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Home coming
Date of Scene: 16 June 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: Molly made her way back to the city and checked in with Harry. Along the way she saw Thomas and met Faith. It certainly wasn't a dull home coming.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Molly Carpenter, Thomas Raith, Faith Lehane

Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry is in the office. For once he doesn't have piles of paper work on his desk. Instead he is drinking a Mac's brew, cold thank you, and walking back towards the apartment behind the office.

Mouse is sitting near him, but suddenly the big head pops up and he jumps up a second later. He isn't barking, but he is definately on to something near the door. His tongue is all lolled and slimy and his tale wagging like mad.

Harry, for his part, pauses and looks and see what in the world has possessed him,"Zee? Actually using the door tonight?" he calls curiously.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
The door does open a moment later -- after Molly has done the secret handshake mojo to make sure Harry's wards didn't blow her into next Tuesday. That, and used the old-fashioned key to open the old-fashioned lock.

A moment later, Molly is standing in the open doorway, a big duffel bag still slung over her shoulder that made it obvious even to those who weren't private investigators that she hadn't even been home, yet.

"Do you know what's in Martinsville, Ohio?" she asks the room at large before she ever even really takes a look around. She looks exhausted. "/Almost/ nothing. There is /almost/ nothing in Martinsville, Ohio -- except three churches, a defunct gas station, a hardware store, and a coven of witches. MOUSE!"

She drops her bag on the floor beside the door and opens her arms wide.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Mouse almost runs the girl over in his excitement. He just manages to put the brakes on and stars with the slurping. His whole body wags in excitement. His noises happy yappy sounds, very strange for a dog that size. He leans on her and takes a deep sniff, slurping a little more.

Harry, for his part, is curious at first, wary when the wards are touched, and then a look of relief when he sees Molly. Relief is replaced with happy when he realizes she's really back home. He takes a few steps her way, but lets the dog have his time,"It's good to see you home grasshopper."

Even Mister pokes his head out of the hallway to acknowledge her arrival. A meow and then he turns to go back to his food bowl. It's the little things after all.

Harry laughs softly and tells you,"I know that. Next time you go to Nepal, freeze your tail off, and ride the yak into the mountains."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly's tall -- nearly six feet -- but Mouse is /big/, so there's barely any stooping required to get her cuddling on, laughing gleefully as she rubs his giant horse-sized head and does her best not to let him push her over.

"It's good to /be/ home," she gushes, finally looking up to acknowledge Harry properly, both the glint in her blue eyes and her broad smile warm and familiar. "Yeah, well, on the bright side of things, we have a few dozen more covens in the Paranet, now, and I've seen /way/ more of the countryside than I /ever/ intended to. I really need to get you to show me how to get around the Nevernever. Nobody that can use magic should have to fly coach."

Finally prying herself away from Mouse, the wizard's apprentice actually makes her way over to meet Harry where he'd stopped to let the Temple Dog have first dibs and gives her mentor a hug. It's brief, though, and when she steps back, she's grinning.

"I was away long enough that I actually started to miss you. Can you believe that?"

She focuses on him, then, with an accusatory little cant of her head.

"So, who's Zee?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
It really is amusing watching Mouse slurp maul people. Funny because Mouse rarely does the same to him,"We can work on the NeverNever." he replies with a nod,"I think you're getting strong enough to make that trip. It isn't easy and you will have to do a lot of exploring to get through there."

THe hug is returned for however long she offers and then lets her go,"What can I tell you padawan? I missed you too." He falls into the comfortable conversation with her so easy,"Play rhoulette with soul gazes again?" he offers to her, not breaking the contact until it starts to fade. He shakes his head and snorts,"We have a lot to talk about. Come on. There's two sandwiches from Mac's in the ice box and homebrews as well. Television too. Odd thing that."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
/Play rhoulette with soul gazes again?/

"Ew. No. It was bad enough having to sit next to them on the plane. At least one day I'll be able to forget the fact that most of them smell like wookiees," Molly complains, but a grin twists one corner of her lips. It really was good to be home, and she really /did/ miss Harry. And Mouse. And even Mister, even though they'd only exchanged the perfunctory upnods.

She blinks, though, at the invitation. "/TV?/ Are you serious? Since when have you been able to keep a TV from exploding? /And/ the fridge is working? At the same time?"

