World on Fire

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World on Fire
Date of Cutscene: 21 August 2021
Location: New York - Somewhere in the woods
Synopsis: Not everything was mentioned in that text message Micro found
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)
Tinyplot: Digging Up The Past

Today was rough.

Nick should have had that feeling when Bucky brought him back to the safehouse but perhaps deep inside he still had a strong streak of denial. He's gotten good at that now. World on fire. Everything's fine.

It was peaceful enough. Spend a bit of time in the quiet of the woods. Maybe rest up. Just lay low a few days and things will be back to normal.

He had been sleeping. But then that phone call came.

For some damn reason his aunt was being targeted. And Nick had been tasked to do something in a few minutes what he couldn't accomplish in years: Get Fiona Hannigan to leave Hell's Kitchen. And to add to it, with a guy who she never met and was likely armed to the teeth.

Nick's call got disconnected at some point but from what he could hear, he did succeed. Which means he could go back to sleep. But that probably wasn't going to happen. Tired. Exhausted. But can't sleep. He could do the meds again but considering what was going on he probably should not make himself dead to the world today.

And it's a good thing he didn't.

Sitting quietly in a tree, Nick watches a couple figures down below, willing them not to look up. As he found out a while ago, the cabin is no longer safe. And with the time spent up here, the musician had time to ponder the why as well as options. He's got to be careful for several reasons. Nick already slipped up once today.

A few more minutes click by before he's sure they moved far enough away. The burner phone Bucky gave him is pulled out and considered before Nick starts typing.

'House found. Left. Sorry about rug and lamp.' Another cautious glance is given downwards before he hits send. He slides the phone back into his pocket.

How many more are there? Hard to tell in the woods.


He sighs. Someone finally looked up. Guess slip ups is going to be a given today. But he can at least make sure getting killed is not going to be one of them.

Nick's form starts to shift to something darker. A jagged scowl erupts from the shadow that now forms his face. Claws extend from his fingertips as he leaps down, avoiding what was being shot up at him.


Guess no more hiding.

( Pairs along with scene 13706/Digging Up The Past: Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place)