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Down In The Vault
Date of Scene: 11 August 2023
Location: The Castle Vaults Bar and Restaurant - The Castle Hotel - Dublin, Ireland
Synopsis: Lucifer and Sinister swing by the pub to see Nick. They end up meeting a familiar stranger.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago), Lucifer, Sinister

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The Dublin night has set in and most persons are off from their daily jobs. With the transition another set of sentries take over to provide the entertainment that will start the process of building up the will to head in to work come Monday. The Castle Vaults Bar and Restaurant, situated within and adjacent to the Castle Hotel is no different in providing such distraction. Due to the Friday evening, tables are at a premium and so is the bar area. One area has been set aside for music and a local act is performing a series of traditional Irish music. Well, mostly local act. Tonight the act has pulled in a visiting musician that happened to be staying at the hotel.

Nick is seated amongst them, holding on to a violin, and is currently participating in a bit of duet of The Irish Washerwoman with the violinist of their group.

Wade Shaw, who is not participating in the music sits off to the side with a sensible sandwich, chips, and water to keep him company. While occasionally glancing to the stage area to observe, his eyes do have a tendency to wander, looking to those watching the show.
Lucifer has posed:
There is nothing that the Devil can't do when it comes to accommodating the wants of his lover fair. So finding out where Nick Drago and company are settled currently for shooting and plans for the evening was part one. Part two was phoning the Castle Hotel and securing a room for the next few nights. Starting tonight? Yes, tonight. And you're coming from... Well that's no matter. Tonight and for the next three fortnights. Here's my card. Step four was then securing a table at the place across the street. Sometimes there's a whole thing, especially when it's due to special events and what have you. Step five was actually getting to Ireland in the blink of an eye.

All well and good except there's the packing of things - nothing too much - they always travel light and then come home a bit more heavy handed. But when the questions of why, where and how came into play... there's a bit of a duck and dodge being done by the Devil (who in no way shape or form does the whole lying bit well at all, even a white one, especially to his Nathaniel.)

Either way, he'll do as best to surprise his lover with a sudden trip to the Emerald Isle as he can, stopping them off at the hotel to check in and then across the street to find Wade Shaw and/or Nick Drago.
Sinister has posed:
That almost becomes a game at times, trying to get Lucifer to talk about what's going on, when he's terrible at spinning falsehoods. It bodes distractions of 'look over there, isn't that a floating rock?' and other such things. The end result though, is an overnight bag with some of the things that are just harder to find when you don't know where to look locally and a couple of gadgets. When you can form yourself almost whatever you need out of your own body, you really -can- travel light.

When he realized where he was, Sinister took on a somewhat more local look, perhaps in tribute to folk music, or just because sometimes, you want to stick out like a sore thumb, even when looking like you're a raging fan.

Bono's style of attire, from the 90's. Leather and frilly collars and denim and neck scarves. Hats too. And small mirrored shades, even in the evening, though these only have a sheen over the eye and seem rather more amber coloured than black.

"Do you think you're going to join in on this, too?" is asked with an arm around the devil's waist and a tip of the hat indicating the music in the bar. "Live. Always tempting, right? Oh, this is going to be /corking/ I can tell."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As the music starts to speed up there's the sound of clapping coming from a few of the tables near the stage. Not a sign of the song's impending end but more to the rhythm being set out by the instruments playing. As the music gets faster and faster so does the clapping.

As Nick smiles away while playing with the local legends, Wade has briefly abandoned the quest of eating his sandwich to show his support by clapping along with the audience. Under his breath he even indicates where the downbeat is to a nearby table, working to prevent the ever so misfortunate phenomenon of musical phasing. Disaster averted and catching a slightest glimpse of someone familiar, Wade's head turns, looking over to Lucifer and companion. There is a moment of 'How in the Hell?' that comes to mind, but the remembering of other details from past interactions ends up overruling that mental puzzle. In the end, does the how matter? At least they're known to be friends. A hand lifts up, giving a wave to them.

