The White Triangle

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The White Triangle
Date of Cutscene: 29 January 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Mon-El, Andromeda
Tinyplot: The White Triangle

A thousand years from now, Daxam is a thriving planet with some of the most advanced technology in the galaxy. Gleaming cities with silver spires reaching for the heavens will line the horizon, thanks to support from the United Federation of Planets...

But not today.

Today, the surface is a wasteland littered with the pieces of once-great civilizations that have fallen to the mercy of the elements. Vicious storms blow across the terrain every night, with equally brutal wildlife running amok--starved beyond their limits and eager to devour anything that moves. Such is life on Daxam--ever since the day...that fateful day. The day Krypton was rendered to pieces--an apocalypse so forceful that the fallout ravaged its neighbor as well.

Fortunately, there were some who had seen the disaster coming, and not trusting in Krypton's ability to avert catastrophe, had made preparations. Call it paranoid, but it seems paranoia has its uses sometimes. So this is where everyone who survived the fallout is hiding--deep underground in a bunker stocked with supplies enough to last...well, a while. But not forever. It's been some years, that's for sure. No one wants to think about it, but the fact remains that someone is going to have to venture to the surface in search of food and supplies -soon-. Of course, some of those who have volunteered themselves are far from qualified to do the job, and many of those who are don't -want- to go. Normally, these decisions would have been left to the royal family, but since they and the top ranking members of the military left the planet some years ago in search of Crown Prince Lar Gand, heir to the throne of Daxam, the decision has fallen to the next most influential group on the planet--the Sorrow Cultists.

The leadership of the Sorrow Cult has mostly fallen to four individuals, all of whom were discussing among themselves the many issues the people of Daxam were facing. The waning supplies, the absence of the royal family, and who should be chosen to venture to the surface in search of valuable resources. Some have been working on getting an old subspace comms array working, with the hope that they might be able to use it to contact the royal family to inform them of the plight of the people. Maybe they'll have found some much-needed supplies to bring back, even if they have not found the prince.

The array wasn't quite ready just yet, so naturally, they were quite shocked when it suddenly blinked to life, and the image of a mysterious man appeared on the holo-display.

"Greetings, fellow Daxamites."

The cultists stared at the image for a few moments before Suggin, the usual spokesperson for the quartet finally asks, "Wh--who are you?! How did you--"

The man raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Now, now I know you're confused. But please hear me out. My name is Kivune Roxxas. I am speaking to you from the year 3125. The future of Daxam is bleak, but because our ideals have persisted, I believe we can change that...if we play it right."

"What do you mean 'our' ideals?"

"Daxamite supremacy, of course. You know it as the Sorrow Cult--but we know it as the White Triangle." Roxxas explains. "In the future, Daxam joined a galactic federation known as the United Planets. We are, however, limited due to our...weakness to heavy metals. The United Planets has the cure--" he clenches his fists. "but they have been keeping it from us, because they fear our power when exposed to the yellow or blue sun."

"Hmph. Typical foreigners." The other cultists nod in agreement.

"It has come to my attention that a group we know as the Legion of Superheroes, who act as agents of the United Planets, has traveled to the past. In particular, -your- time, and has taken the cure with them. They are currently hanging around the planet Earth, Sol system located in sector 2814. With the yellow star, you will become vastly powerful...given that, it should be an easy task for you to appropriate the serum from the Legion and change the course of history in our favor."

"But, what about the lead poisoning?"

"Ah, yes. Of course, I knew you would ask about that. I'll be sending over some schematics commonly used here in the 31st century--personal shields. You should be able to find the resources necessary to craft them in the ruins of the royal arsenal. They will protect you from the poisoning so long as they are operational. But you must be careful and act quickly--power cells don't last forever. Additionally, do -not- ingest the serum immediately. It must be analyzed and tailored to suit an individual's genetic profile. This will take time, but if you steal it now--time is something we will have plenty of."

Suggin nods. "We may be able to get the hyperdrive working on one of those battlecruisers we saved. We hadn't considered leaving Daxam before for fear of coming into contact with lead, but with the shielding..."

Roxxas nods. "The effort would be well worth it, I promise. Once you perfect the serum, Daxam will become an unstoppable force. History will be turned in our favor." A pause. "Oh, and one more thing--before the Legion traveled to the past--I sent a spy into their midst. A descendant of the royal family as a matter of fact. However, she betrayed me and nearly killed me. Now she's with those Legion fools."

"Her name is Laurel Gand. Find her. Make her suffer. And then kill her."