15203/Familiar halls revisited

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Familiar halls revisited
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Hellfire Club - Manhattan
Synopsis: To be continued, perhaps
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer, Emma Frost, Red, Sebastian Shaw

Sinister has posed:
A Sunday evening in New York in a particularly rainy June day, seems hardly a busy time to be out on the town. However, the higher up in society you go, the less time becomes a constraint on activity. Only in the world of the street hustle and the engine of entertainment business, does one have a schedule marred or matched by the whims of sociability.

When the clientelle generally live in the 'ridiculous money' territory, every day is pretty much the same as the last, for when and where you might decide to grace a place, or deny your face a the door.

"You are now a card carrying member then? It's about time, my dear..." Sinister's voice is charming and amused as it carries into the foyer, a nod to various more important staff and seeming ignorance of the cogs in the machine that make a place work, are the hallmarks of his presence. But he is talking to someone as he enters. "Not a theme night tonight, those are a bit of a rarity, outside of New Years and Halloween masquerades. They were always so much better in the thirties."
Lucifer has posed:
"Far be it from me to resent certain places, but I was likely avoiding it due to it's namesake. I'm over that now." Lucifer responds to his companion as they step through the foyer. "Besides, there's been whispers in certain circles, and you know how much I love a bit of juicy topics. Might as well rub elbows with those who might have pots I've yet to stir." Or not stir. But at least have on his radar. He's not worried about competition - people will go where they can and enjoy going.

"The thirties? I thought it was the twenties that were used for roaring parties. The thirties were for recovering from them.." Cause, you know, the depression and all that. At least in America. None the less, he glances around as they continue their entry. Dressed immaculately in a full three piece suit of black with red dress shirt and a red handkerchief tucked in his left breast pocket. One has to make a sort of entrance, after all.
Emma Frost has posed:
Up upon a dais, towards the back, where she could look over the room - at least, this room - stirring her scotch in boredom, Emma flicked her gaze here and there. "I should have warned Sebastian that I was bored."

Taking an almost sip of her scotch, she froze - momentarily - and smiled to herself. The edges of her lips almost betrayed a smile as she called a serving girl. "Do you see the gentlemen coming in? Give them my card."

As far as she was concerned the girl went and did her duty, while Emma smiled to herself. This evening was perking up. While she waited she finished her scotch.
Red has posed:
Not every face in the club is a member. After all, some people need to serve and wait on the actual members. One of those waitstaff tonight is Alice. Dressed like all the others that work on the crew tonight, the redhead is armed with a tray of flutes of champagne, slowly turning rounds, supplying the people with something to moiston their throats and lubricate the wallets.
Sinister has posed:
"Ordinarily, yes. The twenties were everyman's boom. The thirties though, here, well... that's when the haves had it all. There was a pick-and-choose of who worked here, therefore during the great Depression, the Hellfire club had -the- best parties in town and every slice of pie and scrap of entertainment was the very best-- it was a time of rather obnoxious largesse here, even when the factories closed and the soup kitchens proliferated. And empires got consolidated behind masks, cigars and schnapps." Sinister replies, looking up and to the left a moment, then over at the raised dias. He doesn't -say- anything, but slides his hands to the small of his back, as the server presents the white card. And not to him! "New faces do make things interesting -- even if they're not unfamiliar. Emma's here." He informs, looking at Alice briefly as she drifts champagne beneath waiting nostrils.

"Almagnac, please. And the Highland reserve, brought to that table..." he informs, looking beyond Alice to Emma's nook. "Are we attending? Or occupying, I wonder?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah. Well now... that makes sense I suppose. The poor suffered while the rich thrived. But that seems to be the way the world has always worked." Lucifer gives a little smirk while following gaze up and towards the dias where Emma stands. Then he's given a card and a brow raises. "Is this the same Emma we met at Xavier's that one time?" He asks while glancing over to Sinister who proceeds to order things and have them thusly delivered. "I suppose we ought to at least go and say hello."
Emma Frost has posed:
It had been some time since Emma had used her calling cards -

Just a white card on both sides, and in the middle, her name.

Nothing more; nothing less. Just her name. And if you got it, you were expected to realize what it was. Emma didn't have the time for social niceties at the easiest of times. The same goes for The Hellfire Club. Emma called; you answered. There wasn't an in between in her life. Just: yes, or no.