Nick, who is still involved with the music hasn't quite noticed the pair come in yet but being he's helping give a bit of energy to the place that is entirely not of the magic variety, that likely can be forgiven at the moment.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gives a side eye to Nathaniel for a moment before chuckling and shaking his head. "Even though they are similar instruments the fiddle and the violin are enough of a distant relative to each other that I will leave the violin playing to the professionals." He says this much with a smirk and then adds, "Besides, I haven't a golden violin to lay at their feet." Going along with the joke, of sorts, for the moment while looking around the room. Listening to the people clap in time, feeling the energy of the place and for a moment - however brief - he wonders...but then no. This isn't magic. This is simple Irish energy and it's nothing to be frowned upon. They love their folk tunes, their dancing, clapping along. He's surprised there isn't a whole jig and tug going on in front of the stage.

After a moment, the waving of a hand catching his eye and he offers his free hand in a wave back towards Wade. "I believe we've been given an invite, love." Saying this as he - with other arm wrapped around Nathaniel's waist - guides them towards Wades table. "Fancy seeing you here, Mister Shaw." Then glances. "Oh and lucky of us our table is next to yours." Yes. Tho luck may have naught to do with such a thing.
Sinister has posed:
"We're also not in the middle of podunk nowhere, which I consider to be an excellent thing," grinning wide and with his occasionally participant dimples showing, Nathaniel twitches his nose. "Isn't the difference in the playing, not the instrument?" He mock ducks away though, looking to the stage and the overall abundance of joie de vivre that live music can engender, particularly in this kind of place, with these kinds of people, in this particular country. There's a small sigh and a chuckle, accompanied by a headshake.

But then, what with the wave and selective steering of feet, he touches his hatbrim to Wade, finding his moment to adjust the chairs for the perfect accoustics. Sometimes, he just can't help himself.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lucifer and Sinister find a table next to Wade's, the studio owner nods to the pair. To Lucifer's comment about seeing them here, he smiles, "What luck indeed. I'm sure Nick will enjoy seeing a few more friendly faces here." He glances over to the stage area where the violins have gone even faster, triggering a flurry of clapping in response. Wade looks back to the pair, "He shouldn't be long. It's actually the band's set but since they found out Nick was staying here well...you know how Nick is." Wade's smile lessens but still remains as he does a mental tally of how many songs have been played and how many more should be allowed before getting involved. As a server walks over to set another plate of food down to the empty chair before Wade, it ends up being decided for him. He looks right over to the stage area, working to get the younger musician's attention with the patented 'YOU GOT TO EAT' look.

While Lucifer doesn't get a general sense of energy of the magic variety coming from the music or the dancing. There's a slight ebb of it, coming from the general direction of the doorway they had recently crossed through. Different. Yet familiar.

Amongst the excited thoughts regarding the enjoyment of the music all together and a few that seem to focus more on the fortune of getting to see a team up between their favorite local band and Nick Drago, there is... a gap. Also near the doorway area.
Lucifer has posed:
"Well Nick is the reason we're here. He sort of gave us an invitation to visit him. That and, Nathaniel can't help himself at the chance of visiting his childhood..." Lucifer offers this as they move to the table. Does he catch the look that Wade shoots Nick? It's hard to say. Mostly because even while he's noticing that...he's noticing something else as well. An odd sensation in the air that hits him in just enough of a way to make him curious.

His eyes go to the doorway for a moment, then follow all the many paths that lead to or near the stage. Then they go back again. It only takes him a moment and then he's straightening his clothes a bit and looks to Nathaniel. "Darling, will you order me a house whiskey on the rocks. I...will be back in a moment."

Then there is the ever so curious Devil shifting to walk back towards the doorway he just came in from a pause or so before.
Sinister has posed:
"It's been a very, very long time since I was in ireland. They were somewhat less welcoming to the English back then," Sinister observes to Wade. "And there's so much history to investigate, which is a minor hobby of mine..." the explanation of anything else though is paused as the food arrives and Wade adopts 'the parental look' which makes the doctor snort softly with amusement. "But I do wonder, at what point a collusion of probabilities ceases being luck and starts being a crazily precise chain of events, don't you?" Like that feeling.

He listens to the music, because there is something compelling about it and the mood of the pub is putting him in a good place, riding the vibes and energy. But there's that ... emptiness. The absence of a feeling sticking out like a sore thumb. There's a nod for Lucifer and a glance to the bar, where the barman's going to simply have a thought that he missed an order and hussle to get it filled.

