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Nico Minoru (Scenesys ID: 1012)
"Long story short -- Chase screwed up."
Full Name: Nico Minoru
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer, Magician
Citizenship: American
Residence: Unknown
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 17 November 2006 Actor: Lyrica Okano
Height: 5'7" Weight: 114 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


The daughter of two dark magicians, Nico Minoru is a young magic user in her own right, wielding the mystical and extremely powerful Staff of One, an artifact capable of casting any spell...but only once. She can be seen out on the streets and seems to have been on the run for a bit of time. Of course, you would want to be a runaway too if your parents tried to sacrifice you. That might explain why she seems adept in blood magic, though those in mystical circles would know that the Minoru family name is certainly steeped in the mystic arts.



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Skulking around nearby is the slender figure of the idyllic pale late '10s teenage goth. Her complexion is pale, both naturally and with the subtle affectations of pale foundation on top of it, both with the intent on emphasizing the dark color of her eyes, as well as the thick lining of black eyeliner around the slightly narrowed lids that suggest an Asian heritage. The black eyeliner branches out into perfectly symmetrical wings on both sides of her hazel eyes, matching the same color as the thick and morose shade used to stain her thin lips.

Her clothing continues this motif of darkness, with the casual wearing of a slit-leg dress that shows off either of the shapely pair up to the upper-mid thigh. The midriff and shoulders are shear, the former dipping downwards in an elegant 'v', along with parts of the area above her chest, but for a few strips of that opaque cloth shaped into a pentagram and a stiff collar. Her shoes are nicely polished dress shoes with short heels that add an inch or so to her height, and her ears are both pierced with upside-down hanging crosses along with rings and bars along the rest of the outer ring of them. Her hair has forgone its old style in favor of something a little more modern -- still black past her ears, the ends of the asymmetric bob (longer on her right side than her left, sweeping around the back of her head in a graceful slant) are dyed a colorful teal that fades into a deep magenta that then returns to its natural darkness.


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Growing up can be hard. It's a lot harder when your parents want to wipe out humanity for a chance at immortality through you. Of course, Nico Minoru didn't know that her parents were the worst, beyond what a teenager typically thinks of their parents. Nico also didn't know that she was a mage. Well, not until one night she witnessed her parents and their friends (who called themselves the Pride) sacrifice a girl's life to the Gibborim, the ancient beings offering the shot of immortality, and saw her parents' evil for the first time. And...on a separate occasion, when her own mother tried to stab Nico with her magic staff...only for the staff to enter into Nico fully, without harming her. Needless to say, Nico had a rather motivated reason to get out from under her parents and out on her own.

The very night of the initial sacrifice, Nico and her friends, children of the Pride, ran away from home. Lacking imagination, they called themselves The Runaways and tried to take on super-hero personas, in an attempt to strike back at their parents. Of course, they were just kids, so the whole superhero schtick wasn't going to last. Not when their parents framing them for the murder they committed. It was all the Runaways could do to stay ahead of the curve, thanks in no small part to the large frog-like vehicle known as Leapfrog that they had stolen from the Pride. And, true to the name, the group, Nico included, ran away. They ran away from their parents, from their evil, and even from being separated themselves by those that certainly meant well. It didn't matter. All that mattered was to look out for one another, because no one could possibly understand what the group was going through.

After a while running, the Runaways found a device that would allow Leapfrog to use the time-travelling abilities of its creators, and they found themselves back in time. This was an event which allowed Nico to meet another Minoru who wasn't hunting her and trying to kill her: her great-grandmother. Her ancestor was not gentle with Nico however, finding the girl to be weak and untempered, a shame to the Minoru name. So she tortured Nico magically for a long time, inflicting all kinds of pain on the girl including sending crystal shards through her entire body as a warm-up before moving on to more serious punishments.

The torture had its necessary effect: Nico learned to harness pain, and therefore to harness blood magic. The Staff of One began to be truly effective, and her spells became not only stronger but more complicated in their effects and better controlled. Nico began to be able to tap the Staff's powers for effects of her own, and when they returned to their normal time, she became a better leader with her fear of pain being paled compared to what her own family had done to her already.

After a series of events that Nico is reluctant to speak of that led to the dissolving of the Runaways, Nico remains alone, for now, forgoing her old friends and teammates to set out on her own. She still cares for them deeply, but she needs to make sure she gets a handle on herself, before she can return and help her friends.


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Nico is a tough one. She had to do a lot of growing up really quick when she discovered her parents' dark secret and became the de facto mother figure for the younger members of the Runaways. She even was looked towards by the older members for guidance. It is a lot to take on, but Nico does so without complaint.

Well, without little complaint, at least.

Nico can certainly tolerate a lot of pain, and she will go to great lengths to ensure that no one else that she cares about has to do the same. It is Nico's burden to bear. It just so happens that it helps to fuel the magic within her to take on so much suffering, physically and emotionally. It is partly the reason she identifies with the goth subculture. After all, who else has the market cornered on the whole pain and misery bit?

