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Mon-El (Scenesys ID: 954)
"Any courage I do have, I learned it from you."
Full Name: Lar Gand
Gender: Male
Species: Daxamite
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Explorer
Citizenship: Daxam, United Planets
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Private Education - Royal Family
Status: Dropped
Groups: Legion of Superheroes, Justice League, Superman Family, Space-OOC, World of Tomorrow-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 11 November 2005 Actor: Chris Wood
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 86 kg (189 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Mon-El is a member of the 31st Century Legion of Super-Heroes and has traveled back in time over a thousand years with several other members of the Legion to seek a solution to an oncoming cataclysmic event that will affect the future. However, Mon-El and his fellow team members were stranded in the past and scattered to unknown parts in this time. With a shattered memory, lead poisoning, and a ticking time bomb in the future, Mon-El must find a way to make it back to his teammates...and the future, before it is too late!

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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The young man that stands before you seems to exude confidence. From his deep blue eyes, to his unkempt black hair, to the way he moves. He is tall, around 6'2", and appears in his late teens, early twenties. He weighs in at approximately 190 pounds, and is in excellent shape. His athletic, muscular physique is a reflection of his competence and power. Handsome, with a disarming, warm smile and a gleam to his eye, this man appears ready to take on the world, a true Prince of Daxam.


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Lar Gand was born into the Daxamite Royal Family, where he spent most of his time partying, sleeping with multiple women, and indulging in other pleasures with little regard to the plight of the commoner. Although he did not like the way his family treated its subjects, he feared rejection and did not know how to go about enacting change for the better.

When Daxam was devastated in the wake of Krypton's destruction, Lar's bodyguard sacrificed himself to save him and send him to Earth in an escape pod. However, as he was arriving, a solar event caused his pod to crash and resulted in him suffering from amnesia. Kal-El found the crashed ship in Smallville, and named Lar "Mon-El," thinking that since he seemed to gain Kryptonian powers upon exposure to Earth's yellow sun, he must be kin. However, Kal eventually suspected that Mon-El was not Kryptonian when he appeared immune to the effects of a small amount of kryptonite. He decided to test this theory with a larger piece, but inadvertently poisoned his friend due to the lead casing the kryptonite was in. Although it restored his memories, the lead poisoning was irreversible for the Daxamite, and Superman was forced to send Mon-El to the Phantom Zone to prevent the toxin from killing him until a cure could be found, even if it took a thousand years.

Indeed, a thousand years later in the 30th century, the Legion of Superheroes freed Mon-El from the Phantom Zone and cured him of the lead poisoning using a serum created by Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 dubbed XY-4. Mon-El eventually became a full fledged Legionnaire, inventing anti-gravity Element 152 and using it to defeat a "sun-eater". Brainiac 5 later used this element to create the Legion Flight Rings.

Over the years, Mon-El became an invaluable member of the Legion of Superheroes, even serving as Legion Leader twice and Legion Deputy Leader once. The adventures there are history for the future, in the 30th and 31st centuries. Mon-El has also traveled back into the past, traveling to many star systems in the Galaxy and becoming a part of the early history of many of the Worlds the United Planets now call the future.

Currently, several members of the Legion were traveling back in time to attempt to prevent an unknown calamity occurring in the future. Mon-El was flung from the time sphere due to the combined machinations of Glorith, Mordru and the Time Trapper. They are preventing him from returning home, and have somehow robbed him of his memories, leaving him once more without a clue of who he is or where he came from. Therefore, Mon-El must once again set out to find his place in this new world.


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Due to the amnesia inflicted upon him by machinations of various enemies of the Legion of Superheroes, Mon-El is currently rather lost and confused. Though he vaguely remembers his Daxamite upbringing, he has no recollection of all of the noble endeavors he made with the Legionnaires after they cured him of lead poisoning, or even of his affiliation with them at all.

Part of his problem is that he is rather easily influenced by those around him, and it is difficult for him to find the drive to do what's right on his own, which was the main reason for his behavior on Daxam. He can easily lose his way without anyone to inspire him to action, or fall into apathy when surrounded by others of the same complacent attitude. As such he seems to be mainly worried about himself and his own needs, similar to the way he behaved growing up on Daxam. This often manifests as a selfish and uncaring attitude, however, deep down Mon-El is passionate about helping others in need and preserving life wherever and whenever possible no matter whose it is, as well as a strong, even self-sacrificial devotion to virtue and those he considers friends and family. He just hasn't figured out how to put all of that into action again just yet. This has lead to feelings of guilt and fecklessness, so he tends to become focused on himself and feeling good/having fun in an attempt to forget the woes of these unfulfilled desires.