And then? He fades. Witches and Wizards are good at fading, in a different way -- force of presence can make you the center of all eyes, talent can make you compelling and a clever mind can melt itself into the background as easily as it can project itself into the foreground. He's still there, just... easy to overlook.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Wade ends up catching Nick's eye for a brief moment but it appears to be enough. As the pace becomes feverish, Nick's eyes glance over to the violinist before giving a slow blink. The expression is returned before the local performer glances to the other members.

"...That does sound like Nick too." Wade admits, looking back to the couple, and then to Sinister as it's mentioned that Sinister was revisiting his childhood. "Do have a good vacation then. This is a pleasant time of year to be touring." The manager glances to Lucifer as he excuses himself and then back over to Sinister. But then, he looks back to the stage, seemingly disregarding the doctor entirely.

Off to the entrance area, it appears like any other entrance area. Floor space is prime real estate and anywhere they could get away with it, tables and seating are present. So a number of people are seated right at the doorway, clapping along to the music.

Near the doorway, a woman with dark long hair draped over a white sweater sits at one table, smiling along with a half finished drink keeping her company. Although the drink is currently being neglected as she claps along with the music joyfully, thoughts occasionally trying to make sense of the appearance of the special guest musician and the age that she looked up on wikipedia.

At another table a large rotund man sits, pinkies extended as he lifts up a well stacked sandwich up to his lips. His thoughts are not all that focused on music and instead more upon the dark haired woman.

Off to the side a trim, blond man sporting a scruff amoutn of facial hair and wearing a tweed cap walks over to the bar. Hands resting upon the bartop, he balances himself as he climbs into the seat, making him appear a bit taller than his below average height. A hand lifts, trying to get the Sin-fully distracted bartender's attention.

As Lucifer makes his way back towards the doorway, the dark haired woman's thoughts... shift to something that even Sin would likely agree to. If they had been just his thoughts.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer looks around. The dark haired lady with the impure thoughts is just typical pub fare.

Needless and boring.

The man oogling the blonde is ALSO just typical pub fare. Buy her a drink, old man, and maybe she'll at least sleep with you. Then gnaw your arm off in the morning, Coyote Ugly.

No. No. Focus...ahhhh Mister Tweed. Of course it'd be the short man at the bar. Too bad this one isn't terribly short and ginger. Think of all the poor tasting jokes one could make! But no leprachaun with a pot of gold here.

Destination changes, bartender's eyes are caught and he motions for the whiskey to come to him at the bar. "And whatever this gentleman is having." Lucifer says, smooth and simple, while sliding into the stool next to Mister Tweed. "Well at least you're a man of honor. Fighting on the right side of justice...if one could argue there's a right side." He speaks, again, but looks forward the entire time. Lifting his glass to swirl around the whiskey inside before taking a slow sip of it.
Sinister has posed:
Nathaniel Essex can't seem to help himself for a few moments -- sucked into the thoughts of that Black irish lass, he stares at her from his background blending, enough that she probably can feel the heat under her collar, of the weight of unseen eyes. His regard narrows, but then the lascivious thoughts of another distract him enough to eyeball the Pork-life and his sarnie. Gaze fixing somewhere in the middle of the man's left temple, he stares a while, then smiles as the worrisome popping of a libido bubble will trouble the letch for a while at least, particularly when his dirty magazines can't manage to get it to cooperate. It won't last, but it will. For a while.

Sinister was a father once. Would have had a daughter. Occasionally, he is everyone's dad, not just those that he's latched onto vicariously and twistedly.

Back to looking at the lovely darkling lass and after a moment's long thought, he imbeds a persistant fantasy for her, one that has rather vivid details and might just haunt her at work, because a little torment is necessary. And then?

THen, once Lucifer's already broken the ice, he slides out of his seat and wanders to the bar with absolute ease, despite the crowd and the energy of the place. Someone gets up from the seat one down from the Blond on the other side from Lucifer as the man just wants to get closer to the music than he is, a thing that is taken advantage of as he slides onto the stool without any effort at all. 5'4" vs 6'5" sometimes it's just rubbing the nose in it, right? He watches, fading back into the foreground.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Mouth full, the tampered with man chews furiously. But as the change takes place, the chewing slows. Thoughts seemingly shifting, he turns his head to look to the woman, and then towards a passing server. Brows lift in concern.

