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Carl Mach (Scenesys ID: 1240)
Full Name: Carl Mach
Gender: Male
Species: Kinda Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Security Consultant
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: On The Job Training
Status: Dropped
Groups: LexCorp
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 24 November 1992 Actor:
Height: 196 cm Weight: 102 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Carl Mach is a high flyer in LexCorps' Corporate Security division. As a consultant he's responsible for evaluating the security aspects of either individuals or organizations, highlighting any vulnerabilities and providing sales and support to facilitate the removal of any such exploitable gaps in their operations. Of course, only the best will do but, hey, it's only the finest LexTech he'd remotely consider recommending. Objectively. Of course. Not like he takes commission for that.

From the first it's been his job. It's been good to him too as he rose up the ranks and became an expert in all aspects of his field. There was a brief time, recently, that he had to take leave on medical grounds but LexCorp looked after him. Things changed after that but, in such a fast moving world these days, what doesn't. Returning to active duty it could be noted the renewed enthusiasm and energy to his work. Whatever the Doctors did seemed to work wonders. Working longer hours, holding a stronger position, ready to cut to the chase, and far readier to demonstrate that corporate killer instinct.



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It's a guy in a suit. What more can you say? The guy's tall, well built and has looked after number one well enough. Save a small slitted scar near his left eye. He'd not say he's easy on the eye, minds or otherwise, as time's never gave him the time to find out. So, maybe the tied back tail of black hair ties a look together that works for the one doing the looking. Maybe not.

Suit's not bad though. It's like it's one of those jobs off of a Hollywood movie set. Sharp as a razor blade. Step out the depths of some gunge filled grimey lake and it still looks like it's just off of the rack. Dry as a bone. Lined in a reflective golden yellow, flashed when the guy doing the job of hosting the suit reaches inside to get something, well, it's an odd choice. How'd you think the guy feels though. He was told it was orange when he tried it on.

In a world where you can't sit down on a bus without gaining superpowers nineteen kinda ways he's no meta, super, mutie, god, angel or demon. Just a guy. What? Alien symbotic costume? What about 'em? Hey. Lookin' isn't askin'. You wanna know stop spectatin', speculatin' and start makin' speakey-speakie to the guy, or his suit, whatever does it for you. If you really wanna know... that is.


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Most of Mach's earliest past is omitted, deleted, redacted or otherwise untrue. It's company policy. When the company is Lexcorp the levels of support are easily the better of any government institution but the method of a corporate mercenary as opposed to a government operative is the same. Have no past and nothing in it to be used against you. Not that he did at any rate. No parents to speak of, lived for the earlier years in one of those places that got so small it stopped existing... you want some telling tale? Go elsewhere.

His life, on record, really started with the company. A field command on a support operation in LexCorp's security division changed into promotion and real power in rapid succession. Within a year he was a fully fledged Security Consultant and has over a decade's flawless operational record to follow. If those kinds of jobs kept records. Time though started to take its toll on his body. As these things do.

Although fortune favors the bold... Fate's more inclined to share her affections with those who know how to wield power. So when given an offer from a man he has nothing but respect for, a man of true power, to transcend his existing limitations and take his work to the the highest level... he didn't hesitate. Now things are different. He's different. To some degree. Nature of the beast really...


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Carl's real persona's buried under a load of legends and cover identites he's had to be over time. He'd like to think that he's been faking someone else for so long there's nothing of himself to go back to. One side effect of bonding with his other was the re-emergence of a few traits long since since considered lost. It really like he was made for the business he was in. He's lacking in emotional reasoning. He drops a box of ammo on his foot, yeah, he'll curse and swear like only he can.

But, as angry and hurt as he may be he's not gonna kick the box for something... HE DID. He gets other people don't think like him, decide their feelings and opinions matter more than the devilish details. What's made him better is that he knows the truth. The world doesn't care. The blast's not going to change it's pattern of dispersal because you set of the bomb for the right or wrong reason. It just is.

He feels but it isn't what drives him. What drives him is being able to take arms, pen, word or blade against the chaotic malestrom that is the world. He might not be able to do anything big picture... but he can carve out his own quaint little corner of it and have some haven for when the time comes he can't fight anymore. He thought that time had came. Instead he found the symbiote and everything changed.