Formerly, he was motivated by his friendship with Kal-El and the other Legionnaires, leading to him become an invaluable asset to the Legion. Now, he just needs someone to come alongside him and be the inspiration that Superman and the Legion were to him before, so that he can once again reach his full potential--and hopefully even regain his memories.


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Mon-El has a photographic memory, able to recall events and details from the past as though he was standing there now. It is like he is looking at a picture of the past event, and he can ascertain details from that picture, including sounds, feelings, smells, etc. His ability to learn is also superhuman, as his enhanced mind can do calculations, learn a new language, or observe events at an enhanced rate.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, his body has absorbed the ability to shift gravity in such a way as to propel himself, through the air, at near limitless speeds or hover in place. Mon-El can easily obtain Earth orbit, and fly from the ground to space in seconds. Mon-El can also maintain near light speeds in space, although to travel any significant distances, he would have to locate wormholes or utilize a spacecraft.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, his senses are magnified under a yellow sun. His vision is enhanced to the point that when he concentrates, he can summon that solar energy and propel it through his eyes in bursts of extreme temperature "energy/heat" rays. These can burn through armor plating in mere moments, and destroy a battleship in seconds. Mon-El has complete control over these beams, and after years of experience in utilizing them, can use them with pinpoint accuracy, able to hit a gun in a criminals hand, or flash wield a damaged building, for example.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, he can absorb the solar radiation of "yellow" stars. This ability provides him with an almost impenetrable energy barrier around his body that is almost impervious to any harm. This includes bullets, lasers, missiles, lightning, explosions, anything short of a nuclear explosion. Mon-El can also survive in extremely inhospitable environments, including space, the bottom of the ocean, gas, a volcano, the arctic, high radiation, without much effect on him. Mon-El's incredible endurance allows him to hold his breath for several hours without needing to take a breath. Due to the serum that Mon-El is taking to prevent his lead poisoning from killing him, he maintains these abilities in other solar environments as well, including red solar environments. It should be noted that Mon-El's invulnerability does not extend to magic, and he can be affected as though he was a normal human being.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, he can absorb the solar radiation of "yellow" stars. This gives him several superhuman abilities, such as super strength, speed, breath, senses, and flight. Mon-El also gains enhanced healing, allowing him to heal from most minor or moderate wounds 10-12 times faster than a healthy human. This does not allow him to regenerate lost limbs. This also increases his lifespan and allows him near perfect immunity to disease. Mon-El also does not need to eat, as he absorbs the energy from the sun directly for nourishment. He can eat, and does enjoy eating when necessary. Mon-El will age slowly while exposed to a yellow sun. He could, theoretically, live for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. Under a blue solar environment, these abilities are also at a superhuman level.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, his ability to absorb yellow solar radiation allows him to expand his lung capacity to a superhuman level. With that enhanced capacity, Mon-El can inhale vast amounts of air, and exhale it at hurricane level gust or at a sub zero temperature level, to freeze whatever he wants to freeze.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, his senses are magnified under a yellow sun. His hearing is such that he can hear at all frequencies, and hear a conversation happening all the way around the world. With concentration, he can pinpoint even the slightest of sounds, and where it is coming from. With practice, he has developed a keen sense of hearing, able to filter out all the background noise and hone in on specific sounds.

Mon-El is fast. Nearly as fast as the Flash on ground, and in the air, unbelievably fast. Mon-El tends to stay under Mach 3 when in the atmosphere, but with these abilities, he can run across water, up the side's of buildings, and maneuver at unstoppable rates, able to literally dodge a speeding bullet, or move out of the way of a laser (if he knows it is coming). These speeds allow him to read a book in seconds, do small menial tasks in moments, and change from costume to civilian clothes in a moment.

Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, he can absorb the solar radiation of "yellow" stars. While on Earth, this gives him superhuman levels of strength, making him the equal of an adult Kryptonian, such as Superman or Supergirl. Mon-El can tear a battle tank apart with his bare hands, hurl a Battleship into orbit, or punch through a building in seconds.


Due to Mon-El's Daxamite/Kryptonian heritage, his senses are magnified under a yellow sun. His vision is enhanced to the point that he can see things happening on the ground when he is in orbit around the planet as though he was standing right there. With concentration, he can even see down to the subatomic level. Mon-El also has X-Ray vision and can easily see through walls, clothing, armor, the ground, and into vehicles, except when covered by lead.