And with Emma, you normally got one chance. Just one.

(Unless she needed something of you..)

As it was, the Highland reserve was issued quite promptly. Which had Emma giving the two gentlemen another few moments extra, as she lifted up her tumbler and gave a semi-salute with it. The Highland reserve was an acceptable offering as it was.
Red has posed:
Alice returned her tray from the round to the discrete bartender, making sure to get the two mentioned drinks - Almagnac and the Highland reserve - to deliver those to Emma's nook as the white haired one waited there. A silent nod to Sinister, then she waited for just a word to either slip back into the crowd serving or deliver more. Though, there was a glass waiting for Sinister after all.
Sinister has posed:
"The very same," there's a nod given to Alice, then side by side in stride, Sinister escorts the Devil to the White Queen. "She's very good at lets pretend we never played that game. Mention it or do not--" sliding attention with a flare of red in his gaze, he slyly half-smiles to Lucifer, then is all elegantly doffed half-bows to the Queen as he draws up there. By this time, the entire bottle of Highland reserve and an extra glass has been brought to the table, by some very confused looking server who's rather certain it seems, that she already did this once. She bustles off with a dazed expression.

"Emma. You look positively glacial."
Lucifer has posed:
"Interesting. I would think a mutant under the guard of those Jean and Scott folks would keep their nose a bit more clean..." Lucifer speaks this in low volume to Sinister alone. "Nice to know a few of them are fine with rubbing elbows elsewhere..." He also follows, an ever-present smirk on his lips as they ascend to be in Emma's personal space. "Miss Frost, a picture perfect radiance as always." Though they only met the one time and briefly at that. "How nice of you to welcome us to attend this club at your side."
Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Highland reserve. How...quaint. I know of only two Highlander's I would normally see drink that...Scotch." Shaw arrives, in his full dark Hellfire regalia. This time though, for some reason, he was wearing a dark crimson ascot. A rarity indeed.

"Welcome to the Hellfire Club everyone. Please. Enjoy."

Taking a monent to grab a drink, of course his private reserve, Shaw looks out over the crowd tonight, seemingly pleased.
Emma Frost has posed:
"Ah.. you are a delight Mr. Essex." As she pronounces his formal name, in the corners of her eyes is the very faintest glimmer of humour. "And tell me who is your friend?" As if she doesn't know. Turning her head to take in Lucifer, while introductions are made.

Glacial seems to be tickling her fancy.. tonight. Who knows, by tomorrow night it may be passe and she might be offended. But today she almost smiles at it.

As Alice passes on by, Emma snaps her fingers. "Attend my guests and I, dear Alice." Even as Shaw was making like a good host. "You know, you could come and join us, Sebastian?" Her voice was pitched just so to reach him.
Red has posed:
Alice bows to Emma and nods as she tells her to wait the taible exclusively. Then, when she repeats the courtsy to Sebastian as he joins. A moment she eyes the glasses and people, and as she waits for possible orders, tilts the head ever so slightly.

"Mr. Shaw, what would you like tonight, Sir? A bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac has arrived today, if you would like to try it. Otherwise, a bottle of 1907 Heidsieck is on ice, waiting for the perfect moment. And... what would you have Sir?" The last is clearly meant for Lucifer, who seems to not have a special drink of his own yet.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's ear should twitch. It doesn't but he turns just a fraction, enough to acknowledge and listen to the Black in the room. "SeBAStian, as I live and breathe, it's only been an age..." or not long enough, one might suppose sometimes. Sinister's expression is wreathed in smiles, after the rise in the middle of Shaw's name. "Please, come, come. Meet, officially. Come!" There's even a come-hither beckon of the hand, as the radiant grin remains a fixture on features. "Emma, this is Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer, Emma Frost. Officially official meet and greet, less involved in torpedoing through my psyche like a razor-edged stiletto and more involving fine whiskey. As the world turns, n'est pas?"

He settles himself in his customary graceful nonchalance, occupying space and his own skin as if he knows the gravitas of his own self, Sinister /is/ in a mood, it seems. "Do you provide nibbles these days, or is that still monstrously gauche? I could murder some mozza sticks about now. Maybe oysters rockafella..."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shifts his gaze for a fleeting moment to Alice, his smile remaining steadfast. "A whiskey on the rocks, please. Two fingers worth." He doesn't name a brand, surely feeling that anything he gets here would be top shelf at least and above all at best.

