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Andromeda (Scenesys ID: 1023)
Full Name: Laurel Gand
Gender: Female
Species: Daxamite
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Legionnaire
Citizenship: United Planets
Residence: Metropolis
Education: High School (equivalent)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Legion of Superheroes
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 27 July 31st Century Actor: Emilie de Ravin
Height: 188 cm Weight: 73 kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue-Green
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A 30th-century scion of the royal family of Daxam, and relative of the famous Legionnaire Mon-El, Laurel Gand was still a child when she foiled a Khund invasion of her homeworld. Forced into hiding to avoid the Khunds' reveng, she joined the Legion herself to aid in rebuilding the galaxy after the devastation of the Magic Wars. Now, trapped in the 21st century, she fights alongside her friends in the Legion of Super-Heroes to make the universe a better and brighter place!



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A very tall young woman in her late teens, Laurel Gand is dressed in a long-sleeved red tunic and a blue pleated miniskirt; her belt buckle has a prominent Legion "L". Her long blonde hair spills over the top of a long blue cape, fastened to her tunic with a pair of huge gold buttons. A pair of red knee boots cover her feet, and a Legion flight ring gleams on her ring finger.


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Laurel Gand was born in the 30th century on Ricklef II, an inhabited asteroid in the Daxam system, where her mother -- a member of Daxam's royal Gand family -- commanded a key space defense installation. While Laurel was still a child, the station was infiltrated by agents for the hostile Khundish Empire, who killed all other station personnel in order to disable Daxam's defenses to invasion. Seizing her opportunity, Laurel was able to trap the infiltrators and then use the auxiliary control room to activate the station's defenses and destroy the invading Khund fleet.

The vengeful Khunds declared young Laurel an enemy of the Empire, and, when they began sending assassins to Daxam, the planetary government decided that she would need to go into hiding in order to be safe. Sending her to Earth, the capital of the United Planets, they placed her in an orphanage under an assumed name so that she could complete her education in relative peace. Toward the end of her schooling, she was discovered by members of the Legion of Super-Heroes and invited to join, with her Daxamite physiology giving her vast superhuman powers when under a yellow sun.

At present Laurel is still one of the younger and more inexperienced Legionnaires, having joined in the aftermath of the devastating Magic Wars, which caused immense suffering and severely damaged the galactic economy. She's done her best to assist the team in rebuilding, but now finds herself thrown back a thousand years in the past thanks to the machinations of some of the Legion's many enemies.


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In an alliterative nutshell: Laurel loves life. There's so much to do! There's so much to see! And, being a Daxamite superheroine from the future, she can do and see a whole lot of different things. While, yes, she does sometimes get depressed or discouraged, nothing really gets her down for very long; she's more likely to go out and do something about whatever's bothering her than she is to sit glumly around her quarters.

Although she's fun-loving and optimistic, she's got a sense of responsibility that keeps her from descending into sheer self-serving hedonism. She's out to make the universe a better place, and do what she can to keep anyone else from having to grow up orphaned and in hiding from assassination attempts by galactic space empires.

Laurel is an odd mixture of confidence and uncertainty. On the one hand, she has total confidence (probably too /much/ confidence) in her powers and what they can do. On the other, being isolated for much of her youth has left her a little hesitant in dealing with social situations where she's not /sure/ she knows what the right thing to do is ... or situations where her powers just aren't any use. Punching supervillains is one thing, but even with superspeed and super-strength, monumental tasks like trying to restore a planet devastated by alien invasion can overwhelm her.

Although she's not a Silver Age character, she certainly has a bit of Silver Age in her. She'd never be described as a "hyphenated heroine" -- anti-heroine, tragic heroine, tormented heroine, etc. She's just a heroine.


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Laurel has phenomenal recall, and is able to recall events and details from the past as though she were experiencing them in the present -- right down to sounds, smells, etc. When empowered by solar energy, she also has enhanced learning ability, and can solve problems at superhuman speed.

Laurel's Daxamite physiology allows her to fly by generating a gravitational field. She is skillful enough to engage in combat while doing so without hampering her effectiveness, and can hover in place. Laurel can go from ground level to Earth orbit in a matter of seconds, and can reach near-light speeds in space. She can comfortably make trips around the solar system and nearby on her own, but requires use of spacewarps or spacecraft for interstellar travel.

