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Kamala Khan (Scenesys ID: 7623)
"Wait a minute. I have super-powers. I saved somebody's life on Friday. I am 9-1-1! But -- everybody's expecting Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel from the news. With the hair and the spandex and all that. Not a sixteen-year-old brown girl with a 9 pm curfew."
Full Name: Kamala Khan
Gender: Female
Species: Inhuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Bludhaven, New Jersey
Education: Coles Academic High School
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 20 October 2010 Actor: Zaira Wasim
Height: 166 cm (variable) Weight: 57 kg (variable)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Change the World" by POD


Growing up in New Jersey, Kamala Khan was a superhero fangirl. She ran websites that followed their exploits, admined on their forums, and even wrote fanfiction about them. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that one night after she snuck out to go to a party against her parents wishes she would stumble across a strange drug that would activate her latent Inhuman genes and turn her into the super-stretchy hero, Ms. Marvel! Now she's trying to figure out how to juggle being a superhero with being a student and normal teenager while keeping her secret from her family and living the life of a normal Pakistani girl.

Current Player Approved: February 12, 2019



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Built smaller than her age should suggest, Kamala Khan is always a bit on the mousy side. The dark tan color of her skin and mid-back length brown hair suggest heavily of her Pakistanian descent. She has wide almond eyes with brown irises, with a rounded hawk-like nose and plump lips. Her face gently curved, still holding onto the tenacity and elasticity of youth.

Her build is slight and average - though her method of dress would do nothing to help in the realm of figuring that out. She tends to dress modestly, working in layers - and even when skin is exposed, it's minimal and tasteful. She likes to wear jewelry, silver rings and bangles, colorful pieces and even friendship bracelets. Her shoes are always functional to the moment.

She is also prone to show off her fandom - she carries a messenger bag with a Captain Marvel logo on it, a brown leather jacket with a red circle patch and yellow 'X' in it, much like the X-Men logo from the 1990s. An ushanka is worn on her head, and a red scarf that hangs down to her waist is wrapped around her neck.


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Kamala Khan was born as the second child of Pakistani immigrants freshly arrived in America. Growing up, she realized that her Pakistani heritage was a minority in her neighborhood, so she mainly made friends online. She found herself with a strong interest in superheroes, especially female ones - her two favorites being Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

She made friends in her forums for superheroes as 'Slothbaby' and in WoW. But in real life, she was lonely and an outcast most of the time. A little too open to be part of the tight-nit community, a little too ethnic to be accepted as one of the neighborhood kids.

But Kamala wanted to fit in - and when she entered high-school, she was determined to be part of the it crowd. That is why when she heard of a party in a local park, she decided to go - breaking her parent's strict curfew on her. Arriving at the party, she was handed a drink and when she took it, she found herself getting violently ill. She did not know that the drink had been laced with alcohol; and something else.

And unknown group at the party was trying to activate those with latent mutant genes and using an experimental form of terrigen to do so. While no one else reacted to it, Kamala did. She wandered away from the party, embarrassed, sick and confused. And then she passed out.

When she awoke, it was to a vision of her favorite super heroes and other strange creatures, asking her what she wanted to be. When she said she wanted to be 'Just like you!' to Captain Marvel, she erupted from her terrigen created coccoon - looking just like Captain Marvel, down to the high heel boots. She quickly realized that being Captain Marvel wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But she still wanted to help - and when she heard the cries from the park of her classmates under attack by the very group that released the Terrigen at the party.

This was the first time she used her powers, hiding her identity by remaining in her Captain Marvel form. Her powers, however, were vastly different and she found herself able to stretch and grow herself and her limbs.

After the battle, she fled, hiding away to try to figure out her abilities on her own. While untrained, she has gotten used to her powers - and has started on her career as a crimefighter - though she started with only her little area in Bludhaven.


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Kamala is a nice kid with an ordinary life, but who has trouble fitting in and always feels a smidgen off-kilter.?She sincerely loves her family, but also feels some resentment about her culture and religion always making her different, and getting in the way of her being one of the cool kids. Her people skills are all over the place, since she's at once somewhat shy and spontaneous.

She can be a wallflower one minute and take center stage the next.?The second often occurs due to her determination to do the right thing.?She's a natural at standing up to help other people and act heroically.

Kamala was always daydreaming that she was like Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman -- tall, buxom, powerful, independent, respected.?However, once she got her powers she quickly adapted to being very few of those things. Soon, Kamala decided that she would be herself, not Carol Danvers or Diana Prince -- and grow into her role by herself, with her own values and her own outlook. She's a total beginner, but she's enthusiastic about being a super-hero and 100% committed to the "job".

