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THE MARY JANES: Club Evolution
Date of Scene: 11 August 2023
Location: Club Evolution, Mutant Town
Synopsis: The Mary Janes play live at Club Evolution in Mutant Town and nothing blows up except their name recognition Lots of socializing and fangirling. Gwen scares off Cain and Harley knocks out a bouncer.
Cast of Characters: Ghost Spider, Spoiler, Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid, Bluebird, Juggernaut, Wonder Woman, Zatanna Zatara, Harley Quinn

Ghost Spider has posed:
The ambient energy of Club Evolution is almost tangible. Mutants and humans alike navigate the spacious floor, trying to secure the best tables and booths. Conversations, laughter, and the steady thrum of piped-in music merge, forming a backdrop of sound that's both intimate and overwhelming.

Neon glows from the bar create pockets of luminance, occasionally interrupted by an occasional flare of mutant light. In this space, everyone has a place, and everyone adds to the narrative. The three-armed mutant DJ, with headphones settled on two out of his three ears, adjusts the controls, lowering the house music to prepare for the live band's soundcheck.

The room's murmur takes on a new note as The Mary Janes assemble on stage.

Well, most of them.

Gwen is slightly distracted, her attention pulled towards the man with her -- Peter Parker. They exchange playful banter at the edge of the stage near (but not at) her drum set, her laughter light and eyes sparkling. Glory, on the keyboard, plays a soft tune, lost in the melody. Betty tunes her bass, her fingers plucking the strings with precision. Tessa, the lead singer and guitarist for the evening, steps up to the microphone. She takes a deep breath and then, into the microphone, goes, "Check, check, check."

The sound reverberates through Club Evolution. Patrons in the lounge turn their heads, the usually chill area now vibrating with anticipation. Conversations hit quiet, drinks are momentarily forgotten, and the crowd's attention rivets to the stage. The neon lights seem dim in comparison to the atmosphere of expectancy.

Near the bar, a mutant bartender with chameleon-like skin skillfully mixes drinks, his colors shifting in tune with the room's mood. As Tessa continues her soundcheck, his eyes drift to the stage, a small, appreciative smile on his lips.

The mic by Gwen's drum set picks up some of her laughter, drawing quite a few gazes momentarily back towards them, and as soon as she realizes what happened, she makes an apologetic little wave towards the crowd... even as Glory gives her the finger-circling 'wrap it up' gesture. The first set was going to start soon.
Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown just needs a bit of a break. She's been hitting the streets of Gotham pretty hard, enough that she got hurt a bit falling off of a rooftop and bouncing off a dumpster a few weeks ago. She's just about fit as a fiddle again and figures a little dancing might be a less dangerous way of getting limbered up. Plus, she's travelled to New York to look at law school possibilities.

She isn't a mutant or special in any way, beyond her determination and her willingness to fight. But she had no prejudices in that regard, and thought some of the less human mutants actually looked pretty cool. She finds herself making her way onto the dance floor, wearing purple tights and a black crop-top that shows her abs, abs she worked very hard for, thank you. Her blonde hair is down and in a bit of a shag cut and she has oversized hoop earrings along with sparkly make-up and a bit of glitter lotion. Just for kicks.
Spider-Man has posed:
One thing's for sure, Peter is getting something of an education on all the latest hotspots in the city.

It's not as if his job with the Bugle doesn't see him get out and about mid you. But what J. Jonah Jameson considers hip and trendy doesn't really qualify. At least not for anyone under the age of fifty at any rate. But then the Daily Bugle doesn't really thrive before it has a firm grip on the pulse of the people.

It thrives in large part because of their tendancy to manufacture -- and sometimes even just report -- on scadals.

The fact that most of them seem to involve Spider-Man is surely just a coincidence. Surely.

But for tonight at least, Pete is not here to worry about any of that. Not to worry about his ongoing legal problems, the fact that he's wanted by the NYPD. Not to worry about the fact that his friend Dr. Curt Conners is missing, carried off by a glider that looked suspiciously like something that the Green Goblin would use.

No, tonight he's here to enjoy himself some. To take in the unique environment of the club that offers something a little bit different from anything else in the city.

Ahhhh, who's he kidding. Mainly he's here to see Gwen.

Glancing towards Glory as she motions to the bands drummer, Pete's lips quirk upwards. "I'm pretty sure that you're being summoned. And in the interest of not pissing off your band mates, I'll just say knock 'em dead," he says lightly, winking at the blonde drummer before taking a step back from the stage.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
He has a small mountain of work to get done back in his dorm.

Papers, labs and a host of reading to go along with it. You wouldn't think that it could all pile up so fast, but somehow it finds a way.

Possibly because Miles spends the better part of most evenings out and about the city. Not partying, not clubbing, certainly not dating or anything else that might fall into the conventional social life.

Nope, he pulls on a costume and swings about the city, just another one of the Spiders that New York seems to have spawned.

Though it doesn't seem to be a particularly great time to be spider-affiliated as of late.

But that's not going to keep him away. There's an expectation afteralll, that he has to meet. A tradition. Even when things get hard you keep showing up.

Sometimes though that's not so bad. Like tonight. He might not get out quite as often as he might like, but these past few weeks haven't left him much time to catch up with some of his friends. And while Gwen might be more then a little busy this evening, there's still Peter.

Even if he might still find him just a little intimidating.

Hero worship is sometimes slow to fade.
Bluebird has posed:
Another Gotham girl in the NYC tonight. One that's been busy tunneling into the pulpy juicy big Apple alongside many others. While Harper Row doesn't have big dreams to hit it big, she digs the city. Parts of it at least. Her gremlin-sense didn't have to tingle to tell her about this place. A certain G.i.r.l. chum by the name of Nadia Pym probably had something to do with it. Always good to have a chum in the know, and attend the show of allies. Maybe there's a secret to life balance somewhere in this vista of sights and sounds.

Harper loves a good Live venue. This is wilder than most she's attended in Gotham. Most of those don't have such openly accepting displays of mutants. That's weird, but she likes weird. And if it runs against that status quo, that's very cool. Harper wants to at least rub elbows and feel if it's the kind of friction that adds to the healthy fabric of existence.

