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A Mystery Dinner
Date of Scene: 08 July 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: Lucifer makes a
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Sinister, Phantasm (Drago)

Lucifer has posed:
Vague texting is apparently the decided way Lucifer will always try to get Nick's attention. This evening the text is simply, "Dinner's at half past eight. Let me know if you'll be able to come."

Otherwise, Lucifer has been busy in the kitchen, and what might be even worse - at least for Nathaniel - is that he has been able to seal the kitchen off. Completely. No sights, no sounds, no smells. The cat has access to her food and water because the barrier is just on the other side, but no one can come in. Lucifer is busy.

Then he'll text Nathaniel. <<Dinner will be ready at half past eight. Don't ask. I'm not telling.>>
Sinister has posed:
It's the not knowing. It might drive a lesser man mad! But after a couple of tests of whatever force power this happens to be, involving throwing bits of stuff at it... Sinister shrugged and went to do some work in his miniature lab. He's in there when the text message comes through and as it was specific, he absolutely doesn't ask.

But is this a special occasion? Is it a dog's dinner? There's no clue that might spell out the story either way, so instead went to get himself groomed, which involved a lot of time infront of the mirror, examining from many different angles, selecting cologne, deciding on hairstyle.

Ponytail, extremely neatly tied, not a hair out of place, eyebrows freshly arched properly, handlebar, goatee and soul patch impeccable.

And then? Reading the newspaper on the couch.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
There's just something about getting an invite the dinner the day of that just seems odd. But Nick's friends are pretty much an assortment of it. So when the text comes it gets a general response. A brow raise, a glance to the clock, a head tilt and then a response back.

Ok. Need me to bring anything?

Eventually as dinner nears, a not so little birdy comes flying into the Condo.
Lucifer has posed:
The text back to Nick is a simple reply of 'No, just yourself.' cause, really, there's not a want in the Penthouse that Lucifer can't fulfill.

"Stop throwing things at it, you're not going to get through!" He yells at the barrier with a laugh - and because this is Devil Magic(tm), Nathaniel /can/ hear him shout and laugh. Is there an occassion? Does there need to be? He's just wanting to completely surprise some friends with a nice home cooked meal. And add to that the idea that he tries very hard to cook up things that might hit a tender spot from Nathaniel's past - well - hopefully he hits it right here.

It's likely about fifteen minutes till when Lucifer comes out of the kitchen but is followed by nary a scent or sound. He smiles at the sight and scent of a well pressed Nathaniel then his eyes shift to the not-so-normal-sized bird. "Ah, Mister Drago. Thank you for coming. Dinner is in fifteen minutes. Would either of you like a drink?"
Sinister has posed:
It probably eludes Lucifer how that very act is in itself a special occasion.
There are Theologists who would say that couldn't possibly be.
There's a helluvalot of generally accepting pragmatists that would also find what Lucifer is doing to be utterly unfathomable.

And then there's us chickens.

"But it's so much fun to see if it happens to have a weakness for spatulas..." - But the throwing did cease.

Essex was actually watching the window as the phase-through occurred, which when you have witnessed the aforementioned fellow faceplanting glass before, leaves a wry smile. "And that I would wager, is how it's /supposed/ to go. Good evening Nick..." - turning burning red eyes to the emergence of the Chef a'la mode, the observant will notice he did pose a little, primp just a tiny amount, positioned with impeccable posture to attempt to -casually- look his best. "Surprise me. You -have- been industrious, dearling."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The bird flips forward, shifting back into the more humanoid form. There's a brief glimpse of wild hair before the dreamy Rockstar shifts back. The attire changes from shadowy shape to more recognizable fabric. And oddly enough Nick is not wearing the tried and true jeans and a tee. It looks more like he wore nice slacks and a collared shirt.

Ok so Tux it is not.

The offer of a drink gets a curious look, "Well, I guess it would depend on what we're having for dinner."

Hearing Sinister's comment regarding the window, the musician casts a slight smile in rememberance of the magic shop. "That's the difference of having time to process things. Good evening Nathaniel." He tilts his head, trying to get a glimpse into the scentless kitchen, "Oh, I also ran into your robot enthusiast friend, Nikki yesterday."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer considers. Walks over to the bar and makes three glasses of burbon. Oak barrel aged, about a century old is this bottle. It's the really deep woody stuff that goes very well with savory dishes. That's about as much of a clue as the men are getting.

