The Minutes Between

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The Minutes Between
Date of Cutscene: 13 June 2019
Location: Multiple
Synopsis: Summary Needed
Cast of Characters: Professor Zoom, Doctor Doom, Flash

The distraction had gone perfectly. Now, it was just a matter of future-proofing his plan.

Victor Von Doom had gone to the US to capture the new speedster and taken 'Harrison' with him. Given all the information Eobard had found on him while in Latveria, it was easy to notice the lack of impulse control and experience from the newcomer. It made suggesting him an easy ploy. Eobard wanted to examine the boy as much as Doctor Doom did... though for entirely different reasons.

Going over the current framework in his mind, Eobard took his costume ring and launched the Professor Zoom suit from within. Donning it quickly, Eobard left the bathroom fast enough that the Doombots meant to watch over him wouldn't notice.

He only had five minutes... and it was all the time he needed to make this work.

For the first time in weeks, Eobard entered Future Solutions and went right for Gideon's chamber. The red lightning trailing behind him so fast it wouldn't be perceived by any stragglers from staff; there were always a few who liked the overtime bonuses for staying during a holiday, and Future Solutions was no different.

His hand waved over the platform that activated the AI, and Eobard took off his suit hood briefly. "Gideon. Time to wake up. Focus all Speed Force sensors on Central City and begin recording. Set all systems to stealth mode until Barry Allen leaves Central City in the direction of Latveria and ping my ring once he does." The holographic interface flutters to life above the platform, with the talking head interface activating in from of Eobard. "Of course, Professor. I assumed protocol 1 when you didn't check in for over a week, and have been in covert mode since." Eobard nods, "Time to change it up."

With Gideon primed, it was time to set another cog in place.

Suit hood replaced, red lightning trailed behind Eobard as he ran at top speed over to Central City. It was time to set his counterattack in motion.

He had studied Barry Allen for years in the time he was stuck in this insane era. Eobard knew his patterns inside and out. He knew his usual times for doing forensics work, and knew his usual times patrolling the city as the Flash...

All it would take was a note.

By the time Eobard reached Central City, Barry Allen was due to arrive at his lab at the CCPD within minutes. He had roughly a minute to get in and out. More than enough time.

Speed writing the note and putting it right at his keyboard, Eobard made it simple and clear "Harrison Wells is a Doombot. Talk to SHIELD."

It's a matter of seconds, now. He had to get back before his excuse wore thin.

By the time Barry Allen arrived in the lab and saw the note, the Reverse-Flash was long gone.