Molly, at least, was young. As long as she didn't reach for power, most things didn't really glitch out around her too much. Flying had been a calculated risk. Harry, on the other hand, was a different story all together. Most of the time, it was like walking around with a live EMP grenade. Maybe there really /was/ a lot to talk about.

She's already on her way to the fridge to grab the sandwiches and then find wherever Harry settles, an automatic habit that she settles easily back into -- Molly happily filled the role of Harry's Girl Friday, but it was more than that. She genuinely liked their comfortable familiarity.

"Do you need another bottle of Mac's brew? Somehow I get the impression I'm going to need one..."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"There is a lot to talk about. You probably should grab two each." he replies and goes to set the door lock and then starts down the hall towards the living area. He kicks the rug back down that covers the trap door to the lab.

"I have been spending a lot of time somewhere where the rules don't quite fit. I have gotten used to saying refrigerator. Sadly, still just an ice box." he explains.

He takes a seat on the couch and waits for Molly to join him in the living area,"As for the television, that's complicated so take a seat and get comfortable. I have a lot to tell you."
Molly Carpenter has posed:

"Oh, /this/ should be good."

Molly snags the sandwiches, the four bottles, /and/ a bottle opener, carrying them all into the living room and sitting down beside Harry on the couch. Everything is set on the table in front of them, and then Molly reaches down to unbuckle her boots and kick them off. It lets her pull her feet up and tuck them under her thighs, crisscrossing her legs.

She snags the bottle opener and pops the caps off of two of Mac's brews, handing one over to Harry and then tilting the neck of her bottle towards him in offering of a toast. "Cheers, Boss."

The two of them have settled in on the couch in the living room with two wrapped sandwiches on the table in front of them, and though there's /some/ amount of seriousness to whatever they've settled in to talk about, there's still warmth. And more than just a little concern on Molly's part. But what else would Harry expect when he leads with /There's a lot to talk about?/

"Okay. I'm ready." Sandwich untouched. "Spill, Sensei."
Harry Dresden has posed:
He reaches out and picks up strange bowl,"This is a scrying bowl. It's from Merlin's time." he explains,"It was used to spy and really locked on to dramatic things. Now, in this age, it's pretty much only good for picking up reality TV. Like I said, strange stuff." Harry explains and puts the bowl back down. Mouse has wandered down the hall towards the living area, chuffs, and goes back to the office. Harry shakes his head.

"There is some sort of spell hitting some of us." he explains,"It has hit the memories of several people including Buffy Summers and me. She can't remember me or Thomas, probably not you either. I can't remember..." he frowns thoughtfully and picks up a paper,"Karrin Murphy dammit." he growls. Really annoyed by this and it is clear."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Which is naturally enough when the Wards slip down, again, and there is a knocking toe tap at the Door. "Harry, it's Thomas. My hands are full can you open up please?" he calls... And adds, "I've got some good gossip too, you'll never guess who Yosa said stopped by the club... or who she left with." he calls through the glass, then adds, "Harry I'm holding a hot lasagna here, please get the door..."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly had lifted the bottle to her lips. One gulp was taken at the explanation of the scrying bowl. Another was taken when the conversation shifted inexplicably to reality TV. Then she swallows. Hard.


And /that/ was before the mention of the spell. The lost memories. And the worry intensifies in Molly's eyes. Harry was losing his memories? /Buffy/ was losing hers? So it wasn't just targeting wizards..


Her voice has lowered to a whisper, and her hand had shifted to his leg before she even knew what she was doing. There was nothing sexual about it -- at least, nothing intended -- but it was /so/ familiar, a squeeze of comfort.

But then there's a knock at the door, and she jumps in surprise. Her hand shoots back up to her chest and she takes a deep breath, blowing it back out so hard it moves her hair. "I'll get it," she says, her thin, harried smile practically wicked.

And then she's on her feet, setting her beer on the table and sweeping barefoot towards the door so that her footfalls were practically silent. There was no way to know anyone was coming until the door snapped open and Molly was standing there, smiling brightly at Thomas.

"You /gossip/ more than my hairdresser," she snaps at the White Court vampire, but there's affection in her eyes.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"That's the only memory, but I understand she and I used to be pretty close." Harry admits. He smiles as she pats his leg and takes a drink. The sounds of Thomas draws his attention and he nods when she gets up to go to the door,"Give 'em hell Molls." he calls after her in a teasing manner.

