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Virgil (Scenesys ID: 1570)
"i'm a what-now?"
Full Name: Virgil Aimes
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Trainee
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Brooklyn, New York City
Education: Brooklyn Technical High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 1 September 2006 Actor:
Height: 186 cm (6'1") Weight: 83 kg (180 lbs)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
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A New York native, Virgil is a former serviceman with the USMC. Sometime during bootcamp his latent and relatively recent powers were detected, at which point he was recruited by SHIELD. He is still very uncertain about his powers and whether they're a boon or a curse, but he seems happy to continue forward with the best intentions.



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A military-standard high and tight haircut tops this youth's head. Only recently has he begun to grow it out again, and even then, almost entirely on top as he has been apparently been keeping the sides shaved. His skin is a bit parched and burnt in places, but for the most part he is just tanned. Beneath thick eyebrows, his eyes are some variation of hazel depending on the weather, and he tends to have a rather alert look to him, even when he is otherwise lazing around. A strong jawline draws attention to a small scar across his chin. The majority of the young man's facial features strike a fine line between "boyishly handsome" and "manly Marine."

A shade taller than the average person, his build is healthy and athletic. Not necessarily the sort who spends four hours a day in the gym, but certainly exercises regularly enough to stay in good shape. He tends to keep himself well-manicured, and his hands are seldom dirty, though he occasionally does sport a bit of dark gunk beneath his fingernails that suggests he isn't afraid to dig in and fix something himself.

The garments he wears are simple: a plain deep blue long sleeve shirt with three small buttons at the top, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His legs are covered by a pair of plain unadorned Carhart khaki pants, neatly pressed and only faintly stained near his feet where he has been outside. Beneath the pants he wears some simple hiking boots, neatly laced up all the way.


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Early Life:
Born in Brooklyn in 2006, Virgil Aimes is the oldest of three children. The son of Mary and Walter Aimes, his father an ex-con who currently works for an industrial facility while his mother works for a local bodega. Born into a rocky situation, things were never easy in those early years for Virgil. Despite being an ex-con, his father was seldom the problem, because while Walter was a drunk he was a friendly drunk - - spending the family's money, perhaps, but also not flying off the handle at the slightest provocation. It was Virgil's mother, Mary who was the hard one to live with.

Most of his formative years were spent dealing with his mother, and trying to keep his siblings from needing to weather the storm beside him. His younger siblings being twins, a boy and girl, Jack and Samantha.

As a boy dealing with a rough hand, Virgil learned quickly to take care of himself and to find help where it could be found. He learned to be the adult of the family, to wash the dishes when they needed washing, to get money from his parents before they'd go out drinking so he and his siblings could eat and buy groceries, and to make sure that all of them got to school on time. But he also learned how to deal with the system, and to use it to his advantage. He learned to talk to his teachers and get them to understand his home situation early in a school year, and to deal with social workers so his family wasn't split up.

In school itself, he was a moderate student at best. He had a certain knack for history and math, and was usually at the head of the pack in gym classes, but he wasn't the sort to stand out. He had plenty of friends, both the sort to get into trouble and the sort to get great marks, but he walked a middling path because of his obligations at home, and his drive to take care of his siblings. If he'd gotten into trouble, who would get his brother and sister up in the morning, and if he spent all night studying, nobody would clean up. Not that he couldn't do both, but he was never really given the opportunity to find out who he was as a child.

Teen Years:
Continuing into his teen years, Virgil started to see that his brother and sister were learning to take care of themselves to the point that he didn't need to anymore. So, inevitably freed him from some of his responsibilities as a pseudo-parent, he finally started to learn who he was.

The culmination of his efforts coming in his sixteenth year when he finally got a job working at the same plant his father had been working for for the past twenty years. A job that his father helped him get cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors for Landry Chemicals. It was also during this brief summer job that he learned that when his father wasn't drinking, he was actually a pretty stand-up guy.

That's where he got his powers.

Of course, unlike some, there was no slip, no spill, no error on anyone's part. No oddly uncovered vat of chemicals. There was no secret conspiracy to cover it up, and had anything happened to Virgil requiring medical attention, he likely would have been well compensated by the company who are otherwise, stand-up sorts. See, Landry Chemicals is a vague name, but their chief money maker is the storage, breakdown and recycling of all the weird stuff that comes out of facilities in the tri-state area.

On one night in 2023 when a bit of mystery material was combined with a bit too much solvent resulting in the smallest smallest spark of energy. A moment later, that smallest bit of energy translated into a flash of light. Virgil on his back for a few seconds with a ringing in his ears, then back to work as if nothing had happened. He'd slipped, nothing broke, just a bit too quick with his mop. No record of it exists. Footage long deleted as extraneous.

There were no immediately obvious effects. He didn't even sleep in the next day.

While nothing changed outwardly, and no obvious powers were evident something deep in Virgil's genetic code had been triggered. Changing him at a cellular level to stop ignoring cosmic background radiation, and to start absorbing it. Of course, anyone can tell you that background radiation is hardly worth measuring, but over time, it has started to change him. Because instead of discharging the energy, it seems to be fueling a perpetual state of change. Albeit rather slowly.

Graduation and Enlistment:
While his powers were still growing and adapting, he was finishing out high school. Getting his first girlfriend, and going on dates and doing his best to finish high school on time. Between the girlfriend and high school, he was finally experiencing life outside of home, and with that taste of freedom the idea of joining the military first started to circulate in his mind with his seeing something on the local news about Captain America.

The idea took root, and he started to change.

He got a haircut to fit in with the life he intended to follow, he started exercising more regularly, reading books by former soldiers, and watching movies with a sort of rapt attention. All resulting in a new lifestyle, that led him to a new girlfriend, and eventually, to an enlistment office in the middle of his senior year.

