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Date of Cutscene: 11 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: June Connor, Slipstream, Karai

June drops to one knee before her master, dressed in her shozoku minus the mask. Her hair, shaved on the sides, drapes over one side, exposing the numerous piercings on her ear. "You wanted to see me?" she says, eyes to the ground.

Karai stands over her, looking down through displeased eyes, the red scarf that so clearly distinguishes her hangs around her neck, partly covering her face. "Yes," she says. "Kasu spoke with me," she says. "He told me about what happened during the mission to remove Tien Wu from our list of problems."

"They were more prepared than we expected," June answers, her eyes still downcast. "We were not able to destroy him, but he was apprehended by the police."

"Yes, which makes it more difficult to get him. He was wanted for many crimes, and is highly defended. That failure is disappointing enough, but that is not my primary concern," Karai answers, a scowl on her face. "My primary concern is /how/ he was arrested. When Kasu and Robert were captured, instead of aborting the mission, you enlisted the help of not only your old acquaintance who is now an Avenger, but also a Green Lantern."

Karai suddenly snaps her foot out, catching June squarely in the face and sending her sprawling backward onto her back. She scrambles back, on her hands and knees.

"They knew nothing, only that -" June starts to protest.

"Silence!" Karai barks with a spit. "For years we have operated in silence. We have taken control of financial resources, information access, technological development. We have done all this with purpose, a purpose which your simple mind cannot begin to understand. You are a tool, and you have a use. Your use was to kill Tien Wu. Your use was to do it silently. Your use was to protect the secret of our existence. I was far too lenient when you drew Drake Winters' attention. After we sent someone to intimidate him, I thought you would not be so stupid as to continue contact with him. I clearly showed poor judgment, and should have executed you both and been done with it."

June's eyes go wide, and she shakes her head. "No, master," she pleads. "I would never betray our fami-"

"You have already betrayed us!" Karai interrupts, drawing her sword. "Your chance at redemption has expired."

Two nearby Foot grab hold of June, bringing her to a table already stained from the blood of previous executions. They throw her down, holding her to the surface, chin hanging over the edge as she protests violently. "No! Please!" She begs as Karai approaches with her katana. June looks over to see the blade, and it passes out of her vision as Karai raises it to deal the final stroke. "I can give you Drake Winters!" she screams out. "If he dies, all of the information dies with him. He's in the Avenger Mansion, it's too hard to get to him, but I can lure him out. The Lantern doesn't even know who we were, just that he wanted her to help. Please let me restore my honor!"

She closes her eyes, bracing for her final pain, but instead, the flat of the cold steel comes up beneath her throat. "I would just assume kill you and be done with it," Karai answers quietly. "But our secrecy is more important than my loathing for a miserable wretch such as yourself." She nods, and the two other Foot release her. June scrambles off the table, and bows deeply.

"This will be your last warning, genin," Karai says with a finger point. "I will be sending a special team to deal with Drake Winters. You will follow their exact orders, or your life will be forfeit."