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Mon-El has received hand-to-hand combat from some of the best fighters history has ever known. Val Armorr (Karate Kid) has taught him many martial arts, and he uses those in combination with his superhuman abilities with amazing efficiency. He is an above average combatant in hand-to-hand, and is also familiar with a myriad of weapons, including melee, firearms, energy weapons, and advanced technological devices from the future. It would be rare for him to resort to these, however, and he is a bit rusty.

Mon-El has been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future, a prisoner of the Phantom Zone, and a galactic traveler in the 21st century. In all those years he has picked up a myriad of skills and knowledge from several hundred alien races. He knows politics, technology, cultures, science and history of several races he has come in contact with, and is familiar with the Intergalactic Community at large.

Mon-El has traveled from one end of the Galaxy to another. With his enhanced abilities, he has learned several languages from the intergalactic community, and even those on Earth. Mon-El knows most Earth languages, and most languages of the United Planets, including Interlac. Mon-El also knows Kryptonian and Daxamite, as well as Khundish, Dominator, Kree, Shi'ar, Skrull, to name a few.

Mon-El was born to rule. As the eldest son of the Royal Family of Daxam, he has received training in leadership from the best their world had to offer. Mon-El is a natural leader, charismatic, and confident. An above average tactician and strategist, Mon-El has discovered that he is actually an excellent leader, when called to serve in that capacity, and doesn't shy away from the spotlight when placed in charge. Mon-El does not have a problem taking orders, but he has no problem stepping up and taking command when necessary.

Mon-El is a talented first responder. Although not a medical Doctor or surgeon, he is a capable medic. With his special abilities, he can utilize his vision, speed, breath, and vision to operate in emergency situations, and has been the Legion battlefield medic many times in the past (future).

Mon-El always wanted to be an explorer. To explore the stars, meet new life and new civilizations. To travel to distant stars. He has done that, and through that, discovered that he is a talented navigator. Mon-El is as comfortable traveling in space as he is on a planet, and is able to discover wormholes, identify stars, and pilot through space without difficulty.

Mon-El is very efficient at flying advanced aircraft and spacecraft, from this century and the future. He is also an above average "flyer", under his own power, as he has spent years training in using his abilities against the worse the Galaxy has to offer. Although it may take a few moments to become familiar with a 21st century craft, he will get the hang of it in no time. Usually.

Mon-El spent many a yawn filled day learning about politics. Local politics. Regional politics. Planetary politics. Interplanetary politics. Intergalactic politics. Although he was not an apt student, he learned how to walk through the political mine fields of a complicated political schema. This developed in him a set of specific diplomatic skills that he can use, whether talking politics over dinner, or negotiating a terorist event.


Mon-El was always interested in scientific knowledge growing up. As an advanced intergalactic race, the Daxamites have many advances that Mon-El knows and can use. Mon-El has also spent several years in the future, and can remember some of that advanced technology and science. He is not on the level of Brainiac 5 or Dream Girl, but he could hold his own in an scientific conversation. He is also a skilled mecahnic, and has a talent tinkering with spacecarft, from advanced engines, shields, and equipment.


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Mon-El has made a lot of allies in his years of traveling to other worlds and other times. Many of these contacts he can call upon for aid if necessary, such early members of the Justice League (when he was in the past the first time), members of the UP, and future allies not relevant in the 21st century.

Mon-El's costume is made of futuristic, self-repairing Daxamite technology, tougher than anything on Earth. Any damage that the costume takes will heal over time, depending on how significant the damage is, from hours, to days. Mon-El also has sub-atomic hidden "pouches" on his belt, with a few odds and ends, just for the right moment. This allows him to store his civilian clothing and Legion items, such as his telepathic plugs, transuit, and omnicom. It also contains a few doses of the anti-lead serum he needs to survive.

Mon-El became a full fledged Legionnaire after inventing anti-gravity Element 152 (or Valorum) and using that to defeat a "sun-eater". This element was used by Brainiac 5 to create Legion Flight Rings. This ring, which is keyed to each individual's DNA, allows the wearer to fly under its own power through the wielder's mental control, traveling at near mach 3 speeds if necessary. Although Mon-El doesn't need this aspect of the ring, it has other abilities such as: a communicator, able to talk to other people who have flight rings, capable of communicating at a distance of light years without lag!

Mon-El has kept his Legion gear and usually stores them within the hidden "pouches" on his belt. These include: Omnicom, an information storage/retrieval and scanner device; Telepathic plugs, allowing him to communicate with others even in hostile environments, like space or alien worlds or translate languages unknown to Mon-El; Transuit, which allows a person to survive in hostile environments, like space or alien worlds.