Unknowing of the lasting effects, the woman's thought process simply embraces the previous fantasy's evolution into a new one. However, the casting has changed with the addition of one more feature character. Congrats Sinister. Work is most definitely going to be interesting for her later.

While the blond man may be shorter than the other two, that they all must sit does provide a bit of an equalizer. Unfortunately much of the male height is in the torso so the improvement is not by much. Lucifer's entrance into his space is noted, causing for the man's grayish blue eyes to peer over the tinted sunglasses to the towering devil. The offer of the drink is not ignored either as he keeps looking to Lucifer, studying the expression. "Smithwick's." He states to the bartender once he's certain the bar employee is looking his way.

When another slides in to the other side of him, the blond immediately turns his head to look to the newcomer. The head lifts up a bit more.

There is not much difference between what is felt before and now. The energy is present. And it is most definitely sourced to this man. And there is still a familiar but different sense to it. But perhaps the closer proximity is all that's needed. As for the thoughts, the man is still a blank slate. Whatever walls were set up were set up good and have no intent on moving. But what the mind doesn't give up, the face does. Seeing Sinister's face, there is a pause. Then the top lip raises, the nose wrinkles, and the eyes narrow under the shaded glass where the brows lower to hold a quick meetup with the eyes. The expression is there for a minute before going back to a more neutral standing.

"Ta an t-adh leat go bhfuil an cogadh thart." The man mutters to Sinister before shifting his head to look away to look to Lucifer. "...To whom do I owe the pleasure?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Looks like you've been recognized, Nathaniel, only I can't say he's a fan..." Lucifer offers while trying to keep a straight face. Still looking forward, he's not about to look to the person next to him - for a variety of reasons. There's ties here, too many and a few of them might still be loose ends. There's a connection that he can feel ... actually there's a few connections. Funny how strong a thing like knowledge can be when it pertains to how many souls got sent to his domain on this one's will.

"The war's over, yes. Been over for a while... and more wars have come since then. I think I can safely say that you both contributed many things to the world because of this. And it's nice to see that you can look past it a bit." He offers, then glances to where Nick is before looking straight towards the back of the bar again.

"So. What's a man like you doing in a bar like this?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's face betrays nothing at all, not even a little brow-tick or otherwise. Lazily eyed, he looks down at the short irishman with absolutely no recognition at all, shrugs and looks behind the bar once again, gaze trailing along the variety on offer, which is fairly standard, plus a little. This is a four star hotel after all. Elbows rest on the bartop, resting his chin atop a pair of 'gunhands' pointed at the back.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The blond man follows suit, resting his arms onto the bar top. The left arm raises, elbow brushing against the surface as he rests his chin on an extended thumb, fingers curling before the mouth in thought. There is also the added benefit of obscuring the lips for those who may be looking towards them.

"Time changes things. Sometimes enemies become allies, sometimes the other way around."

The music stops. The rhythmic clapping becomes a bit more scattered as the meaning changes. Once the applause dies down, the violinist from the local group comes up to the microphone. "Alright, first I'd like to thank Nick Drago for humoring us by joining us for the past few songs." He glances over to Wade's table, "But I do believe he's got some pressing matters to attend to like the amazing food here at the Vault!"

There are a few chuckles as the performer reaches over to hold up a half drunk glass of beer. "To you, Mr. Drago, To all the days here and after, may they be filled with fond memories, happiness and laughter. Slainte!"

While it doesn't get the bar to repeat the long message, the last word appears to be recognizable enough to be repeated by others as a few other tables more involved in the music act lift up their own glasses, Wade's glass of water included.


Another chuckle comes from the violinist, glancing over to Nick. "Alright everyone, we are now entering into our break, our next set will be in about twenty minutes."

The blond man quietly watches the exchange, lifting up his glass to the proper prompting and participating in the toast as well before he sips his drink and sets it back down on the counter. A slight glance is given to Nick as he packs up his instrument and then he goes back to looking forward. "I eat. I drink. I enjoy music. What more reason is there to be in a bar that serves food and song?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer takes a slow breath in, even though he doesn't have to breathe, and for a moment is distracted by what's going on at the stage area. He lifts his glass when the toast is made, drains the rest of the contents, and then signals the bartender for another. The band is taking a break now. Fancy that.

