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Phil Coulson (Scenesys ID: 227)
"Now I need you to dismantle that thing, and make it about a hundred times smaller. And put a trigger on it!"
Full Name: Phil Coulson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Government Employe / Agent of SHIELD
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Georgetown, VA
Education: Specialized Education
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 53 Actual Age: 53
Date of Birth 8 July 1972 Actor: Clark Gregg
Height: 150 cm Weight: 75.7 kg
Hair Color: Thinning Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "American Jesus" by Bad Religion


A dinosaur in every essential sense of the term, Phil Coulson is SHIELD every bit as much as Nick Fury is... and yet they couldn't be more opposites. Phil is trusting, yet pragmatic. Insightful, yet simplistic in his worldview. He's the rock against which the forces of evil crash in the world of SHIELD that breaks their stride, and has been for decades.

If Director Fury is the one that keeps the world from descending into a hellhole, Agent Coulson is the point man that makes the magic happen.

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The man you see before you is so generic looking he might as well come in a plain white container with black lettering and a barcode on it. He's 5'8" inches tall with dark brown hair that's thinning but completely gone yet. It's combed in a non-styled manner that's neat and speaks of years of wearing it the same way. He has blue eyes that carry the crow's feet and bags of middle age and long hours. He's dressed in a basic dark suit and tie, down to the Thom McCann's on his feet. He looks like any middle management type you might see in pretty much any office, anywhere. His demeanor is casual and easy going, not too assuming or unassuming. To be honest, he looks like he might be kind of boring, all in all.


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Phil Coulson is a company man. Always has been a company man, always will be a company man. It's just that his company happens to be SHIELD. He's spent a lifetime in the organization, learning it from the ground up from history to current events, and all the ways it works.

It's handy being a man in Phil's position. He doesn't have all the keys, but he knows the people that do. He also has a few of his own. On a keyring. Usually the ones that Lola's keys are on.

By the way? Don't touch Lola.


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Imagine the most mundane, middle management guy. Maybe an Insurance salesman or the eternal government office guy. The one who has the sweet car and the constant cup of coffee in his hand. The one who makes the dad jokes, even if he doesn't have kids. The one with the girlfriends that always come and go, more often go than not. Now imagine that guy is actually a government agent who knows how to kill you with a loaf of bread of bag of flower while making the dad jokes. That's Phil Coulson.


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Phil tries to maintain the most generic look he can in the field. By doing this he can blend in as a tourist or non-descript just about anywhere he needs to or assume any persona he needs to. Sometimes he might need a partner for added effect/fire support, but usually he can manage it all by himself.

In addition to blending in like this, he's also a skilled method actor and has had informal training for decades in the art of improv on the spot. He's quite capable of infiltrating organizations and building with this skillset, though he's not the expert someone like Black Widow is.
Phil Coulson is a man who can get things done. He knows how SHIELD works. Knows all the ins and outs, and knows what forms need filled out for what. He also knows how to fill out those forms, knows who they go to, has known them 20 years and knows people in most SHIELD department who probably owe him a favor or dozen so when he needs something done fast something that make grind in the SHIELD beauracractic machine for days, weeks, or months can get shaved down to hours or minutes.

It might be his clearance, his reputation, his gosh-darn likeable personality, or his strategic know-how of who to call and when... but Phil is a man that can get things done quick and Fury has always admired a man that can do that.

Phil is one of the most well rounded field agents in SHIELDs history of training. In addition to receiving the old-school spy stuff before the serious technology came into play, he's also received (and one of the few that can actually understand) all of the tech training the new kids get.

So he has the all the hand to hand work, the spycraft stuff, and all the tech savvy knowledge the current agents have. It's served him well, and gotten him farther and kept him in the field longer than almost any of his contemporaries or colleagues.


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Lola is a classic 1962 Chevrolet Corvette some modern and hidden technology within. Red and curvy in all the right places, the windshield is bulletproof, the wheels can transform to become hover-capable to allow limited flight, and there are machine guns and flamethrowers tucked away in the frame.

It also has the worlds first GPS system. All the technology was first installed by Howard Stark, with a few design improvements done over the years to make the car just a bit more efficient.

This car is of great sentimental value to Phil... to the point that the catchphrase "Don't touch Lola." is somewhat famous among the circle that knows him.

Most people in SHIELD can reasonably get assets or some sort of resource from within their department without much issue, and that's all. Outside of the Director, there's few that could reasonably call on the whole organization. Phil's one of those guys.

