Digging Up The Past

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Digging Up The Past
After Nick was targeted, the Punisher began looking into why. He discovered the unsolved murder of Nick's mother and started investigating. Secrets are about to be revealed. Is Nick ready for it?
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Phantasm (Drago)
Groups Involved:
Target Audience:
Rating & Tone: PG-13 for violence and language


Part I - To Catch A Killer - Brief Synopsis

While looking into reasons why Nick Drago may have been targeted during a failed abduction attempt, Punisher comes across an old cold case file involving the murder of his mother, Eileen Hannigan. Considering the quick nature the case was buried, there is suspicion of something not being on the up and up. Punisher feels the need to look further into it whether the son wants to or not.

Over the course of Punisher's investigation to the cold case, a few feathers are ruffled. Karrin Murphy, who had some minor ties to Nick, gets pulled into questioning by a DEA Agent. Through the course of investigation involving physical break ins, some higher end intelligence breaches and some mostly peaceful interrogations, Frank, he finds out several things. The name of the murderer, Malcolm Moretti, a hint to where he may be, and that Nick's father, Savio, is not who people play him out to be. Malcolm Moretti is tracked down and punished. Savio Drago, who has been stuck in long term joint operation between DEA and DHS (Operation Groundbreaker), is forcefully extracted.

And that's when all hell breaks loose...

Part II - Welcome to Hell

Punisher shows up at Wade Shaw's condo to provide Nick with a condensed version of his findings regarding his mother's murder and the status of his father. During this time, a raid is conducted of the condo building by DHS. During the course of the raid, Nick is nearly shot .

Looking into matters, both Punisher and Bucky sense there's more going on than an attempt to apprehend Punisher. They each go about on their own investigations, Punisher gets wind that Bucky is looking into matters. A meeting is arranged and after determining each other's motives, they decide to work together. Kind of. Some notes are shared.

When enough information is gathered to make a case against some higher ups, there is an attempt to arrest the key figures. This ends up leading to a mad dash to save several innocents from hits that were put out on them. The safe house Nick is stashed in is breeched which eventually leads to the revelation that was initially considered a basic corruption case has HYDRA tied to it.

Further investigation ends up pulling up information on not just Groundbreaker, but several other HYDRA projects. One of which had Nick listed as a subject in it. With the new information, Bucky advises Nick to officially register with SHIELD to reduce some of the threat HYDRA poses to him. Also with Nick registered, Bucky can fully move forward to put a stop to the other projects. Nick agrees to this.


Punisher, Karrin Murphy, Oracle, Phantasm (Drago), Buffy Summers, Winter Soldier, Captain America, 10070, Quake

Other Information

Part I - To Catch A Killer - Notable NPCs
Detective Ryan Anderson - retired GCPD Detective. First on scene of the murder investigation. Taken off the case when the DEA stepped in. Provides Frank with his notes on the matter.
Gaylord Green - Reformed criminal, served his time, now has a kid. Also a childhood friend and unwitting accomplice to Malcolm Moretti
Malcolm Moretti (Deceased)- Slime. Also had a kid. Had. Also the man to blame for the incident that lead to Eileen Hannigan's death
Nils Schwizer - DEA agent, Initially thought to be dirty but turns out to be Savio's handler
Savio Drago - Nick's father and long term undercover operative

Part II - Welcome to Hell - Notable NPCs
Wade Shaw - Friend, agent, and former band mate of Nick. Nick lived in his condo until DHS raided it. Wade is also managing Nick's tour schedule
Colby Schmirler - Former US Army - Corpral. Former DHS. Recruited into DHS by one Alonso Stuck and the one who took a shot at Nick during the condo raid
Alonso Stuck (Deceased) - Former US Army - Sergeant First Class. DHS Deputy Director of Operations ; HYDRA operative
Captain Vincent Xydias (Deceased) - NYPD - Hell's Kitchen - Crooked cop.
Zachary Walters (Deceased) - NYPD - Hell's Kitchen - Crooked cop - Sent after Schwizer
Robert Clayton - Former US Army - First Sergeant. DHS Director of Operations; HYDRA operative
Fiona Hannigan - Nick's aunt. Had custody of Nick from when his mother died to when he turned eighteen.
Dr. Emmanuel 'Manny' Willison - Nick's first therapist. Retired.
Deangelo Santan (Deceased) - DHS - Head of the team that raided the condo and safehouse; HYDRA operative
Dexter Mcgee (Deceased) - DHS condo/safehouse breach team; HYDRA operative
Garrett Daniels (Deceased) - DHS condo/safehouse breach team; HYDRA operative
Fred Givans (Deceased) - DHS condo/safehouse breach team; HYDRA operative; Colby's roommate
Isaias Evernham (Deceased) - DHS condo/safehouse breach team; HYDRA operative; Colby's roommate
Dennis Moretti (Presumed Dead) - Son of Malcolm Moretti, One of Nick's childhood tormentors who nearly killed Nick. Has been missing ever since
James Smith (Arrested) - Part of Dennis Moretti's group of friends / Sent after Wade Shaw
Lawrence Hill (Captured) - Childhood tormenter / Sent after Willison
Charles Sinnott (Deceased) - Childhood tormenter / Sent after Willison
Adam Moren (Deceased) - Childhood tormenter / Sent after Willison
Alisa Howell (Captured) - Not real name. Sent to kill Schmirler at the hospital


