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Rock Me AmaDoomus
Date of Scene: 19 May 2022
Location: Lower Manhattan, Manhattan
Synopsis: Doom kidnaps rock stars and respects women.
Cast of Characters: Doctor Doom, Phantasm (Drago), Lois Lane, Red

Doctor Doom has posed:
The sun shines, the birds play, and all the little children frolic with the carefree innocence of youth. This is a day of lovely wonders and simple pleasures, a cool spring afternoon -- close your eyes, breathe deep of the scent of park flowers carried on the wind, and forget all your troubles, for all's right in the world for at least a little while.

Amidst the dog-walkers and the couples feeding birds, past the gangs of spandex-clad middle-aged joggers sweating it out and a small crowd of disaffected adolescents dancing around a boombox (they've forgotten what decade it is, clearly), over the rolling green grasses that border the duck-filled ponds..

.. is a man. This man is tall, and despite the weather, he is clad in an all-concealing trenchcoat and a hat pulled low over his face. Beneath the coat, he's bulky, thick-shouldered, hands in his pockets and unmoving. The few people around him give him a wide berth -- he looks like a flasher, or a crazy homeless man, and no one wants to provoke a deviant. Yet this tall sentinel does not acknowledge the rest of the world, nor the duck sitting by his boot.

This mysterious man waits, and watches, though not idly. He knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his target is going to appear soon. The master of the world told him so.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The sun shins, birds play, and the tummies of agents grumble. And Nick, who is not an agent but has found himself living at the Trisk due to reasons beyond his control, has drawn the short straw.

So with a list about as long as his forearm in one hand and an empty file box in the other, the rockstar left the Trisk to go to the park. Once there, he starts heading towards the lin for the hot dog vendor.

Lois Lane has posed:
Either Lois is stalking someone, or she was on the most boring interview ever and just needed a cigarette, because this isn't her normal haunts. But she definitely needed a cigarette. Feeling mostly better and on the hunt, her pale eyes keep a close eye on everything around her as she takes idle drags of her Virginia Slim 120. She's in her summer time clothing, daisy dukes, a tied off Hawaiian shirt, gladiator sandals. She certainly doesn't LOOK like a world renown reporter, but that might be the point.

Red has posed:
People frolic and jogg because they have time. Other people run because they lack such. And then there are thoose that seemingly have too much time and don't move at all or very little. The real deviants, because they do art defying laws. Like the redhead glaring at red Poly(p-phenylene oxide) that it slowly creeps up a lamp post in an almost organic pattern, leaving a voroni-shape around the metal tube. Yes, there's about three meters between her and the lightpost that is starting to bloom plastic cancer, but she's the only one looking at it and most certainly she is the mastermind in the plastic's action.

Doctor Doom has posed:
The mysterious man sweeps his gaze across the park once more in search of something -- and then like a bloodhound catching a scent his whole body perks and tenses, moving forward with sudden purpose! His flash of movement startles the fat duck napping by his feet and causes it to quack its indignation and flap away back to the pond, while his lumbering steps cause the older joggers catching their breath nearby to shy away in some quiet feat of intimidation.

"Nicholas Drago," emits a grinding metallic voice, and the shadow of the man falls upon the hot dog vendor -- and here, now, can some details be made out, beneath the shaded brim of the hat, the gleam of a harsh iron mask. "An arrangement was made, and you have been summoned. Comply and you will not be harmed -- resist, and you will know the high cost of treachery."

The man lifts a hand from his pocket. The hand is gleaming metal.

"Take my hand, while it is still offered in the spirit of friendship."

Lois and Alice are not the man's focus at the moment, though there's certainly an awareness in his mind that Alice is doing something interesting.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Reaching the back of the line, Nick has little else more to do than to wait. So, wait he does. The pale eyes multi-task by monitoring the status of the wait and -

Nick blinks, staring to the lightpost. The red upon the post stands out but the distance doesn't help with determining what it is. Hmm. Well, it's too big to be a bug, right?

The wonder is soon replaced with another as he hears his full middle name combined with the last. Head turning, he looks to the taller figure, brow raised in inquiry. The hell? He steps away from the man as the vendor line shifts forward. The list holding hand shifts into his pocket, fingers brush against the elevated buttons of the burner phone he was issued. "I'm confused." Nick responds, looking to the metal handed mand that is most definitely not Bucky and then to the face that is most DEFINITELY not Bucky. "I'm sorry no one told me about this. What arrangement are you talking about? Summoned for what? Who?"