When introductions are made, he swoops a half informal bow with one arm moving to cross his chest. "I believe the pleasure is mine to finally, formally, meet you Miss Frost." He offers this before standing upright once more and then shifts to settle himself, officially and finally, at Sinister's side. Somehow. Gaze moving to the other man whom Sinister is trying to wave over in their general direction. This will be interesting.
Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Hearing her, Shaw smiles. "Why my dear Emma. It is so good to see you. Of course I will join you! I would have it no other way indeed!"

Shaw smiles as Alice offers him two excellent choices. "You know me so well my dear. Perhaps a glass of the Heidsieck tonight. Keep the cognac in reserve. For my special guests of course."

Shaw's eyes regard Alice thoughtfully. Then, with a nod, Shaw moves towards Emma and her guests. "It has been an age indeed, Mr. Essex! It is good to see you!" Shaw watches as the intros are done.

"Apetizers are always on the menu of course." Shaw doesn't even have to tell the staff. They leap to make the guests happy with whatever they want.

"I hope everyone is well this evening?" This was meant for Lucifer and Sinister. "It is rare Hellfire gets two august personages darkening our halls with your presence. You are both welcome."
Emma Frost has posed:
"Please. Call me Emma." Emma was in an a good mood today. A very good mood.


..she wanted something. /That/ was an equally possible answer. And with Emma, it also was (the people who knew her well!) the easiest answer.

As Seb took his place, Emma smiles. A smile that doesn't quite yet reach her eyes. "Ah, this is more like it. A single female attended to by a harem of males." And Alice, of course. "Are you gentlemen planning on attending the Gala we will be holding?"
Red has posed:
Alice bows and excuses herself off the table for a moment.

When she returns a little later, she does so with a glass filled with a honey colored liquid and two perfectly clear spheres of eyes and a dark bottle in cooler that lacks a label. It's a champagne bottle that clearly has seen age, but the cork still is moist. A few flutes accompany it, and she ever so carefully opens the bottle so the cork isn't shot into the ceiling or other guests, and not too much is lost in the napkin that is put around the bottle like a bowtie, as she fills the glass to give to Mr. Shaw.

"A Tallisker 44 for you, Sir." She announces to Lucifer as she slides him his glass.

The tray also has enough flutes to give the other people at the table a glass, if they just so much as lift a finger to show interest in the bottle that was retrieved from the ocean floor after having been sunk in the first world war with 199 others.
Sinister has posed:
"Ahh, the honey'd tongue, the bountiful largesse, I know I'm back in august halls..." Sinister chuckles, an arm going over the back of the seat behind Lucifer in a proprietary... possessive kind of way. He simply smiles at the indulgence, looking to the servers that hover like bees around the honeypot. Spotting that one darts off, he tracks the return of Alice instead when she delivers excellence in a bottle to the table at large. His almagnac is lifted without hands, merely floating its own toast as he considers.

"Sebastian Shaw, Lucifer Morningstar... Lucifer, the Black King, Sebastian Shaw. He's not quite as old as I am, but none the less, he's seen the world turn a time or two."

Looking to Emma, he tilts his head to her, studying. "I should think so, if there's a spectacle to be witnessed. I do love a good spectacle. Is there a theme? A charity event? A ridiculous auction? Or is this a gala to be held in pockets and observed through a lens?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer leans forward just enough to give another little bow, hand on chest, as a sign of respect. He forgets what era he picked it up in. Old England? The pioneers of the US? Somewhere in between perhaps. Never the less, he uses it as a sign of respect to others, especially if those others are anywhere near his stature.

The glass he's given is looked over and scented before he smiles. "An excellent selection, thank you." Before he takes a sip and then leans forward to set the glass on the table in front of him. Soon after he slips a silver case from a hidden inner pocket and flips it open to reveal cigarettes. "Do you mind smoking? I can even ensure nothing scents of it, and the smoke just sort of...." He shrugs. "Disappears." And, of course, he scoots just a touch closer to Sinister. Because he can.
Sebastian Shaw has posed:
When the drinks arrive, Shaw nods respectfully to Alice. "Thank you my dear. You are perfection." Shaw's words are genuine, and not sarcastic. It is how, somehow, he receives loyalty from all those he has contact with. His eyes watch everyone around the table as he says, "Alice here is an expert. You will not be disappointed."