Title Date Scene Summary
Digging Up The Past - As You Were October 27th, 2021 Nick and Bucky decide to make it Official
Digging Up The Past - Confessional September 14th, 2021 Punisher finds Clayton to be less than cooperative.
Digging Up The Past - Late Withdrawal September 10th, 2021 Punisher catches a show and robs a bank
Digging Up The Past - Finding The Baseline September 8th, 2021 Punisher looks through Clayton's home to uncover what secrets he can find
Digging Up The Past : Friend or Foe September 3rd, 2021 Bucky comes by to get an idea to what Wade is like and a get second opinion on Nick
Digging Up The Past : Hydra and Seek August 29th, 2021 There's not many places one can hide from Frank Castle
Digging Up The Past - Laying Low August 27th, 2021 Bucky has a problem and it is staying in his safehouse
SHIELD shorts: Stuck for words August 26th, 2021 Alonso Stuck is finally brought to task, but the HYDRA agent has one last trick in mind...
SHIELD shorts: Cabin in the woods August 25th, 2021 A clean up reveals a HYDRA plot, forcing James Barnes to do things the hard way... by the book.
Digging Up The Past: Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place August 21st, 2021 Bucky and Punisher race the clock to prevent the dangers that arose during Stuck's apprehension
Digging Up The Past: Thank God For Stupid Bad Guys July 23rd, 2021 Let's compare notes
Digging Up The Past: Back to Cape Coral July 14th, 2021 Bucky lost his job at Door Dash...
Hooked on a Feeling May 28th, 2021 Still buzzed, Bucky sets out to share in his good mood. Hydra has other ideas.
Digging Up The Past: Salutations, Savio! May 23rd, 2021 Bucky temps for Door Dash. Really That's it. ^________^

He also visits Nick's father.

Digging Up The Past - Visit to the Studio May 22nd, 2021 Punisher swings by to give Nick some information on his father
Morning After May 20th, 2021 After patching up Spike, Buffy leaves with Chinese takeaway, then bumps into others who want a piece of her..Or something.
Last Second Visit May 18th, 2021 Bucky swings by to give Nick an update, and asks for a referral
It's just a LITTLE favor. May 17th, 2021 Skye agrees to help Bucky despite the risk because well... it's what friends do.
A Person of Interest: Condo Edition May 16th, 2021 Summary Needed
Just another night in Hell's Kitchen March 4th, 2021 What happens when you take a questionable deal in the kitchen? Captain Vincent Xydias is about to find out.
Digging Up The Past: Say Cheese II December 15th, 2020 Bucky fills in Nick and Steve on what he found looking into Colby Schmirler
Digging Up The Past: Say Cheese November 22nd, 2020 Colby Schmirler gets paid a visit by the Winter Soldier
A Quiet Afternoon In Westchester November 8th, 2020 Buffy meets Nick at Harry's to find out what happened at the condo
What A Mess October 30th, 2020 Bucky comes by the condo to assess the damage. Nick has to make an important decision
Digging Up The Past: Meeting of the Minds October 25th, 2020 Punisher and Savio discuss DHS
Digging Up The Past : Poor Wade October 20th, 2020 Buffy asks Wade what happened at the condo
Digging Up The Past : Revelations October 19th, 2020 Punisher comes by with some news for Nick. Others come by with gunfire
Digging Up The Past: Slaying the Dragon October 2nd, 2020 Punisher sets out to end the Savio Drago story the best way he knows how
Digging Up The Past: Schwizer Is Not Happy August 21st, 2020 Microchip calls Schwizer with a warning
Digging Up The Past : Finding Malcom Moretti August 7th, 2020 (implied torture warning) Moretti was going to have a bad day. His mouth made it much worse.
Digging up the Past: A Side-Trip August 4th, 2020 The Punisher attracts more attention than he intended with a meetup address. Both Batgirl and Karrin get a courtesy call.
Digging Up the Past: A Few Questions... July 30th, 2020 Karrin has questions. Nick has a grenade.
Digging up the Past: Karma Comes For Schwizer July 28th, 2020 The questions don't come as nicely for Schwizer
Digging Up The Past : The Burden of Gaylord Green July 27th, 2020 Frank seeks out the accomplice
Digging Up the Past: Old Colleagues, New Questions July 23rd, 2020 Karrin is called into GCPD by her old Captain, Bernie Ohls, to talk with the most annoying DEA agent in the world.
Digging Up The Past : The Ballad of Dective Anderson July 22nd, 2020 Punisher heads to Gotham to speak to one of the investigators
Digging Up The Past: Old Memories May 21st, 2020 Punisher has questions. Nick has answers... kind of.
The Monster Men: Snatched April 9th, 2020 An attempted kidnapping goes wrong. Cloak and Dagger intervene and The Punisher gives chase.
The Rumble of the Train January 17th, 2020 Nick runs into some old 'friends'


Title Date Scene Summary
World on Fire August 21st, 2021 Not everything was mentioned in that text message Micro found