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Just a day at Shaw Studios
Date of Scene: 28 July 2023
Location: Shaw Studios, Lower East Side
Synopsis: Nick and Wade go through job offers and take a break when Lucifer comes bearing gifts and Sinister comes bearing security suggestions.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago), Lucifer, Sinister

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
New York is easily not a sleepy town. But even big cities have their peak times and their slow times. It is in the early evening and most of the average workforce is making their way to their respective homes be it by ferry, by foot, by cab, or car. It's gotten just dark enough that the street lamps have come on and more lights can be seen coming from residential floors of buildings.

Shaw Studios is not a normal business. Their usual clients are far from regular and are quite accustomed to performing evenings and sleeping in to make up for it. And so, Shaw Studios is treating the early evening more like a mid-afternoon.

In the lobby, a security guard labeled Larry sits behind a desk. Seemingly glancing to something hidden from view for those walking by. Security Monitors? Phone? Based from the bland expression on his face, likely the former.

On the second level, another security guard, labeled Gary is making his rounds, checking the doors of the upstairs offices, making sure the ones that are supposed to be locked remain so.

In one of the unlocked offices, a pair of men sit, going through packets of paperwork. One, not labeled but known to be Wade Shaw, sits behind a desk. While the other, known to be Nick Drago sits upon a futon. "This is my least favorite part about this." Nick mutters, flipping through another page.
Lucifer has posed:
One minute not there, the next minute there. Lucifer stands in front of the unlocked office door, on the opposite side from the inside to be on the outside. As with all untimely visits, he holds gifts. Plural this time since he figures he's dropping in on a meeting of the minds and therefore must apologize to two parties instead of one. It is very likely his counterpart is here with him. As to the why that they're here well...that's to be determined.

In the meantime, Lucifer shuffles gift bags into one hand so he can lift his now empty hand and knock thrice upon the unlocked but closed door.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister has been relatively withdrawn since the last Sanctum trip. These things are not unheard of in Nathaniel-land, but he's been pleasant enough, just not particularly talkative. Luckily, any inquiries as to 'what is up' have not been met with 'nothing' or 'I'm fine' to the query of okay'dness. He will likely talk about it in good time. "You know, phoning ahead is a thing these days. Or even texting. I think you just like being the dark stranger bearing gifts," he murmurs to the man he appeared next to. Well, we say man, but we do know the truth.

Listening for the talk inside those doors, he inquires sidelong and mildly "Why are we here, again?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Least favorite part but important nonetheless." Wade murmurs, "Both are good options but you'd only have time for one."

"Well, who asked first?"

"They came in around the same time so that's not a viable approach, Nick."

"Ok. Then who seems less of a dick to work with?"

Wade chuckles, shaking his head. The laugh soon dies as the knocking interrupts the discussion. Wade glances up from his set of papers, glances to Nick, and then to a small radio nearby. No one called up about guests so- "Gary?"

Nick turns his head to the door for a moment. Hands shuffling the papers back together before sliding it into the envelope. He can go over the proposals later.

Gary starts to turn around to head back in the direction of Wade's office.
Lucifer has posed:
"Bearing gifts of thanks for allowing us to have Nick for a few shows at the club and extend a bridge to have him again when his schedule becomes more free." Lucifer replies, simply.

This very well could have been an email, but Lucifer is a man of particular ways.

Of which very much include showing up unannounced, uninvited, bearing gifts and charming the pants off - no, not these days - just charming people in general.

Ears flick a bit before he tilts his head just so. "They've called security..." He offers, also simply. Calmly. Then he pulls out his phone and texts Nick. <Did I show up at a bad time? ~L.M.>
Sinister has posed:
"Ahh, right. And I don't think it's so much that they called Security as..." Sinister points down the corridor to where Gary is about to arrive from his return rounds. "I recommend waving and smiling cheerfully, it disarms..." which is exactly what he does, once the security guard is in sight, mostly because getting shot is a bother.

"It's us..." is called loud enough to go through the door, because that also works. "I think you're in there, but I could be... oh, no, there you are."

He checks his non-existant watch, which indicates a hair past a freckle, grunts and checks his vest pocket for the old fashioned big-ben festooned fellow. "What did you get this time, I didn't poke..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
If it is any comfort to Sinister, there is no gun pulled out. Instead a hand goes up to press upon a button to turn on his mic, "Larry, did any guests sign in?" The guard continues moving towards the pair, keeping an eye upon them as he gets closer.

