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Hunting for Memories
Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Masonic Cemetery, Sunnydale (TBD)
Synopsis: Some Scoobies rescue kids from memory stealing demons.
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Harry Dresden, Sabrina Spellman

Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>It's raining, pretty heavily this early evening, in the already spooky and gloomy cemetary. Go figure they would choose today of all days to track down those memory demons, but time is of the essence, and it seems they are already looking for a new lair. If they're gonna act, it's now or never. She found the place, a spooky looking cave, hidden in the thick underbrush surrounding the cemetary. \<br\>\<br\>It was probably a sewage overflow entry cave at one point but it's been Abandonned and covered in moss and a big Boulder. How do they get in and out anyway? Probably around the small child sized space, anyway they are invisible to the naked eye and the inaccessibility makes it easier for them to prey on unsuspecting parties.\<br\>\<br\>Its where Faith is waiting, dressed in a black slicker rain coat as she waits for Harry and hopefully others to join her after contacting them..
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> One more set of glasses since things are starting to progess. He arrives and mutters,"Of course it rains on a night we need magic." he grumbles and puts the glasses on his face. \<br\>\<br\> Too many opportunities for things to go wrong so he mutters,"Stay mindful not to run infront of me of at all possible." he explains. \<br\>\<br\> His staff and blasting rod are in hand and he looks towards the entrance,"I guess we could knock..." he muses softly, twisting the rod though his fingers."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane arches a brow as he arrives, her magic sunglasses in her pocket as she tries to find some shelter under a nearby tree. "Yo, Harry, over here!" she stood out and smirks, "What, afraid of a little rain? Once we get inside it should be drier, I hope.." she sighs, staring at the Boulder. It looks fairly big as she sizes it up, trying to estimate its weight. "Guess we gotta either shove it aside or try an' blast through it..What do you think?"
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"Water weakens magic." he replies as he draws near,"It dilutes its power, but if we take sheleter under the tree it might break through enough to destroy the rock. It blows any chance of sneaking in though. Might be better to lever it open and push it out of the way of the opening."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane nods, peering around, "There's a flat piece of wood over there, if you wanna lever it I should be able to push it off the rest of the way clear.." she runs over and grabs the piece of wood, handing it to him, and rubs her hands together, getting ready to push it once he's dislodged it enough from the ground.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>He doesn't ask questions, just slips both foci within his duster and starts to level the rock aside,"Never a strong appretice when you need one." he mutters through gritted teeth. He's stronger than he looks, particularly since he understands physics as well as magic. It doesn't take long to move the rock.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs, shaking her head. "Who needs an apprentice when you got the slayer..?" he dislodges the big Boulder from the ground and Faith shoved it the rest of the way clear, enough for them both to slip through. "Come on, it's all muddy and wet out here, can't wait to get out of these clothes and somewhere hot and clean."\<br\>\<br\>She grins and winks at him before turning and ducking into the cave.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> He follows her into the cave and shakes his head,"I see where you are coming from." he admits and takes the foci in hand again, glasses scanning for critters,"You'll have to let me know how the hot and clean works out. Hot shower is a myth in my world."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane pauses and slips on her sunglasses, pulling out her flashlight, a nice big bright LED light. "Heh, this is trippy, shades in a spooky damp cave but at least it's not soaking and messy.." she pulls off her hood, arching a brow at him.\<br\>\<br\>"Whats wrong, got a thing against hot showers? Is that a magic thing too?" she seems amused as she peers around, trying to figure out which trail to take. There are multiple pathways and it's quite the maze down here.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> He settles in to walk around with her, standing to one side and scanning more his direction than hers,"Hot water heater won't tolerate my power. Tried it. The blow up as easy as a televsion or a cell phone." he explains,"I would love to have a legit hot shower..." he pauses and his mind pushes a memory back,"...not in the cards."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane frowns. "Really? You gotta be shittin' me. I couldn't imagine having a cold shower, because of your magic? Soo is that why your office looks so archaic? you don't even have a proper phone or computer? Gee that bites. "
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"My magic destroys technology." Harry replies, the two of them are just inside a cave of sorts. Maybe Sabrina trailed them after seeing them walk by looking all business like. Harry has his foci and a grim look on his face, more grim than usual. It is raining outside, but in the cave his power isn't as affected by it.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane makes a face, "Yeah I figured. Okay, no rain, no technology.." she peers around, adjusting her shades, "I'm seeing all sorts of magic threads, they seem to be focused more on that pathway.." she points further into the cavern towards a long and narrow pathway that looks ominous in the darkness. "Ewww, I can see all these footprints, and are those bones?" she snorts, "Dunno how many we might be up against but I'm sure we can handle them alone.." of course backup would be helpful..
