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Mellie (Scenesys ID: 7173)
"Get out now.. it's not safe.. GET OUT "
Full Name: Melanie Mortain
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Ghost
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 147 Actual Age: 147
Date of Birth 02 June 1880 Actor: Summer Glau
Height: 167 cm (5'6") - Varies Weight: 0 kg (0 lb)
Hair Color: Varies between white and brown Eye Color: Varies between white and brown
Theme Song:


Mellie was troubled in life, a schizophrenic woman in a time when psychiatry was nowhere near as advanced as it is now. She was unable to distinguish reality from fantasy even in her teens and often woke up in the night screaming. She claimed that a ghost was trying to kill her. Whatever the case may be she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital and was found dead in her room only two days later. Cause of death unknown.

Now she is eternally bound to her childhood manor and a diamond necklace she was given as a child. She cannot leave the manor unless the necklace is carried outside, and even then she cannot leave outside of a one thousand foot radius of the necklace or she will encounter an invisible wall. She doesn't even know what her unresolved issues are and she probably never will. Her mind is a maze and her thoughts are difficult to express. What she does know is that something else is after her, something that doesn't look or feel human. It's dark, darker than her worst nightmares, and asking for help is not the easiest thing to do.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Clearly a spirit, this woman is one shade of white. You can see through her to a point as she is not made of tangible matter. Her hair is long, extending nearly to her back. She appears to be in her early twenties and for a ghost she is quite attractive, with soft, northern European features. She has a solemn look on her face sometimes, other times it is an expression of terror, and -sometimes- still an expression of pure hate and rage.

Her clothes are the same color as the rest of her, if they can be called clothes at all. They are likely just part of her that she has chosen to manifest as clothes. You see her wearing a long dress that drags across the floor. Her height varies based on her whim but she usually stands at 5'7" tall.


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Melanie Mortain was born and raised in Gotham city, the youngest of three girls. While her family was not as prominent as the Waynes, they certainly were not hurting for money. Indeed they had more than they knew what to do with. Melanie has wanted to be called Mellie since she was four and the nickname stuck. She often complained of strange figures entering her room at night. Unlike imaginary friends these figures were hostile and scary. Mellie would often wake up at night screaming and doctors at the time couldn't do anything to help her. Until she was thirteen she was assumed to be suffering from nothing more than childish nightmares and fantasies. But as she entered her teens the visions did not stop, indeed they got worse. She would wake up with scratches, she would be found banging her head against the wall at 2:30 AM, and other bizarre things.

Little did anyone know, some of what she was experiencing was indeed real, however there was also a chunk of it that was all in her head which made it all worse. She was schizophrenic in a time where mental health facilities and psychological science was in its' infancy, and certainly not up to the task of dealing with someone in her condition. Her family even tried an exorcism but it only made her even worse still. It got to the point where she would speak nonsense, like random observations that were irrelevant or concerning things that happened weeks, or even months ago. She would bring up strange topics of conversation, and that was only when she was coherent. In her final few years her words made no sense and she refused to marry anyone, or so much as meet a potential suitor. She would scream and accuse the man of being one of the figures in her nightmares.

She was admitted into a psychiatric "hospital" at the age of twenty. She was found dead two days later from unknown causes, but as an insane person, there was no investigation. It was assumed that she had killed herself somehow. Her parents and her sisters never got closure. Mellie found herself still conscious but capable of doing "magical" things. To her telekinesis and picking something up are now one and the same, and she is much stronger than she was while alive. She can also enter into inanimate objects or machinery and control them to a point. But she also finds herself in a prison. Indeed she "woke" up to find herself back in her childhood manor. She tried so hard to get her parent's attention but succeeded in only frightening them. The booms, the bangs, the knocks, her cries. They eventually moved out, leaving Mellie alone until someone else bought the house, starting the cycle all over again. Meanwhile a diamond necklace given to her as a child remained in a box of her old things, hidden under a floorboard in the attic. The door was locked and no key could open it.

People eventually stopped buying the manor and to this day it's rumored to be haunted. Mellie's family is long dead and.. now something is after her. A black shape with red eyes that inhabits the manor with her. Every so often he reveals himself, the figure she saw while she was alive, and he is as malevolent as ever. He hasn't attacked her.. yet. But she knows he is the one who killed her and it seems he wants to make her afterlife a literal hell. He scares her but does nothing else.. for now.


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Defining Mellie's personality is like trying to define a hurricane's personality. One moment she's in a quiet daze, the next she is terrified of something, and the next she is angry about something else. Her mood swings happen at random for the most part but sometimes something will trigger it. It's hard to tell but she doesn't like being left alone, she gets scared when she's alone for a lot of reasons. But when He comes after her, she starts screaming at anyone around who can hear her to flee, even if it means scaring them off with poltergeist behavior. Sometimes the thing she is afraid of isn't there at all but she still freaks out. After all she is still schizophrenic. All in all she is a kind, caring person who misses her childhood, and misses her family. But she doesn't really understand that about herself. In the mean time she is undead and ignorant.