His attention soon goes to the one next to him again and he smirks. "In this instance, I believe that allies can be made from what was once thought to be an enemy. Yet that is beside my current point. Cause I can feel your power, no matter how well you think you may be masking it. And I can tell that it's somehow the same as that man over there." He motions in the general direction of one Nick Drago. "I almost thought relative...but there's something else there that doesn't quite scream blood relation so it much be something else..."

Finally he turns his head to look at the short man with the long power. "Also, pardon me, you asked who I was and I failed to answer." A pause. "Lucifer Morningstar's the name. Yes, THAT Lucifer and no, I'm not here to ruin anyone's night."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister glances over toward Nick as the session is called for break, joining in the call of 'Slainte' and resuming his bar offerings stare. Each bottle looked at, ticking on to the next one, the next, the next. It's an odd kind of mnemonic device, likely as not. Still, there are no words from him.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Unknowing of the visitors and with Wade having a bit of a suggestion to not really notice them, the rockstar calmly puts away his violin. Task finished, he makes his way over to the awaiting table and sits. Feeling a clap to his back, Nick turns to look to one bar patron listing the past concerts he's attended, going so far as to detail the catching of a guitar pic thrown out by one of the supporting instrumentalists. Nick smiles warmly and upon the fan heading off, turns to the awaiting food to start eating.

When Lucifer brings up the power, gray eyes shift to look to the Devil. His glance shifts over to the indicated musician and then back to Lucifer. He looks forward, eyes slowly closing as the name is added. "...Ah."

He takes a moment to take a long sip from his beer before setting it down. "It was a risk, it's more apparent when we're closer together. And...you're wrong. He may bear an Italian surname, but he's still O hEigneachain."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer blinks. Thinks on it. Then blinks again. "So you /are/ related? Well, that's what I picked up essentially but I suppose I didn't want to assume. Considering your age...you must be a great times three or four...knowing that you've been involved in a few things throughout history..." He offers, then he looks past the blond to Nathaniel who is, for the first time since Lucifer has really known him, silent as a mouse on Christmas morning.

It's weird.

"Also, since Nick hasn't seemed to pick up on it, I would think he doesn't feel it? Or maybe he feels something but thinks it's mostly coming from himself? Curiouser and curiouser... also, will you please tell the man sitting on your other side how you know him before he shorts all the gears in his poor head?" Cause if Nathaniel doesn't figure it out soon, Lucifer is worried the man will just short circuit his brain and become a shell. Again.
Sinister has posed:
Somewhere near expensive liquer and not-so-expensive whiskey varieties, up near the top shelf, Sinister blinks, frowns a bit, blinks a couple more times and looks aside to the blond and the dark haired beyond him. There's a little sigh and he murmurs, "...repaired a broken brain, saw papers being doctored to a work detail and a not quite so dead child ferried out with an empty turnip and kraut cart." He muses, looking again at the blond. There's an arch of the brow in silent challenge, then he peers over the top of heads to where Nick's being Waded with food. There was a signal, whether that young man actually obeys it or not, it did get set there on the table.

"It might not be blood. Sometimes, ability itself is contagious."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Sinister recollects some details. The eyes under the glasses briefly shift to look aside to the doctor before moving forward. "Bhi an t-adh leat ansin freisin." A nod is given in lieu of a translation, perhaps due to the prodding of Lucifer.

The eyes flit to consider Nick for another moment. "Distantly related." He clarifies, "Distance keeps it from being noticable. Also blocks...They will go away when he's ready."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer raises a brow at the foreign tongue spoken again. "Are you trying to not offend him by speaking in Gaelic? I'm sure if you actually spoke those words in English he would agree with you." This commented but little more is said. He's playing the Devil and the advocate tonight for some reason by letting little get past him but also offering little in knowledge also.