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From the progenitor of its line the Symbiote has certain genetics similar to the one who came before it. These traits are as different as Phage is to the first of its line. Like most he can allow his host to synthesize webbing, strong as sinew, which shall degrade to nothing after about an hour. Just as the host can "stick" to surfaces with enough grip to move freely upwards along a vertical plane or remain on the underside of a horizontal surface.

Some traits differ, however. The progenitor's ability to mask itself from another's "spider sense" is entirely absent. Nor does Phage have the ability to preemptively sense danger like the progenitor or it's early host. This has it's compensations. Phage's vision is enhanced to the point where they can see up to a mile away as if it were in immediate focus, given a clear line of sight, and is aware of the presence of energies, as well as matter, in their field of view. However. That is only available if the symbiote is in its neutral form and depends on the field of the hosts vision. Also, if "zoomed in" a mile away it goes without saying that that which is right next to the symbiote and host both may not be noticed.

Even unbonded to the symbiote Carl is at the very peak of human ability in physical terms. The symbiote, once bonded, set about improving upon its host enhancing his reflexes and reactions to beyond what is humanly possible. However the symbiote seeks out dominant traits to focus itself on and Carl's physical strength and stamina were the aspects to focus on in his case.

Barring interference the symbiote can keep Carl awake and functional without requiring sleep and help him exert himself for much longer than he could do so without his other helping. He is also now able to lift up to ten tons at the limits of exertion alone but, relying on his other, and in the most dire of urgency, he may be able to do more for minutes. More likely seconds. Since that would certainly turn most of his bones to powder and otherwise significantly damage its host the symbiote would rapidly lose it's ability to augment him or access many of its higher functions as it would be devoted to creating temporary replacements for the lost systems.

The augmentative levels of enhancement are performed by complex management of all of the hosts systems and reconfiguring the symbiotes own structure in synchronization. This does mean that the upper limits of augmentation are not constantly available. Should the symbiote or host be stressed or exhausted then the overall boost to any ability shall be compromised. Just as the host alone may be able to run a marathon in an acceptable time but could not then break his own personal bests for lifting weights, say.

It is highly intensive and about the most complex action the symbiote can take to create a construct that will not dissolve or decay once detached from the main biomass. Synthesis of elements is possible, as are viable constructs, however the creation of the same would only be done to benefit the host. As well as regenerating the host to a predefined template, forming new limbs or organs if necessary, the symbiote also can regulate the undamaged systems of the host. Affecting biochemistry to let the host function for longer at peak effectiveness. Also manipulation of the hosts neural chemistry... more for the symbiotes purposes.

Smaller fixes upon the host can be done with internal manipulation and catalyzed stem cells. More significant repairs present a problem. If larger systems are removed or are otherwise inoperable the symbiote must reconfigure itself to form a temporary functioning copy of the missing systems. This significantly compromises it's ability to lend augmentative powers to the host and will violently attempt to get the host to seek sanctuary until new constructs can be synthesized from scratch. Even if the host can then evade the current threat it will weaken the symbiote during the time it heals its host. For that it will need large amounts of its own sustenance to complete the task. (see Symbiotic Sustenance)

The biomass of the symbiote can reform and restructure itself in various ways. Some are more indirect functions handled largely by the symbiote for the host. Others require more direct manipulation by the host itself.

Using the hosts memory the symbiote can reform into a variety of forms, shapeshifting itself into whatever form the host thinks of. The host is not reassembled in this process which is a consideration, as is the symbiote only appearing as clothing, armor or even complex camouflage up to its available mass. Doing this leaves the symbiote chemically unchanged and cannot act as anything other than its basic biomass. So, outside of it's neutral form, the symbiote cannot perform many functions for the host.

In the neutral form The symbiote can be reconfigured into bladed or spiked constructs with but a thought from the host. As long as these constructs remain attached to the bonded pair. If detached the construct loses molecular cohesion and the inner membrane cross reacts with the external mass forming a mutagenic acid.