He watches her go, not in that way pervs, just watches the kid that isn't a kid anymore. He shakes his head and waits for her to answer the door. The words she greets him with gets a cough as he inhales a little bit of his beer. A shake of his head,"She right you know." he calls down the hall.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith's eyes get wide for a moment and then his grin turns to that of the Cheshire cat. "Molly," He exclaims with apparent delight, "I'd heard you were back in town... from Yosa... what an amazing coincidence." He says with absolutely no shame whatsoever. He then lifts the large tray he is holding in both hands, "Smash made Vegetarian Lasagna and it didn't sell as well as he hoped, so I figured I'd make sure my brother didn't starve to death." He walks to the counter to set the trau down before giving the younger woman a hug. "You look amazing Molly, pretty soon you'll be passing for one of my cousins... Of course they are all in porn, but still." He smirks a bit and gives a single up turned nod to Harry, adding "Yeah man, you were about as close as it gets..." there is sadness in his eyes, partially for his brother, partially for his own loss.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly holds the door for Thomas to make his way in, her expression full of mock surprise at his mention of the word 'coincidence.' "You /did/?" she croons, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "It's /so/ lucky you found me. Otherwise you might have gone around spreading nasty rumors about me."

Despite the snark, she can't seem to help the smile on her lips, however, as Thomas sets the tray down. The door is left open as she returns the hug she's given, though she's soon rolling her eyes at Thomas's version of a compliment. "That's... possibly very flattering," she drones, smacking him in the arm on her way back to the door.

The moment the two men share, however, she's quiet for. She had too many questions, and the wards weren't back up, yet.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane isn't a big people person, and while she does have connections with the Scoobies, she is largely a free agent. Some random blonde Amazon named Molly may have been the latest gossip but she doesn't really pay attention to gossip much either, nor does she really care unless it affects her directly.

Nope, Faith is here on slayer business, and while she prefers to work alone, this particular operation will require extra hands..Or maybe it's just an excuse to bump into Thomas without seeming desperate - who knows?

Either way, she doesn't bother to knock but lets herself in through the front door, peering around. "Yo Harry, you here? Got some info for you."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry and Thomas have lost enough lately. He nods to Thomas when he mentions how close Harry and Karrin were,"Maybe someday I will remember." Harry comments softly and takes a drink of the beer. He watches the two interact for a moment and an eyebrow quirks a little, curious. For now he lets that go.

The sound of Faith's voice gets a raised brow and he stands. Walking back up towaeds the sound of her voice. Of course Mouse gets in Thomas' space for a minute, then oh look. Faith. Time to slobber and annoy. Mission accepted.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith for his part is opening his brother's cupboards to get plates. "This is the third time Smash has over made this lasagna in as many weeks." He comments casually, "Know what I think Molls? I think he knows I bring it to Harry and makes extra. Pretty sure he thinks my brother is cute." He says with a smirk, turning as Faith arrives and giving her a pleasant smile... "Faith, you want some of Smash's cooking too?" He is quite familiar with that look... and quite familiar with the Slayer proclivity for running themselves into the dirt.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
... and, just as Molly was going to close the door, a shorter woman walked straight through it. Because of course she did. Well, at least the wards weren't up. Presumably, at least, she was a friend and not a foe. Mouse seemed to know her. And to think, she was /so/ close to getting caught up.

Molly had been mostly hidden behind the wood, and when it became completely obvious by Thomas's reaction that Faith wasn't just another client, she closed the door and did some hoodoo to reactivate the wards, providing them all an additional layer of protection... and privacy.

"I mean, I guess I see it.. he's got a kind of cowboy-sage vibe going on," Molly answers Thomas once the wards are up, irony clear in her eyes. It wasn't exactly a secret to either of them that she'd had a crush on Harry, herself, for most of her teenage years.

"You'll want to make sure one of us takes the wards down before you leave," the taller, purple-haired woman offers to the other by way of greeting, offering a pleasant smile. "I'm Molly, Harry's apprentice."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane grins at the sight of Mouse, not too squeamish to get slobbered by a big, adorable doggo. "Heey big guy.." she greets, petting him on the head before scritching him behind the ears, "How you been?" the slobber is casually wiped on her well worn and already torn black jeans, which, paired with her cropped black leather halter top and fingerless black gloves does give her a particularly goth-punk, devil may care look.

