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The Big Bad..
Date of Scene: 21 July 2023
Location: Darlington Park, Sunnydale
Synopsis: A big bad monster wreaks havok in Sunnydale..Thankfully the Paranet are there to stop it, but not without a sacrifice..
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Harry Dresden, Thomas Raith, Sabrina Spellman

Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>It is a dark and stormy night and definitely not a nice day to be taking a stroll in the park, but Faith had upped the patrols after her crazy dream involving a giant shadow creature. Perhaps that is what she is hoping to find tonight,named with her fancy spiked gloves, having alerted the Paranet of potential trouble.\<br\>\<br\>Afterall, there have been numerous sightings of..Something..Lurking in the parks out here tonight. She grins, slapping her hands together, peering around at the chilling wind and rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning. No rain yet but you never know. Right now it just feels cool and refreshing. \<br\>\<br\>A good day for a head bashing..
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> It's never a dull moment with this one. Harry arrives where Faith called him to. Rain would not be helpful right now, but there isn't anything for that. Besides, there is the handcannon that no amount of rain can slow down. \<br\>\<br\> Despite popular belief, Harry doesn't wear a hat so if it rains that will be another problem. He pushes his mop of hair back and mutters something about needing a hair cut.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>And there ahead of her, leaning agienst a tree and wearing a white over coat and somehow making drenched hair look like a fashion statement is Thomas. He smirks a little bit as he see the Slayer approaching, obviously waiting on her. "You know it takes a special kind of stupid people to read about demons in the park... and then immediately head for the park. Especially since we could be warm, dry, naked, and feeding each other chocolate covered berries."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Looks over and beams a big smile , she looks sooo out of place for one she's not in dark moody clothes.. she's got a school girl skirt on.. knee high socks.. some sensible shoes and a red sweater on her head.. of course her hair band to keep her blond locks from her face . She wiggles her nose a bit " I could fix that if you let me? " she states to harry . \<br\>\<br\>     She holds up a finger " Really quick just a zip zip and I'd be done " she says
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane is dressed in the usual sort of goth meets punk attire typical of her. Today she's wearing a black leather zipped crop top, shirt denim cut offs and sturdy black army boots on her feet. She never seemed to mind the cold or rain or rolling in mud or whatever, and while it's not ye5 raining she probably wouldn't mind that either.\<br\>\<br\>She shoots Thomas a smirk as he arrives before the others and laughs! "Don't you wish, lover boy. But I'm here to bash some heads. Don't you know I take my job seriously, even if they don't pay me enough..Or really anything at all. But hey, someone made in a call at Angel Investigations so maybe I'll get a cut Afterall.."\<br\>\<br\>Sabrina and Harry are given a grin and nod, showing off her claws. "Yo, are y'all ready to rumble? I heard reports of some kinda giant snake being seen around these parts.." and as if on cue, some giant freakish monster seems to block out the moonlight, flying in the sky on huge bat like wings that somehow support its massive snakelike body as it utters a hideous, ear piercing screech from what looks to be the giant golden head of some sort of twisted beaked bird with golden feathers..And is that a tiny crown on its head?