After graduating, he said goodbye to his brother, sister and girlfriend and jumped on the bus to bootcamp. At some point during bootcamp someone with a rank started to question his rather above average physical nature as a matter of standard protocol and he was flagged for evaluation.

That evaluation eventually detected a buildup of energy throughout his cells that was altering him at a cellular level. The system kicked out an alert, and within a week he was moved to a SHIELD facility for testing.

While he'd been preparing to become a Marine, he'd studied the Marines. Immersed himself in the mindset and mentality of a Marine. When Virgil arrived at bootcamp, he was months ahead of his peers not as a soldier, because he'd still never shot a rifle, but as a young man ready to become a soldier. He understood the machine he was about to become a part of.

SHIELD was new.

SHIELD was /not/ what he had signed up for. But, the young man is nothing if he is not a patriot, and he understands that if SHIELD says he is a danger to others, they'll do what is best for everyone. He didn't like where things seemed to be headed, but he accepted them.

After a great many personality evaluations, both living and written, some written assessments, a few obstacle courses, some wheels were set in motion. Even though his powers will continue to grow as he absorbs more radiation, and a decision was eventually made. Someone with clearance and possibly an eye-patch decided that it was better to see a potential young asset trained than just sitting around waiting to see if he'd explode. Better to use him while he was there to be used.

That was a few weeks ago.


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A charming young man with many good qualities, Virgil is loyal, kind hearted, and outgoing. He joyfully seeks out adventure, and friendship, and seldom misses an opportunity to make a joke. He is a champion of the poor and down-trodden, and a firm believer in the whole notion of truth, justice and the American way. As an albeit rather short-lived soldier, he honored the code of war, but also understood that sometimes the tough decisions weren't necessarily the most palatable ones. His biggest personality flaws are also some of his strengths. He tends to see his country as an unfailing beacon of goodness, and might follow leadership a bit blindly, he sometimes tries to be friendly with people he shouldn't be, because he never learned certain boundaries, and he can be a bit of a jerk when he is annoyed.


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At this point, he's a bit like a microwave. He can make your water hot if he wraps his hands around it, or stares really forcefully for half a minute, but he isn't throwing waves of energy around.

By projecting energy through the bottoms of his feet, he is able to subtly lift himself a few inches into the air.

When he inevitably takes damage more than his improved resilience can handle, he has a moderately improved ability to recuperate. Able to heal something like a broken bone in days rather than weeks, and clotting a gunshot wound that might otherwise be fatal or lead to organ failure/death.

The enhancements to his cellular structure have improved motor cognition and foot speed which is also directly proportionate to the increases in his strength. As such, Virgil's top foot speed is somewhere short of peak human, but faster than he would be otherwise.

The source of his power, Virgil is highly sensitive to and able to absorb radiation, turning it into transformative energy that slowly changes him over time. The amount of radiation he can absorb without suffering burns and other problems is among the many things that seems to be slowly increasing over time. This ability also allows him to sense sources of radiation within a few hundred feet.

Still at its fledgling levels, Virgil has a level of resistance to wounds that mostly extends to not bruising, being slightly more resistant to cuts and contusions, being slightly more resistant to blunt force trauma and a greater ability to handle extremes in temperature. He's essentially "a tough guy" but still clearly needs to be wearing body armor in dangerous situations.

Altered cellular structure has improved Virgil's strength by perhaps 125% to date. Making him stronger than he would be otherwise, but nowhere near peak human.


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He was trained in the Marines to learn basic hand to hand combat skills enough that he can survive against a non-com, and he can shoot a rifle. He is working to improve these skills as a SHIELD trainee.

Virgil was in bootcamp nearly the full length of it. He recognizes ranks, knows the drills, can clean and field strip a weapon, and understands the idiosyncrasies of life in the military. These skills mostly translate to the fact that he naturally tends to keep hospital corners on his bed sheets, his shoes are usually clean enough to see your reflection in them, and he has a compulsion to salute in some situations.

Unlike many New Yorkers, his training has afforded him the ability to drive a car. Stunning!

Never before Camp Lejeune had Virgil even spent a night outside, but he has received enough training that he could survive for a short while on his own in the greater outdoors. But he is not a hardened survival expert.


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As a trainee and potential asset to SHIELD he has some resources at his disposal, but mostly it just means a potential paycheck. Maybe someday it might mean he gets a gun. Assuming he doesn't cause the ammo to cook off in the handle.


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Virgil's family make for suitable leverage. His father is always flirting with potential problems because of his status as an ex-con, his mother is a mean drunk, and his brother and sister are still young and impressionable enough that they could be easily manipulated to in turn manipulate Virgil.

Virgil runs really hot, warm enough that if someone had thermo graphic scopes or imaging of some sort, they could easily find him, making for the worst game of Where's Waldo, ever. He also can't really enjoy cold things unless they're really cold, and if he gets excited, can cause things like ammunition in a handgun to explode. (Hopefully someone figures that last thing out before it happens.)

Being deprived of radiation has a deleterious effect on Virgil. His cells are still effectively normal in that he gets sustenance from things like food for the time being, but they also seem to require at least background radiation to maintain him in good health. When he is deprived of background radiation, say, if he were to be kept in a specially lined cell, he would become sick and start to exhibit symptoms equivalent to a very nasty flu.

As Virgil's cells adapt and learn to absorb more radiation, his power grows, but he can't just step up to Chernobyl and become Superman on the spot. His body seems to require time to adjust at a natural pace. Such that if he were to, for instance, step into the hottest of hot radiation zones, or get blasted by some radioactive powers, he'd fall into a coma for several days until his body could discharge the excess buildup.


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