She's come in through the door like she's attending a different kind of show, where loud and raw is more important than melodious. Faux-hawk is up, piercings are in, boot soles are thick. Torn leggings, short shirt and a jacket that looks like it's saved her from becoming pavement pizza more than once. She's putting in an order for a double-tap of shots with the bartender with the wild skin patterns, while trying not to gnaw on her lip to ruin her lipstick. That'll give her a chance to scope the crowd assembling before the charismatic looking band.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen rocks a punk-inspired look for the night: a ripped white tank top with a neon 'MARY JANES' print on the front, paired with black leather shorts featuring silver studded embellishments down the sides. Fishnet stockings peek out from under the shorts, culminating in knee-high, steel-toed combat boots with chunky heels. Layered silver chain necklaces dangle around her neck, and her wrists sport an array of mismatched leather and stud bracelets. Her platinum-blonde hair, streaked with vivid pink and blue highlights, is pulled into a high messy bun, a few tendrils artfully framing her face. With dark smokey eyeshadow and neon pink lipstick, Gwen's look screams punk rock rebellion.

Gwen's laughter trails off as she looks at Peter, her gaze softening. "Hey," she says, her voice barely audible over the club's low hum, "Thanks for coming. It means a lot."

/I'll just say knock 'em dead./

She chuckles, the corner of her mouth quirking up. "Pressure's on now," she retorts playfully, her fingers brushing his for a fleeting moment. The atmosphere, charged with music and the club's unique energy, seems to condense around them.

Taking a step back, Gwen throws Peter a wink. "Catch you after the set?" she asks.

Their brief bubble of intimacy pops as Glory's voice rings out again, sharper this time. "Gwen! Come on, we're starting!"

Rolling her eyes, Gwen settles in behind her drum set, adjusting her seat and giving the cymbals a light test. Glory's fingers glide effortlessly over the keyboard as she syncs it up to the right setting. Betty plucks her bass, adjusting the straps for a comfortable fit. Tessa, the newcomer (for her second night, even after their last gig ended abruptly due to a terrorist attack), stands a bit nervously at the front. She strummed a few chords on her guitar, her eyes scanning the crowd, possibly searching for a familiar face, possibly searching for terrorists.

The lights on stage dim momentarily, plunging the club into an expectant darkness. Seconds later, the spotlight casts a glow on each member of The Mary Janes, signaling the start of the show.

As Tessa's eyes met the crowd, a few whistles and claps echoed, encouraging the newbie on the stage. Taking a deep breath, she stepped up to the mic, adjusting it to her height.

"Hey, Club Evolution!" she greeted, her voice surprisingly strong despite the hint of nerves. "I know I'm not the MJ you were expecting tonight, but we promise we'll give you a night to remember."

Cheers erupted from the crowd, a mix of fans and those curious to hear the new dynamic of the group. Gwen tapped her sticks together in a countdown, signaling the beginning of their first track. And then they begin to play, leading off with one of their more popular songs, "Face It Tiger."

Spider-Man has posed:
One nice thing about this particular club -- besides getting the chance to see humans and mutants -- and others, Peter is pretty sure that he falls into the other category at this point -- mingling in relative harmony while also displaying a pretty big cross-section of fashion choices.

Which is definitely good for Peter. He will never be at the bleeding edge of cool, pretty much in anything. He might not be the basement dwelling nerd he leaned towards that accident gave him incredible Spider powers. But science and geeky pop-culture fandom is a little closer to his speed.

He is willing, however, to make exceptions in certain circumstances. Or at least for certain people. Still, he's downright conventional in those dark slacks and blue shirt.

Though in fairness, odds are good that he has a certain red and blue outfit on beneath this one. And wearing it around definitely seems to raise a ruckus.

"Definitely," Peter agrees, having to raise his voice some now as the noise of the crowd begins to pick up as the MAry Janes get ready to play.

And then they are taking center stage, the house lights shifting, spotlighting each of them before the music starts and the area around the stage gets a whole lot more crowded.

It's kinda familiar. And it brings a smile to Peter's features.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
Unsurprisingly, Miles is running a little late. That does tend to be the way of things with people of his ilk. Being on time is a pleasant, polite notion for other people. Ones that don't have a costumed life that frequently interferes with their day.

One thing that Miles has going for him this time though? Those expecting him will definitely understand.

That in and of itself is pretty nice. Usually there is a need to make excuses, to make apologies for letting down his family or friends yet again. But he is fairly certain that Peter and Gwen are likely to understand how this all works.

It is definitely nice to be around those that do.

For his part MIles does a little better blending in with the theme then his mentor does. But then he's not ooooooooold. He does pause just shy of the entrance though, craning about to see if he can spot familiar faces. Besides Gwen of course. But it looks like it's a pretty good turn out tonight and without a clear goal in mind, Miles starts to pick his way through the crowd, making his way towards the stage.
Bluebird has posed:
Harper pays out to the Bartender, "Gracias.." and drinks down her first shot, which is timely as the music is starting. Her intel on what type of music was on tap was not accurate. But this just hip-checks it into the best kind of surprise: A welcome one. The music has kick, and so does the drink. When the chorus hits again, she drinks again.

Fortified, she orders a chaser that she can nurse and turns about to get her elbows against the bar and face the band and the waves of sound pouring out from them. It's good heel-stomping, toe kicking stuff and she's adding her own small voice to the crowd. she hefts her bottle and sneers with her cheering.
Ghost Spider has posed:
The pulsing bassline from Betty's guitar fills the room, harmonizing with the ethereal notes from Glory's keyboard. Tessa's voice pierces through the melodic soundscape with raw emotion, instantly captivating the crowd. But Gwen is in her own world behind the drums, each beat an extension of her very heart.

About a minute into the song, Gwen's gaze drifts from the tight rhythm she's maintaining to scan the crowd. Was it a familiar face or a tingle of Spider-Sense that brought her gaze towards the figure cutting towards the stage? Gwen tosses Miles a wink, and in a fluid motion, she flips one of her drumsticks in the air while she's twirling the other between her fingers, catches it effortlessly, and keeps pounding out the rhythm to the song. The trick earns a few cheers from the fans who catch the display.

The energy in the room seems to amplify. The Mary Janes are in their element, and the crowd is loving every moment. With each beat and note, Club Evolution feels alive.
Juggernaut has posed:
"Mutant Town" is no different then any other part of New York City so far as the needs of its people goes. Sure is primarily mutant, some metas and other minorities but they like to unwind and party as well. Dives, bars, diners and even some less then legal places of entertainment can all be found here just as anywhere else ..and that includes Club Evolution - the aptly named venue of choice open to..well..anyone! Leave your troubles behind and hopefully your Purifiers and Sentinels with them. The added benefit and energy produced by a live band performance only serves that much more to urge the local populace to forget their troubles and just..indulge in the vibe.