Mon-El became a full fledged Legionnaire in the future, and has been a stalwart member ever since. He has been Legion leader, deputy leader, and been on thousands of missions for the team. He can call upon them for help when necessary, and they can call on him. When they are around, or available. Right now, that includes the members currently in the 21st century.


Mon-El must ingest a serum created by Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 every 10 days to two weeks in order to stave off the effects of the lead poisoning that he has contracted. If he does not ingest this serum, in a short period of time, Mon-El will die of lead poisoning. This serum can be re-created by Mon-El, but Brainiac 5 can do it more efficiently and effectively. The ingredients of the serum are rare in the 21st century, but not impossible to find. Currently, Mon-El has enough serum to last 1-2 months.


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Daxamites are not vulnerable to Kryptonite, they are vulnerable to lead. When exposed to inert lead, the Daxamite goes into shock, similar to an anaphylatic reaction. This will, in a short period of time, cause cardiac arrest and death. This can be from seconds, to minutes, to hours, depending on the amount of the exposure. This poisoning is uncurable, and there is but one way to prevent death, and that is with the Legion serum created by Imra Ardeen and Brainiac 5. This serum must be administered on a bi-weekly basis, or the serum breaks down, leaving the person vulnerable to the lead in their system. It should be noted that /constant/ physical contact with lead still affects Mon-El by weakening him to mostly human levels, but lead bullets or short term contacts would just sting and bruise. His suit, lined with inertron, prevents most of this, but it still affects him.

Mon-El's invulnerability does not stop magic attacks or effects. Mon-El can be affected by magic just like any normal human without protection.

Many of Mon-El's enemies are of incalculable might and evil. They number amongst their ranks, Glorith, Time Trapper, Mordru, the Fatal Five, and many others, most of them incarcerated at Takron Galtos in the 31st century. Mon-El also has enemies in the 21st century as well. Most are not of Earth, and are dated from when Mon-El was in the past years ago. Over the centuries, Mon-El has made many enemies, and they would very much like to see him fall.

Mon-El's metabolism requires the solar energy of a yellow (or blue, for example) sun to power his abilities. Without the yellow sun's energy, Mon-El reverts back to a normal average "human" being, without his super abilities, over a period of time. By pushing his abilities, he can drain them, so he can be weakened this way. It should also be noted that the red sun's radiation does not sap his powers while he has been taking his serum to prevent lead poisoning, a side effect of the ingredients in the serum.