She sniffs the air and grins at Thomas, "Heey, thought I smelled something good. Looks like you brought me a little something something too huh." she grins wickedly at him, licking her lips before nodding to Harry.

"Wassup, did some reading, and..." Molly is given a once over, arching a brow at the punk hair and. goth clothes, "Friend of yours?" she hesitates to say anything more until someone explains her presence.
Harry Dresden has posed:
A lot happening all at once. Harry hands Faith the bottle he opened as he walked up. He nods to Mouse and smirks at the behavior between the two of them. He indicates Molly and tells her,"As she stated. Molly is my apprentice. I have had her off taking care of paranet connections and chasing rumors about a coin. Anything you can say to me or Thomas you can say infront of her."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith drops a bit of the food into Mouse's dish first, though he doesn't bother with Mister, doubting the cat would dane to touch anything Meatless. Then he serves Faith, because she likely hasn't eaten today, Molly because Aprentices are always Hungry, Harry because he's his brother, and finally himself. He leans agienst the wall curious as to what the Dark slayer may have to report as well, but nodding as Harry vouches for Molly, seconding the vote of confidence in the young Wizard.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
The exchange between Faith and Thomas has Molly rolling her lips to try to restrain a laugh, but it shows clearly enough in her eyes, even if she overtly tries not to lock eyes with /either/ of them.

Even as Harry's vouching for her, she's moving around to collect her slice of lasagna with a little smile of appreciation. Soon enough, she's carving into it with her fork and looking across the kitchen at Thomas.

"I guess it's good to know that you only gossip about me when I'm standing here," she quips, then her gaze turns back over to Harry. "Maybe it's time I painted 'and Molly Carpenter' on the sign outside." Blue eyes flash with amusement and something more.. serious. Then she takes the bite of lasagna, gaze finally shifting back to Faith as she chews.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane grins and nods to Harry, taking the bottle, taking a long sip. She peers between Harry and Molly as an explanation is given, maybe doubtful of her being what she says she is, at least until Harry affirms it.

"Oh yeah..? Well that's cool, an' here I thought that dark haired magician chick was your apprentice. What's her name again, Zee something?"

She hands the bottle back and smirks, making herself quite at home as she sits on the edge of the table, digging in to the food. She's not as rich or privileged as the others here, and too proud to ask for help. Meals like this are greatly accepted and she wastes no time pigging out.

"So yeah.." she licks her lips. "I been doin' some research, an' looks like if you kill the memory demon who stole your memories in time, it's possible to recover those memories.."

She's focused primarily on Harry but her dark gaze slides briefly towards Thomas as this may affect him too..
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry waves off the bottle when Faith offers it back,"Keep it. I have another." Curiosity almost gets him before he can look at Molly and roll his eyes,"When you learn how to charm the paint so it doesn't fade we'll talk." he tells her with a wink.

Crossing his arms he finally nods,"Zee. Zatanna Zatarra. Not my apprentice. Far from it. In her way she might be stronger than me at certain abilties. At least she can use magic without frying everything around her."

The idea of getting people's memories back isn't lost on him. He nods slowly,"All right. So we kill the demon. Do we know how to find this thing? A way to track it does?"
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith lets out a slow breath, raising an eyebrow to Faith but not saying...well anything at the moment. He assumes they will talk later about the ramifications of killing that particular demon. He takes a bite out of the food and makes a mental note to change it's name on the menu. He's pretty sure it being called "Vegetarian" is the reason it's the Club's worst selling entree. The stuff is nirvana on a fork. He shakes his head, his eyes getting a very distant look, "Maybe I should ask..." Then another shake of his head. "Never mind..." As if his mind were somewhere completely different for a moment.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly sticks her tongue out at Harry between bites because, though she might be twenty-five years old, he sometimes had a way of making her feel like she was a bratty seventeen year old again.

It's the significant looks and the pieces falling into place that get Molly's mind spinning up -- the name Harry had called to greet her, assuming she was someone else. His lost memories. Buffy's lost memories. The way Faith greeting Thomas. Thomas's sudden loss of ability to speak.