Such an acid does not work as many highly concentrated acids do as the formula for this acid is in constant flux. Assuming the acid was not immediately burned off of the surface in question it will keep chemically restructuring until a compatibility is found with the surface, akin to the bonding process. Once it does so it doesn't corrode as conventional acids do but rather "softens" the surface to be particularly vulnerable to the cut and thrust of the symbiotes bladed biomass.

However, the area covered and the prolonged contact of the acid on the surface required, not to mention the depth "softened" of any given surface varies wildly depending upon its makeup. Not to mention that energy fields or shields entirely negate the effects of such an acid.

The symbiote acts as an adaptive environment to best benefit the host. In the same way the symbiote holds a template to know how to reconstitute the host when it is damaged the template allows the symbiote to detect outside physical influences. These can be negated by forcing them to react with the symbiote, rather than the host, and adapting its cellular structure to be incompatible with the threat. This prevents Carl from being afflicted from disease (regardless of its origins) the need for outside sustenance (for as long as the symbiote can synthesize the same) or the ageing process all as long the symbiote is bonded to him.

The same process allows influences of the mind to be resisted as the complex hybridization of the alien and human creates unique architecture so different to that of another bonded pair never mind other unique species outside influences may not be able to adapt to the unique nature of this pairing. So, regardless of the source, it is a difficult resistance to overcome. However this in particular only can work if the symbiote is in its neutral form, fully covering the surface of Carl's skin.


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Not literally. But watching Mach in action it'd be the devils own work to tell the difference. As his job, officially, is sales and support so being able to work a client to part with as much as possible whilst offering the most valuable thing in the world (i.e. someone who knows what they're doing) and playing it as if they're cutting him to the quick with their smart negociating is the norm for him.

Be it a quick wit, subtle silken suggestion or catching the wiser off guard with a charm offensive... if you want it done right... he's the one to call. It doesn't matter if it's knowing the numbers, someone's dirty little secrets, the way the political winds are blowing, the carrot or the cutting edge of the stick Mach's a man who know what to use and when to pick up a handsome commission on his efforts.

It isn't a career that lends itself to downtime. With there always being more work to do than could be done and the skills one learns to stay in the game needing constant honing free time is scarce, if available at all. So everything that an operative learns has to have a use and, at best, finding a use for things that may be interesting is the most an agent can hope for. So when Mach specialized in advanced entry techniques like underwater assault, diving, free running, mountaineering and Paratrooping it was the closest thing to outside interest he could skim of the surface.

The knowledge of warfare, tradecraft, money and power makes Mach a skilled operative. Although scoring highly if his disciplines were ever recorded he would not be considered to be amongst the top experts in any given field. Where Mach has found an area he is without equal is his field work.

The worn and weapons, improvised, pre prepared or signature explosive usage, martial or ranged fighting styles used, numbers within a team for an operation, breaching techniques, interrogation tactics and, indeed, stylization of executions of friends, foes and neutrals all tell a story. This world at war is not an art, academia or science... it's a language.

And no one speaks it better than he. Telling the world what happened was as he wishes it to be told and have accusal and repercussion directed whichever way he so chooses. If he wishes the tale to be told at all. All for cold hard cash in hand for that which, officially, never happened.

As a Security consultant Mach's got impressive credentials. As well as a comprehensive understanding the finer details of facilities and their security considerations without compromising the primary function of the same he can offer tailored solutions available to any budget and disclosed discreet additional factors. Management, training and restructuring of personnel are also all part of the service.

To achieve this he understands intimately anything that holds an edge, fires a shot, keeps someone in or out, can be piloted or programmed, and the tactical frameworks required for modern incursions where threats may be more than just human. Most mercenaries can do this. However none could suggest according to a clients profile of needs, including those needs the client doesn't know they need, a range of options that fit different budgets and add offer a discount along with points to their loyalty card whilst doing it.


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Mainly living on company perks and relying on his commissions preinvested into long term high yield schemes for his future means Mach lives comfortably but is by no means immediately rich. Any gains he's seen from miscellaneous payments and additional petty cash from balancing operational budgets or discretionary allowances and most certainly not cash payments for under the table dealings that definitely did not happen have to be stored secretly somewhere.
,BR>One of his few personal holdings is a small waste management company. Scrap metal, recovery of wrecks be they cars, planes or boats destroyed by whatever wherever and smaller scale interests in dredging the rivers should they become too silted up. Even hazardous waste and post crime scene clear ups. Little high little low mainly break even affair. Still. Many times Mach has made significant efforts to keep that interest active.