"So. Now that we've established you're a distant relative of the musician..I ask again...why are you here? It seems a bit interesting that of all the places in Ireland alone you could have gone you ended up in this one. That's not coincidence no matter how you try to spin it..."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister tilts his head again, a questioning regard as he subtley gets his phone to translate what was said, giving the stranger a critical look -- then Lucifer a thoughtful narrowing of the eyes. He again, doesn't comment, looking the other way now, at the opposite end of the bar, studying faces and thoughts and the incessant din of a lot of conversations happening audibly and mentally. There's a reason he usually keeps his shields up fairly high, or he'd probably have gone a bit off the deep end.

And then, he gets up and slips away over to looking at the various local bulletins by the boards, events coming up in the next few days, that sort of thing. Distance, it's sometimes an important thing.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Sinister takes a turn about the room getting general feedback. There's still the general void where the blond sits. A wall of the sternest stuff with the gate of similar material. Formidable to keep something out, or in.

As for the other thoughts in the bar, they are more of the mundane.

Who thinks who is attractive.
Which server seems to be the best.
Someone using their phone to look up any Drago concerts in the area
Another is glancing at his wikipedia page.
Nick is enjoying his food and seems...cautiously happy.
Wade is sipping his water and feeling a bit of regret tinged with a bit of concern, and a hint of- consolation?
One server is feeling a bit of dread going back to the rotund man's table, and the dark haired woman is...
Oh my.
Sin, what did you DO to her thoughts?
And then there is another, contemplating Lucifer, wondering who the man sitting next to Professor Heenan's doing.

The Irishman sighs, "Which is harder to believe? The local coming here or the one traveling from out of country coming here?" He pauses, "While I will not deny the possibility of Fate intervening. I did feel a pull. And instead of resisting, I went with." He pauses, "...Haven't you ever experienced, convenient timing that can't be explained with him before?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shrugs a little. "Okay. We can call it coincidence. In my entire existance there hasn't really been anything like it... but we can call it that." Coincidence doesn't exist when one goes where one is drawn...but that's just a thought in Lucifer's mind. Instead, he's served another drink and he takes up the glass to sip on it. "I feel like this has come full circle. I was curious about a surge of power I felt, found the source, and have identified it. Having done that, I feel as thought I might be overstaying any welcome I had. So, I will leave you be, and go back to the one I intended to visit in the beginning. Which, speaking of coincidences I suppose, is the one and only Nick Drago." So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it, and the Devil keeps hold of his glass while standing from his stool.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister keeps reading over the upcoming 'church fundraiser' 'ladies night' 'bingo' and other such adds, sifting through the detritus in his mind until he finds a gemstone. Professor Heenan -- cross reference local colleges and universities, look up departments, look up bios... all at the speed of the high powered beyond 5G superphone in his pocket.

He felt unwelcome about the time when the first words in Gaelic got said to him! And therefore, when done, he'll wander back around the edges of the crowd as the /actual/ band wets their whistles for the second half of the set, to come on up to Nick's table. He spins a chair around, using the back of it to cage his midriff and sits astride it, chin going to crossed arms over the back.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Alas, the now identified professor does not have a pipe to stuff. Another casualty of the changing times it appears. But he does have the beer that Lucifer got for him. And he's not one to waste drink. But the mention of Lucifer sitting with Nick draws his attention. "Be careful of what you share with him and when." He cautions, "Times of happiness is few and far between." If Lucifer was expecting further detail from the man, he is left wanting.

Sinister's research is a bit more helpful as he ends up getting a lovely shot of a Dr. Leonard Heenan who has been at Trinity College for the past decade. He even comes across something even rarer. A mostly positive average review on rate my professor with comments about how his history classes are presented well and his insane talent at storytelling. There's even one including the phrase 'Sometimes it feels like he was there.' There are some comments that seem more of the caliber of the dark haired woman's thoughts from earlier, particularly centering around when he's not wearing the stupid hat and glasses, but why sully things by going into detail there?

As the pair make their way over to the table, Nick glances up from his sandwich, mouth full. A hand comes up to cover his mouth but he thinks twice about it, instead lifting up a free hand to wave at them while giving a closed mouth smile. It generally feels like he's happy to see them here.

Wade glances over, looking to Sinister as he recalls seeing the two earlier. "Did someone take your table?" Wade asks, looking over to the table that had previously been vacated by the couple.
Lucifer has posed:
If the blond haired professor is worried about Lucifer sharing who he is and whatnot, he's got nothing to fear. As much as the man cannot tell a lie, he can also keep secrets. There's going to be nothing shared with the man about the tweed hooded fellow at the bar.