For a certain Citizen Cain Marko - such troubles and baggage are usually his to be bothered with..ranging from either beneath his notice or simply none of his business. Somewhat. He -has- taken some interest in Mutant Town in the past six months. Some run ins with familiar faces having pinged his conscious abit..causing him to let a few rumors 'slip' that 'The Juggernaut is in town and Mutant Town is where he likes to hang'. Criminal and mercenary spots such as the Bar With No Name spread such rumors and the occasional sighting helps as well. It leads to the added benefit of keeping would be criminals or trouble makers from causing issues here less they run into him and thus there's an added benefit of giving the locals a break. Not an act he'd openly reveal that he'd done but...even The Juggernaut has some empathy from time to time.

And so he makes his way down the streets, all seven and a half feet in height and maybe half that in shoulder width of him. His monstrous physique pressing closer towards the entrance to the club, practically seeming to part the air before him with even his casual lumbering movements. Dark shades hide his eyes and a stern look on his lightly bearded face. His approach causes the mutant bouncers to look up in alarm, at first, but then relax as if recognizing him. The line to enter the club shifting around him to allow passage like a boulder rolling upstream. He doesn't exactly look like he's coming to 'party' but he nods his head in stoic approval at the music that begins rolling out of the club as he begins moving through the doors.
Spider-Man has posed:
Like calls to like.

There's just something about being a Spider that calls out to others with a similar ability and while that extrasensory Spider sense is perhaps best at detecting the imminent approach of danger, it does seem keyed to identify its own as well.

Like Gwen, Pete too senses that hum of familiarity in the back of his head. Unlike the blonde drummer up on stage however, he doesn't have the best vantage point in the world, packed in close to the band. But with a not insignificant horde of people between himself and the door, with people bouncing in time to the music, with arms raised in the air swinging all around, well, it isn't easy to pick out one lone face in all of that.

And as much as the little nostalgia trip to other, recent outings might be nice, it doesn't change that it makes it hard to spot anyone else.

That that faint buzz in Pete's head does help and he simply trusts it, turning towards where that tingle seems to be coming from and waving frantically.

You know, like everyone else.

But he's certainly not giving up his spot.

Peter lets out a little whoop at the frum stylin' going on, not the only one that is impressed clearly, and shoots the occasional glance back, still trying to pick MIles out of the mix.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
Spotting Gwen up on stage, Miles waves enthusiastically in reply, not entirely sure that she can see him out here, with the crowd, with the lights. But it is worth a shot, right?

Like the other two Spider's present he can feel that low thrum of his Spider-Sense and he turns his gaze to just off the stage. It's tough to make out with any certainty, but in a club full of a lot of punk fashion sensibility, Peter more business casual vibe does stand out some and he starts to make his way in that direction.

At least until the hulking figure of Cain Marko brushes by him as he enters the club.

"Woah," Miles murmurs.

It's not the strangest sight here in the club, not by far, but it's still pretty impressive and his steps slow as he tracks the other man for just a moment before giving a shake of his head. He does manage, in the process, to jostle a couple nearby, almost sending their drinks flying before he manages to snag them out of mid-air just in time, handing them back. "Sorry, sorry," he's quick to offer up sheepishly.

It's an open question whether his apology is heard over the music, the noise from the crowd -- some of whom are singing along -- but no harm, no foul, right?

So Miles plunges ahead towards the stage, trying to pick his way closer.
Wonder Woman has posed:
-You need to get out more.-

-How can you relate to everyone in the world if you don't know how to have a good time like they do?-

-You need to unwind and have fun! Relax a little!-

The softly chiding words of her sister have echoed in Diana's thoughts for a few days.

Perhaps Donna is right. She is rarely wrong, certainly. Very well.

Determined to take advice given, Diana enters the club with the demeanor of someone who just isn't, uh, hip to the scene. As they say. Right? Surely someone still says things like that. They did in the 50's as she recalls.

Dressed fashionably - for a business meeting - Diana wears her dark hair gathered back into a pony tail that leaves a few strands hanging free from her temples. Glasses with a soft blue tint seem to accentuate her already vibrant blue eyes. A silver-gray capped sleeve blouse holds to her form closely, the neckline showing a hint of cleavage. A figure hugging black skirt ends just above the knee and heels complete her "clubbing" outfit. At least the large silver bracers on her wrists match the color palette.

Deciding to move to the bar for a drink, she weaves through the crowd and comes to stand beside an empty stool to wait for the bar tender.

As the next song begins, she turns with interest to listen and watch the band.
Ghost Spider has posed:
The place is so busy!! The band is absolutely in their element, all of them living for every moment of being up on stage like they might as well be floating above it.

Gwen had made eye contact with Miles during his wave, tipping one of her drumsticks briefly towards her forehead in a kind of salute, and though she kept on drumming, her eyes widened a moment when Miles (and a few others) were nearly brushed aside by the raw mass of Cain Marko entering. The near drink spill has her shaking her head. Then her eyes dip back down to Peter, smiling as the song winds down.

The last chords of "Face It Tiger" reverberate through the crowded club, prompting a surge of applause. Without missing a beat, Tessa strikes a heavy guitar chord that instantly signals the beginning of "Murderface." The dramatic transition galvanizes the crowd, their energy never waning.

The raw edge in Tessa's voice fills the room as she belts out the first lines, the guitar still roaring in the background. Glory and Betty add a synchronized intensity, with the keyboard and bass thrusting forward, forging the way for the next punk rock anthem. Gwen's drumming becomes even more fervent, driving the tempo and matching the song's fierce spirit.

As the music propels forward, Gwen's sticks fly across her drums, seamlessly blending with the passionate instrumentals. Midway, she sneaks a glance and spots Miles again, his head bobbing to the rhythm, clearly feeling every note. When their eyes lock, she tosses one drumstick into the air, catching it flawlessly without missing a single beat, her own personal salute to him.

The whole club seems to pulse with the energy of the song. The audience's enthusiasm is palpable, with many jumping and moshing, carried away by the raw intensity of "Paper Doll." It's a testament to The Mary Janes' ability to seamlessly transition from one hard-hitting song to another, never allowing the energy to dip, keeping Club Evolution alive with sound and movement.