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Is here well kinda here.. she had a study group and was doing homework.. now that it's done she's chasing after her mentor ! But she pauses and sniffs the air before she frowns smelling demonic powers. She's pretty sure Harry is near that so she follows her senses of Course a quick spell keeps the rain of her.. as she walks over " Oh there you guys are! "
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>Sabrina's arrival startles Harry and he turns the blasting rod her diretion for a moment, pulling back before he lets it fly. Shaking his head he tells her,"All right. Points for tracking us. Maybe try the quieter greeting yet. Demon trouble, stay alert." No time to take her home, have to keep an eye on her. \<br\>\<br\> He looks back towards the floor, both are wearing sunglasses that Sabrina can sense enchantments on. Another pair appeear in his hand and he holds them towards her,"So you can see them. Otherwise they are invisible."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>It's pretty dark in the cave and the deeper they go the darker it gets. Faith is carrying a large bright LED flashlight, although it's pointed towards the dark corridor they are about to enter, when Sabrina startles them both from behind. \<br\>\<br\>She swings it around quickly, pointing the bright light at Sabrina's she readies for a fight only to realize it's that weirdo college girl she's only met maybe once or twice before, although the name is familiar.\<br\>\<br\>"Geez, give me a heart attack why don't ya ?! Next time give us some warning!" she is also wearing shades which might look weird in a dark cave but they're special shades afterall.    \<br\>"Okay the magic threads are this way, but the trail is getting weaker, I guess it's been a few days so we should hurry!" and she quickens her pace down the tunnel.
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Acks as she holds up her hands to block her vision " I said hello " She grumbles at the two jumpy people.. She hears the demon thing and frowns.. she grabs the glasses pretty sure she dosn't need them but takes them anyways. \<br\>\<br\>     She peers with the glasses to see what they are looking at and cocks her head " What's going on other than just demons? "
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>Harry's blasting rod moves to the forefront of him and he touches the pentacle on his necklace. The energy starts to feed and it puts out a blue glow that rivals Faith's LED light in a lot of way. Unfortunately it also makes him a target, but that keeps the fire off his apprentice so he is bright that way.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane just rolls her eyes and snorts at Sabrina's comment. "Hunting memory demons, although this is starting to remind me of Descent..Gross.." Turning back to the pathway she leads the way, continuing down the corridor which is a bit narrower the deeper they go, and then it veers off to the rest guy sharply and descends rapidly.\<br\>\<br\>The ceiling is getting pretty low now too, and there's a strange unpleasant stench in the air that smells like wet dog.."Keep your eyes peeled, I think we're close.."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Low ceiling? Great. Harry hunches down some and continues to move slowly, though if it gets too short he will be out of luck,"Should have brought Mouse." he grumbles,"This is getting nasty. If it get too much shorter I don't know if he could get in there." The joys of being too tall.
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Blinks the joy of being short little thing it's not that bad for her she just crouches a bit as she follows along , she blinks though " I dunno if he'd fit this is getting rather thin, He's as big as you ! " She looks over towards the cave ' I duno if he'd fit " .