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Mellie can make and area get up to twenty degrees colder if she wants and only in a spaces of up to ten feet in radius. Leaving that radius will cause the person to feel warmer again.

Mellie can make non-living materials decay as if they were exposed to the elements far longer than they were otherwise. She can rot them until they are decomposed entirely. She cannot affect living matter or beings in this way. The substance must be "organic" in nature such as food, wood, deceased living things. What that essentially is meant to exclude is hardened steel which would be used in weaponry. Functionally she will not be using this power to affect enemy weapons, it is simply not viable anyway since it takes as long as 30 minutes to completely decay something. She cannot use this as an attack against corporeal undead either as they count as "living" in this case. Really it's just a utility power and not an attack.

Mellie can 'fly' because she is a spirit. This comes in handy when needing to leave a room quickly. Her supernatural speed applies here since flying is no different than walking for her. As a spirit movement in any direction functions the same.

Mellie cannot be harmed by physical attacks unless by pure iron (see pure iron weakness.) She can also walk through solid objects unless magically protected/warded. She cannot be warded against entering her own manor but if she encounters a warded room or building that is within the one thousand foot radius of her necklace, the ward will prevent her from entering if it is engineered to keep out spirits. Another problem is salt and she is not able to cross lines of salt or really any salt barrier. She is also invisible unless she chooses to manifest herself in some way. Mediums and others with paranormal sight can see and hear her however regardless.

Mellie can manifest to the point of being seen with human eyes, even if they are not mediums, or psychic in any way. She will appear as white and slightly see through. Her ability to interact with the physical world is the same as when she is incorporeal. She can also manifest only her voice which is less taxing, however as a schizophrenic, she is often difficult to communicate with, and her words can sound like nonsense. Mediums, psychics, and others with magic able to communicate with the dead easily can speak to her without her manifesting, but as has been stated she is not the best at communicating her thoughts. Other effects of manifesting include electronics glitching, lights blinking, or even breaking entirely, especially if her emotions are heightened. Attempts to film her usually result in the camera going to static while she is visible which is why her existence has yet to be proven. These particular manifestations are the result of her telekinesis AND possession powers combining to a point but they are not usually intentional which is why they fall under this category.

She CAN appear almost solid for very brief periods of time. For three minutes she can appear as she did in life, with brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. Her dress will be white still as it was her favorite dress in life and happens to be white. She will be able to physically interact with the world, even touch people, and feel when they touch her. However it lasts for only three minutes, and if uses her powers too much, she will have even less time. Her strength physically picking up things, or striking them, is the same as if she uses telekinesis. After her ability wears off she will have to rest for at least twelve hours and regain her life force, during which she will not be able to interact with anyone. She will be effectively asleep for longer than she would normally when she needs to recharge. She cannot be woken up during this time.

Mellie can see the future regarding specific individuals who she encounters. (Player consent required). But these visions are hazy, hard to piece together, and given her schizophrenia she will be even harder to understand. She cannot see beyond five years into the future so her warnings or revelations tend to be not so distant events. She does not tend to look into the future upon request unless forced to via magic.

She can also a person's past, which is far more extensive as she can see as far back as the person's birth. (Also player consent required). This allows her to see many things that a person has forgotten. Whether seeing the past or the future, Mellie tends to feel the subject's emotions that they felt, or will feel during the specific event. She has at times brought up events that a person would rather forget resulting in her causing pain unintentionally. She tends to form emotional bonds with others who have been through similar trauma as she did regarding the paranormal and mental illness.

Player Consent Required:

Mellie is capable of possessing objects and machines and operating them to a point. She can make phones ring, operate computers, radios, and the like. She can even call people using the aforementioned phone! Hiding inside of a vase is useful when she is in danger but since it is inanimate she can only levitate or shake such objects while inside of them.

Mellie is capable of possessing people but she is even less coherent while using a vessel than otherwise. But manifesting herself visibly or auditory can be taxing, especially if she is low on life force, and possession is sometimes easier. If the person has a strong willpower or some kind of magical, or psychic protection, she will not be able to possess the person.

Limitations: Mellie can only possess things which are as heavy as two tons as that is her strength limit. And when possessing people she can only possess them for as long as thirty minutes before her hold weakens and she is forced out, even if the person was willing to be possessed. Unlike demons, ghosts generally do not have as much skill in this area. She is still bound to her mansion or the necklace range (1000 feet). Possessing someone does not remove her binding and anyone outside of that range cannot be possessed obviously.