Bluebird has posed:
What's the definition of a functioning alcoholic again? Harper has only just begun to hydrate and it's still way early into the setlist. The lights and sound are certainly providing the kind of saturation of her senses on their own. She has just enough sense not to go head-banging so close to where the drinks are being served. The music she's hearing touch on that part of her that thinks maybe cutting loose is gonna happen soon.

An infectious need to be in amongst the other that mob together and hop, shout and sync up. Just the kind of thing a girl from Gotham would look for as a replacement for being far from home and needing to find her peoples again.

The flashes of light from the Joint's effects setup keeps the band highlighted, and the secondary flashes or glows already established draw Harper's eye. This place is still pretty odd to what she's used to. Tall and small, mundane and mysti-...Huh. Her brows try to dap seeing the hulking shape of Cain, making her blow out her cheeks with a huff. "Better get your drinks in now." she smirks, elbowing patrons nearby and braying, "Right? Am-I-Right? Last Call just squeezed in through the freakin door."
Juggernaut has posed:
Near the door, there is some discontent, as Mr. Marko lumbers his way uncaringly through the entrance, past the line, with all the grace of a lazy meandering semi truck moving boredly in rush hour traffic..and indeed his vast stature and physique does cut a visible spectacle though, yes, far from the wildest looking thing here given the location of The Club after all. Still, there's a certain gravity about him. That sort of visual pull that those wild images of roided out looking oxs and bulls and the like tend to create. It's enough to keep the complaining at a minimum though, especially when reinforced with glances from the bouncers who make no attempt at slowing the giants entry into the club proper.

His identity as Juggernaut being mostly an unknown thing likely helps as well. At most he's -maybe- a mutant or -maybe- a meta..or just a crazily big guy with scruff and red hair. Size shifting and also a helmet and skullcap goes a long way to hiding his specific features. Almost as good as plain ol'glasses.

Once the fanfare of just getting through the doors has ended, he pauses to take a look over the place.. drifting his gaze to the stage to linger on the performance before swiveling his head to look to the bar. He holds position for another half minute or so and then finally begins moving again. His heavy footfalls moving him in the direction of the bar and those gathered there.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince stands patiently by the bar as the music continues. It isn't, exactly, the sort of music she tends to listen too but the band is clearly talented. Perhaps she really should broaden her horizons. Perhaps she really has been spending too much time focusing on her responsibilities. This should change, she decides.

As the bar tender finally makes their way down, she turns with a smile. "A glass of red wine, please?"

Living dangerously indeed.
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"Oh my god," says someone not that far off from Diana, "Is it actually you?!"

Someone is perhaps a shade too old to be rocking her current look of tatty black jeans and a neon-pink T-shirt bearing the polyester-embossed logo of -- something? It's something that looks musical. But the voice would be unforgettable to the woman of Themyscria, because it's -

"It is you," says ZATANNA ZATARA, coming up to put herself down on a stool next to Diana. "Screwdriver," she tells the bartender, "thanks!" Leaning forwards, she says, "Are you here for the music or are you meeting someone?!"

Her head turns for a moment as the Juggernaut begins to lever himself inside. This is a mutant bar, so a sheerly enormous guy is less remarkable than it might be, but it still draws some eyes. "Is it him?" Zatanna asks Diana, eyes still half-turned towards Mr. Marko.
Spider-Man has posed:
Just like he's not fully tuned into the club thing, Peter is also no expert when it comes to the indie music scene.

His taste in music is pretty eclectic and runs the whole gambit of styles, the main requirement being that he happens to like it. A future as a critic he most definitely does not have.

But he knows what he likes and this most certainly qualifies.

Though he might be a little biased.

Still, he is clearly not alone in his opinion, not with the crowded gathered at the Mutant Town club tonight and when one song wraps up, the noise level from the crowd seems to pick up with the hooting and the applause. Something that Peter is only too happy to join in with, hands clapping over his head as he presses close to the stage.

As the MAry Jane's launch into their next song, it almost seems that the bass level is set too high. It seems like the floor of the club is actually shaking and for a moment Pete's gaze falls on Cain as well. Heck, maybe it is shaking at that.

He is quickly diverted as Miles presses through the crowd, getting near enough to make out and Peter does his best to make a little room for the younger man -- no easy task with those already crowding the stage.

"You made it!" Pete says, raising his voice above the crowd. "Good to see you. I know it's been a bit," he adds before giving up any further pretense of talking.

Talking can wait. There's a show going on.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
Picking his way through the crowd isn't exactly easy, by Miles manages to do so and when that first song ends and the crowds attention turns to saluting the band's efforts, it gets a little easier to squeeze on through, creeping close enough to the stage to finally make out Peter.

Between school, his tendancy to seek out anything resembling a blank wall and cover it in his art, and of course his increasingly regular excursions as Kid Arachnid, Miles might not get out quite as much as he'd like. But he's still in college and he's not completely missing out on the experience. This is familiar.

Though it is possibly the first time he has caught his mentor at one these sorts of things.

As Peter opens up a spot for him near the stage, Miles slips through nimbly and up-nods to the other man, grin on his features. "Wouldn't miss it!" he says enthusiastically before turning back to the stage and offering a wave and a 'woooooooo' for Gwen as well. "Surprised to see you here though man," he comments before a small smirk plays over his expression. "Or maybe not," he adds.

But as that second song kicks off, Miles too gives up any semblance of chatting, more then willing to let the waves of music wash over him.
Ghost Spider has posed:
The fierce tempo of "Murderface" reaches its crescendo, the instruments climaxing in a coordinated explosion of sound before gradually tapering to a close. The room is filled with an electric post-song buzz, the audience's applause and cheers still echoing loudly.

"WOOOOOOO!" Gwen screams into her mic, pumping her drum sticks into the air and twirling them between her fingers.

Tessa steps forward to the edge of the stage, her hands cupping the microphone, sweat glistening on her forehead. "Thank you, Evolution! You guys are on fire tonight!" She flashes a brilliant smile, catching her breath. "We're gonna take a short break, but don't go too far, alright? The Mary Janes will be back with more tunes to keep this party going!"