He's got the entire place wired, and can even get the Director to take his calls in a pinch. He can usually talk his way into the requisition of most equipment, or burn a favor to get something not normally allowed him if he's justified in it. He's not one to burn chits like that lightly, so if he's making a call saying "I need.." there's usually a reason and he usually gets it.

He's not a full member of the Avengers, but Phil is one of those associated members of the group that everyone knows about and goes to for advice at times. He's even inspired most of them (or in Starks' case, annoyed) them into doing better, or faster, at one point or another.

He can reasonably count on at least being respected if he asked for or is asked by the Avengers for advice or a favor.


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Phil isn't getting younger. In fact, his well into the back end of his years of effectiveness as a field agent. Most guys his age, they've been riding a desk for a few years already. But not Phil, and it's his dedication to being so good at his job that's kept him where he is for so long.

The world today is filled with many gray areas, and many black and white areas. Nick Fury himself is one of the gigantic gray areas himself. Phil? He doesn't like that at all. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Keeping order in a world spiraling out of control with both technology and morality thrown into chaos is why Phil keeps doing what he does.

As one might imagine in this day and age of technology outpacing wisdom, this attitude earns him many friends and many enemies... and many accusations of staying willfully naive of the 'real world'.


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Title Date Scene Summary
A Lost Sentinel August 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Long Distance Calls July 26th, 2019 SHIELD takes a risk by letting Sebastion out of the Triskelion to save some lives....
Sentinels: The Sentinel Army July 26th, 2019 SHIELD high-ups meet about what to do with the Sentinel army.
Sentinels: Advisory July 10th, 2019 Phil Coulson brings questions to Tony and Steve about Sebastion the Sentinel.
Sentinels: Tread Slowly July 3rd, 2019 SHIELD and the NYPD try to figure out who gets to keep the Sentinel.
Sentinels: Understanding July 2nd, 2019 Phil Coulson gets a briefing about Sebastion from Frank Quaid.
Eff Bed Rest June 13th, 2019 In which Phil tries to Dad at Darcy, and Darcy teenage's back at him. Or, this is why SHIELD Medical hates most of its Agents.
Newbies: Taking down the Rippers May 26th, 2019 A SHIELD Team led by Agent Coulson moves on a Gotham Warehouse with a recently formed terrorist cell. A number of agents, including Hellboy and Sibilance, take them down... and confiscate a supply of ordinance.
Bored Room Debriefing May 10th, 2019 Coulson reports in about the speedster that's been bothering Gotham, and he debriefs to May in Skye's room in Medical, mostly to keep Skye IN Medical.
Speedster meets SHIELD April 27th, 2019 Coulson plans an interception of Impulse during his daily rounds, and evaluates the young hero for SHIELD.
Uncommon Intelligence Resource April 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Changeling: Level 8 Debrief April 14th, 2019 Phil and May catch up on recent events, and the recently returned senior agent is directed to a few missions in the works that could possibly benefit from his experience and expertise.
Training Evaluation Day April 8th, 2019 Several agents have their skills evaluated, these are a few highlights.
Harley's Mistake April 7th, 2019 Harley unintentionally attacks a SHIELD Safehouse occupied by Phil Coulson. The R&D Duo Fitz and Simmons responds as backup, and they capture Harley.
Catching Coulson up on current events. March 28th, 2019 May has a meeting with Coulson. Skye, Barnes, and others crash and that's okay.
Study Break March 26th, 2019 Coulson comes out of the woodwork of field duty to check up on new trainee Samantha in the food court. He ends up helping with her first taste of SHIELD paperwork.
SHIELD Maiden: Intake March 16th, 2018 The Son of Coul interviews another Asgardian.
Catching Up February 28th, 2018 Clint and Phil meet at the Triskelion and catch up. Invites to a party are given.
Rising Tide: The Escape January 11th, 2018 Skye makes her escape from SHIELD and re-joins the Rising Tide with a little help from outside and above.
Breaking In Was the Easy Part December 15th, 2017 Phil Coulson stumbles upon a working Skye. The matter of IcedLotus comes up. Plausible deniabilty for all is set in motion.
Operation Hammerfall December 10th, 2017 SHIELD and allies attack the Hydra base codnamed
Welcome to the Madhouse November 27th, 2017 The President is dead, Coulson's back, Hawkeye has a cane. Nothing makes sense.
Poking at a Hornet's Nest May 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Whatever May 4th, 2017 Summary needed
It was just another day at the office until... May 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Foodsluts May 2nd, 2017 In which trolling may or may not have happened.


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