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Brood Invasion: After Extraction June 20th, 2021 Lar gets his Broodling extracted by Shi'ar doctors on a flagship. Supergirl is there for support as Star-Lord and Gamora have a reunion. Lar ends up being taken on the Javelin as the Titans and League head back to Earth.
Brood Invasion: Extraction June 14th, 2021 After a scouting mission turns into a Brood ambush, the Guardians, Titans, and Justice League get together to save Lar from being Brooded right as a Shi'ar/Brood fleet battle starts.
Brood Invasion: The Second Rumor June 6th, 2021 The Milano heads for a remote Shi'ar system to investigate a distress call... only to get ambushed by the Brood. Guest starring Lar, who becomes Brood chow. For now.
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Science Fiction Double Feature October 10th, 2019 Legion boys talked about relationships and feelings.
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The Dreaded Question October 6th, 2019 Brainiac and Invisible speak to Del Gand again. This time he's a lot less grumpy. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! September 29th, 2019 Grail comes onto the station, interrupting sushi night, and Mon-El is super aggro. Kara shouts! And Captain Marvel commands!
A Colossal Boob September 15th, 2019 The Legion continues to deal with the situation on Theseus.
Theseus Fallout September 11th, 2019 Grail shows up and has a less than pleasant conversation with the Legion while they are dealing with the fallout of the incident on Theseus.
So, about those Daxamites... August 31st, 2019 The Guardians head back to Theseus for their 'client' to retieve something important. Lar and Beta Ray Bill set to work on helping the survivors of the invasion while Star-Lord offers to bring help off-world.
A Royal Family Matter August 25th, 2019 The Legion sets out on a 'diplomatic' mission to help Lar reconcile with the Daxamite Royal Family, but things get messy when when Tyran'tar, Grail, and the Guardians of the Galaxy become involved.
Oops August 14th, 2019 Mon-El goes to intercept a 'ballistic missile' that was heading right for the Legion cruiser... only to end up in a brawl with the Hulk all the way up into space and faking out of the fight. We also learn Lar isn't a fan.
Not Her But Me August 13th, 2019 Lar confides in Lyle regarding woman and family troubles...
A Human and some Gods Walk Into a Coffee Shop August 12th, 2019 A casual coffee shop hangout gets awkward when some old baggage is stirred up.
Toil and Trouble August 6th, 2019 Dispersed Legionnaires return to the cruiser.
The Dangers of the Business July 29th, 2019 A number of people come to the rescue of the Guardians as a small bounty hunter fleet hunts them across Nova Empire space
Weapons faire! July 28th, 2019 People learned of many things.
Red, Blue, and Gold July 27th, 2019 Impulse runs into Supergirl and Mon-El after escaping Doom-Bekistan!
The Great Darkness July 25th, 2019 Lar learns some new and very disconcerting details about what happened on Apokolips from Kal.
Five Alarm Fire: Spanish Harlem after the Fourth of July July 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Log 8248 July 10th, 2019 Summary needed
Age of Despair: Epilogue June 23rd, 2019 Mon El comes to the Fortress to check on Kal El, and they have a chat, almost discussing...feelings. Plus - what is Kal doing?
Evil Resonance June 22nd, 2019 Hapless Professor summmons Demon. Innocent bystander transformed. Books burned. Chaos. Magic is a pain in the ass.
Taking In the View June 11th, 2019 An unlikely team-up of Mon-El and Crazy Jane defeat the plans of an even more unlikely villain.
This Looks Like a Job for... Um June 9th, 2019 Supergirl attempts to save a diving Lexcorp helicopter, while Star Shimmer and Mon-El do the heavy lifting. She didn't help. But Lex Luthor got to see her in action.
The Tale of Walter June 8th, 2019 Ice cream and social conversation
placholder June 8th, 2019 Summary needed
JL and Age of Despair: Epilogue June 8th, 2019 The ending of the Age of Despair TP, with the heroes of the Justice League, banding together to bring Superman back from the abyss!
Sentinels: Mall held Hostage June 6th, 2019 A mutant goes berserk at the mall, causing Sentinel and vigilante reactions.
Bad Omen June 5th, 2019 Mon-El stops by to check on a CDC quarantine in New York. Belonwu fills him in about a possible bioweapon.
Age of Despair Part IV: Assassination May 1st, 2019 AN assault on the JL Watchtower was thwarted by the combined might of the Justice League and her allies, at the cost of losing Superman to the minions of Darkseid. Next target - Apokolips!
Subway in a subway April 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Looking for Lar April 10th, 2019 Mon-El is attacked by alien mages on the streets of New York city. Snake Eyes intervenes, then debriefs the Daxamite
Daughters of Daratar: Afterparty April 7th, 2019 An eclectic group of adventurers mingles at a party in deep space.
A word from a man with no voice April 1st, 2019 Snake Eyes is in Starling for some RNR, Lar is visiting family and Sabrina is on the hunt for reagents for an unknown spell. Conversation follows.
Keeping The Lights On March 29th, 2019 Summary needed
Catch Me If You Can March 28th, 2019 Freddy takes a friend home