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Thankfully the ceiling doesn't get too low that Harry would get stuck, although at one point, all three of them would find themselves crawling on their hands and knees. The cavern branches out into two separate paths however, and it would seem tight there are telltale signs of the demons coming from both branches. Probably a good idea to split up and Faith decides to take the right fork road, not really caring who joins her. Up ahead one can see light, and hear the sound of a weird crackling noise, like sharp nails clashing against each other, or teeth chattering. "The hell is that?" mutters Faith, pausing.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Harry sends Sabrina back to secure their way out. She is a lot stronger than most people might understand. For his part, he turns and starts down the left tunnel. His pentagram makes him an obvious target, so he lowers the light and carefully picks his way down the hall to see what he can find.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Both tunnels will wrap around and end up meeting on opposite ends of a larger area with a - thankfully - higher ceiling. Nearer to Harry lurk seven tiny white humanoid like creatures that greatly resemble Gollum in every way, except they look fiercer with long sharp claws and teeth. They look hungry and are fighting amongst each other.\<br\>\<br\>On the other end near where Faith is, is a large metal cage wherein lay three kids around 6-8 years in age. They look scared, very scared as they eye the monsters. oh and the monsters can only be seen with the shades on or by using 'The Sight'. Otherwise they are quite invisible.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Harry narrows his gaze as he looks over the place. He nods to himself and clearly wishes he had Mouse with him. His blasting rod comes to hand and he looks across the way to Faith. If she notices him, he would motion the kids near her and then point the blasting rod at the gathering of little monsters. \<br\>\<br\> He looks at her again to see if she is getting his intention. Grab the kids while he breaks up the party below to get their attention off the kids.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane nods and gives Harry the thumbs up. And then, while the monsters are hopefully distracted,she moves towards the cage, inspecting the locking mechanism and frowns. Dumb thing has a pretty sturdy fancy lock on it and she's pretty sure she can't crack the code. Looks like she's gonna have to do this the old fashioned way thenShe motions for everyone to move back from the door..\<br\>\<br\>Its at that moment that one of the creatures pauses, glancing over at the cage and shrieks. Harry had better act quickly as at least three of the monsters are headed towards Faith now.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> There are certain things about Harry that he is known for. Subtlty is not one of them. He steps into open view when the creature notices Faith and level the blasting rod at the group, but mostly at the creature,"Fuego!" he growls through gritted teeth. \<br\>\<br\> D&D player everywhere would squeal in frenzied joy as a fireball erupts from the focus and blasts into the middle of the creatures. \<br\>\<br\> At the very least, they both have the attention of the creatures, but Harry starts to line up another shot to make sure he gets more attention,"Fuego!" Another blast of fire into the monster's area, as far from Faith and the kids as he can make it.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane ignores the creatures as she steps back and is about to lift her leg to kick open the door..When one of the creatures leaps on her back, the other nipping at her leg, "The hell are these things?! What a bunch of brats.." she continues to cuss and curse, slamming her back into the wall with enough force to send the creature screeching in pain as it falls to the ground. The second creature gets a powerful kick aimed at its head and it too goes flying. The third creature heads for the cage, and fiddles with the lock..\<br\>\<br\>Meanwhile, Harry's demons screech and scatter, a couple of them hit point blank and fried to a crisp. The two others make a running leap towards Harry from opposite directions, long, deadly sharp claws and teeth outstretched, attempting to slash him to ribbons!
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> There are those that are masters of the finest magic, the most precise of attacks. Harry is not one of those. Fast and ugly. The blasting rod turns towards the one to his left, the walking stick points to the one approaching on the right,"Fuego! Forzare!" he shouts and pushes his will through both. At that range the one that catches fire would most likely be charred and the other likely gets broken bones from the impact wave, then more when it slams into the nearby wall.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Harry has no trouble tearing through the monsters, and one of them just happened to have some of his stolen memories which may just return quite suddenly in a flood of nostalgia..Once the last two go down, Faith finishes off her two monsters..But then a scream can be heard as the demon grabs and drags one of the kids out of the cage. "Harry!" Faith calls, running towards the cage before another two demons jump out of the darkness, dragging her back. There's a lot of fire all over the place now, and it's starting to spread..And there are still three kids to rescue.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> The memories catch him by surprise, but he shakes it off. Sometimes there are better options and with two more appearing he passes the blasting rod into the same hand as his walking staff. \<br\>\<br\> Something appears in his hand and a practiced movement is followed by two loud booms, almost as loud at the blasting rod. Lead leaps from the gun and hits the two new critters in the head. The shots aren't right in the face or anything, but the bullets burrow into the creature's heads. \<br\>\<br\> Gun back in his pocket, Harry moves to help with the fire. He gets between it and the cage, sweeping the walking staff at the fire,"Forzare!" It doesn't blow out the fire, but a force of will and power splits the ground and pushing the fire away from them.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane finishes one of the demons quickly, snapping its neck as Harry shoots the other dead, they're pretty low level demons once you can see them it seems. And wasting no time,mFaith rushes in to grab two of the shocked kids, whose own memories quickly rush back to them.lBut the third seems co fused still. Wait, are there more demons lurking around somewhere? "How's Sabrina doing? There may be more heading back her way.."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"Sabrina can handle herself." Harry replies as he takes the last child. He looks for the way out instead of trying to climb back up,"If they find her they will regret it. Don't rush into her line of sight without calling out. I told her to wait at the entrance to cover our escape."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>If your getting close you might hear something inhuman screaming... if you speak demon they are begging for mercy.. BEcause right now Sabrina is in full demon girl mode eye's blazing with fire.. as she holds a demonds head as he screams and slowly milks in her hands.. she's roasting not only his head but his soul.. this isn't like when mortals kill them and they go to hell.. when she kills them it's over!
