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Ben Grimm (Scenesys ID: 1310)
"It's Clobberin' Time!"
Full Name: Benjami Jacob "Ben" Grimm
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Four Freedom Plaza, NYC
Education: Empire State University (MEng)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Fantastic Four, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 30 August 1982 Actor:
Height: 183 cm (6') Weight: 227+ kg (500+ lbs.)
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Blue
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At six feet tall, the stony-skinned caricature of a man known as Ben The Thing Grimm shouldnt seem to loom over almost /everyone/ but considering he is almost as broad at the shoulders as he is tall, that extra mass lends him a physical gravitas that is hard to overcome. Bereft of hair, his head.. Nay his entire exposed body, is covered in a dermis of an orange flexible rock-like substance. His arms are massive, as are his legs,and both his massive feet and hands only having four digits a piece. But as strange, frightening even, as he may look his eyes are a beautiful rich blue and completely human.

It must be hard t find clothes to fit a body such as his but Ben, luckily, has all the resources of the Fantastic Four to aid him. He wears the dark blue shorts with their white waistband and a tight armless stretch shirt, the same color, sporting the stylized Fantastic Four logo.


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Born on Yancy Street in New York City's Lower East Side, to a Jewish family, Benjamin Jacob "Ben" Grimm had an early life of poverty and hardship, shaping him into a tough, streetwise scrapper. His older brother Daniel, whom Ben idolized, was killed in a street gang fight when Ben was eight years old.

Following the death of his parents soon after, Ben was raised by his Uncle Jake (who had married a much younger wife, Petunia) He comes to lead the Yancy Street gang at one point.

Excelling in football as a high school student, Ben received a full scholarship to Empire State University, where he first met his eventual lifelong friend in a teenaged genius named Reed Richards, as well as future enemy Victor von Doom. Despite their being from radically different backgrounds, science student Richards described to Grimm his dream of building a space rocket to explore the regions of space around Mars; Grimm jokingly agreed to fly that rocket when the day came.

After finishing college, and having earned multiple advanced degrees in engineering, Grimm joined the United States Marine Corps where he was trained as a test pilot. Following this, he became an astronaut for NASA and was one of their youngest Pilots

A few years into his career, Grimm once again crosses paths with Reed, now a successful scientist, Richards has built his own spaceship but the government denied him permission to fly the spaceship himself, Richards plots a clandestine flight. Holding to his college promise, Grimm piloted the experimental spacecraft carrying not just Reed but also his fiancée Sue Storm, and Sue's brother Johnny.

Ben's preflight worries became prophetic when cosmic rays bombarded the ship and forced them to land. The exposure to these rays granted the 4 amazing powers, but robbed Ben of his human appearance. He became a rocky-skinned, super-strong monster. Morosely taking the Thing as his heroic name, he joined the other 3 in founding the Fantastic Four.

Now years later as a part of the worlds superhero first family, and on his own, Grimm has proved himself one of the major heroes of Earth and has fought innumerable menaces, from the mundane to the towering cosmic, alongside his family The Fantastic Four, and the rest of Earths Mightiest Heroes.

It hasn't always been easy for the ever lovable blue eyed Thing. Bens acceptance of his inhuman appearance has come only after years of soul-searching, and even now he sometimes rails against his fate. His companions esp. Reed, who feels guilty about Bens plight have tried to help him deal with his transformation. But with his family at his side as well as the kindness of those who have seen past his craggy exterior, Ben has learned to Ben cope with his condition and has persevered.


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Ben is often depicted with a gruff, tough exterior and can appear grim (no pun intended), but is actually very kind-hearted and well liked among other heroes. Stubborn and sometimes hot tempered, although that often turns out to make him very determined, enthusiastic and brave, rarely, if ever, gives up a fight.

Despite his tough and gruff attitude and personality, he has at times, although seldom, shown to lightly tear up during extremely touching moments, proving he does have a sensitive side beneath his hard disposition. He is also often sarcastic, quick to throw a wise crack.

Ben was frequently grumpy and gruff following his changes, and the limitations they've placed on him. Yet he still maintains a wide-eyed sense of wonder at some of the things he gets to do. He gets frustrated at having to be so careful, relishing the opportunities to let loose, and enjoys facing opponents against whom he doesn't have to hold back.

He does undergo periods of severe depression when he prefers to avoid others. These are often triggered by people reacting with horror at his appearance. He's remained friends with Reed, whom he has forgiven for the accident. He developed a big-brotherly sense of irritation, with Johnny, and sense of affection for Sue and the children. He also will always stand up for the underdog and hate to see the weak picked on or hurt. He often complaining about how superheroes never think about the damage they cause to both places and people.