Age of Despair Pt 3: Apokolips March 26th, 2019 Through tremendous sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, the Justice League was succesful in rescuing Superman from Apokolips! Although he is near death, there is hope he will recover.
The Darkness March 19th, 2019 Age of Despair Pt 2: The Darkness. Tune in next week to see if our heroes, having pierced the veil will remember their vows of righteousness! Can they save their beloved friend without becoming what they fear? Will there be casualities? Who will survive: Apokalypse!
Daughters of Daratar: Epilogue March 15th, 2019 Sindr and Janz bring Thea and Teya back to their father and collect payment.
War of Words March 5th, 2019 Summary needed
A Prayer for Hell's Kitchen March 4th, 2019 Summary needed
Pantheon the Social Worker March 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Perilous Plots Primed in Pursuit of Power February 28th, 2019 Criminals attempt to ambush an armored car convoy but are stopped by the timely intervention of Snake Eyes, Mon-El and Arella Despana
Haunted Watchtower February 13th, 2019 The Enchantress attacks the Justice League in the Watchtower in an attempt to make them slaves. Although defeated, Superman is now missing!
Daughters of Daratar: Arena Aftermath February 9th, 2019 Star-Lord and crew learn the whereabouts of the enslaved princesses, and plan their approach.
Daughters of Daratar: Escape from Arcadia February 9th, 2019 The Guardians of the Galaxy and company rescue space princesses.
Trying not to Fan Girl! February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: Girls Worth Fighting For January 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Catching Up At Pop's January 19th, 2019 Lar comes to visit Kara and confesses some worries about a strange encounter with a strange woman.
Daughters of Daratar: Investigating Omega January 17th, 2019 Tyran'tar signs up for a fight.
Daughters of Daratar: How To Fight a Daxamite January 10th, 2019 Star-Lord and Sindr meet with Brainiac 5 to discuss the upcoming arena match, as well as other goals.
Flawless Amethyst January 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: A Follower's Prayer January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: Double Date January 4th, 2019 Gigas registers himself, Sindr, and Aphrodite for an arena match on the lawless planet of Omega.
Gridlock December 7th, 2018 Summary needed
When Nature Calls December 5th, 2018 At a Stockgen press release a lot of things are learned, and ahhh! Monsters!
Daughters of Daratar: Alpha & Omega December 4th, 2018 Star-Lord investigates Omega and makes some interesting discoveries...
Visitors from Heaven November 22nd, 2018 Alek wants to learn more about aliens.
Back Alley Brawl November 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Most Creative Title November 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Shakespearean Composition November 18th, 2018 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar November 17th, 2018 Summary needed
A Botched Date November 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Tea and biscuits with Kat and friends October 7th, 2018 Summary needed
A Dangerous Toy October 2nd, 2018 Summary needed
Pool Night at Josie's September 25th, 2018 Pool night at Josie's brings and odd collection of heroes to the table.
night at the shelter September 4th, 2018 Summary needed
Touch of a Speedster Angel August 11th, 2018 Summary needed
Hugo Building Opening August 1st, 2018 The Hugo Building opens at last! Naturally that's when the rockstars, gangs and ninja show up!
Catching Up July 22nd, 2018 Drake and Lar finally catch up after not speaking to each other for weeks. They're all good still.
Sharing A Drink July 22nd, 2018 Summary needed
Walker's Cay July 21st, 2018 Summary needed
Briefing the New Guy July 15th, 2018 Summary needed
Apartments and Relationships July 14th, 2018 Summary needed
Planetary Matters July 11th, 2018 Kara, Lar, Zod and Johnny protect New York from falling debris, but an argument breaks out among the aliens regarding Krypton and the decisions of the El family.
Revelations in the Rain July 5th, 2018 Selene and Lar open up to each other on a rainy day in Central Park.
Secrets of the Royal Family June 18th, 2018 Laurel seeks to understand the reason behind her ancestors' hostile actions.
I Will Always Love You June 6th, 2018 Lar receives some much-needed encouragement from Kara.
A most curiouse Sound May 23rd, 2018 Summary needed
Special Delivery May 21st, 2018 Someone signed Mikh up to be a Legionnaire, apparently without his knowledge. But it was just what he wanted anyway!
The Last of the Kryptonians May 14th, 2018 When Kryptonians need saving, having lots of non-Kryptonian friends really helps!
Log 4426 May 10th, 2018 Summary needed
Who's Asking May 7th, 2018 Gigas has a job to do.
A Breakup and a Reunion April 22nd, 2018 Breakups are hard. Reunions are even harder.
Unexpected Conversations April 16th, 2018 Mon-El consults with Superman. Supergirl is an unexpected surprise at the discussion.
Late Night Potstickers April 15th, 2018 Lar visits Selene again.
Mars' Roamers April 11th, 2018 Lar and Bjorn help deal with each other's problems.
Nuala Duvall vs. The Swarm April 11th, 2018 Summary needed
The Legion: 21st Century Chapter April 10th, 2018 Laurel and Lar discuss expanding the Legion's roster.
Romeo and Juliet April 9th, 2018 Drake doesn't agree with Lar's decision regarding his relationship with Kara.