She winks, setting the microphone back on its stand, and steps back, joining the rest of the band as they start to leave the stage. The crowd's excitement remains palpable, the air thick with anticipation for the band's return, while the DJ takes over to ensure the beats never stop. The indie rock style continues to play in the background, but the sound is less sharp and overwhelming than it was live, giving people more of an opportunity to mingle and re-order drinks.

Gwen, for her part, sets her sticks aside and bounds to the front of the stage where Peter and Miles are standing, jumping off right in the middle of them. It's Miles that gets an excited hug first, so excited that she's squeezing him and bouncing at the same time, her eyes still wide and glowing from the adrenaline.

"YOU CAME!" Is she shouting because she's excited or because she's partially deaf from the music? "THANK YOU!!"

Once she's released Miles, she spins and hugs Peter with the same sense of pure, blissful /fun/, her smile broad and infectious as the wisps of pink and blue hair flat around her face. She doesn't say anything to Peter, but there's a certain, almost coy twinkle in her eye when she looks up at him, briefly biting her lip.

Then, all at once, as if she'd almost forgotten! "Let's go get a drink!!"

And she takes them each by the hand, heading straight through the club towards the bar and dragging them both along without accepting any arguments.
Bluebird has posed:
Harper slugs back her beer, giving it a little twirl to centrifugal motion the suds quick-down into her stomach. Now she's got ballast, she's going to have a blast closer to the stage. She pushes off and shoulders and shimmies deeper into the press of fans.

She's got a heck of a sense of timing. There's a bit of a break and she's now in a sea of folks. There's quite a few taller folks and she gets a little turned around as she navigates her way back to an oasis to catch her bearings.
Wonder Woman has posed:
There is so much going on, it is diffcult to know where to look next. Her wine arrives with a bit of disdain from the bar tender, the band is playing the last of their set and Zatanna just walked up to confirm that she is, in fact, actually herself.

Clappging for the band as the song ends, she turns to secure her wine and in the same motion settles on the barstool she was leaning on and offers a smile at Zatanna.

"Zatanna! Yes. It is really me." She pauses then adds with amusement, "Donna has much shorter hair these days." Pausing to look at the huge form of Cain she shakes her head "No, I'm afraid not. Donna says I should get out more. Have fun." This is fun. Right?
Juggernaut has posed:
Indeed, he's used to being the stand out sight in any given location. He doesn't mind it. Perhaps he enjoys it and revels in it. It's part of his nature after all and...really this is compressed. Restrained.

But there's something to -not- being the most outrageous looking thing in a room. Something blessedly.. 'normal' .. that he often forgets and that doesn't require him leaning either into stoicism, intimidation or bemusement in regards to looks his way or camera phones a clickin'. So as he reaches the bar and takes note of the glances, stares and studies followed by people just going on about their business...he nods in approval. Part of why he likes Mutant Town. Charles would probably be smirking.

"Gimme a Guiness.." he rumbles at the 'tender while reaching into his jeans and removing a wad of cash. "Biggest glass you got, yeah?"

His proximity has him near the now seated Diana and Zatana as well though he misses any indication that he might be the subject of interest and conversation between the two. It's still hard to miss them though and he eyes them at length before shrugging both outwardly and inwardly and adding,

"Sure why not. Take care of whatever they want as well."

There's a pause as he glances back to them and he adds as if covering his bases, "..Just bein' nice." as if that's some achievement he just managed to claim.
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
People are shouting about how THEY CAME. Aw! People Zatanna doesn't know. She is happy for them, especially that lucky guy getting the rebound hug from the singer. She smiles, in a general sense.

They're even coming towards the bar! Are they mutants? Zatanna can't tell. "When you say short, are you talking," Zatanna says, miming bob-cut length with her hand, "or are you talking," and then she sweeps her hair off to the side in an asymmetric flip, complete with Punk Sneer.

Returning her hair to its normal posture, Zatanna looks towards the man... and her expression changes somewhat, moving from 'vaguely vapid and flirty' to 'thoughtful' with a brief interstice through 'concerned', though it settles back on 'thoughtful.' "-- Oh, look at that," Zatanna tells Diana: "We have a patron now."

She winks at the Juggernaut (heedlessly) and raises her glass in salute, before looking over towards the approaching people she smiled at earlier. "Great show!" Zee shouts at Gwen.
Spider-Man has posed:
It seems like the night's just getting started.

Of course Peter's not exactly a stranger to late nights, though more often then not he's spending those nights criss-crossing the streets of the city, swinging from one crisis to another. Or at the very least keeping his eyes peeled for trouble.

So this makes a pretty nice change of pace in truth.

As their first set winds done the crowd close to the stage certainly roars it's approval, and Pete would certainly imagine it's much the same further back. He adds to the tumult with his own cheers and clapping, bouncing up and down just as enthusiastically as Miles or any of the others crowding the stage area.

And where he might normally feel a little silly about the entire thing, he doesn't let it bother him. Not on this particular night.

Even as the music fades away, the club is by no means quiet and this close to the oversized speakers that flank either side of the stage it's no wonder that ears keep on ringing for a bit.

"I would say mission successful. You definitely gave them a show worth remembering," Pete says with a grin, folding her up in that hug for just a moment before his hand slips back into hers and he turns towards the bar in the back.

"Sounds like a plan. I imagine you could use something cool after being in that spotlight," Pete agrees lightly. Of course it seems like most of the rest of the club has much the same idea.

Hard to blame them, mind.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
It feels like the music was just getting going.

While Mile's artistic talents might lean in another direction, it does nothing to dim his enthusiasm for music and it's rare that he goes anywhere without his headphones. It might not be the safest thing in the world, but as often as not, he will listen to music even while patrolling, counting on his Spider Senses to alert him to trouble. He can't expect to do battle all the time without his beats, right?

As Gwen leaps from the stage, down to join her admiring masses, Miles throws his arms around her too -- not quite lifting her from the ground. "Of course I did!" he replies. "Favorite person number one, up on stage, performing under the bright lights," he says slowly before nudging Peter in the arm. "And favorite person number two actually getting out and having fun for once. Never thought I'd see the day," he says, falling in with them as they start towards the bar.

He does glance around as they walk, craning his head this way and that before flashing a smile at his pair of friends once more. "Actually, pick me up something? Let me go see if I can find us somewhere to sit. Maybe scope out the place a little," he suggests with a smile.