Turns out, if you spend a good long while touring the Middle Of Nowhere(tm), USA, on the hunt for new Paranetters to add to the Hivemind and some stupid, demon-possessed coin, you miss a few things back home. Like, a lot of a few things.

Another forkful carved off, Molly shoves it into her mouth and chews, watching and listening.. but watching and listening even more intently than before, now constantly on the hunt for new clues to add to the puzzle that was slowly resolving itself. Granted, it would have been helpful if she and Harry had had a chance to finish their conversation. But, such was life at the office of Harry Dresden, Wizard.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane shrugs to Harry, downing the rest of the beer and finishing her lasagna in record time. Well. Someone was hungry.

She shoves the plate away, wiping her mouth on her sleeve before nodding to Harry. "Yeah, those trippin' glasses, remember? Took me a while to track em down but I found em in some cave in Darlington park. Creepy place. Gonna need backup."

She smirks, "Sooo, you got your apprentice back huh..And were you sleeping with Thomas too?" Molly is given a critical, slightly amused look, still scrutinizing her, sizing her up. Hmmm..He might have mentioned the name on second thought.

Well no wonder Thomas looks uncomfortable, and Faith seems to be enjoying this too much as she peers at him with a wry smirk. "What you think in', gonna track down that red headed lover of yours, see if she's got some answers in that book of hers? if she even exists?"

Talk about making things even more awkward for everyone. Good old Faith..
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I remember the glasses yes." he replies,"I am glad you two have made good use of them." He turns to get a book off the nearby shelf and lays it open. Ther is a local map, then a park map,"Creepy place is usually the case." he admits. He pauses and goes to the desc and opens the drawer. He takes out a playing card and hmms thoughtfully.

Closing the drawer he walks back over and says,"We will need on site intel. I might know a guy. The three of us..." he pasues and looks at Molly,"..four of us." Yes it is hard to see her as all grown up and able to make her own choices,"...assuming all of us want to go. I will reach out to Zee and see if we can get some of the Justice League: Dark to aid us. I want this thing done and over with."
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith sighs a bit at Faith's little bit of snark. "Molly and I are not sleeping together," (Currently) He says with a pinch of his nose. Yep deffinatly gonna have to have a talk with Faith about that one later. "And you know better then anyone I've not been able to find a trace of Paige Mathews anywhere. Not here, not Chicago, not LA or Seattle. I don't know where she is or why I am having dreams about her or her sisters and their mystic book. Though I am possitive if we did it would be a huge help right now.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Trippin' glasses. Cave in Darlington Park. Creepy Place. Backup. All mental notes made along the way as Molly continues to chew. Then comes the questions.

"Mmgh," Molly manages as she's finishing her bite, shaking her head slightly, and Thomas beats her to the answer as she's swallowing. She glances over at him and smiles, but when her attention returns to Faith, she makes a little circular motion with her fork.

"You might want to freshen up. Your insecurity's showing."

It's a stage-whisper, not 'meant' for 'the boys' to overhear, but.. well.. it's a stage-whisper.

Then she shrugs and sets her plate in the sink, going around and collecting the others to put into the sink, too, including Faith's. "Count me in," she tells Harry. "Whatever I can do to help."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane seems terribly amused as she watches Thomas, winking at him, even. Yeah, she's being snarky or maybe she's just trying to figure some things out in her head. "Sure, if you say so.."

She'd rather focus on Harry right now anyway given everything. "Yeah, place is pretty much invisible without those freaky glasses, so we'd all have to wear em when we go huntin' memory demons. And hey, you can get your memories back, although do you really want to..?"

For once she bites her tongue before saying something else she might regret. "I'm sure we can figure this out without some fancy book anyway. Just need to find em and start bashing some heads." she slams her hands together to emphasize the point.

When Molly makes *that* comment, she narrows her eyes at her, smirking, "The hell's that supposed to mean, sweetheart? I ain't insecure, it's not like he and I are dating, or like I don't know what the hell he *really* is.."

She shrugs, still sitting in the edge of the table, crossing and uncrossing her legs casually. "..We're just friends.." with benefits but..

Harry is given another nod and chuckle, pushing herself off the table. "Sounds good to me, been itchin' to beat something up, you know how to get ahold of me.."