There's a table, and even place settings, but the next thing that happens is a black cat - about a year or so old - comes mewling her way out from the bedroom. She stops at the sight of Nick and sniffs the air a bit, slowly drawing closer to him.

Very slowly.

Drinks are floated over and then a sudden wash of scents fills the room from the kitchen. Meat. Veggies. Perhaps a bit of onion and potato as well. This is to help entice stomachs to suddenly have a desire for food. "Be back in a moment..."
Sinister has posed:
"I see, I see, I see, said the blind man," offered with a chuckle.

"Aaah, Nikki?" the bourbon is plucked from the air as Nathaniel rises, the golden spicey drink sniffed and a brow arched. Curiouser and Curiouser, my dear. "How is she? Still delightfully weird?"

The attire is given a look over and it's an appreciative look of approval. Look at that, the rockstar brushes up nice! Haha. But then the aromatic scents! What is this? Nostrils twitch wider just a little, the licking of his bottom lip and swallow that follows, somehow having the same visual connotation as an enormous wolfhound slavering. It's something in the prestige of the moment, perhaps. "He hasn't even hinted at all today, as to what he's making. Spent a lot of it thinking about it."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Very much so." Nick confirms regarding the state of the enthusiast, giving a nod to the doctor. As the glass intended for him comes within reach, Nick sticks out a hand to take the offered drink. "Thank you."

Catching a glimpse of the cat looking to him, he looks back to it. "Got something other than the snake from the event?" He wonders aloud.

He doesn't wait for an answer as the smells hitting him gain his attention. "Well, the mystery of the dinner should be over soon." The musician comments. "If it tastes as good as it smell, I might be asking for a copy of the recipe later."
Lucifer has posed:
And just like that, dinner is served! Plates and silverware are floated to the dining table that was already set up and Lucifer carries out a baking dish that's steaming up a storm since it just came from the oven. Currently, whatever is within is covered with a layer of potato discs. A sort of shield hiding whatever is beneath.

He waits. Mostly for Nathaniel to stand and head towards the table while he sets the baking dish on top of a plate designed to hold such a thing so it doesn't burn the table itself. "From all my research this is a dish that, while still cooked today, originated about two hundred or so years ago in the town of Lancashire. It's called Lancashire Hotpot. Kinda like an old timey lamb stew it seems..." He then glances to Nathaniel, mostly to see the man's reaction. Partly to see if he agrees with the history Lucifer dug up on it.
Sinister has posed:
Ohh, some things are a thing of beauty. They bring back memories, so they do. "Lancaster, in Lancashire, yes. Oh, the nose is ten years old again. I think the recipe is probably based on an even older one, but it became famous then." Indeed, to the table, descending upon a seat and staring at the edifice of baked savoury main that lingers before their eyes. "There's nothing quite like this on a cold day, to reach the very bottom cockles of your stomach and warm you up fabulously." Leaning across, he kisses the devil demurely upon the cheek. "Stunning. And I dare say as tasty as it looks..."

Settling back with a smile, he sighs, a happy sort of sound and looks to Nick. "You ever been to England?" -- slight tangent, but he's suddenly curious.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
With Dinner being brought to the table and others gathering there, Nick makes his way over as well. Sliding down into the seat, he listens to Lucifer's explanation to what he made. The musician is quiet as he takes in a deep breath, appreciating the scent of food. It's nice for sit down meals like this at someone's home. Unfortunately a bit few and far between nowadays.

Pale eyes glance up when the question of his travels come up. "A few days here and there." He answers, "Usually for concert tours. Sometimes for film roles."
Lucifer has posed:
"Well. I do hope it tastes as good as the memories it stirs." Lucifer offers as he sits as well and then motions. "Please, dig in." Before his attention goes to Nick. "I'm always on a mission to find dishes that might appeal to Nathaniel's life. I've gotten a few right. Likely missed on others but he's a sport and will never really tell me if I get one wrong. So you're here, for company of course, but also an unbias mouth. Please tell me if it's disgusting. I can handle it."

Nevermore, the cat, prances over to sit beneath the table. Likely to wait for any scraps that come falling down. "Oh, and yes. The cat was adopted from the fundraiser. I've named her Nevermore."
Sinister has posed:
Inclining his head, Sinister clears his throat, takes the serving spoon and breaks the crust with a soft but audible 'crack'. That alone, makes the Doctor smile, releasing the scents of the slow-cooked lamb within, in its onionn gravy. A serving is helped, with a few sauted greens and bean salad. There's silence as he leans over his plate and simply inhales.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!~" when coming back to himself, he clears his throat. "I do beg your pardon..." taking stock of the cat situation, he glances below the table. "I personally think we might end up with a cat sanctuary some day, full of all kinds of personalities."