"If I manage to find a table, I'll dance ontop of it so you can find me," he promises with a grin. "And hopefully won't get kicked out," he adds, giving Gwen's a hand a squeeze before peeling off to see what he can find.

And maybe get into a little trouble along the way.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen is beaming, still walking half-backwards through the crowd and seemingly not all that concerned when she bumps into people sometimes. When Miles squeezes her hand and peels off she nods brightly. "Will do!"

And then her gaze is focused back on Peter. Also, walking backwards... to some lesser extent.

"You see why I still do it?!"

She winks, but the bar (and the masses of people around it) is getting close. /Thankfully/ it appears that the mere arrival of one Cain Marko has made a pocket that she and Peter fit into nicely. And the fact that she keeps hanging onto his hand when she sidles up to that place at the bar, which kind of naturally tugs him in behind her, is /purely/ a side effect of space constraints (except it's definitely not).

Cain of course gets a smile, because when you're standing next to a guy big enough to pick you up and eat you (okay, maybe not that big, but still), you smile disarmingly. It's just what you do.

"Thanks!" Gwen shouts back to Zee, bright blue eyes warm. "Hey!! You're that magic lady!!"

...And Diana gets a double-take, Gwen's eyes wide. "OH MY GOD YOU'RE WONDER WOMAN!"

Because fangirling is a total thing.

All at once, though, Gwen reaches up and covers her mouth, heat creeping up onto her cheeks. She leans back against Peter a little, almost looking like she was going to hide her face in his shoulder for a second before shaking her head.

"I'm sorry! Just.. big fan!.. Wait! You two know each other?! AND you came to the show?"
Juggernaut has posed:
Cain Marko isn't -known- for being particularly astute..but he can read faces and as he watches those gamut of expression cross over Zatana's face as she looks to him and this is followed by what is, to him at least, a somewhat muted response..he blinks a bit and leans back. The arrival of his drink order provides some distraction and he claims it, wrapping a vast hand about the largest glass that could be found and lifting the mug up casually from the bar counter.

"..Huh. Now that collection of looks was a first. At least in that order. What is it? ...My muscles too big? ...I get that from time to time..." he quips with a shrug, turning away to lift his drink closer to his mouth, "Just tryin' to be charmin' ladies. No sweat."

The scream of a fan girl rips through the air.

Cain double takes abit and turns to look Diana over more closely now and then away from her towards Gwen and Peter and then back towards Diana and Zatanna again and then he just stares akwardly at the large beer in his hand. There is the -slightest- shift in his body language, as if he's attempting to re center himself before commenting, "..Shoulda brought my autograph book.."
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna enjoys the delicious taste of her adult beverage. You can hardly taste the vodka through the orange juice, and hey: it's nutritious *and* gets you tilted. Considering the others, Zee smirks a little in secondhand joy at Miles' enthusiasm.

And then Gwen OUTS her. "Oh, are you a fan? That's ri" and then she just bursts out into laughter (the screwdriver is helping) as Gwen moves from 'oh I recognize you' to 'SQUEE' like a guitar shifting riffs up the musical scale.

"I can sign anything," Zatanna tells the Juggernaut. "You want to grab a menu or something? OH: Do you have like, fliers or anything?" This to Gwen. "Mementos of when you hit it huge." She takes a deep breath and lets it out.

"And-- this is actually the first time I heard you but I'm impressed, do you have a Bandcamp or anything? I just came by here for, you know," Zatanna tells Gwen, shrugging her shoulders afterwards and not actually finishing the sentence.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince looks to Cain and offers him a friendly smile. "Thank you for the kind gesture." He did just offer to pay for her drink.

With some amusement she watches as Gwen picks Zatanna out of the lineup. It amuses her. Magic lady indeed.

But then it's her turn. This is probably a little part of why she doesn't go out in public for fun very often.

"Hello. I am Diana, yes" she admits with a warm smile. "Your band is very good. I enjoyed your singing. You have a beautiful voice." Her gaze moves up a fraction, "And I love your hair" she offers warmly.

Looking to Zatanna, she smiles as she clarifies to Gwen, "I.. admit that we do know each other from some of our other.. endeavours. But the Fates brought us each here tonight separately. Not that it isn't a welcome surprise. And it is okay. You don't need to apologize for anything."
Spider-Man has posed:
It definitely helps, being hand in hand with the band's drummer as one tries to get to the bar.

The crowd is most definitely on Gwen's side and more then willing to clear a path for her, more then a few enthusiastic shouts directed her way. No doubt the other three in the band -- at least the three present -- are receiving similar attention as the club has it's little interlude, turning it's attention to doing a brisk business in drinks.

It helps to that Cain is right there at the bar, taking up about enough room for three or four other people. It seems no one is particularly interested in crowding him, though it doesn't seem to bother Peter or Gwen as they slide up into that open -- if a little bit crowded -- space.

That doesn't seem to bother Peter either.

While not quite as exuberant as the blonde drummer, Peter smiles towards Diana and Zatanna as Gwen goes full fangirl over them, dipping his head in their direction as well. "Big fans," he agrees lightly. And who wouldn't be?

Before he can add anything else, or maybe have a minor fanboy moment himself, Peter finally hears that mountain of a man beside them speak, a faint tingling in the back of his head almost immediately starting, like the beat of a drum. Though that might have something to do with their locale tonight.

Either way, Pete definitely recognizes that voice -- he's had a few run-ins with it as of late -- and, in conjunction with just how huge the figure is, a lot of the good time amusement drains out of his evening.

It might seem like the actions of a jealous boyfriend, but he rather abruptly switches places with Gwen, interposing himself between the big man and the star of the evening, though doing his best not to look his way.

Definitely nothing to see here.

Because trouble, in a packed club like this, is about the last thing that they want.
Harley Quinn has posed:

     If you wanna come to a concert that has badass girls rocking a punk look and music .. you gotta come in style!

     of course the blond girl with the Blue and pink dipped tips is wearing her now signature colors of black and red.. but she's added some Gold for extra pow!

     A real American leather top (made from real Americans ) , Some Booty shorts for Mobility and stockings to keep it decent! (it hides nothing) Thigh high chunky combat boots (50 % off on Alibaba made in real sweatshops! )

     A Lovely star on her belt has been changed to familiar W to show her love for a certain hero.. A Cute Harlequin top and a collar with bells cause you gotta add noise to a concert! Then again her huge gun on her hip and bullets along with her bat might be a bad idea!