She's headed for the door but pauses a moment or two to see if anyone else has anything important to say.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry raises a hand, waving it parallel with the floor and mutters something softly. The wards settle down so Faith doesn't blow herself through the back wall over the rest gathered. Mister might have a heyday licking her face in mocking.

"More glasses. Maybe Zatanna, Molly, and I can come up with something easier to deal with. Probably have to tap Sabrina as well. Get as many heads in the game as possible.
Thomas Raith has posed:
Thomas Raith stands and scrapes what is left on his plate into Mouses bowl. "I'm going to head out too, Some of us actually have /profitable/ businesses to run." He nods to Faith adding, "Need a lift back into town? I can drop you wherever." His eyes slightly amused at the whole thing between the two ladies. Yes his ego sort of enjoyed that.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
/What the hell he *really* is.../

The plates clatter in the sink, but it was just a fumble. Right? There were several of them, and one probably just slipped accidentally out of Molly's fingers. She /definitely/ didn't just drop it because she was going to wheel around on Faith and say what was /really/ on her mind after those words. She and Thomas have had their share of issues in the past, but something about the way those words landed burrowed underneath her skin.

And there, likely, was the real truth of it, even though Molly never actually turns around. She tries to play it off as just a slip, even offering a quiet apology to the room at large, but Thomas would never be /just/ a friend after everything they'd been through. Nor would she reduce him to what he 'really' is, and she bristled, even as she started to clean.

"Nice meeting you," says the Carpenter girl without looking over her shoulder. Of course, she didn't volunteer to take down the wards. Thank /goodness/ Harry was there. "See you around, Thomas. Thank you for bringing the lasagna."

Thomas does get a brief look back over her shoulder, but then she's back to focusing on the dishes.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane pauses a moment, arching a brow at Molly, her smirk deepening. "Something wrong..?" she's about to say something more, add some more snark in there..But Faith is sleepy, and she's pretty sure both Harry and Thomas would be super pissed if she took anymore digs at their little princess. She just chuckles and shrugs, turning her back to the room.

"Seeya, Harry.." Molly isn't given the same courtesy, focusing on Thomas instead, "Yeah, sure. I mean, I'm sure you'd rather not visit my roach infested hotel dump again..But I'd be happy to get in a long shower in your luxury bathroom..It's been a while..How about it?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry looks between the two women and sighs. Oh joy. Lady pissing contest. He walks over and gets a beer from the ice box since his is probably warm now,"See you later Faith. Watch you six out there. I will contact my potential scout and get back to you."

He walks over to the sink and starts to dry the dishes that Molly is washing so she isn't stuck with all of it,"Thomas. Be good or pretend better."
Thomas Raith has posed:
"I wouldn't know how to be good if my life depended on it, you know that Harry." He says with a wicked grin, holding the door for Faith as the pair heads back out. "Molly you should stop by the Club again while I am there this time. You can tell me about your French boyfriend." He adds with a grin,
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly doesn't answer. Maybe she didn't realize the question was directed at her. She's quiet, even as Harry steps up beside her to do the drying.

"Thank you," she says. For drying his own dishes. In his own place.

Thomas's last words have her rolling her eyes. Of /course/ he wouldn't forget to spread around the gossip that was at least part of his whole reason for coming over in the first place. "Good-bye, Thomas," she singsongs, emphasizing the syllables.

Then she's looking back at Harry, apparently ready to volunteer any new topic for them to talk about while they finish the dishes.

"So... how long ago did all this happen? The memory demon? I.. had no idea."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"When it comes to a scrap there aren't many you'd rather have on your side." Harry comments about Faith,"She's a vampire slayer, just like Buffy. Buffy is a little more cordial. Faith isn't afraid to get her hands dirty though and sometimes that is useful."

"The demon situation has been going on for a few months now. I managed to catch me even though I was away. I don't know how the things work yet, but I intend to find out. Hopefully I can get back to Zatanna's library soon. Sometimes I will have to take you there. It's amazing."

"I lost...Karrin." he finally says,"While I was gone she left town. There has been no contact and since I can't really remember her I have know way of knowing where to look for her." Putting away the last of the dishes he tells her,"Let's go back and sit down. You might want to for the rest of this."
Molly Carpenter has posed:

It's all she says about Faith. They obviously didn't get along, but Faith was also obviously useful for fixing Harry's memories and getting Murphy back. And as long as that held true, Molly wouldn't dare say a word against her.