However, there are times that Nico just needs to be able to lean on someone for that pick-me-up that everyone needs from time to time. With Nico, she is 'driven to get between people' which describes her constant need to be close to anyone who has strong emotions, specifically love. Perhaps it is to compensate for the betrayal of her parents, but it is an ever-present desire.


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Nico has magical aptitude, but she did not receive formal training. So far she has relied on the Staff of One to work magic. After her encounter with Witchbreaker (her supposed great-grandmother), her abilities were augmented so that she can create smaller magical effects without the aid of the Staff, such as illusion projection, magical telekinesis and magical teleportation. While she can do these without holding the Staff of One, these minor abilities are enhanced when the Staff is held.

Nico has learned how to float at varying speeds while holding the Staff of One. This is not actually a direct effect of the staff itself, but rather her own ability to wield magic drawing from the staff's magical resources. She has never been able to fly very fast, but has been able to lift other team members.


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Nico is strong enough in her personality to pull a team together, even if they aren't interested in being a team right now. She doesn't always use that talent, but that's a situational thing or a choice rather than a lack of ability. She's capable of telling a person to do something hard and getting them to do it, even if they really don't want to. She also cares enough to choose when to not use that power and go do it herself.

Nico has some knowledge of the occult from her studies, but since her studies were mostly of the most common gothic literature and publically known publishings, her knowledge is not mostly very accurate. Effectively, she has a wonderful grasp of bad magic and faux magic lore. However, because of her magical bloodline, Nico is able to use what actual correct occult knowledge she does pick up.

Nico knows her way around a needle and thread. She has been able to build truly elaborate outfits out of bargain store scraps. She makes a lot of clothing for her friends. That includes Nico's own high-maintenance gothic wardrobe.

Nico has had to live under the radar for quite a while. She's gotten pretty skilled at knowing what the police or more unsavory elements will do and getting around them when necessary. She's also gotten quite talented at spending a very limited budget extremely well, while keeping herself and her friends reasonably fed and clothed.

Nico has picked up the knack of figuring out good mission and battle plans that will maximize the abilities of those available without putting them in more danger than necessary. She has learned this through trial and error, with many errors, but this experience helps Nico to quantify the assets at her disposal and how much they can do in given situations. She's also a good observer and has an excellent memory for the bigger picture and what actions will have on things that are happening out of sight.


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The Staff of One is a tool that is tied to the Minoru bloodline. That is, to their blood; it is blood magic in the deepest sense and it requires her blood be spilled in order for to be drawn. 'When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge' comes from her lips involuntarily when the staff comes out of her chest, and NOTHING will stop it from coming out. Those standing in front of Nico as the Staff emerges are likely to be impaled upon it.

The Staff of One is named after its limitation: it can never create the same exact effect twice. Attempts to do so will backfire, often hilariously. Sometimes nothing will happen, and sometimes the Staff will auto-cast something completely random. When a spell is cast, however, Nico's will guides it in most situations. Though, the staff often seems to have a rather mischievous mind of its own in what the spell will do, and if there is any ambiguity to the casting phrase chosen the spell will often go awry.

The spell's power is drawn from Nico's soul. It hurts physically to cast a spell, and the pain gets worse the more powerful the spell, but the actual casting process requires that Nico call up painful emotions. The more painful, the more powerful the spell.


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Nico has a lot of skeletons in her closet, most of which she earned the hard way by causing them herself. She's a magnet for mistakes in her love life, almost all of which she admits she was the instigator of; she gets in between people who have more love in their lives and tries to get part of that for herself. It never ends well, and she has many times sworn off love only to fall into the arms of someone new when her heart breaks again.

Nico is in a high-risk profession. She is often in the front lines of combat and doesn't hold herself back in safety in a mission. She won't do so, because she will not put others into harm's way. So she steps up and wades in, when she has literally no armour and will die like any teenage girl if hit by a single stray bullet.

Nico can never cast the same spell twice using the Staff of One as it was meant to be used. She is able to use the staff's power indirectly to enhance minor effects, which is not subject to the One limitation, as these effects are not considered a spell. Attempting to use the Staff to repeat a spell will either fail utterly or auto-cast something utterly unpredictable.

The staff has two major issues which need to be addressed. First: the staff is not bound to Nico. Anyone who gets their hands on it can use it, just not as effectively as Nico may be able to use it. Second: if the staff gets into the hands of someone who intends to take Nico's life, it will defend her of its own volition. The staff has a semi-sentience and will act if given sufficient reason to do so.

The Staff has another limitation: it often miscasts and doesn't do what Nico really wanted it to do. This generally happens when Nico isn't able to summon enough emotional pain to truly bring the Staff's power to bear, but the miscast is always in some way useful to the current situation. This can also happen if Nico's spoken spell may be unclear, such as forming a horde of zombies into one large form when casting Zombie Not ('Knot' as opposed to Not).


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