     Thiers a familiar cackle from the blond as she walks in and looks around.. one of the bouncers is doing his best to tell her to leave the gun and bat.. but doesn't wanna end up knocked out like the other bouncer that tried to stop her.
Ghost Spider has posed:
"Thank you!" Gwen's face goes /red/ as she looks between Diana and Zatanna and then focuses on the latter. "We do! And a couple of albums on Spotify, and some stuff on YouTube. We're not super famous or anything, but we've been doing it for years and we all love it. We all just kinda wish MJ would come back." Mary Jane, the namesake of the band, was notably absent for reasons unspecified. "If you stop by the stage after the next set, I'll get you one of our shirts, even. We carry a few around with us." She plucks at the ripped white 'MARY JANES' tank top she's wearing that shows off her twenty-six year old midriff. Some might think she was getting a little old for it, but at least she still had the abs.

And then Juggern -- no, Cain Marko -- no, /Juggernaut/ speaks. So, that's an interesting turn of events, because the last time Gwen heard that voice she went FLYING HALF A CITY BLOCK and landed in the back of a FREAKING CAR.

Do you know what the odds are of a guy that LOOKS like a /slightly/ smaller Juggernaut and SOUNDS /exactly/ like a Juggernaut NOT being a Juggernaut?

They're zero. They're essentially zero.

Gwen practically stumbles backwards as a pure reflex, but with Peter shifting her to get between her and the big man, all it does is move her a little more firmly up against him for a moment... and probably inadvertently let him know that she recognized exactly the same thing that he did at exactly the same time.

Her grip on his hand tightens, and she glances over her shoulder at him. Was that a smile of apology for bumping into him on her lips? Or combined with that /squeeze/ of his hand, was it a "We're both on the page about not starting a showdown in the middle of my gig?" smile? Eh. Who's to say.

Whatever it was, the whole thing is /thankfully/ distracted by the arrival of one Harley Quinn, who Gwen only recognized by reputation and the fact that she was the lead singer of the MARY JANES half of a song before club they were in turned into a scene from a cheesy spy movie.

Gwen gives Peter a quick peck on the cheek, a wink, and then she's moving towards the entrance. "HARLEY!" she screams above the music, waving dismissively at the bouncer. "SHE'S WITH THE BAND! HARLEY, WILL YOU PLEASE LEAVE THE GUN? I'LL VOUCH FOR YOUR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT BAT."
Juggernaut has posed:
"Thanks for the offer..but..wouldn't wanna impose on yer evenin' anymore."

The giant eyes Zatanna as he speaks, letting a mildly lopsided smirk crease his features. He does find himself studying her at length but there is lack of any sort of triggering of recognition unlike when he got a good look at Diana. He takes another large pull of his drink and then gestures absently with the glass. "Besides...I think she's giving enough fan-reaction energy for us both.."

ASs to the rest: Cain's deep voice can be memorable indeed. It rumbles overhead like a sleepy distant earthquake. VIbrating into the pits of the stomachs of those nearby with its heavy almost 'Brooklyn Brawler' like drawl to it. It's distinct enough even lacking the thunderous wall shaking and earth rocking bellow when he's fully geared up or in the mood to shout..but all that being said when Peter makes an abrupt move to change positions with Gwen, he doesn't pay it any unique attention or take it personal but the movement does draw his attention which...mgiht be just as bad.

It's in essence like having an earthquake pay attention to you after all. The full weight of his gaze settles on them both and the sudden tension and tightening...the shift in the atmosphere is not missed. Thankfully, it is indeed Harley that provides the next shift and Cain drags his gaze away from Peter to watch as Gwen approaches the new arrival and he's forced to squint his eyes abit while tightening his lips just a little bit. He finally ends up just shaking his head and finishing his drink off with a final sudden swig and setting it roughly onto the bar counter top.

"Didn't she just knock out a bouncer? Tth. Whatever." he rumbles, heaving a rumbling sigh as he pushes his great bulk away from where he'd been leaning against the bar. This has teh effect of him looming even larger as he towards up to his full height while tossing a tip onto the bar with a flippant gesture.
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"Yeah, total coincidence," Zee agrees regarding a chance-meeting with the Woman of Wonder. Is this protesting too much? Hopefully there aren't any meddlesome photojournalists in the area.

After another long sip of her drink, Zatanna rises up and approaches the huge man. One hand comes up to rest on his arm. "Hey," she says, leaning up enough to be close without being *too* close: "Thanks for the drink. Have fun, alright? Don't let yourself beat yourself."

After a wink, she shifts over to linger near Gwen for a moment. "Shirts, huh? I --" And then Gwen erupts into a greeting to HARLEY QUINN and her EMOTIONAL SUPPORT GUN. Zatanna's look of bonhomie fades as she looks over towards Harley, who, sure enough, is rolling with a strap, so to speak.

"Moor seidal eht ot," Zatanna says quietly to herself, and there is a little bit of a glimmer of faery-dust and then--

Where'd she go?

At least you can get away with this stuff in a mutant bar.

(Later, she re-emerges for the next set, getting a plate of bar nachos which is probably constituting 'dinner' for the night. Not long after that? The night awaits. The night of... Tuesday.)
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Peers and beams a huge smile " HI " She didn't get the girl's name, but who cares! The tiny blond runs and Jumps .. Funny thing no spidey sense.. Nope, Tackle snugs and Pure, not ouchies!

     She stuffed the gun somewhere hard to say, but it's not visible anymore!

     She's grabbed the fellow blond, and her eyes sparkle " I love your hair.. It's so pretty," she says before she looks up up up " HOLY SOLOMON Grundy sized! Wait or is he more of a clay face.. naw he's not that ugly, big but not ugly " .

     She had not let go of the fellow blond still perched on her when she spotted the huge man.. before she looked back to the blond.. " did I miss the music? I'm sorry my hyenas were having a chew " . She looks to peter and then to Gwen " This one yours? "
Spider-Man has posed:
As Diana and Zatanna excuse themselves, as Cain looks to be ready to make, well, not a discrete exit surely, but an exit, Peter starts to feel a little more relieved.

While it might not sit entirely well that someone as dangerous as Juggernaught can come and go pretty much at will, he is fairly sure that Gwen and he are both on the same side of things here. A crowded club is no place to start something, not with all these people in such close proximity.