She finds the mask and power to be liberating, and is much louder, defiant and assertive as Ms. Marvel. She likes being out there and taking action by herself and doing it her own way -- when she's being Ms. Marvel sees herself as the protector of Jersey City -- she's a local and one of the very few heroes on this shore of the river.


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While it's not used as often as her other abilities, Kamala has the ability to change her physical appearance, including hair and clothing. This mimicry can be anything from a person she has seen all the way to an inanimate object.

This is one of her more difficult feats to pull off - while it first was one of the powers that seemed to manifest immediately, she has has to expend a lot of effort to maintain or even create the form. She can hold the appearance for no more than a few minutes.

When using her powers to stretch and grow, Kamala's body emits a yellow glow around the altered parts. This is.. pretty much all this power does.

While she is capable of rapidly healing from injuries - even ones that would normally be fatal, Kamala has to return what she calls her 'baseline'. Her form without using any of her powers, as she appears as herself. If she is forced to use her powers while healing, the injuries reset and she has to start the process all over again.

She can recover from bullet wounds and other cuts and burns - but anything that would cause a loss of a limb may not be healed - and even if it could, it would take a long time. Injuries that occur while she is not in the use of her active powers are also not included as part of this healing process and will need their own time to heal - if she breaks her arm while skateboard, she will need to heal that on her own.

Kamala has the ability to change her shape and size, down to even changing her appearance. It is believed that the way that she does this is that Kamala is actually borrowing mass from her past and future selves across the universe - she's not time-travelling herself - just the mass is shifting between all of her extra-dimensional selves. It's really really weird.

Kamala can stretch out her limbs, torso, or neck up to 500 meters away from her. She can also 'embiggen' herself to the size of a three-story building or shrink herself to the size of an action figure.

If she is healing, this malleability is greatly diminished - to the point that she can't use it all if she's too injured.


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As "Slothbaby", Kamala Khan is the admin of the Princess Sparklefists Captain Marvel fan forum. She has leet posting skills, and keeps up to date on the latest changes in social media. She's also prone to fangirl and get 'selfies' for her own Instapost with any heroes that she teams up with. She is also a prolific fanfic writer featuring subjects from the various super hero teams, fanfiction team ups, and even parents dealing with superpowered babies.


Kamala is fluent in the Urdu language. This helps her when she's watching Bollywood films or conversing with her parents.


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Originally a series of hollow bracelets used by her grandmother to smuggle money out of Bombay during Partition, Kamala has had these bracelets fused together into a bracer that she can stow her phone and other personal items in when she's heroing.

Kamala still lives at home with her family in Bludhaven. Her father works at a bank, her mother is a homemaker. They do not have a large amount of resources, but they do well for a middle class family working in a major metropolitan area.


An upgrade from his burkini, this is a special polymer created by a friend of hers. It allows Kamala to concentrate on shifting herself instead of her clothing as well. The only drawback to it is that it is not waterproof and when exposed to water, it has the consistency of snot.


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Kamala's powers, as new as they are, are not fully native to her yet. She's prone to be distracted and forget what she's concentrating on and loses that part of her abilities. She has to hold her concentration to make sure that everything around her is held together when it comes to her powers.

Kamala's very form can be broken up by high levels of Electromagnetic Pulses, forcing her back to her baseline form and disrupting her powers temporarily.

Kamala is a fangirl. When she sees someone she knows a whole lot about, she can totally forget what she's doing and become a starry-eyed teenager that has just met one of her heroes. This whole heroing thing and meeting heroes means that may be happening a lot.

When she is healing, or has stretched herself to her limits - Kamala gets hungry. She will raid anything she can find that's edible for food. She will not break her own personal beliefs on her haram (forbidden) food - but she will want to sleep and eat until she recovers fully.

While Kamala is healing (and chowing out) and for some reason she has to make use of her morphogenetic powers - everything that was healing is reset and she has to start the process of healing all over again. She has to be careful to not push herself too hard or to try to go out again before she's fully recovered.

Kamala is a new hero. She wants to be Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman or any other of the bevy of heroes that do great things. But she's prone to make mistakes. She's prone to mess up something else while trying to do the right thing. She's by no means perfect, and it will take time and training to get her where she should be.

Kamala has a very strong moral compass. She is stubborn and will hold her ground on most things. She is not the type to take a life. Even if pressured, she will stand up to the situation and not be easily persuaded otherwise.


As a devout and practicing Muslim, Kamala has found herself in the minority of superheroes. She knows what it is like to be part of the minority in life, and she does not let it get her down - but she knows that she has to be careful with her faith and the rules that it provides. As it says in the Quran 5:32 - We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption done in the land -- it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one -- it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.


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