... one can only wonder why.

They don't give these to anybody. A, subject to how well one can hide the purchases as necessary business expenses, unlimited card, accepted anywhere worth being, that means mundane money is usually not a problem.

A living being needing symbiosis to sustain itself. Carl is it's first, and to date only, host. It could be remover but requires a complex and measured mixture of high frequency waveforms if the intention is not to kill the symbiote and host both.


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The form the symbiote can take can be radically different. Clothing or even a basic camouflage obfuscating the host from view as well as its more neutral form. However Mach has noticed the neutral form of his other is needed to be able to use his full range of abilities. It is still possible to utilize his others assistance to a more limited degree if he is at least covered as necessary. For example to utilize the enhanced vision whatever form its in would have to cover his eyes in some manner. It still would not be half as effective as if the symbiote was in its neutral form in any case.

There is no doubt that Mach and the Phage Symbiote are an ideal pairing. Mach's lack of reasoning based upon his emotions have, left unchecked, ignite as a wildfire feeding the symbiotes reserves of energy immensely. Phage protecting its host and keeping in his physical prime allows the mercenary to take his craft to the next level and, now empowered, keep pace with those beyond human who monopolized the market. Until now. Since, now, they can cut out a slice for themselves.

However there are occasional clashes betwixt the pair. Mach now more empowered uses the weapons and techniques of old to even more devastating effect. The symbiote's armory is a whole new experience, blade, tooth, claw and the acrid acid that weakens that which resists. Which is the problem. He's relearning everything. His other may instinctively crush with claws the pistol he was going to use to finish of a rapidly approaching foe. Two sets of instincts are united in purpose but not in method. In time they may become more than just the symbiote. More than Carl Mach. Until then both realize the unintentional conflict could cause a fatal mistake before they get to see that day of final victory dawn.

The symbiote is linked to the host. They are in constant communication with each other. This leaves both extremely vulnerable in a manner similar to other symbiotes to consistent exposure to high frequency waveforms that disrupt the symbiotes ability to think and the input output carriers connecting it to its host. Examples such as intense microwaves, specific sonic resonances or the flow of electrons from certain electrical currents are known but others may exist.

The initial shock stuns the symbiote and, in this initial window, the host has but moments to prevent further exposure to the harmful waveform. If not quick enough the host will receive a backlash of the symbiote's distress and may be overcome, rendering both stunned. If exposure is continued the pair have but a short time to try and rouse before they symbiote loses all control over itself. It may continue to be stunned and transfer similar anguish to the host. Or it may be unable to tell itself apart from the host or anything else and change composition and form wildly including attempting to randomly disassemble itself and the host both at a molecular level.

The nature of effective waveforms differs from one symbiote to the next in terms of the frequencies and amplitudes applied and the severity of the effect but, in Mach's case, it appears that it is a high amplitude and frequency is required. Rock music or a dog whistle, alone, would not disrupt his other so. But should the sound of such a whistle carry through the microphone of such a sound system on stage at such a concert would be rapidly debilitating then inevitably fatal. Fire from a lighter's flame would not harm either. A microwave with faulty shielding would be an immediate and painful problem.

The Symbiote is a living organism. Essential to its long term development and survival is its host. However it has needs above that. Making biomass specifically for it's constituent matter and replenishing the same. A less effective way to do this is to draw sustenance from the host, effectively making Mach eating for two, and slowly replenish and store extra biomass that way. Far more effective is to cut out the middle host and catch, wrap, soften and consume some prey, akin, ironically, to a spider. In the case of the host being damaged the former is not an option and the latter is essential.

... the more operational issues it causes. Adaptive costume and camouflage sounds like an agent's dream but, in this case, Mach is a hair's over 6'5" which makes it difficult to blend in. Even in the perfect copy of a uniform that hides faces and features. Also when "testing" facilities for "vulnerabilities" Mach's lifetime of training and strengthening his body has left him broad and built. So discreet improvised access points easily usable for someone maybe half a foot shorter or built less heavily may be inaccessible to Mach.


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