Especially now that that heavy hitters are gone.
That just seems to be borrowing trouble.

So when Gwen bumps into him, that brief bit of alarm swiftly covered, Pete just gives her hand a squeeze.
Maybe the night isn't going quite as smooth sailing as might be nice, but there's still music to come, Miles should be out there somewhere grabbing them a seat and it looks like he won't be getting pounded into a fine paste.

He's a pretty big fan of that last one.

Then bonus, he even scores a kiss on the cheek but before he can turn back towards the blonde drummer, she is suddenly screaming Harley's name.

Maybe the night isn't quite clear of trouble yet.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Oh, for the love of God, Harley still has the gun...


Wait.. is she about to..


When Harley jumps, the one-hundred-thirty pound Gwen Stacy... catches her. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility, even if it was a decent leap. But it did mean that Gwen most certainly did some amount of working out to not so much as stumble backwards.

"Thanks," the drummer muses. At least she had the decency to /sound/ like she was struggling to hold Harley. "Yours, too."

She tracked Harley's gaze over to Cain and back again, shaking her head. "Not ugly. And no, there's another set." There's a pause after the hyena comment. "Not on a person, though, right?" There's another pause. "...Right?"

Then Gwen's eyes track over to Peter and back. "Yeah," she answers, looking back over at Peter with a knowing smile. "Yeah. That one's mine."

But then Cain's leaving, and Gwen apologizes and then shifts, extricating herself and setting her smoothly back down on the ground.

"Hey," she speaks up towards the big man. "I'm sorry if coming over ran you off." She thumbs towards the stage over her shoulder. "I was just going for a drink. Didn't mean to..." She rolls her shoulders then, and the apology seems genuinely sincere, despite the fact that she'd been trying to stop the man from robbing an armored truck not that long ago. Then again, maybe it was just any given band member apologizing to any given audience member for harshing their buzz. After all, it wasn't good press to go around running off your patrons. "We good?"
Juggernaut has posed:
Well that was a bit of a distraction. Not just the thank you but her words. Strangely specific and directed. It's enough to give Cain pause and he watches as Zatanna takes her leave, especially upon in the wake of Harley's arrival and the bombastic greeting given to her.

Oh yes. Harley. It's too late for the giant to escape her notice and he turns his attention fully in her direction. He doesn't say anything, so speech recognition, if she's even that perceptive to put two and two together, is off the table for the moment.. But his mood isn't entirely friendly either. Stoic, once more, lightly stand offish. Nothing to set Spider-Senses ablaze but..well..yes indeed there is the fact that they've all been left in the presence of a midly bored nuke without any deterrence systems other then its own will and sense of social decorum..could be seen as a problem.

But he's just about fully mentally checked out and disengaged back to business as usual as far as things go..when Gwen comes and interrupts that and the giant man blinks and turns to look her over in surprise. He seems truly confused by the apology and sincerity to the point he has no immediate response..then:

"Hey you didn't do anything wrong. It's fine." he seems to clue in, or so he thinks he does, and his mood softens juuust a little bit. "So you're a Wonder Woman fan. I guess I get it. I guess I'd trip over my own feet if Dazzler was here. But I probably wouldn't squeal as high pitched as you did.."

His good humor seems intact even if he gives Harley a final cautious glance. "So we good." he adds.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Grins towards Peter, " Nerdy type.. cute.. but they break easy," She mentions to Gwen before she looks "Don't worry, it was a guy who got too handsy, and he's still alive.. well, he was when I left him, he had great cocaine though " .

     she looks to juggy " see, he's fine. He's 10 feet tall and has a drink. We could use a bathtub.. " She beams and thumbs up the huge man.

5t She stops " Uh oh.. gotta tinkle.. cocain just runs right through me.. back in a flash! .. "
Spider-Man has posed:
There is enough distance between the chummy blondes that Peter can't be exactly sure what's being said.

It is pretty safe to bet though that he would not be upset. So when that knowing smile is directed over towards him, he smiles back. While he still eyes Cain a little warily, it seems that Gwen doesn't intend to start anything. Indeed, he even catches the tail end of the exchange and it seems rather... cordial.

He's seen stranger things -- a lot stranger -- and under the circumstances keeping things nice and friendly definitely seems the way to go.

As Harley runs off -- who would have seen that coming -- Pete slips back over towards the door, the line of his mouth twisting wryly as he slides in beside Gwen. "You're making some interesting friends," he teases lowly, though otherwise does not give her a hard time. It's not as if he's never had a little luck trying to turn old enemies into allies. Sometimes you get more with sugar.

It doesn't look like it will be long before the next set begins, and certainly the crowd is starting to gather back around the stage. Still, Pete isn't quite ready to surrender her to masses once more, on hand sliding around her back. "Just don't get too far over your head," he says, murmuring, leaning in close to her ear for just a second before he glances back towards Cain. And up towards Cain. Waaaay up.

He definitely looks like he could qualify.
Ghost Spider has posed:
/So you're a Wonder Woman fan./

"Isn't everybody?" Gwen asks, smiling. "She's pretty awesome." Still, the mention about getting high pitched makes her laugh. "Thanks. Maybe I'll... see you around."

There's something vaguely... hopeful?... about that.

But then Peter's at her side, and even as he's slipping his arm around her back, she's turning to face him, looking up at him with a slightly sheepish smile. "I've got to at least try, don't I? Doing the same thing over and over obviously isn't working all that well. Maybe..." Maybe what? She shrugs, not seeming to have a good 'plan' for what follows maybe.

"Well, one thing I can say about spending time with you, Peter," Gwen says against his ear. When she pulls back to look at him, her eyes sparkling with amusement, her hand lifts to brush her fingers through the hair above his ear. "It's never boring."

"WHAT'S UP EVOLUTION?!?!" Tessa's back on the mic again and the crowd is screaming.

"That's my cue. See you after the show?" There's a little shrug, then, and an understanding smile. "Unless you get a better offer." She winks. Sometimes things come up, and if there was anyone that could relate to that, it's Gwen. The fact that they both 'got' each other was one of the things that made it easy.

"Seeya, Tiger."

Yes, she was stealing MJ's catch phrase that the band had devoted a whole song to. And yes, judging by that smile, it amused her greatly. She brushes her hand against his, gives it a little squeeze, and then she's moving swiftly through the crowd to start the next set.