That left to hang, he continues "...Lucifer is an excellent chef, a thing very few know. A long time to perfect and practice and there's the passion and gusto that goes into creative culinary genius that he excels at. I await the time he attempts to make the very finicky french pastry..." grinning at the archangel across the way, he continues conversationally, before he silences himself completely with a mouthful. "Did you see much of the place, or only where you were at?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Well I haven't tasted it yet, but I can say it does smell good." Nick allows. Once it is his turn to spoon out some onto his plate, he puts a decent amount on. The plate isn't full, but it's far from empty either. Plate before him, Nick grows quiet, tilting his head for a few moments. After the moment of quiet reflection, he lifts up his head, smiling.

The cat's name causes for him to glance back to the feline. "Nevermore." He repeats, "I like it. Good name."

He looks over to Sinister as he asks further about England. "No. A lot of my time overseas is either traveling, sleeping, rehearsals, or the actual performance. But some countries you get handlers who will quickly take you to some select sites to tour. Usually after hours."
Lucifer has posed:
"Yes. I couldn't resist the name. Since my dearheart is a raven in many ways. So sayeth the raven..." Lucifer offers and then shrugs. When the others have helped themselves he'll then serve himself a proper portion of food. "It really does smell good, I'll give it that. It was a long, low and slow cook."

The bit about a cat sanctuary has him chuckle. "Sure it'll be cats and not snakes, love?" Asking that much and then he takes a bite of the food served. He can eat it piping hot because of his nature. Though he does sort of chew, swallow and waits to hear the others give their opinion of this hotpot feast.
Sinister has posed:
"Currently, you are one up on me in the pet department. One snake doth not a nest make, two cats become a clowder." Raising brows up, Sinister grins, silence reigning for nourishment honstly for not that much longer, before he reaches for the bourbon, gesturing with it to the plate and very much cleaned up meal mopped by the potato crust even. "This was stellar and I am gentuinely not being biased. The spice and herb level is perfectly balanced as is the ratio of everything to everything else, to be scientific about it. Exemplary." He eases back, sips the bourbon and gently places his napkin over the handles of his cutlery neatly set to the bottom right of the plate at 'four o' clock'.

"That always makes me wonder, the term... handlers. Fame and fortune are fickle, but they do seem to cultivate certain behavioural traits in some. Handle the celebrity." He sniffs. "Shame though. There's a lot to see in Blighty. Despite having left, I keep going back there."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The talk of pets, while nice does give Nick a general reminder of the various reasons why he can't have any. Even before the career change there were reasons not to have one. Unstable living environment, therapist being allergic, money... Although the last two issues went away, he can't really say the first one is not a factor. Last thing he'd want is a wall to come falling down on a pet. Besides- constant travel, quarantine laws of various countries, busy work hours does not make for a quality lifestyle for a pet either. This is especially the case when one considers themselves primarily a dog person.

Nick is silent as he takes a bite of his food, chewing thoughtfully for a moment before he pauses. He takes another bite. Then another...

The effect seems to be taking place with the other as the silence allows for Nick to complete the contents of his plate with little interruption. But even with savoring, the food upon the plate is soon gone leaving Nick to set the utensils back down. The silence extends a bit more as Nick dabs at his mouth with the napkin and then takes a sip of the drink paired with the meal.

The glass sets upon the table with a gentle thunk. Pale eyes look over to the host. "Could I get a copy of the recipe?"

Sinister's observation on the term causes for Nick to look over to the doctor. True, it's an odd term but it's not one reserved entirely for celebrities. Nick got proof of that over the past few years. His father had one for decades. And unfortunately it turns out he also had one, long before music was even a factor.

The jaw tightens and the glass is lifted again, Nick takes another sip of his drink. "...I should get a bit more time to tour when the filming starts. The book the movie's based off of is centered around England and Ireland."
Lucifer has posed:
As both lover and friend devour the food with little conversation, that serves as proof enough that Lucifer hit this one out of the park. The words that Nathaniel provide after gain a smile from the devil as he slowly works his way through his own serving. "Does it count that only one cat lives here? The other lives in another house entirely..." Saying this with a chuckle before he reaches for his own burboun to wash down the meal.