Feeling his phone buzz, Nick shifts forward to tug the phone out of his pocket. But before he can even think about using his phone's pin number, he hears Sinister's voice. The musician sets the envelope down upon the futon before getting up to go open the door. "Hey guys." Nick greets.

Wade doesn't move for the door. Nick was closer to it and in the small room the only thing it would accomplish would be crowding the guests. So, instead the studio owner shifts to his feet, remaining behind the partition. Once the door is open enough to show the two visitors, Wade nods towards them. "Good evening, Mr. Morningstar... Dr. Essex. And what brings you two here?" Another booking perhaps?

Upon hearing Wade and Nick's voices greeting the two, Gary's steps visibly slow so as not to be on top of them while they're making their way in.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles towards Sinister, leaning over to whisper something in his ear, and then the door opens. "Sorry to barge in on you both like this. Nick is sort of used to it, but you Mister Shaw, have not had the pleasure. I and my companion wanted to bring a couple of gifts. As a thank you for booking Nick with the club and a hope to build a bridge that will welcome him back anytime he wishes." Lucifer says this and then steps in.

One bag is handed to Wade, inside this bag is a shadow box in frame that holds a very well used guitar pic, a picture of Geddy Lee, as well as an autograph from the same. The other bag is handed to Nick. Inside this bag is a book called 'How to Hone Your Craft - 1000 Ways of Ritual Song Writing'. The book is likely both a serious gift and a joke gift all in one.

"I truly hope we didn't interrupt anything important."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister smiles again at the security guard, close mouthed and with an incline of his head. He employs them, he knows it can be a tough job with individuals such as themselves. Then, he turns to the door as it's opened, keeping a step back from Lucifer as the devil makes his introductions and delivers his gifts. "One day, we'll arrive in the standard manner, I promise. And on that day, we should probably all quake in our stylish yet fashion conscious boots..." he tucks his hands into the small of his back, stepping aside of the door as gifts are delivered.

"I admit to hoping I might get the opportunity to visit on set, for the current filming schedule. I'm quite fond of Ireland, but I do understand the nature of professionalism -- however..." here Sin flicks one hand forth with a card betwixt fingertips, offered to Wade. "...I know you have your own security. But there are occasions when one likes to up one's game. You can look the company up in the Business bureau. We have government contracts." And they do. And he does. But that's neither here nor there. "I don't -think- that's nepotism."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Seeing the nod, Gary returns the gesture. With the confrontation aborted, he continues on his route. "Nevermind." He murmurs into the microphone.

Taking note of the bags, Nick glances to them and then back to Lucifer. "You know you don't have to do that." The musician points out. Despite the words used, Nick does accept the gift bag. He did take the time to get them something after all.

Remembering the gift, Nick looks into the bag. He blinks for a moment before pulling the book out for those who may not already know what's in the bag.


He showed it to Wade. Because obviously Sinister already knows.

The manager eyes the title book and grins. "Subtle nod to Silver Round?" Wade asks, hand slipping into his own gift bag since that seems to be the task underway right now. The grin fades into a look of curiousity as he feels the shadow box. Glancing down, he gently slides the bag off to reveal the full gift. Brows raise. "...To second Nick's words, you don't HAVE to give us gifts for doing business with you. But- I'm definitely keeping this." Wade turns, resting the shadow box just behind the framed photo of the Silver Round members, with him and Nick being the only surviving members, it appears Geddy is taking second position to that memoir. "And I would not worry about interruptions. Considering Nick's grumblings, we were overdue for a break anyways. The gig offers being considered were for New Year's Eve. They can surely afford a few minutes delay this evening.

As Sinister speaks of going to Ireland, the manager listens attentively. When the topic switches over to security, the doctor gets all of his attention and the card is definitely accepted. He remembers the small display of ability the last time they met...And considering Nick's amazing ability to ditch even the most qualified of security details. He even ditched that SHIELD agent during the weird stalker thing...although that guy was a dick. Hmm. Maybe he wouldn't do that to a friend.

Wade glances to the card. "Thank you for the reference. He glances to Lucifer. "...As for professionalism. I see no problem with Nick having a couple trusted friends coming along so long as they don't interfere with the filming. In fact, I'd encourage it." A pointed glance is given to Nick.

Someone's got to make sure Nick doesn't do something stupid.