Taking a sip, Shaw smiles approvingly. "Exquisite." He was happy. His eyes convey a "well done" to Alice. "Please. Share the bottle of champagne. On the house of course."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Morningstar. I have heard much about you." A nod of respect. "Thank you for the intro Mr. Essex. As for the cigarettes, Mr. Morningstar, you may do as you like. There are few rules here sir."

"So. Unfortuntely I cannot stay long, but wanted to come over, and pass on my respects to you Emma..."

Shaw raises his glass in a respectful toast. Takes a sip "And of course our august special guests, Mr Essex, and Mr. Morningstar. You have access to the Hellfire Club when you require it gentlemen. Welcome. I would hope you will come to the Hellfire Gala next week. I would be disappointed if you didn't make an appearance. It will be such fun!"

With a slight bow, Shaw turns and heads back to the rear of the room. Taking a moment here and there to greet other guests, The Black King never rushes, but takes his timne with his exit.
Emma Frost has posed:
"I only heard of it through the grapevine?" At which Emma casts her eyes upon Sebastian. "Are you trying to keep this Gala secret until you have your ducks in a row?"

Then to Sinister, "I do hope it is a Masquerade Ball. It's almost summertime." And everyone knows that the days grow shorter then! Why not celebrate. "Though, I suppose we might be giving and choosing a charity to benefit? Of course that would be better at a Casino Royal type gala."

Almost as if she just thought of this, this second, "What would you like to see, Lucifer?" As she says his name she drawls if just a wee bit, as though she were including him into a secret as though he were an old great friend. She waves her hand, "Please. Do. And I will join you."

A cigar rather than a cigarette, of course. .., Sebastian is long gone, with his answer with him still.
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, but you should do a Midsummer ball, fae themed, where whim is the watchword and favour is courted. A token given at the door, where each person there has a favour to give an a favour to take.... whether it be a moment of time, or...whathaveyou. And the Summer King and Queen... watch on. Maybe that's shouldn't be for here, that might be... for elsewhere." Sinister, mister momentarily creative, clucks his tongue and takes a cigarette when it's proffered from the silver case. He turns monochromatically red eyes upon Alice once again as she's praised and they flash a measure of light, enough to set the planes of his face limned into hellfire but it's one in a blink. "Interesting..."

And then, knocked out of whatever moment THAT was, he looks upon Emma once again. "Oh, now you've asked. What -would- you like to see, Morgenstern?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer just listens, appraises, and lets the others discuss things that could be done here. A turn of eye is given to Alice and he lowers his head in a sort of thank you with a raise of glass as well which is then sipped upon once more. As cigarettes and cigars are taken, he snaps fingers to produce a flame and offers it to both Sinister and Emma with which to set their chosen smoking ventures a glow before lighting his own. "Mmn, see. Now you've gone and given me ideas...but that is for another time. And place." He looks over to Emma then. "Okay. Curiosity is my forte and you have struck it firmly. How is it you dance with the devils within these walls and then go off and make nice with the likes of Jean and Scott at...what was it called? Xavier's School for the Gifted or something?"

It's here he takes a long drag off his cigarette and makes no hesitation to slip his closer hand upon the thigh nearest him that belongs to Sinister. Casual and simple, as they all talk about things in benign sort of ways.
Emma Frost has posed:
That.. does attract her attention.

"A fae ball? Should we open our door to any and all? After all, the fae balls were that way. With everyone in costume you never knew if the person that you just met was a fae prince or a mundane." The people would be rich and poor; human and mutant - but for all that, it was similar.

As Sinister questioned Lucifer, Emma asks Alice, "What say you?" Taking the time to add, "Alice is a seamstress extraordinaire. If we used the fae theme, you could grab her up before anyone else could."

Lucifer's question demand to be thought about before answering..