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Looking at Sabrina he raises his brow,"Maybe later." he replies to her mention of cutting the hair. He studies Faith's battle gear and shakes his head,"Head's to be cracked. Things to prevent bumping." \<br\>\<br\> He nods to Thomas and then looks up as the thing appears. In the most dead pan possible, Harry mutters softly,"Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" His blasting rod appears in one hand and the walk stick in his other.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith glances up at the bird and lets his overcoat fall open, revealing a pair of Kukri knives lasged to his waist with a leather thong not to dissimmilar to the ones that hold his brother's blasting rods. "You know," He says casually to his brother. "I'm about to give up dating Slayers," He says in a casual voice never taking his eyes off the massive chicken/snake/vulture/thingy. "I mean I suggest Paris. New York. Milan. They suggest sewers and demons in the park... Speaking of which, who'se your date? I thought you were off blondes."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Blinks and points for a moment almost frozen in place " uhhhh why is their a cockatrice out and about in the open.. we are not equiped or prepared to fight something like that.." She is now clearly unearved and quite scared as she grabs her bag and yanks out a black cat who blinks surprised.. only to ACK when he's huged rather hard
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane groans, racking her knuckles as she stares up at the giant snaked chicken...Thing. "Damn, I should have brought a bigger weapon.." and without thinking - because she's never been much of a tactician, she rushes at the giant bird, leaping high into the air in attempt to stab it in the shoulder or...Something. It moves with surprising grace and speed, flicking her effortlessly away with its massive taloned tail with enough force to break bones. \<br\>\<br\>Fortunately Faith is tougher than your average human but she is still sent flying, landing with a loud, disturbing crunch as she hits a nearby tree, falling in a crumpled, unmoving heap.\<br\>\<br\>Without hesitating, the massive bird snake thing turns to face the others and opens its mouth, uttering a fearsome, earpiercing sonic screech, sending out a powerful sonic blast in its wake that flattens trees and sends the birds in nearby trees screaming and fleeing in horror. For the less fortunate, they simply fall and drop dead in their tracks.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Watching Faith get pummeled is less than encouraging. Harry starts to reach out to help her, but too late for that. He turns to face the creature, touching his duster. The wards glow to life on the coat as the creature screams. \<br\>\<br\> He raises his arm up to protect his face against the assault. No eye looking, none of that. He looks at the thing's nasal area. \<br\>\<br\> His expression says he doesn't think it will help, but focuses the magic into the blasting rod,"Fuego!" he growls and sending a fireball at the creatures face before losing ground to the shriek.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith drops the knives calmly reaching behind his back and pulling out a shotgun, sawed way back, and fires a blast the trails right behind Harry's fireball. He doesn't rush to check on Faith. He knows he doesn't need to. It's gonna take a lot more then Colonel Sanders' Nightmare here to take out the Dark Slayer.
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman quickly Snaps up a reflect spell on her own eye's as she shouts out " Don't look into it's eye's or breath any gas it spits out.. it's like a medusa it will turn you to stone " She Casts the spell on her familiar salem just in case as he covers his eye's with a paw " This is not good " is all he says ! For her part she's ducking behind a large tree or something trying to think of a spell that might work!
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>The fire spell hits its mark, exploding upon impact, churning up a cloud of dust. Thomas follows with a blast of gunfire which also hits with a satisfying smack! However, once the dust clears, it seems to have barely slowed down, uttering an angered screech. The attacks seem to have bruised it a bit, some of the scales looking a bit burnt and singed but no worse for wear. \<br\>\<br\>And then it tucks in its legs and rushes with eye blurring speed at the ground, massive spikes springing out of its body like a giant spiky catapult, slashing into everything in sight. It's a good thing that Sabrina calls out that warning because when it uncoils itself, it's eyes suddenly turn bright red as it sweeps its gaze over the area, including the slowly recovering Faith, who stares into its eyes in confusion..And then in a flash she is turned to stone!
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> "Dammit." Harry growls and turns and jumps off to one side. He notes Faith turning to stone and he mutters,"Terrific. Anybody else wants to get stoned, go buy some weed." he growls more. \<br\>\<br\> One crisis at a time. What he wouldn't give to have Bob right about now. On an off chance he ducks behind a tree and shouts,"Sabrina any thoughts? I am not real wild about a game of attrition so if either of you have ideas, now's the time."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Blinks and uhhhs looking around " Do you have a roster? " She asks " The crow of a roster will kill it instantly " She says before she rubs the back of her neck " Please nobody turn to stone.. the potion to fix that is a PAIN int he butt to do " . of course she dosn't know about faith . This is it this is time to think of something really smart.. the only come up blank when she hears the thunder and she has that AH ha! moment.. \<br\>\<br\>     Reaching into her purse she quickly yanks out several jars and starts to Draw a big circle around where she is " Keep it busy! I'm making a circle to kill it ! "
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith see's Faith get turned into a statue and snarls, though he doesn't rush to her because she is rather beyond his ability to help at the moment. "I've got an idea." He yells, dropping the shotgun now and yelling to Harry, "Keep that thing grounded! I will be right back."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"Oh sure, keep it occupied." Harry growls at Thomas and moves to draw the thing's attention. More careful where he hurls fire, he levels the blasing rod,"Fuego!" he snarls and sends a massive fireball at the thing's wing. Just one. He lets the staff fall to the ground for the moment and producese his pistol, send three shots of hot lead at the same wing.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>The Cockatrice has finished slithering around, and it springs out those crazy feet again, planting them in the ground as Harry gets it attention. Red eyes narrow on him as he hurls another fireball at it. It doesn't bother dodging as the ball explodes against its powerful hide, although it seems its wings are not quite so tough and it shrieks as he tears a small hole in its wing, sending feathers flying every which way.\<br\>\<br\>Now its really mad as it spins around, whipping its massive spiked tail towards the three, although it's mostly focused on the mean fireball weilding wizard!