A glance is given to Nick then. "Of course. I can send you the link to the online recipe I followed if that suits you fine?" Asking that of the musician before his own cutlery is settling down on the plate. "Also, there is dessert, if either of you are interested. I've put together something that I believe is called Knickerbocker Glory..." He offers before glancing back in Nick's direction but says naught more to the man since that side of the conversation was between himself and Nathaniel.
Sinister has posed:
"Nominally," is the reply with a wink. Nathaniel's eyes however, do shift between Nick -and- Lucifer. "What's the book?" he asks, because it's a topic, although the chances of him having read modern works are relatively slim, you never know. The dessert though, receives another little half-smile at the choice, not the least of which is because it's damn fun to say.

But there's a shadow on his features afterwards, nostalgia that lingers and always leaves with a passing of that shadow. Dwelling has caused problems in the past, after all.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods to Lucifer's offer. "The link will work." He agrees. Either way, he gets the recipe. Idly he wonders if Bucky ever had this dish. Possibly not during the war but, may-

Oh. Right. He probably missed out on this too. Well, maybe that can be corrected.

The little mental aside switches back to what's going on at the table as Sinister inquires to the book previously mentioned. "From the Ashes." Nick answers.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer stands and collects empty plates from all three of them, lifting them with his mind before he takes up the leftovers and then heads into the kitchen. Leftovers are put into the fridge, plates are rinsed and put into the dishwasher. Then he opens the freezer and takes out three tall glasses filled with the icecream, fruit and syrup dessert that was promised. He's going to let those thaw a moment, which keeps him in the kitchen briefly.
Sinister has posed:
"I vaguely... seem to recollect that novel. Recent author, historical drama? Social issues..." Sinister muses on that, tracking the devil doing the clean-up. He helpfully moves a few things about also, preparing coffee by the power of telekinesis. It's probably an odd thing to experience when you don't regularly do everything with an extra pair of brain-hands.

"That should get you into some very interesting locations though, but... I suspect you won't want to venture forth too much, some of the older places have the greatest residual oomph."

Cafetiere coffee, instead of percolated, the kettle is switched on. The ice creams get his gaze again though, memories brought back once more by the view. "I remember when those were invented..." murmured.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Thank you." The musician says to Lucifer as he watches the plate get floated off.

Nick nods as Sinister gives a general mention of the book. "Yes. I seem to get mentioned whenever there's a book adaptation for something that wouldn't be considered present day. But...considering the material, that kind of explains why they were having difficulty securing resources when I had to make myself scarce. I have spent a lot more time in Ireland than England though. So I could just focus a bit more of the free time overseas to checking out the England sights perhaps. "
Lucifer has posed:
So coffee and icecream treats are brought in by the devil once all of that is ready. "I figured the ice cream dessert would be better after a heavy dinner. I need to learn what dinner is best to have before serving something like a sticky toffee pudding..." He offers this, silverware, and then sits again. "I think I have that book on my shelf. Somewhere. It might also be in the bedroom..."
Sinister has posed:
"Pork roast, or something for yuletide. Sticky toffee tends to be full of indulgence and goes with the season, but really? It's not like the calories count." Well, not for THEM anyway, if they have guests, that's a different matter. The beauty of the raspberry, fruit, cream and icecream confection is admired, its helter-skelter qualities considered for presentation, then Sinister considers the table and with a moment of chewing on his cheek, stands up, taking ice-cream with him. "I propose we take coffee, confection and company to the balcony. The view rarely gets admired, but frankly, it's delightful at sunset. Shall we? We can take liquor or brandy and cigars also, whilst we're at it..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick smiles to the tasty treat that ends up being set down and was close to digging in when Sinister proposing moving to the balcony. It's a funny thing how that wasn't a requirement before to enjoy the dessert but now that it was suggested- How could they not? Considering how busy things can get, it's nice to slow things down a bit.

"Sounds like a great idea." Nick agrees, glancing back to the dish. He takes the time to admire the brightly colored arrangement. "This looks great, Lucifer."
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah yes. A good idea that..." In fact, is there already some chairs and tables out on the balcony for such a thing? Perhaps. Even a sort of 'lookout' spot where the wall of the balcony isn't as high as the others, for just such a view to be taken in.

"Well, the dinner was all me, but I cannot take credit for the dessert. I had help with those. I got all the ingredients but it was Missus Baybury from the little English pub down the block who helped me put them together." He says this as things are lifted by either hand or mind and carried out to the balcony for them to enjoy.