Tahiti is a Magical Place April 8th, 2018 Clint and SHIELD help Lar regain his lost memories.
These Great Memories April 7th, 2018 Drake and Lar make memories together, and talk about relationships.
A Central Park encounter April 4th, 2018 Hulk and Crusader have a chat... before Starr shows up and provokes the Hulk into a chase across the city.
Housewarming: Moar Chatter, Less Prep! April 2nd, 2018 Skye and Clint hold a housewarming, and their friends live up to all expectations making it uniquely theirs.
The Key To Everything March 31st, 2018 Lar gets examined by SHIELD, and warns Clint about the White Triangle.
Quaint Little Two-Story March 3rd, 2018 Summary needed
Further Assessment February 26th, 2018 Clint and Skye get to know Vicky.
Identifying the Haters February 20th, 2018 Nuala and Lar discuss the identity of the attacker at the crash site.
Rising Tide: Mutant Town Aftermath February 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Vicky's Playground February 20th, 2018 Vicky is trying to be a better friend to Lar.
Rising Tide: Mutant Town Under Siege February 19th, 2018 Mutant Town falls under siege from a weirdly coordinated attack by anti-mutant groups. And they got their hand on a power dampener to boot! But don't worry, not everyone is helpless without their powers.
Belated Valentine's Day February 19th, 2018 Lar attempts the V-day thing with Kara.
Siteseeing. February 18th, 2018 Lex Luthor wants a look at the wreckage of the White Triangle ship.
Practice Makes Perfect February 18th, 2018 Lar helps Drake practice using his powers to his advantage.
I Told You So February 17th, 2018 Vicky is upset that she might get never go to space again.
Attack on Knowhere February 17th, 2018 Vicky is attacked by an army of drones on Knowhere. Fortunately, friends new and old come to her defense.
Encephalopathy, Maybe February 16th, 2018 Laurel and Lar discuss what to do about the remaining White Triangle member who is still at large.
Whoever Magneto Is February 15th, 2018 Summary needed
Crash Site Investigation February 14th, 2018 A crash investigation turns out to be more than Nuala can handle alone. Luckily, she gets help!
Tokens Of Affection February 14th, 2018 Kara and Lar spar in space.
Visitors On the Cruiser February 13th, 2018 Lar gets one expected and one unexpected visitor on the Legion cruiser.
Revenge of the White Triangle February 12th, 2018 Laurel and allies deal with White Triangle terrorists.
Heart To Heart February 10th, 2018 Vicky makes a new friend.
Brooklyn Brawl February 9th, 2018 Gregory and Faora get in a fight. Lar just watches.
Rising Tide: Joining Forces February 8th, 2018 Clint and Mon-El meet to discuss Vicky and using Legion tech to help the Avengers get around the Rising Tide's shut down of the internet.
Rising Tide: Riot Control February 7th, 2018 While trying to get some riots under control, Vicky finds new friends.
The Price of Victory February 5th, 2018 Vicky gets a real taste of her new master's true nature.
From the Shadows February 2nd, 2018 Lar meets with Clint in Brooklyn.
Chocolate & Twitter February 2nd, 2018 Laurel and Lar discuss SHIELD, humans, and chocolate.
Believe In Yourself a Little February 1st, 2018 Kara gives Lar a little pep talk and helps him practice not breaking things.
Guotie January 30th, 2018 Drake, Lar, and Kara meet Selene at a restaurant in Chinatown.
Rising Tide: Talking about Rising Tide January 29th, 2018 Drake, Lar and Kara talk about the government and hot girls and why both sometimes can't be trusted.
Honest To a Fault January 29th, 2018 Drake and Lar walk in on Kara talking about a breakup with Laurel. Awkward conversations ensue.
Watching the Overwatcher January 28th, 2018 Jessica and Drake hang out in his apartment, later Jessica went to outer space with Supergirl and Mon-El, before they met with Captain Marvel.
Mishaps at a bar January 25th, 2018 Damn illegal aliens; they took our jobs!
Eric Burtman becomes Film Freak January 24th, 2018 Film Freak sends Romano "Professor Chaos" Quaid, a local drug user that owes the Mafia money, to blow up Gotham Mercy Hospital, while Film Freak is inside killing a gangster that messed around with the wrong lady. Lar Gand comes to the aid of the young boy before he can do evil, and sees through Film Freak's disguise as Dr. Eric Burtman, but allows Film Freak to escape custody in order to give Romano a shot at life.
Drake is home! (But in one piece January 22nd, 2018 Dazzler, Green Lantern and Lar pays a visit.
To Love is To Be Strong January 18th, 2018 Kara gives Lar advice and a little tough love. Continuation of 3677.
Heroes Never Die January 18th, 2018 Drake gets a tour of the Sol system.
Drake is the new Jimmy Olsen January 18th, 2018 In which Kara visits Drake for a bit. Lar shows he's not good at empathy.
Justice For All January 17th, 2018 Bombshell saves Starr from getting punched by a Daxamite.
Goodbye Best Man January 16th, 2018 After the encounter with Glorith, Drake is still somewhat delusional, and Lar is depressed.
A Woman Scorned January 15th, 2018 Glorith's unrequited love for Mon-El has disastrous consequences for the Legion and friends.
Laurel's Place January 14th, 2018 Laurel, Drake, Lar, and Kara socialize at Laurel's new apartment.
Threat from the Stars January 13th, 2018 Alpha Flight and some of Earth's space heroes (and one anti-hero) play live-action Asteroids! New high score!