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane helps the kids to their feet, sending a well placed kick to a demon chasing after her, "Go on you two, get out of here, Sabrina's watching the exit, she'll keep you....Safe..?" that's when she hears screaming and frowns, glancing back at Harry, "Uhhh, what the hell..Are you sure this witch chick student of yours is even sane..?
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"Magic comes with it's own forms of sanity." he replies and blasts one of the demons as they race towards the exit with the children,"Follow the kids. Once I am outside the power gets sketchy with the rain." \<br\>\<br\> He turns towards the ceiling and aims the walking stick at it,"Keep going, both of you."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>For her part she looks kinda normal.. well sorta her eye's are demonic and her hands have rather massive black claws.. but she's looking around clearly all the demons around are dead of fled.. she frowns since she got attacked she's on alert looking about for more.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane eyes Sabrina warily, and while she us somewhat recognizable, the giant claws and red eyes are pretty freaky. "Uh Harry, you sure we can trust a demon? Wish you told me about this sooner.." she frowns, not terribly happy about it as she ushers the kids outside. Behind Harry are heard the shrieks of dying demons as the ceiling crumbles around them, although a few stragglers rush and leap at him from behind.\<br\>\<br\>Up ahead, about three more demons rush at Sabrina with deadly claws and teeth, trying to jump on her face and chest.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> It appears again, from within the coat,"She hasn't given me a reason not to. She was brought to me by..." Harry replies and something catches in his throat,"...a reliable source." he finally exhales. The sound of a click in the cave is followed by an ear splitting boom as the .357 dispatches one of the demons rushing at Sabrina, head exploding all gruesome like. \<br\>\<br\> He thumbs cocks the hammer again and starts to move around to get a clear shot, not really able with the children and Sabrina in his line of fire,"No shot kid."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Looks over " I'm not a demon.. well Half .. I'll explain " She looks over and watches one die! she uses that moment to glare at the others <KNEEEL> She commands using the power granted by her father! it dosn't work for long but it's long enough to make the demons pause or even kneel for her.. So she can swipe at them with her claws! leaving hellfire lines of damage.. \<br\>\<br\>     She tries to use her body to protect the children as well not wanting them hurt
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>As Harry and Sabrina finish off the remaining demons, Harry's gun goes off again and more walls crumbles behind them. The kids start screaming and Faith swears under her breath. "Yo Sabrina, how about putting on your nice face so you don't scare the kids and gimme a hand? Harry's finishing the last of em back there.." although she gives pause when she sees the Wizard using a gun. "Geez, y'all are full of surprises tonight aren't you."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Harry turns the walking stick at the entrance of the large room,"Forzare!" he comments and brings it down on itself. He moves to join the others and replies through gritted teeth,"No on suspects the Spanish Inquisition." \<br\>\<br\> Starting to herd the kids out, he looks for anything else trying to seek and annoy them,"This place is getting a little too small so let's get out of here."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Nods her head as she quickly shifts back to normal.. she flicks her fingers and points causing a door to open up " it's to the shop " She says brightly " Lets go " She clearly has a knack for that magic thing.. and now she looks normal girl again as she runs into the portal
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane blinks at the portal..Well at least it's no longer raining but it's pitch dark outside. "Heh, convenient, let's go..Harry?" she glances over her shoulder! making sure he's still behind her as the cave starts to collapse behind them.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> He's a half step behind her and follows her through the portal. Once everyone is through, he dives through and into his office. Once everything settles, Sabrina goes to take care of something in the basement lab. \<br\>\<br\> "Well, I guess we need to start making phone calls." he mutters and shuffles the kids down the hall. Behold the power of Mouse. The big dog appears and the children flock to the powerhouse animal. For his part he just absorbs the love from the kids, maybe drooling a little.