"Zatanna... you called her Zee, when I came in. She's been coming over a lot?"

It's not exactly an accusation, but Molly's definitely trying to put some pieces together in her own mind. And now that it's down to just the two of them, she had to seize the carp before someone else came banging on the door.

Speaking of which.

"I'll be right in."

Molly dries her hands, then she's making her way to the door, making sure it's locked and putting the wards back up. "This time, you stay up until we're done," she mutters to the door, dusting her hands together and making her way back to the living room.

Back to the couch, where her open beer was still sitting on the table next to the sandwich she'd left out. And once more, she left the wrapped up sandwich alone, but she grabbed the open, warm, probably flat beer off of the table and curled back up into her same spot again, pushing her skirt down between her legs and taking a long drag off of the bottle.

Her nerves were definitely frayed, but it wasn't Harry's stories that had done it. She was just glad he wasn't giving her the third degree about Thomas after all of that back-and-forth.

"She can't be that hard to find, right? I mean, we're /going/ to get your memories back, but someone at the department must know where she went. And she hasn't forgotten /you/, has she? She can help you. /I/ can help you... I mean, as much as I can."

She was /so/ eager to help.
Harry Dresden has posed:
He goes back to the couch and takes a drink of his as well. He makes a face at the warmth, but struggles through. No sense pushing about Faith. She isn't a people person and there's nothing for that.

"Thank you for restoring the wards." he mutters softly and he broaches Karrin first because Zee is going to be something,"I know we were close. I am pretty sure she is alive, but nobody knows where she went. I don't know if she went after a coin or if she just got tired of the life and decided to go some place tropical and retire. A few of the SI investigators have looked for her as I understand it, but nothing. I just want to be able to remember at this point. It might cause grief, but I don't know."

He reaches over and pats her leg once, trying to get her to relax a little,"Stay with me grasshopper. We're coming to it." He takes a moment and tells her,"I have no memory of....Karrin." he scowls and shakes his head,"I wasn't looking for anyone particularly. Anyway. I got to know Zatanna Zatarra. She has been here several times. First person I have ever seen actually make Bob shut up. She's intense when needed. Anyway. No connection to the one everyone says I should have and Zee and I kept working together, now trying to get Justice League: Dark off the ground. Things got physical and here we are."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"You're welcome."

But then Molly just listens. To all of it. Occasionally, she lifts her bottle and takes a long swig.

"And... here we are," Molly finally echoes the words, nodding, and trying to look... happy?... for him?

Molly had been back one day. One. Single. Stinking. Day.

She'd found out her mentor had had some (how many?) of his memories erased (thank God for small miracles that one of them wasn't her), been basically called out and berated by a woman she didn't even know for sleeping with a man that she cared about but should never have been sleeping with in the first place, and she was now /trying/ to be emotionally supportive for the man that she /actually/ loved while he navigated sleeping with some stage magician and simultaneously trying to remember the woman /he/ actually loved.

"Well, it sounds like we need to take care of that memory demon before something /else/ happens, and then.. you'll have some decisions to make. One of which may be how aggressively you want to try to find Murphy. I don't know her /that/ well. Not like you do. But.. well enough to be worried if she just disappeared. She doesn't strike me as the type to just go retire on a beach somewhere and not tell anyone."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I am happy." he replies,"It is nice to be able to talk to someone that actually understands what they are talking about. I missed having you around for that purpose." he assures her. He nudges her with his elbow and tells her,"Chin up Molls. I think you'll like her. She's good people with a few cracks in her. Like the rest of us." He knows there was always the crush thing, but he's always tried to keep that at arms length. Not that he doesn't love her, just...

"The demon first yes. I will contact a guy and see about getting his some charmed glasses. He's among the best thieves on the planet and connected to one of those mutant super teams up north. Unlike most so called good guys, this one seems to blur the edges and I think he might do well as a scout." He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly,"I know I should more worried. I am worried for a missing person of course, but..you know what I mean. This is going to get complicated, but it needs to be over with."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
The 'crush thing' had gotten better as Molly got older. She eventually seemed to accept that it just wasn't going to happen, especially as Harry settled into affections for someone steady like Murphy (who was by all accounts good for him) and Molly began having her own experiences (not that she really wants to keep dragging up the whole Thomas thing). But in times like these, that crush and its associated jealousy sometimes reared its ugly head -- when her defenses were otherwise weakened and she was hit in the face with yet another reminder it wasn't /just/ Murphy. It was personal.