"Well, there is a story that would mean nothing to you I suspect." Which could be the truth. "Needless to say, I had one special student that needed to be taught, and the only place that would suffice while my Academy was unavailable.." (She had lost it in a bet for a while. Ahem.) "..was at Xavier's. And now? I really don't know. My student has graduated since. Mostly, I teach one course. I suppose I should really be thinking about the future and whether or not that is the path I want to tread." A pause. "Is that what you wanted to know?"
Sinister has posed:
"It's a start, my dear..." Sinister replies, looking again at Alice for a long moment. Then, 'tis the Devil that has the lion's share of his attention, angling his folded leg just a little more toward the hand that rests upon his thigh, he smiles. "You see, it gives us hope. And dashes them at the same time. I /know/ you are aware that my mind is not complete any more and that psychic ejection occurred. I have found that it makes it a lot easier to let -go- of things and at the same time, nitty gritty little sillinesses bother me endlessly. Clinical dispassion these days, is a matter of honed focus, not the resting state of being. And of course, it doesn't matter what I tell that school, the high and mighty will not listen. Mind, Scott has major daddy issues."

He sniffs, looks back at Emma. "But of course, it still stands that they shouldn't trust me. That is idiotic. But I'm not quite... so laser focused on making -their- lives a misery. I have better things to do and nowadays, I have the law on my side, where once I had to do everything the hard way. I -do- love that."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer lifts a single shoulder in a shrug. "Perhaps. I almost hoped that you were there because of a favor or something. A debt owed. As much as they seem to not like making such choices, I tend to wonder why anyone stays at that school.." He glances towards Sinister and gives a chuckle. "Do you say that because you practically raised him and you're the daddy he has issues with? I think he forgets where he came from. Jean's just...an enigma wrapped in a mystery. She has so much potential and hides it behind...whatever keeps her going at that school." He pauses, smokes, sips more whiskey. "Logan was a charming one... but I think he's almost got you beat or perhaps even in the whole years alive department..." At least getting that last dig in before he settles back in his seat some.

"You also could have told me you're there because you like chasing rabbits and it would have been...well a story at least. But it's neither here nor there. You've ebbed my curiosity and I thank you for that." A beat of breath then. "Also, no matter the theme, I do plan on attending this gala of yours. I might even let Sinister be my plus one..."
Emma Frost has posed:
For an extra moment she looks.. really *looks* at Sinister. "It has always been my contention that telling that truth must of the time has two important purposes. One it becomes impossible to tell where the truth ends and the lie begins. And secondly.."

Emma spread her hands wide - one hand carrying the tumbler, and one hand carrying the cigar.

"Tell me Lucifer, what makes you think I wasn't fulfilling a debt? A debt to a student is as valid - perhaps more so. I could care less about Jean and Scott." She looks over to Alice who has been called from to table, leaving the three of them to carry on quiet conversations without being listened to.

"As for Jean herself, perhaps she has more pure power then I do, but she will never achieve what I can because she lacks the discipline and drive that I have."
Sinister has posed:
"Oh /really/ now?" Essex' drawl is wryly amused. "Well, look at me, I've been told..." he chuckles, then nods faintly. "The Wolverine was old when I encountered him and he evaded me for a while. He isn't the man he was then, cold metal has civilized him, strangely enough, as has having a clean slate." Pressing his lips together, he looks distant a while, in memory. He tips his head birdlike. "I wonder if the man they know now, would also volunteer for the proceedure that made him virtually indestructable. Or whether he'd tell them to go take a hike. Maybe I'll pose that to him sometime, when our paths cross."

Focusing like a lens on Emma as she speaks directly to him, there's a blank affect across his mein. And then, a small, but very pertinent smile. Adda girl.

"Likewise. I am sure there's still further I could push myself, but that will come in the fullness of time. Unlike some other immortals, I don't care to dally, I never have. So although a plan can take generations and patience, the drive never leaves..." he looks with his head cocked at Lucifer. This might be interesting. Debts are potent things, after all.

"My current pet project: comprehending magic in a way that I can actually wrap my head around and studying if saturation in mystical energies is also a catalyst for mutation, or simply witchcraft. The evidence in recent years seems to suggest... yes."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer tilts his head in a curious manner while gaze settles upon Emma directly as she questions him. "I wasn't going to assume. You said yourself you were helping someone out - for whatever reason you had." He offers this and then smirks. "You're right tho. A debt is a debt. Some do weigh more than others of course." Which is all he will say on the matter. Sinister and Emma share a few more words and he simply basks in whiskey and cigarette smoke.

"Do you see him often?" He finally asks to Sinister in regards to Logan. "I hope outside of the school, as if I have to go pry you from Scott's hands, that will not be a good time. For anyone within that school...and you know this." Not that he doubts Sinister can hold his own, but it's been proven time and again that a threat against Sinister is a threat against the Devil himself.