"So this movie thing is a go then? You've gotten everything in line to begin filming it? Or are we talking about a past project?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister takes the second best seat-with-a-view, which is about the same as the third best, so that their guest can have the prime seating arrangement. He settles into the lounger and arranges himself with the eye of the aesthetic, the light of the setting sun hitting his face on the side. All that glass, steel and concrete does shine so bright in the glow of distant flames, doesn't it? And it puts all the microcosm of life in the city into a stark man-made perspective.

When Luci asks his question, he casts eyes over to Nick, taking the first long-spooned helping of the sundae with an arched brow to the devil. "She must know her knickerbockers..." a comment to the help received, he listens for the answer.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick ends up taking his time making it to the balcony, seemingly timing it for the others to pick their seats. Nick takes one to the side so the couple can sit together.

Nick chuckles slightly to Sinister's comment, a bit of schoolyard humor apparently flavoring his impulses for the moment. He takes a moment to admire the view before looking over to Lucifer to answer his question. "It's a go." He replies, giving a nod, "Filming starts in September."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer grins towards Nathaniel, taking a bite or two of his ice cream treat and, at first, only answers with a nod. "She's a biddy old woman who's been running the pub since she moved here some thirty years ago. Her children and grandchildren have since begun most of the work but every now and again she'll make exceptions." He grins. "Especially for a charming, accented, bright eyed young man who can make her feel young again with just a touch." He pauses. "And not in any hedonistic way..."

Then he glances to Nick. "Well good. I'm glad that's all settled. Do I need to continue to go through your manager for booking weekends here until you leave for movie making?"
Sinister has posed:
"No, you are not the least bit sentimental with a tendancy to try and do good. Not in the slightest," murmured in the direction of He Who Is Greatly Misunderstood. A kiss is blown, because he can simply imagine that scenario all too well.

But again, a good question is posed which Sinister listens keenly for the answer to, though it seems he's cogitating other things at the same time.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick tilts his head as he considers the question. "For work related stuff, yeah. Best way to avoid scheduling conflicts since he balances out the schedule. But I don't think you need to go meet him face to face for follow up. Just a quick call would probably do it."

Let's be honest here. If Nick was doing the schedule, he'd probably just agree to it regardless of the schedule and that's how you'd end up with him passing out at a gig. Not that has happened be-

Ok fine there was the time with Silver Round but the lectures he got from the others about overextending himself were...memorable.

"It's better if anything booking related goes through him."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles fondly for a moment and then takes another bite of his ice cream, following it with a gulp of coffee. "She's a nice lady. From Sandbury on Thames, or somewhere like that. I think she just misses merry old England sometimes, and she appreciates how I can make her...memories...dance." Course that's not the truth of it. Lucifer makes her close her eyes and he takes her to England. Literally. Couple hours there and then they come back. She's none the wiser.

"Alright. I'll call. Or text. Email. Whatever. I'd like to have you back a few times before you're off filming and being absent from our lives." He grins then.
Sinister has posed:
Another smile. Not a lie there, just not the whole truth. The ice-cream is being thoroughly enjoyed, though he sucks on his cheeks at the tartness of the raspberry and the thought in his head. "Complete topic change, though all of that is rather obviously important and something I agree with," he begins, then goes and has to rhuminate on how he wants to ask what he wants, looking sidelong to Nick, then at his glass of sundae.

"I don't think we've ever asked this really, because it was just somewhat taken for granted, but... I know that you're a Catholic. I don't know how much you practice and all that, but..." he glances up again, then over at the devil. "Do you know who he is? I mean, in the core of you. And what do you even think about that? I admit, it's given me moments to pause and consider certain theological crises that it might actually provoke." He looks back to Nick then. "Because you -are- a friend."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Well, I won't be THAT long." Nick points out. "It takes about nine to twelve months on average for a project but only a few months are actually dedicated to the actual filming portion... Supposing the weather cooperates of course."

And supposing there are no more wall exploding shadowy factions that have an inkling of his involvement with the shutdown of some projects.

Nick scoops a bit of the icy treat into his mouth, savoring the taste for a few moments, glancing back out to the scenery.

To the mention of a topic change, Nick glances curiously over to the doctor. When the topic shifts over to the religion he was raised in and how it relates to him. He tilts his head back. Taking a deep breath.