But, he /did/ just pay her a pretty big compliment. It wasn't like Harry was Scrooge McDuck, but when they happened, they meant something. He wasn't the kind of guy that would just blow sunshine and rainbows up her skirt.

Or.. blow anything else up her skirt, either. Hmph.

"Thanks, Harry." Her voice is soft. It's late, and she's still tired from getting in from her trip. Not to mention the whole Faith thing that took a lot out of her socially. But she has a smile on her lips. "I'll... look forward to it." Meeting her. And she would, for Harry's sake, if not just because she was somewhat famous, as magicians go.

"So.. you need to /steal/ the glasses? We can't just make more?" There were still some pretty big pieces she was missing, but it's obvious that, despite the fatigue, she was trying. "And.. I get it, you know? You're doing the best you can. Murphy /is/ important to you. You seem to understand that. She's important to /me/, too. But, yeah, let's get your memories back so you can look for her with your A game. I wouldn't worry about things getting complicated, right now. You'll have time some time to sort out how you feel about them once you get the memories back."

Okay. Molly is back. Full power. Emotions aside. She'd have to work on that. And quickly. If Faith could get under her skin that easily, what chance did she have against a demon?
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I enchanted the glasses. Two pairs. Faith gave a pair to Spike and they have been working together." he replies,"It's just easier to get them back than make another pair or the two of us need to go downstairs and put our heads together with Bob to try and find a way to see without them."

He reaches over and musses her hair lightly,"Either way, we have some work to do. You want to sleep here tonight or are you planning to go home to sleep?" Yes he handily moved the conversation a different direction,"We have time to talk about the demon in the next few days."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"I'd like to try," Molly says. "It's been a while since I've talked to Bob, and I know the rest of you didn't so much as mention me the entire time I was gone, but I know I count on him to at least make a pass at me." Her eyes twinkle with amusement.

But then she's getting ruffled, not unlike the way she had been for the last... well, most of her life. It makes her laugh and push out her bottom lip so she can blow a few black-white-pink strands of hair out of her face.

"Honestly, if you don't mind, I might just crash here, tonight." She raises her eyebrows. "But if you're expecting company, I can hit the road."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Oh he bemoaned and wailed about you not being around for a while." Harry replies with a shake of his head,"I think he believes you keep me from giving him to Mouse to play with. He's is definately fast with the pass." A softl laugh and a shake of his head,"You are always welcome here Molls. You know that." he replies,"I don't expect anyone other than the Spanish Inquistion. You should always be aware of that."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly smiles. "All joking aside, what did you mean about Zee finally deciding to use the door? If I'm going to be on the couch, I'd rather not accidentally vanquish your new girlfriend."

She lifts her eyes to the ceiling, then, and bobs her head back and forth. "Mostly. I mean, look, if she surprises me while I'm sleeping..."

But then those icy blue eyes are back on Harry, amusement still lingering. Okay, so not /all/ joking aside.
Harry Dresden has posed:
A soft laugh and he shakes his head,"I doubt she will be around tonight. A capable teleporter, she has appeared in the hallway before. She doesn't enter the office or the living area that way." There is a soft chuffing sound and Harry adds,"Besides, if something bad manages to get past the wards they have to deal with Mouse first. Do you like their odds?"
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly's gotten used to living on her own, in her own space, with her own wards and her own house rules and her own privacy.

But there was something especially comforting about sleeping at Harry's. Between /his/ wards, Mouse, and having Harry himself just down the hall, it was easy to feel 'at home' even when 'home' was most definitely somewhere else.

"Fair," she quips, grinning.

Then she's setting her beer down on the table and reaching for that still-wrapped sandwich that's been sitting out.

"Alright, I'm starving." Yes, she just ate lasagna. "I'm going to scarf this and then crash."

A beat passes, and then she bumps Harry with her shoulder, her lips twisted into a grin. "Thanks, Boss. For everything. It's good to be home."