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>A Few seconds later there is a roar coming from the direction of the enterence to the park. Not an beastial roar but that of a massive engine coming to life and and being reved hard. A Second after that, a white humvee flies into view. It's driver door open, Thomas standing half in the vehicle, one hand on the wheel, one hand on the wheel, one foot on the gas, and the rest of him hanging out of the Hummer... And he is shirtless. Why is he shirtless? Probibly because his t-shirt is stuffed in the gas tank and on fire... He aims directly at Arnold Swartrza-chicken screaming "FUAGO MOTHER CLUCKER!" before jumping out of the about to explode vehicle seconds before it collides.
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Shrieks of course she's shrieks .. The Tree she's behind half of it explodes.. then the area behind the Tree acutally explodes! or impacts or something thiers smoke .. impact and everything .. She casts a shield spell and scrambles to move quickly she dosn't know if that will work or not.. those creatures are really really hard to kill with normal means! Right now she's trying to make a circle to call down Zues wrath.. yep God bolt to crispy the creature! That is if flying tree bits and car bits don't destroy the circle.. but the bolt is just to stun the thing so the circle can make the sound of a rooster .
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Harry sighs softly and shakes his shield braclet down his arm. Once it is on his wrist, he puts will to it and it forms a protective ward before him. This gives him a little more room to work. \<br\>\<br\> Something out of the worst nightmares of most and it just absorbed a hit from a hummer. Harry sighs and grits his teeth. Whatever Sabrina is cooking up, he has to buy more time. \<br\>\<br\> The blasting rod smoulers and yellow energy surrounds him. When he commits the word again, his voice seems...more than usual,"Fuego!" he shouts and the fire that erups from the blasting rod sets it on fire and is hot enough everyone in the area can feel the heat no matter how far away they are. If the usual fireball is a bonfire, this comes out like a gasoline fueled super nova. \<br\>\<br\> He taps the blasting rod on the ground to put the fire out.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>A lot of explosive things happen all at once. There's a car on fire about to crash into it, followed by hellish fire, and a sizzling lightning bolt,ball converging onto the same spot. And if this was a normal creature such attacks would destroy it easily.And maybe it worked. The creature lets out a blood curdling, earth shaking scream..\<br\>\<br\>And when the dust clears, there is a large crater of singed earth around the monster. For a moment it doesn't move, but the; there's a twitch and it snarls angrily, slithering out from the ash..It's wings have been severed off more or less, shed in an explosion of singed feathers, leaving behind bloodied skeletal remains where the feathered wings once were. But the rest of its serpentine body and tail are more or less I damaged, as if it sacrificed its wings to protect itself.\<br\>\<br\>It utters another ear piercing sonic blast throughout the area, using the earsplitting attack as a cover as it flees in a blur of speed, vanishing into,the forest.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith finally...FINALLY... rushes to Faith, checking the stone form for damage and shaking his head. Looking over at his brother and saying "You can fix her, right? This isn't.... You can fix her." Saying it with all the faith of a child who knows their sibling can work miricles.
Sabrina Spellman has posed:\<br\>Sabrina Spellman Holds her ears and screams herself that hurts and she's clearly stunned worse the explosion made her circle fail.. she got the bolt but not the rest of it.. that's the part she needed to to! as she holds her ears as they bleed adn she looks rather dazed.. salem for his part just lays on the ground holding his paws on his ears wondering what's going on!
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Harry turns to go after the thing, but notes Sabrina's situation, Thomas with Faith, and glares after the thing. A deep sigh and he turns to go to Sabrina's side, bending down to help her back up,"Come on." he tells her softly,"I know it hurts, we have to get out of here because we don't have a lot of chance against this thing without some plan." \<br\>\<br\> He reaches down and picks up Salem. His touch is easier than she is used to as he helps Sabrina up. He knows she probably doesn't hear him. \<br\>\<br\> "Thomas. Sound off." he shouts in that direction. It's only then that he realizes he isn't hearing the best, blood from his ears too. His eyes fix on Faith and they widen,"Shit..." he mutters and will lead Sabrina to Faith once she is mobile.