He's returned to the table next to Nick and Wade, watching as Nathaniel has decided to sit in a chair backwards. There's a hint of a frown but it's covered by a smile as he sees the happiness in Nick's eyes. "That was some very nice violin playing, Mister Drago. Color me highly impressed. Especially that you were able to keep up with the band..."

The band which has taken stage again and he tilts his head while they go into playing 'Molly Malone' which has him raising a brow and giving a chuckle. "Steal our table? No. Our time? Maybe a little."
Sinister has posed:
"It was an extremely engaging set. You did the songs immense justice and just about the entire crowd are peachy keen jelly bean -- the vibe is high. Also, you might have a few new fans in the audience tonight." Sinister grins though it's a little wan, over the crossed arms of his chair cage. Sometimes, one has to protect one's vulnerable spots psychologically, even if it does you no damn good in the end. Right? Right. He pays the professor at the bar no further mind at all, doesn't even glance that way.

"So, do you have any days off in that busy schedule of yours in the next little while, or are we going to be annoyingly texting you at inopportune moments, to go see sights and whatnot?" This is directed at both men.

There's a glance to Lucifer, then a little chin jerk toward the bar, but that's as much of an explanation as is going to be had.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick works on chewing his food a bit quicker so he's not speaking with his mouth full. Seeing the predicament, Wade glances over to Lucifer. "That's very kind of you, Mr. Morningstar. When it comes to music, Nick is quiet driven to improve himself." There are other thoughts that come to the manager's mind that aren't said in front of the performer. Natural talent. Deprived. Damn lucky that Rod found him. A bit Obsessive Compulsive, Easily distracted. The list goes on. Some flattering, others not, all... likely true in some sense.

Nick swallows his food. "Thanks." He takes over, "I had to learn violin for a TV role awhile ago and I just added it to my practice cycle. And the rest- Well, sometimes the Irish festivals end up short on some musicians so I know a few pieces up front. They were very accommodating with picking that one." Nick looks curious to the comment, "Steal your time? Did one of the bar patrons try and get either of your numbers?"

Wade glances to Sinister to the question regarding the schedule and then looks to Nick. "Do you want me to sha-"

Nick nods, "Yes."

Wade nods and looks over to the two. "...Alright, I can send you a general overview of the schedule. Nothing too detailed but just enough so you know his free hours and what days are for relaxation."

Nick studies Sinister for a few moments, "Hey, are you doing okay?" Feeling a bit of concern, Nick starts to turn his head, "Did the time waster do something? Which one is it?"
Lucifer has posed:
"The time waster is just that. A waste of time. Some things got under Nathaniel's skin, but that'll be taken care of in due time." Lucifer offers and then shrugs a single shoulder. "We appreciate the shared schedule and, natually, don't mind if it's just a brief detail. We'd just like to do a little sight seeing with Nick since we're all here. We promise to keep him in one piece and with his wits."

A chuckle comes at that before he takes a slow breath. For the moment he has nothing else to say so he sips on his whiskey.
Sinister has posed:
"Honestly, it's fine Nick.. don't worry about it." With a nod to Lucifer's words, to add weight to that whole scenario. "Some people just don't like the English in Ireland. More so when we're me. I mean, when I grew, I didn't stop, so it's logical. Him?" Nodding to the far more reasonable six foot two of Lucifer "...he's respectable. I'm intimidating and I've got one of those faces." All of which is too much information, which probably makes more alarm bells go off. Still, he smiles a little wider. "Trust me. I'll be fine."

And that last, maybe is true.

Nodding to the schedule offerings, he looks over at the devil. "We've... well, I've got to do the touristy spots. I don't know if Luci is going to do the same, but likely. As I said, it's been forever since I've been to Ireland and I never really went out of Ulster."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Wade nods to the explanation, seeming satisfied with the prospect. "That sounds just fine. It will be good to have additional traveling companions." Especially ones that will likely prevent Nick from experiencing any unplanned problems. "This should also free up some more sightseeing for Nick as I know at least one of those days I'd be a bit tied up."