Like all Daxamites, Laurel is capable of focusing solar energy through her eyes to generate laser-like heat rays. At their maximum temperature, these beams can melt metal, burning through armor plating in mere moments and, if skillfully employed, destroy a battleship in seconds. Used at lower power, they can weld metal, cook food like a microwave oven, or even evaporate water like a hair-dryer. She is capable of sufficient accuracy to hit a weapon in the hands of an opponent.

Like all Daxamites, while empowered by solar radiation, Laurel is protected by an almost impenetrable energy field surrounding her body. Whether bullets, lasers, missiles, bombs, lightning, or flame, she's largely impervious to harm from anything short of nuclear weapons. She can survive in extremely hostile environments: vacuum, high-pressure, extremes of heat or cold, toxic or corrosive chemicals, or high radiation have little effect on her. She has superhuman endurance and can exert herself at full power for extended periods before beginning to tire. The anti-lead serum invented by Brainiac 5 allows her to maintain these abilities even under a red sun. However, her invulnerability has no effect on magic -- mystical attacks or abilities affect her as though she were a normal human.

Like all Daxamites, Laurel can absorb the solar radiation of yellow-spectrum stars. This gives her a variety of superhuman powers equivalent to those of a Kryptonian: superhuman strength, speed, breath, senses, and the ability to fly. Laurel also gains enhanced healing, allowing her to heal from most minor or moderate wounds 10-12 times faster than a healthy human (although she cannot regenerate lost limbs). While empowered by solar radiation, her lifespan is substantially increased, permitting her to live for hundreds or thousands of years; she also enjoys a near-perfect immunity to disease, and need not breathe, eat or drink (though she can do so if she wishes), instead deriving nourishment directly from the sun. Blue-spectrum solar radiation is also capable of powering her superhuman abilities.

Laurel's Daxamite physiology provides her with a superhuman level of lung capacity. She can inhale vast amounts of air or other gases, and exhale it with hurricane force, or at a sub-zero temperature in order to freeze her target. Since she does not need to breathe, she can retain whatever she inhales for long periods (e.g., inhaling poisonous fumes until she can find a safe place to exhale them again).

Laurel's senses are greatly magnified when under a yellow sun, allowing her to hear conversations happening all the way around the world, or pinpoint even the softest of sounds and identify its source. She can hear all sound frequencies, and -- with concentration -- can ignore background noise to focus in on specific individual sounds.

Her Solar Energy Absorption grants Laurel speed and reflexes many times that of a normal human. Literally faster than a speeding bullet, she can dodge gunfire or catch high-speed projectiles, move faster than the human eye can follow, or avoid a laser (provided she knows it's coming). While not quite as fast as The Flash, she's still quick enough to run across water or up the side of a building, perform menial chores almost instantly, or change from costume to civilian clothes (and vice versa) in the blink of an eye.

As it does for all Daxamites, Laurel's Solar Energy Absorption provides her with vast superhuman strength, making her the equal of a Kryptonian of similar age and build. She can demolish armored battle tanks with her bare hands, hurl a battleship into orbit, or punch through a building in seconds.

Like all Daxamites, Laurel has greatly enhanced vision when empowered by solar energy. She can see as if through a high-powered telescope, able to read a newspaper on the surface of a planet while in orbit around it; or as if she were using an equally powerful microscope, allowing her to see at the subatomic level with sufficient concentration. Furthermore, her X-Ray Vision can penetrate almost any substance other than lead, allowing her to see through walls and inside vehicles.


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As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and a resident of the 31st century, Laurel knows a fair amount about the state of the galaxy in 3017 AD, its politics, technology, culture, and science. She is, however, relatively new to the Legion, and older, more cosmpolitan members will know much more than she does.

Laurel has received instruction in hand-to-hand combat from some of the Legion's most expert fighters, but, as a relatively new Legionnaire, she herself is not yet particularly skilled. Relative to the rest of the Legion, she is slightly below average as a combatant (if superhuman powers are ignored). She has shown little interest in weapons of any sort, and, although she is familiar with the standard-issue police and military weapons of the 30th century, she may not recognize 20th-century weapons or their capabilities.

Besides her native Daxamite language, Laurel is fluent in Interlac (the lingua franca of the 31st century), English, and Khundish. She can make herself understood in Kryptonian or Dominator, and knows a smattering of a few other United Planets languages, but she has not applied herself to learn more thus far.

As a Legionnaire, Laurel has been trained in basic first aid, and is knowledgeable enough to treat minor injuries, and help keep those with more serious wounds stable until expert medical help arrives. She's familiar with any specific medical requirements of United Planets species that have had members serve in the Legion, and of most other common U.P. member species.