Supernatural Speed:
Mellie can move much faster than the human eye can follow. It doesn't usually matter since she can't be seen unless manifesting but when trying to escape enemies it helps to be able to zip away! her top speed is similar to that of a mid-aged vampire of a couple of centuries or so. So faster than the eye can follow but it's not teleportation.


While any interaction with physical objects is technically a telekinetic action for her, it is worth noting that she is quite potent in this area. She can lift, move, throw, etc, anything 2 tons or lighter, which also translates to being able to smash through thick walls, even metallic objects, or make strong items explode. She is also able to choke people or harm their internal organs unless they have magical or psychic defenses against such attacks.

The reason for her power is that she is pretty old for a ghost, and many spirits have moved on by her age. She has great capacity for destruction as a result however she is not prone to attacking anyone directly very often. She is mostly prone to poltergeist activity that is loud but generally harmless unless someone accidentally gets in the way. Of course she can also fight other spirits, however killing another ghost would require her to destroy whatever they are bound to, or fulfill whatever specific weakness they have, etc. Not all ghosts are the same. Incorporeal demons tend to be even stronger than her and tend to have more enhanced abilities. She is usually not able to defend herself from them.


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Mellie knows how to throw a bunch or a kick. She rarely has to do this unless she is fighting another spirit though. She also knows have to swing an object at someone or something if she has to. Nothing fancy. This mostly applies to fighting other spirits but should she manifest physically (for the brief time mentioned in her Manifesting ability), she could fight with punches and kicks, however such exertion would lessen the time she can remain solid just as using her powers would, reducing her time limit to one or two minutes depending on the amount of energy spent.

Mellie has been around long enough to know what she is and what she can do. She also knows that demons exist and that they are far more terrifying than she is. She knows that they have similar powers as hers and.. more.


Mellie is very good at remaining hidden. She has to be because sometimes she has to hide from a dark spirit that is haunting -her.- Yes ghosts can be haunted too. She knows where to go where it is harder for the spirit to find her. She is also good at hiding from people if she does not want to be found, even if they can see spirits there are plenty of places to hide unless they also have x-ray vision.


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The manor she lives in is rundown. It is a large manor built near a cliffside next to the sea. It has two stories and an attic level and a LOT of rooms. It also has a dark, scary basement that has no inherent lighting. It has been abandoned now but the city hasn't destroyed it because Gotham can never get anything done while criminals are everywhere. In other words the house isn't going anywhere anytime soon. There was a time where kids would play inside between owners living there. However people have died in that house, people have been hurt, scared, driven mad. It's usually a male spirit attributed to these hostile acts, however a female spirit has also been reportedly seen and heard inside. It has gotten to where the building is simply abandoned, sitting there near the aforementioned cliffside next to the sea. No one goes there now and no one wants to buy it. Even those who wave off the stories as mere urban legends find the place creepy considering the tragic events that have taken place there over the decades. It was once in good repair even as old as it is, however since the mid 1990s no one has wanted to set foot in there.

So while it is not a rubble heap, it certainly isn't a pretty place to look at on the inside. Its' rundown condition only adds to the scary factor of the place and not even druggies dare spend the night inside anymore. The only people who have seen fit to go inside in recent years were paranormal investigators or occultists investigating the spirits.


Mellie's diamond necklace allows her to leave the manor if the necklace is taken outside. She cannot interact with anything outside of the manor, as such she -cannot- move the necklace outside of the manor herself. It must be taken outside by someone else. The necklace is in the sealed attic, the door that leads to it has been locked and the key has been long lost. If someone gets into the attic they would have to find the necklace. It is inside of a small locked steel case hidden beneath a floorboard. There's a lot of old antique belongings in the attack, and it's full of cobwebs, and spiders. Navigating through it can be scary and difficult. No one has been able to get in there since her family moved out long ago.

NOTE: Please read "Bound" weakness for further clarification on how the necklace gives her a bit more freedom of movement.


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Mellie is bound to her childhood home and cannot leave it outside of a very special circumstance. That circumstance being: Mellie is also bound to a diamond necklace that was given to her as a child. It means more to her than the manor, and as such she can leave the manor IF the necklace is taken outside. But she must stay within a one thousand foot radius of the necklace at all times.

If she tries to leave that radius she will encounter an invisible wall that not even she can see, even if she is incorporeal at the time. Either way she is perpetually trapped which can be very bad during dangerous situations. If both the manor and the necklace are destroyed, Mellie will be forced into the real afterlife, and no one (that she knows of) is really sure what that would mean for her.

NOTE: Mellie cannot interact with anything outside of her manor unless the necklace has been carried outside. As such she cannot telekinetically throw her necklace outside. It will hit the invisible wall because it was moved by her. This means that someone else has to find the necklace somehow and take it outside.