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One of Ben's remarkable qualities is his extreme willpower. Whatever obstacles may come, he would try until he overcomes them or dies. In fact, during one fight, despite suffering severe injuries, he kept coming back, making his opponent remark that while he could break every bone in Ben's body, he could never defeat him, as he could never break Ben's spirit, and forfeited the fight so that he wouldn't be forced to hurt Ben anymore.

Though his senses aren't superhumanly acute, his five senses can withstand greater amounts of sensory stimuli than he could when he was a normal human being, with no reduced sensitivity. This was demonstrated during the Fantastic Four's first fight with the Hulk. While the sonic boom caused by Hulk's thunderclap knocked out the rest of the group, Ben was barely phased, only sent slightly back due to the accompanying shockwaves.

Ben possesses a smooth, rock-like hide as a result of exposure to cosmic rays. The mutagenic process caused his musculature, bone structure, internal organ composition, soft tissue structure, and skin to greatly increase in toughness and density. The rock-like composition of Ben's body renders him highly resistant to physical injury. Ben's body can resist extremely powerful impact forces, such as the force of the Hulk's punches (the Hulk is far above class 100, which makes his punches devastatingly strong). He can also withstand exposure to high levels of explosives, such as being struck full with bazooka shells, without sustaining injury. His body can also withstand extreme temperatures. However he couldn't withstand being slashed by Wolverine's adamantium claws, and sustained facial injury, making adamantium one of the few things that can pierce Ben's nearly impenetrable body.

Ben's advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a normal human. At his peak, he can exert himself for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to affect him. Incidentally, Ben's lungs are of greater volume and efficiency than a normal man's, enabling him to hold his breath underwater for up to 9 minutes, despite the fact that he used to smoke.

Ben's primary superhuman power is his great physical strength. Initially, he was only strong enough to ten tons but over the years, through rigorous training and further mutation his strength has dramatically increased to the point where he can lift well over 100 tons (sometimes referred to as Class 100). And he is STILL getting stronger. He can deadlift even more weight, exponentially, basically using his strength times his durability to act as a prop for much heavier items. His feats have included successfully holding back a giant alien spacecraft from jettisoning from Earth, lifting an oil rig and stopping a multiple story building from falling over and lifting it back into place. Other feats include holding bridges main cables together for an extended period.


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Ben is a fully trained NASA astronaut as well as a pilot, versed in all the technical and survival skills required for manned space missions.

Even before his transformation Ben was a skilled athlete, especially in the sport of Football.

Ben has been trained in military hand-to-hand combat techniques, he has trained and competed as an amateur boxer, he is a very skilled wrestler and he has years of street-fighting experience from growing up on the mean streets of New York City where he had many altercations due to his gang involvement. He has trained in judo and jujitsu. Ben has combined this training and experience into his own unique and effective style of brawling, which he has used quite effectively against a veritable 'who's who' of strongmen in the comic universe (both heroes and villains); many of whom are physically stronger and/or more durable than he is.

Contrary to what people may think, Ben isn't simple. In fact he has multiple degrees in engineering including Mechanical, Structural, Aeronautical and Astronautical. He may not be at Reeds level, or even a PhD, but he is more than capable of repairing, building and even designing complex mechanical machines

Not quite a vice, Ben is a skilled gambler especially in the game of Poker. He is renowned for his travelling poker game, which heroes and villains alike secretly clamor for an invitation to.

Ben is a skilled Saxophone player.

A skilled test pilot for the Marines, then for NASA, Ben is trained, experienced and highly skilled at piloting a multitude of varied aircraft; including many invented by his friend and teammate Reed Richards.


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Due to the reputation of the Fantastic Four, Ben has connections with other groups and can call on them for assistance when needed.

As a member of the founding family for superheroes, Benn has access to any and all resources that the Fantastic Four have made, or will make, available. From unstable molecules (for clothes) to the many vehicles (Fantasticar, Pogo-Plane, etc) to a whole range of strange and wonderful devices (Universal Translator, H.E.R.B.I.E., Computers) designed and built by his best friend. And, of course, he has access to the Fantastic Four themselves.


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The world may see The Thing as a Pleasantly Grump but otherwise happy monster, but there are just as many people who see JUST the monster. His friends sometimes think he has gotten used to his status but deep inside he is lonely ad depressed a lot of the time and any spark of hope that could alleviate those can sometimes be used to manipulate him.

His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Ben loves his family more than anything else in the whole universe and will do whatever he can to protect them, especially his godchildren Franklin and Valeria. He would not only risk himself and others to protect them, but would sacrifice his very life to ensure their safety, no matter how small the chance.
As much collateral damage as he caused in his career as a superhero, Ben has an undying guilt about those who have been hurt by his and other heroes actions. He will risk himself to save an innocent person even if it means the mission fails.


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