Laurel is capable of flying the Legion's various aircraft and spacecraft, although she rarely bothers with the former. Although skilled in using her own powers of flight, she is at best an average pilot when it comes to artificial means of transport -- good enough to get a spacecraft to its destination when everything is routine, but far from the best choice in combat or otherwise hazardous conditions.

As part of a galactic federation, and a native of a highly advanced spacefaring world, Laurel knows how to identify and use a variety of highly advanced technology -- most of which, alas, she has no access to while in the 21st century.


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Laurel makes use of a serum originally developed for Mon-El, which has been further improved and adapted specifically for her physiology by Brainiac 5. The serum permanently eliminates her vulnerability to lead poisoning (although she still finds lead unpleasant to touch, and it remains impervious to her X-Ray Vision). Because the serum is supposedly permanent, Laurel has not bothered to learn how to create it herself, and does not usually carry any additional supply. If the serum were somehow deactivated or nullified, Laurel would regain her vulnerability to lead (and would likely contract lead poisoning in short order).

While this version of the anti-lead serum does protect other Daxamites from lead, it is adapted specifically to Laurel, and will rapidly cause mental illness if used by anyone other than her.

Laurel wears a costume made of advanced self-repairing Daxamite fabric, far tougher than anything made on Earth. If it were to sustain damage, the costume would gradually repair itself over time, restoring itself to new condition in anywhere from a few hours to a few days (provided it is not completely destroyed). The costume has a small number of storage pockets that contain Legion equipment such as her transuit, telepathic earplugs, and various other small personal items.

Besides the ubiquitous Flight Ring, the Legion provides members with other useful items of equipment, including:

* Omnicoms, an iPad-like device providing 30th-century scanning, information storage and retrieval.

* Telepathic Earplugs, which permit communication in a vacuum or other hostile environments, and are able to translate languages that Laurel can't understand.

* Transuits, a transparent space suit that provides protection against hostile environments and can shield Laurel from the harmful effects of lead poisonining in the event that Brainiac 5's serum should fail.

The Flight Ring, created by Brainiac 5, is a small gold ring with the Legion "L" emblem. When worn by the person whose DNA it's programmed with, it allows flight under the wearer's mental control, at speeds up to approximately Mach 3. While Laurel can fly under her own power (usually!), the Flight Ring also provides instantaneous voice communication with a range of several light-years, as well as a distress beacon to call for help from the Legion over greater distances.

As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Laurel can call on her teammates for assistance when necessary (and vice versa). As one of the more inexperienced Legionnaires, however, she may not command the same respect as her more senior teammates.


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Unlike their Kryptonian ancestors, Daxamites are poisoned by lead rather than by Kryptonite. Exposure to even small quantities of lead causes a reaction similar to anaphylactic shock, and will eventually be fatal -- normally within a few hours, although very large quantities of lead can kill much more quickly (in as little as a few seconds). A 30th century anti-lead serum can prevent death from lead poisoning, although, unless specifically adapted for a particular subject by a 12th-level intelligence, the serum will need to be administered regularly in order to remain effective.

Even when under the effect of the anti-lead serum, constant contact with lead remains uncomfortable for Daxamites and causes their powers to weaken -- although short-term contact (e.g., from bullets, or if struck by lead weapons in combat) will have no major ill effects.

The Legion of Super-Heroes has a long list of enemies, and Laurel's membership in the group and use of its iconography ensures that those enemies will be hostile toward her, even if she personally has never encountered them.

Laurel's Daxamite invulnerability is of no use against magical effects. Enchantments or magical attacks affect her as though she were a normal human. (Attacks that do damage through use of nonmagical objects -- e.g., throwing a naturally occuring boulder at her, or collapsing a building on her -- are not considered 'magical attacks' for this purpose.)

Laurel's powers are dependent on the energy she absorbs from a yellow (or blue) sun; if deprived of this solar radiation, she will eventually lose all her powers, becoming (essentially) a normal human. The time it takes for her powers to drain varies depending on how much and at how great an intensity she uses them; if she exerts herself too far beyond her usual limits, she can be weakened even when under a yellow sun.

The anti-lead serum developed by Brainiac 5 has the side-effect of allowing Laurel to metabolize red sun radiation as if it were yellow. She can still lose her powers if she goes for too long without being exposed to solar radiation of any sort, however.


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