ALSO: Mellie does NOT know that the necklace will allow her to leave the manor. While the necklace being outside of the manor does effectively allow her to have freedom of movement, she cannot wear the necklace because it is a solid object. So it requires someone else to be carrying it. As noted the necklace is very well put away and will not be easy to find unless someone somehow knows that it exists and thinks to look under the attic floorboards. So for now she is effectively bound to the manor until RP leads her to finding out about the necklace's power for her. The necklace has no other magical properties.

Also she MUST return to the manor at least once every three days or her life force will start to fade and she will eventually be forced back into the manor and into a deep sleep for 12 hours similar to her solid manifestation power. Once in the manor, even if she makes it back before her life force runs out, she will have to sleep and regain her strength anyway, just not as long as 12 hours.

As with all ghosts, Mellie can be sucked up into a ghostbusting machine, and is affected by their other equipment should they ever encounter her.

yMellie's manor is also haunted by an incorporeal demon. This demon is not the traditional Hell demon, this demon is more primordial in nature. It isn't anything with tentacles, nor is it related to Lovecraft, nor is it related to the "Outsiders" in Dresden Files. It is simply a malevolent spirit born of great evil long ago. In essence it was created by the evil actions and thoughts of humans, and it belongs in some dark dimension where others of its' kind have been banished in the past. It is a force of hunger more than anything, so it has no agenda other than to keep Mellie trapped and in a state of fear so it can feed. It was attracted to Mellie for some reason and haunted her all her life.

yNow it haunts her even in death and exists only to feed on her fear as it constantly torments her with illusions, violent outbursts, and other scare tactics. The demon has not tried to kill Mellie but it has tried to kill, maim, and injure the living, and has succeeded in doing so more than once. It is very hostile to anyone entering the manor although it has to build up its' strength over time. It is more than twice as powerful as Mellie and is not affected by religious icons. It would require a banishing ritual by a wizard or witch to get rid of the thing. Unfortunately Mellie is not good at communication so asking for help is difficult. The demon also knows that Mellie can leave the manor via the necklace being carried out and will violently attempt to stop anyone from breaching the locked attic door where the necklace is hidden away. The demon builds up its' strength over time by feeding on Mellie fear when it starts to weaken either through exertion or time. As such anyone studying this particular manor's haunting will note cycles of a female spirit screaming, classic poltergeist activity, and the sounds of someone running. Then eventually a darker force starts to manifest, a guttural male voice will be heard, and the energy from it is altogether non-human. It also engages in poltergeist activity but it is clearly hostile and violent towards the living. That is when the true horror starts because the demon also feeds from the fear and terror of the living as well. It just has no qualms about killing them eventually because Mellie is its' primary source of energy.

yThe demon CAN leave the manor but it has no reason to and I as the player have no intention of having it do so.

Life Force:
Mellie must rest to regain life force after using her powers too often. Her energy depletes and she must effectively sleep, although she does not dream as she would have in life. It is a dreamless sleep and lasts around six hours normally unless she is severely depleted somehow.

There are quite a few magic rituals which can bound or harm spirits. Mellie is susceptible to them all and really has no defense against them.

Pure Iron:
Mellie can touch or be around iron all day. But if she is struck by a pure iron object she will be unable to manifest or interact with the physical world for an hour. She can still see what's happening and she could still interact with mediums/psychics who can see her and hear her, however anything that requires manifesting will be impossible for her. This can be dangerous if someone in the physical world is trying to target her somehow as she would have no way to defend herself during that hour except try to evade or hide.

Mellie cannot cross salt barriers, circles, lines of salt, etc. Salt which has been weaponized into salt "rounds" or salt that is thrown at her will cause her to dematerialize shortly, around one minute, and she can manifest again after. It isn't as severe a weakness as iron but salt tends to be easier to come by than pure iron.


Mellie is still schizophrenic in death. While there really is something after her, sometimes she thinks that thing is there and he isn't, other times she will see other things, or people who aren't really there, especially long dead loved ones who have long past on. She desperately wants her mother or sisters to be there with her, and if she thinks they are there, she will be overjoyed to have their company as ghosts. But inevitably the visions fade and she is left either terrified or incredibly sad.

This can be a problem, especially if she is seeing things when there is danger around, she may target the wrong thing to defend herself, or she may strike at a wall while the enemy comes for her! When she speaks to anyone she will be incoherent, and difficult to understand as many with schizophrenia are. It is difficult for her to give form to her thoughts, to express herself. She can sound like she is simply rambling at times, or she will bring things up bluntly, without tact. When she is coherent she still tends to have a short attention span and tends to talk about her visions or the dangers she faces. She is not one for small talk to say the least and will usually avoid discussing herself or her past in great detail.


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