And the Devil rarely plays nice when threatened...unless it's with a good time.
Emma Frost has posed:
"Magic." Emma shakes head. "I would rather perfect one ability and all that it can to then to piece myself out trying this and that. Leave the magic to those who are magically inclined."

Of course she does talk about her secondary ability: her diamond skin.

One or the other seems to cover most circumstances that she has gotten herself into.

Lucifer and Sinister return the conversation back to Xavier's. And for a minute the 'devil may care' boredom that usually plagues her disappears. Which should tell them something. "I would not bring your problems to the school unless you do not care how much of the outcome is in your hands."

"The solution may be the same, but you won't be in charge of anything. Take it or leave it - but that's the advice I would tell you."

She takes a long sip of her scotch, looking between the two men.
Sinister has posed:
"Outside of the school, of course," holding an arresting hand up to Emma, Sinister looks pointedly at her. He isn't threatening, isn't laying any words down. "Rest assured, I am not a fool. If nothing else, the cost of an all out massacre in that place would be an outright tragedy. I am not a mutant, Emma. In some ways, what I have done to myself should be in a very twisted light... considered flattery. Immitation is the most sincere form, after all -- and though many genetic mutations are trivial and little more than spots on the wall, the wealth of genes in that school -deserves- to exist. Should exist. I would no more level it, than I would kill myself by attempting it."

He nods to Lucifer. "He however, is beyond what most people are capable of handling. I'm not saying everyone, but most. Let me be clear: When I stepped foot on Xavier's doorstep, I did so because I had no other choice that was valid and sensible, given time constraints. And Lucifer? He is the very devil himself -- a cosmological entity that quite literally purges souls, can wield the flame of heaven and /is/ a /literal/ archangel, in as far as anyone could really put that into words. And he's my partner. We do not ... fuss with people unless we're fussed with. But I really do say this and mean it: let there never be darkness between the House of Xavier and the House of Essex, that cannot be solved by words. The power of the archangels levelled civilizations. Not just one person. Nations. We don't want tragedy. So lets all be nice and enjoy the mozza sticks that are coming -- and my almagnac."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer goes a bit quiet, starring into the amber liquid of his glass for a moment. Sinister words it eloquently and enough that he doesn't need to say much else. They had their moment with the school, and he hopes to never have to set foot there again.

He even nullified the contract made, not that those running the school will ever know.

"Sounds like a fair deal. My apologies for the shop talk. I truly did not mean anything by it, nor to stir anything up." He says this, finishes his cigarette, and the butt disappears to ash after he scrunches his hand.
Emma Frost has posed:
Emma chuckles to herself. "Archangels. Devils. Demons. Gods. One thing needs to be remembered, which is: To exist in these temporal bodies they have to have finite resources and consequences. Now, that doesn't mean they aren't bigger then the average superhero has, but they are still finite. And as such, anything that can be done? Can be undone."

She waves her cigar carrying hand at Lucifer. "Please. No apologies. You have no idea how bored I get with the average conversation. Admittedly part of it is because I keep my brains to myself. You wouldn't believe how inane most people are. So much so that if you chose to smile and frown - either or - they will come up with the reason and let it run out without a single contribution of yours. You? Are delightful in comparison."
Sinister has posed:
That makes Sinister chuckle. "He's aware. He lives with a telepath," murmured, because it's a truth. "One day, I'll work out the generalized metrics of archangel power. They draw it from ... somewhere. I believe from what I've sensed, it's an energy that borrows from and amplifies an elsewhere, like a portal. They draw it in, they discharge it, but like and utterly UNlike a magnifying glass. This is mostly observed not from Lucifer, but from a rather brief and rather annoying encounter with Michael. My life got a lot more complicated," he looks to Lucifer and smiles fondly, looking back.

"You know, you actually sounded a lot like a bloody magician in that statement of creating and undoing said aforementioned creation, Emma. I'm amuuuuuuuuuuuused..." he drawls the word out.

"Irregardless, lets not and say we did. As I stated very firmly, I've got better things to do than poke holes in Xavier's projects. Incidentally, are there any aahhhh... enemies of the Club that require some how shall we say... corrective examples made? I'm going to guess no, given that we're civilized and can lititage people into oblivion, but you -never- know. My alternative is the prison system and poking them for volunteers."