You Know How Ladies Are January 13th, 2018 Lar clears up a misunderstanding caused by Livewire with Johnny Storm.
Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice January 11th, 2018 Superboy, Power Girl, and Mon-El socialize and discuss some of Mon-El's current problems...
Overwatch Finals Afterparty January 8th, 2018 Drake and his friends are celebreating his team's victory at the Overwatch League Finals.
Poker Face January 5th, 2018 Lar uses his abilities to cheat at a card game, leading to a fight. Kara intervenes.
Lar sees pretty lights! January 3rd, 2018 Summary needed
Rough and Tumble January 2nd, 2018 Laurel, Lar, and Bombshell go to a hockey game.
Burgers in Times Square December 31st, 2017 A lot of people really like burgers.
A case of the (milk) shakes December 28th, 2017 An ordinary day at a restaurant in Riverdale turns into another mess that Kae has to clean up.
A Case of the Shakes Pt 2 December 28th, 2017 Continuation of 3505.
Potential December 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Hey I Just Met You December 27th, 2017 Supergirl and Mon-El connect over being a foreigner on planet Earth.
Wrong Turn at Albuquerque December 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Sharing the Christmas Bounty December 21st, 2017 Clark, Cyberdragon, and Lar help at a homeless shelter in the Suicide Slums.
Steak Night December 21st, 2017 Drake hangs out with his new alien friends at Wild Joe's.
Log 3442 December 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Darkness Falls With a Thud December 19th, 2017 Summary needed
Times Square Meetup December 18th, 2017 A diverse group of young aliens and metahumans run into each other at a skating rink in Times Square.
Our house, in the middle of our street.. December 17th, 2017 Breath and Invisible Kid deal with a domestic disturbance.. then somebody throws Mon-El through the building and it becomes an evacuation.
Hanging Around Harlem December 16th, 2017 Drake gets to meet more of Lar's friends.
Normal Everyday Life December 14th, 2017 Drake and Lar discuss 'normal' life things like internet, food, clubs, girls, and true love.
Square One December 12th, 2017 Summary needed
Shenanigans December 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Oh Grife December 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Cell Phone Shopping Network December 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Proper Introductions December 8th, 2017 Summary needed
The Hunted: Collateral Damage December 8th, 2017 Summary needed
A Bad Day At Work December 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Option 1 With a Side of Ass-Kicking December 5th, 2017 Summary needed
I Just Want You For My Own... December 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Get the Lead Out December 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Enchanted Grounds November 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Close Encounter Of The Mon-El Kind November 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Bullies Gonna Bully November 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Outgunned November 25th, 2017 Lar Gand shows he is closr to Superman than Kenan is
'Boxing' in Central Park November 25th, 2017 Vanya and Lar 'box' in Central Park.
Grand Central Conversations November 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
New Kid On the...Planet November 21st, 2017 Mon-El meets more locals at the Metropolis Museum of Natural History.
Log 3212 November 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Log 3208 November 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Crown Prince Lar Gand of Daxam November 20th, 2017 Invisible Kid tries to jog Mon-El’s memories back without much success.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind November 19th, 2017 The leading Legionnaire has returned...only there is a slight problem.
All the King's Horses October 5th, 2017 Brainy's back, but not really all in one piece yet. Reassembly is a family affair.
Revelations September 21st, 2017 Lyle explains what's going on. As best he can. It's awkward.
Can I go? Huh? Can I? September 5th, 2017 Timber Wolf visits Mon-El and expresses a desire to take on more duties...on Earth. (after "Clean-Up Crew")
A Small Scene August 21st, 2017 Summary needed
We Are Legion August 20th, 2017 Sometimes even superheroes need to play.
Fallout August 12th, 2017 Mon-El and Lyle have a chat.
The Most Electrifying Man... July 22nd, 2017 Garth is here, and Brainy has a mission
Orders Are Orders July 22nd, 2017 Lyle isn't happy. Lar is supportive.
On The Bridge July 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Reconstruction of the Fables June 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Three Times The Fu June 20th, 2017 Triplicate Girl appears in Central Park to reunite with her beloved Legion members with supplies to get them home ... but it's not going to be that easy.
Step Four: Throw Away the Plan June 14th, 2017 Lyle and Brainy, theorizing again. Mon-El wanders in for a while. After he leaves, a little alcohol makes its appearance and the lab rats engage in some soul-baring.
LSH in the 21st Century June 11th, 2017 The Legion plays Roulette's game, for the life of their teammate!


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The White Triangle January 29th, 2018 Summary needed


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