The metal face seems like a dead giveaway but as Nick's pressing the buttons on the phone it seems like more questions was better than none.

Lois Lane has posed:
The moment that griding metallic voice happens, Lois double takes from whatever else she was looking at. Her brows furrow, a deep frown on her features as she turns on the ball of her foot and slips over in the direction of the incident. Trying to keep it mostly hidden, Lois pulls out her phone and begins recording, just in case this turns into something bigger.

While Lois isn't going to directly interfere, she does step closer to Nick and states a flat, "You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to, Mister. Just remember that. No matter how... weird the offer is." It seems Lois might be in a fighting mood today. But really, when ISN'T she in a fighting mood?

Doctor Doom has posed:
"I came to you in merciful understanding despite the fact you reneged upon our oath. You swore to bring entertainment and your services were justly compensated." The air grows thick with tension and there's a hum of energy; the air is filled with the sudden scent of ozone, and a signal at frequencies beyond human hearing emits. A nearby dog-walker is suddenly forced to fight her charges as they howl and bark in chorus.

And then there's a sudden surge of heat in the pockets and hands of dozens, as all forms of cellphones, radios, and other forms of electronic communication overheat, the delicate circuitry and mechanisms within them seared to a useless crisp.

"Ow! What the fuck?"

"Huh.. ? Hey, my phone's dead. I just bought this piece of crap!"

"Hello? Hello, can you still hear me? You there, mom?"

All around people notice this sudden property damage in dismay.

"Yet your 'agent' had the gall to cancel, as though it were a one-sided contract. And you have the unmitigated audacity to feign ignorance, and seek to deny what is mine by right -- you worm! Did you think I would allow you to seek help?"

The figure throws its head back, its hat toppling and jacket cast aside. Behold, over six feet of augmented musculature and high-tech servos, a cruel and hard iron face, a rich green cloak with golden decoration.

Behold DOOM!

"If you will not take an open palm, I will seize you with a closed fist. You WILL bring merriment, music man!"

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lois speaks up with the general reminder D.A.R.E. brand reminder of 'Just say no!' his eyes glance over to her and then starts to take general stock of the park. It's near the Trisk. So there's a good chance of agents being here. Right? But, that doesn't necessarily mean they're in the loop or tasked with his well being.

Plus there are the children.

Can't forget about the children.

Oh for Chri- Dammit!

Feeling the sudden heat, Nick tugs his hand out of his pocket quickly. The hand holding the box lets go, reaching over to rub the hurt hand, he looks down to the hand for any visible damage. "Dammit Wade." Nick mutters. He glances up, to the large visage of Doom, unhurt hand holding up in a halting manner "Okay! I don't know all the stops that were scheduled but I know that if a date got cancelled you'd have gotten your money back."

Alright. Need to descalate, "So- that tour had a a stop in..." He pauses, geography not being his best suite. This is a Doom. And Dooms come from "...Latveria?" He pauses, "How many shows did he book there?"

Lois Lane has posed:
"Well f*ck!" Lois hisses, as her cellphone suddenly overheats and pops. That was valuable footage. She mutters beneath her breath, shoving the useless device into the back pocket of her daisy dukes before looking back to Nick. She has an air of even more fierce protection about her. This whole situation smells funnier than ever.

But then the musician is thinking over his tour, and he might actually have cancelled on the man. Lois' frown only deepens. "You still don't have to go with him. If the money wasn't returned, you can get it back. Come on... we can walk away now. It's a free country. This smells funny as shit." She's so worried she's even forgotten her cigaratte now.

Doctor Doom has posed:
"This is not a negotiation," Doctor Doom declares, "nor am I some bindle-slinging vagabond you can shoo with a firm word. You are insects before the might of Doom." The metal tyrant-king of Latveria steps forward and invades Nick's personal space. A gauntlet lifts and is encased in green energy, a fizzling surge of magic that stretches out and encases Nick himself. It is as if a great hand were wrapping around him and pulling on him -- one would need trained magical defenses or immense brute strength to escape Doom's telekinetic bubble.

Absent those things, the crowd will be forced to watch as Nick is quite literally seized and lifted off the ground, held suspended a few meters in the air.