Looks like they're doing a deep dive of a topic.

Nick looks over to Lucifer as he's indicated. But, in retrospect, it's actually kind of funny how long has gone by without this topic being brought up at all. It's even funnier when even though there have been plenty of times pondering stuff of this nature that there's never been a definite answer. It shifts.

"That's a good question." Nick admits, "But, good questions rarely have simple answers." He glances to the glass and then back to Lucifer. "Lucifer Morningstar. I know you to be very powerful. A club owner, extremely impulsive, but most importantly, a friend." He glances to the glass. "I am a practicing Catholic. But not to the obsessive extent. In times of need, the church has helped me by giving me hope. And ideally, in the way that it has helped me I hope to help others achieve that too. I know to the more overzealous practitioners I'd be considered a bad Catholic for not dotting my 'i's and crossing my 't's but... I think the teachings are meant to be a guide of how to be decent to other people and yourself, not to bully others into submission by shaming them..."

He's probably gone off on a tangent here but the general points he considered before are likely going to be spoken first. "So... yeah. I'm sure the more strict of the church. Well, any church really, doesn't have to be Catholic, would have issue with it. But..."

Nick pauses, having trouble coming up with the words. "...I know what it's like, having people turn their backs on you for who you are without hearing your side of the story. It's a shit feeling. And I don't want to add to that."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer pauses in all of his actions as Nathaniel proffers that question to Nick. In some ways, he doesn't really care about the answer, because he is who he is and either one believes or they don't. On a whole other level, he does care. Because Nick is a friend, someone he's come to trust. It may do a little emotional harm if Nick has been harboring some sort of feeling and just swallowing it down because he's been called upon by them so many times and just feels a certain level of necessity to do it.

As the man continues to talk, Lucifer tilts his head one way and then the next. "Well, the Church was always supposed to be just that. A guidance. A guideline. Certain rules to be followed but most everything is just breadcrumbs along a path that you can choose to follow or not. It's always up to the believer." He says this and then takes another bite of his ice cream treat.

"You see me as an impulsive but friendly business man... but when you say my name is Lucifer Morningstar, how much of that is because that's what I introduce myself as opposed to who I actually am. Do you truly believe that I am /that/ Lucifer Morningstar? The Devil? Master of Lies, Giver of None. And a plethora of other names I could rattle off that I've been given over the eons of existence?" He ends it at that, and then waits.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister actually does an odd thing at this juncture. He reaches over the short distance from couple space to Nick space and aims to clasp the man on the shoulder in a solidarity squeeze. Whether it lands or not, he probably isn't going to take it personally -- probably. He eases back afterwards as Lucifer adds his own words to the 'moment' that's happening, turning his attention half back to his ice-cream. Honestly, there's little of it left, though he ate it all in a demure manner. The spoon is left in the glass, floated to one of the folding 'side tables' that they have out here and his coffee taken up. Cigarellos are produced from his waistcoat pocket, though why he had them there in the first place is a question of either good preparation or precognition. Likely, it's the former. He proffers the packet, after taking one of the slim cigars for himself.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
So much analysis. And after drinking too. Does he believe without a doubt that Lucifer's the Devil? Sure, he's associated the term with him a few times, but is that because that was how Lucifer introduced himself or true deep down belief?

Does it even matter? Really? He sure as hell didn't include it in his summary of what he knew.

"It might be a bit early to be asking that question." Nick admits. Considering the periods of doubt he's had in other things, his time with these two is considerably less. "But to me the most important name is the one you pick. Not what others pick for you."

Feeling the squeeze upon the shoulder, Nick looks over to Sinister, giving a faint smile. The serious nature of the discussion topic having since wiped off the previous one.
Lucifer has posed:
"Well. Now that all of that is out of the way... I don't really care if you believe that I am the actual Devil or not. That's just a perk of being me. So long as you don't care in the long run and we're friends. That's all that matters to me." Lucifer says this, takes a proffered cigar from Sinister and snaps his fingers to make a light they can both use to light their smokes.

"Sun's setting, and I think it's gonna be a pretty one. If you stay a while, I think we're in for a meteor shower as well. This would be the best place to watch it in the city. We're above all the light pollution. And you're, of course, welcome to stay as long as you like." Which is however long Nick deems he wants to, and there's even a pull out bed if he gets tired before getting to go home. Either way. A little drink, a little smoke, and an evening of sky gazing. Sometimes it is good to slow down a little.