposed to do.

Kup is exceptional at putting together jury rigged systems; his own understanding of such things that others haven't and what might seem like 'new' technology to others is often old hat to him. He especially understands Cybertronian technology and all the weird variants that it has taken over the eons. He knows of advanced military projects, research secrets, and the like. He knows how to modify Cybertronians and repair them, including how to repair his fellow bots.

It seems logical for a Transformer to know transforming, right? But Kup knows how to get his form to look like a local vehicle when he wants or partially transform. Technically speaking, he knows how to adjust his transformation into another form but he doesn't ever want to. But if it involves a trick of transforming in a way that is off the wall or unique, Kup is going to know how to do it.


This is a skill unto itself. Kup has the wisdom of age and experience and it goes beyond his natural skill at Strategy and Tactics. Kup is wise to a fault and if he actually thinks on what the 'right' thing to do is in a situation he is right 99 times out of a 100. He is no Yoda though and his own personal faults often prevent him from always applying this wisdom but when asked, or when the chips are down, age and experience makes him a tremendous asset in any situation.


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As an Autobot, he is able to get aid from other Autobots in the commonwealth. He is a decorated veteran and of fairly high rank; having served in most areas and services at this point. The fact of the matter is he is more than just a veteran but THE veteran, quite possibly the oldest remaining Autobot and as such commands respect, favors and knowledge that make him listened to in ways that others may not.

Kup has contacts and favors everywhere. He has been everywhere and DONE everything in service of his country and as such he has grown to know many people throughout the galaxy especially among the longer lived and more peaceful or benevolent races. Broadly speaking, this alone does not fight the prejudice that his kind have at the galaxy at large but it means that there are many among individuals that are willing to look past their prejudices and remember the time Kup helped them out or got them what they needed that will get him an ear.

What do you do when your main cover in a hostile galaxy is disguising yourself as an alien hover truck? Spread the wealth. Over thousands and thousands of years, Kup's design as a basic transport has been slowly copied as a basic design to the point that it is widespread and often a symbol of wholesome and traditional times; the family farm, the years of old, the way things used to be. It might look weird and out of place on Earth, but around the galaxy, Kup's form is PERFECT cover.


Kup has a very, very, very old ship, even older than he is called the Rust Bucket that has been comprised of so many different materials it is bordering on Junkicon in origin. It works, and it is actually very, very solid engineering. It is not the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy; but it is the most reliable. Every system in the ship has been custom designed to have four or five different backup systems as well as self repair functions. These days, Kup is an ad-hoc representative of the common wealth, an ambassador at large (no one cares), and supporting his people where ever he can, how he can. He helps others as well, so there are rooms for things he will never use like a medical bay or hydroponics but about fifty percent of the ship is cargo. It has defenses like it has systems so it IS milspec despite its appearance since most of the tech in it is so old it would deceive a lot of scanners but it has weapons, armor, shields etc.


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He can be hacked (but it will take more than a Mac and Script Kiddie software), EMP'd and cyberempathically controlled in ways that normal people can't. He is also made out of metal so magnetically inclined beings can move him around as can regular electro magnets.

It's sad to say it but while the commonwealth is a resource, and he is greatly respected, on a personal level many Autobots try to not spend too much time around him since he will talk their ear off with advice, stories and history that no one knows what to do with. They like him, they just don't always want to get close to him on a personal level and that makes Kup exceptionally close to the ones that do actually appreciate his wisdom.

The Autobots are an ancient and powerful but dying race. Their war has cost a lot to a lot of people and as such it has made them enemies but it has also earned some respect. Still, as it is, it affects everything that Kup does and means sometimes he has to make long term choices to protect his people that he otherwise might not.

Kup is hidebound. He is very stuck in his ways and while his tremendous experience and wisdom help him out when things are TOTALLY new or chaotic it takes him some time to adjust to the new scenario and he won't like it for even longer than that.

He is more vulnerable to magic than most. The hard reality of Cybertronians as well as his own static view point make him a sucker for the chaotic and reality bending nature of magic unless it depends on belief alone in which case it wouldn't work so well on him.

Kup is old, which for a being that is effectively immortal shouldn't mean much but it does. It makes him a little harder to repair, a little easier to break down in some situations and a little bit less physically capable of a fresh new Autobot of his size. It also means that virtually every piece of him has been replaced nine times over except that one diode a few million years ago that occasionally sends shockwaves of pain up his back if he sits JUST the right away.

As those he has known die or go missing, he has a tendency to form deep and long lasting relationships. He tries to keep those around him from dying, and will trade himself in a heartbeat. This goes beyond the standard 'selfless' that a hero might have and in fact is almost reckless in its tendency to govern his behavior.


The way he has done his advanced mnemonics means that he almost compulsively has to tell stories to keep his data caches clean. It isn't just a matter of him trying to get attention or relate to an ever changing present (it is) but it also helps him REMEMBER all of the vital and important things he knows his people might need to know.


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