"You will come with me now. A venue has been prepared for you tonight; there you will play, and bring smiles to the faces of my people who were so excited to hear you. Little Samantha earned those accolades in the European Children's Fair for the Arts and Sciences -- and she will have the prize Doom promised!"

Yes, Doctor Doom is kidnapping a man so he can perform for an adoring fangirl on the other side of the world.

"As for you, Lois Lane, mind your tongue. You are not Doom's enemy -- nor are you his equal, fit to speak in his presence!"

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick turns his head to look to Lois as she makes the suggestion that refunds weren't made. "He'd NEVER stiff a venu-" Nick starts up defending Wade before Doom's response interrupts him.

As the large man steps closer to Nick, the musician instinctively takes a step back, a hand lifts in reaction to seeing the guantlet start to move but when the energy surrounds him, his eyes widen. Even though he's actively trying to move his hand out, the pressure of the force is shoving the hand back against his chest. The other arm ends up getting pulled tightly up against his side. The overall resulting pose seems offbalance and yet he's not toppling over.

He starts pushing against the force but upon it unbudging, he tilts his head down. Maybe he could pha-

And then he mentions Little Samantha.

"...Fu-" A long drawn out sigh comes from him before he glances up, forgetting about the powers for the time being. "Fine."

Lois Lane has posed:
Part of her is incredibly amused. The man is being kidnapped to play a show? For a little girl? Maybe it's not so bad, even if it's against his will. She looks over to Nick, taking an instinctive step back as the man is lifted off the ground. She certainly doesn't have the defenses to fight that. "Uh... maybe it won't be so bad. Sounds like Samantha really wanted to see you and it's not like we don't know where you're going..." Implying Lois could send a search party after. Which she might, if people care about a missing musician. She relaxes just a bit more as he says fine, looking ready to drop it.

And then she looks back to Doom's servant and all her amusement falls out of her face. She sets her hands firmly on her hips and stomps back to just outside of that bubble, glaring daggers, "I am one of the best reporters in this whole god damn world, thank you very much! You know my name all the way from LATVERIA, so I'd say I'm fit to speak in anyone's presense I damn well please! You take that news back and shove it!"

Doctor Doom has posed:
"You are wise to stop fighting," the Doombot -- or is it Doom? No one can ever tell the difference -- declares. "The force that entraps you cannot be beaten by the uncomplicated flexing of muscle. You will perform this night, receive fair payment, and be returned unharmed. Doom will even forgive the breach of contract; I seek only the joy of the children."

The metal man holds his extended arm aloft, stabilizing Nick in midair, before beginning to tap at his belt. A small device, like a badge, is plucked from a container in said belt, and tossed into the air. It buzzes, flits around, and then darts right through the bubble and attaches itself to Nick's arm. There's a very faint pressure, but no pain, and then it simply embeds itself into the epidermis.

After, Doom looks to Lois, metal face impassive.

"You are a journalist, woman. One of the lowest lifeforms on the planet -- human carrion whose only gift is the uncritical pushing of American propaganda and imperialist cultural values. I have no need of a parasite riding the coattails of other's glory."

With that in mind, Doom's molecules disassemble. Nick will feel the painless but probably unnerving sensation of..

Well, coming apart, as the world around him fades into white.

From Lois' perspective, Doom and he seem to have dissolved.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick glances over to Lois as she identifies herself as a reporter. The expression on his face seeming even more concerned than the entirity of the exchange with Doom. Dammit. The last thing he needs while dealing with HYDRA problems is someone giving advance notice of where he'll be in a highly public manner.

"If you do anything on this, could you maybe not mention this until tomorrow?" There's an almost pleading tone. Odd perhaps.

And then Nick's gone.

Lois Lane has posed:
It's only Nick's pleading tone that stops Lois from going on a rant. Ultimately, he's the victim here, even if her ego is stinging and wants to scream. She IS a reporter, she CAN get her revenge. She gives the guy a brief nod, "Tomorrow, I can wait until tomorrow." And then she's shouting at the dissolving space, "SEE?! I DO HAVE ETHICS AND RESPECT. I CAN TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY THEY DESERVE AND LISTEN TO BOUNDARIES!" When it's not losing her a really important breaking story, at least. She huffs in anger, dragging out another cigarette.

"...damn Latverians... Free reporting is what made this country great. I'll show them just what a journalist is. Don't need powers to have power... Damn ego maniacs..." Lois mutters, as she starts stalking away.