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The Xavier Corporation (X-Corporation or X-Corp), a subsidiary of da Costa International, is a non-profit organisation created to train and employ (or to help find gainful employment) people with superhuman powers, particularly mutants. X-Corporation provides training, employment advice, and specialised medical insurance to superhuman individuals. The offered training is not combat training, but merely the tutoring needed so that these special abilities become useful in the workforce. Although currently owned by Roberto da Costa, there are plans for it to become fully independent once it becomes self-sufficient. It has aggressive, yet realistic, expansion plan for the coming years.

Base of Operations: X-Corp Building (Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York) and X-Corp Torre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Founded: 9 September 2027
(OOC Note: The image used reflects what the company may be in a few years and not the current state of their base of operations.)

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