Requiem for Shared Hearts

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Requiem for Shared Hearts
Date of Cutscene: 24 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Viridian, Indigo

Indigo sat in front of Viridian on the edge of their bed in the small room at her parent's house they'd shared during their visit. The gynoid was speaking and Viridan found her hair shifting toward the pink of unabashed adoration as she studied the dark blue and cotton candy pink girl in front of her. Her fiancee. Her best friend. They didn't need to speak to one another though the natural autonomic functions of human bonding were evident. Quickened pulse, heightened affect in the form of a glittering smile.

Impulsively, Viridian reached out toward Indigo and her hand passed through the robot's holographic form. It would not be quite right to say that this meeting was wholly imagined. The program Viridian was running inside the recesses of her technopathic brain was probably the most comprehensive simulation in the galaxy. Still... Indigo had never come into this room. Viri had come back to her parent's house while Indigo was gone, looking for somewhere safe. And then they had parted in a very different way when Indigo- was torn out of Viridian's mind. The pain had been intense, a white hot lance of searing agony place between the eyes and angled downward, lancing through the temporal lobe, where the body was responsible for processing sensory inpute. The part where she found herself connected on a level both emotional and mental to the gynoid known as Indigo.

Robots were always part of Viridian's consciousness. She could speak to computers with her brain. They, in turn, became part of her life. Either part of her, like an extension of her limbs, or friends, companions... Or wife, apparently. Indigo wasn't just a robot, of course. She was a person. Gentle. Sweet... And she'd been torn from Viridian's brain, as if someone had taken a scalpel and cut free the portion of her brain that had for months been dedicated to her connection to the gynoid. Viridian had been lonely before but this was altogether diffrent. The only reason she didn't scream was that her mind was past articulating with noise.

Rewind. There's Indigo again, smiling. Viridian closed her eyes and imagined for a moment it was real. She could reach so deeply into a program like this that she could taste it... Smell the lubricant and brush her fingers against the gynoid's soft synthetic skin. It felt nice. So Viridian rewound further, calling up a new memory, a new series of thoughts. The two of them waltzing in space, spinning, with only Indigo's gravitic thrusters to keep them from drifting aimlessly into the void. The sparkling stars behind them stretching toward infinity.

Another memory. The girls with Groot, admiring his flowers. One of Viridian attempting to walk without her prostheses and Indigo catching her as she fell. An entire lifetime of shared thoughts and neural connections which couldn't be purged with the awareness of Indigo's consciousness. Anything to forget. But... Indigo was dead. This wasn't a guess. Viridian had felt the raw, unfiltered torture of a mind being obliterated. She'd tried to snatch at bits and pieces of the code as it vanished from existence but it fell through her fingers like sand. She'd already sent a message to Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy the moment Indigo had been abducted but... She was stranded for now.

But while Viridian was lost in her own mind, simulating her fiancee's smiling face, she was also working. Tracing the signal, searching for where the gynoid had last been before she was snuffed out like the flame of a match. By interfacing with nearby computers Xandarian computers she was able to gain processing power. She took control of local transmitters and tore her way into the spaceport controls. While her mind was elsewhere Viridian's parents came into the room and saw her crying. They hugged her and begged to know what was wrong but she didn't really answer. She was had a bigger problem. She was going to need a ship. One with guns.