As Nick starts to glance around, the professor at the bar tilts his head down, seemingly staring into his beer. But upon the assurances from Lucifer and Sinister that he shouldn't worry about it, he looks back to the pair. "Are you sure?" Nick asks, head tilting, "You seem upset."
Lucifer has posed:
"Dear Nick. We know you ask this with good intention but believe me when I say that pushing Nathaniel to talk is not going to get you anywhere good. He says he'll be fine and he will be." Which is Lucifer's way of politely saying please don't push the scientist's buttons. That's my job. Later. Then he smiles, finishes his drink and then settles back a bit. "How's the food? I'm surprised you're eating a sandwich and not some of the pub fare. Ireland's pubs have got to have some decent food, no?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister does go so far as to reaffirm "...yes, I'm sure." Giving with it a firm expression and a shifting and setting of his jaw, a deep breath and another attempt at a smile. This time, it's a little less faded. Fake it 'til you make it, right? A look is shot toward Lucifer at the devil's words and he looks back with a nod.

"Well, Dublin's fairly standard pub fare, but this place is likely on the spendier side of standard. Maybe on one of the days off, we'll go deeper in to the more local scene."

Pause, beat. "An' Ah'll trae ma Scottish an frae size."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick starts to open up his mouth to respond but as Lucifer speaks, he stops, looking over to him. He frowns slightly. Okay, overstepping. Got it. "Sorry." His mouth closes.

To the general comment regarding sandwiches over traditional fare.

Well they do but tonight I just want a sandwich. Also, he has a point. The 'traditional' dishes are marked up more here."

Point generally summed up by Nick, Wade goes back to eating, generally assuming the couple would rather speak with Nick than him.

Off to the entrance way of the bar, the Professor finishes up his drink. Giving one more glance towards the table, he pauses for a moment before waving the bartender on over.
Lucifer has posed:
"Just wanting a sandwich is surely fine. But if it's the bill you're worried about, you wouldn't have had to worry, really." Lucifer offers that much more before his gaze moves to the bar. Watching as Professor Tweed gains the bartender's attention. Another drink - and somehow it will end up going on Lucifer's tab just like his last one.

Take that Professor Secrets.

A look is given over to Nathaniel after a moment and Lucifer reaches out - mentally - to sort of wrap Nathaniel's brain in a hug. He can do that mostly because of the link they've established which helps him give comfort to someone who isn't always into public affection. "Are you hungry, Nathaniel? Should we order something food wise?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister shakes his head a little bit, the corner of his eye catching the murmur at the bar. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they AREN'T out to get you after all and now? Now, well, he's out of sorts, to be sure. A surruptitous glance is being given toward the bar, but he's subtle when he wants to be and it isn't glaringly obvious.

Picking up the tab is definitely very Luciferian, but might just bite the thumb a little. Approval should be pending.

His eyes close fleetingly as he rolls his neck too, reaching a hand to the back to rub at it and sooth strains of tension. Thoughts are rattling their cages in there, going ape in the manner of worked up mind chimps.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
While Lucifer may be giving a nod to the bartender to get the professor's next drink. That event oddly does not occur. Instead a request for some spare paper and a pen is made of the server. An odd request but since when have college professors acted normal? The only odd part was the lack of request for the ink to be red. But then again, the professor's satchel wasn't present today either.

"Well, it's not that I'm worried about the bill. It's just part of me just can't stand to pay for a 800% markup on one meal when the other is only a 400% markup." He may be a rockstar but that doesn't mean he forgot the concept of a budget, "Plus there's still time to get something else during the stay here."

Over at the bar, Professor Heenan starts to quietly write something down, folding it up before writing on another sheet.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer Since there was absolutely no reply from Nathaniel about food, Lucifer just takes in a breath and figures if nothing else they may get room service later. None the less, he looks around the whole of the bar for a moment longer before settling his gaze back on Nick. "Well. We enjoyed the set, like we said. And we're here so we'll likely be taking up a bit of your freetime to go play tourists... not that I need to, but it'll be interesting to see what's stood the test of time and what hasn't..." He chuckles then.

There's another look to Nathaniel, and a reach for physical touch this time. "You want to go back to the room and get some rest?" Which is likely code for, back to the room so you can vent your black little heart out... or something along those lines.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's hand reaches for the one that touches him at the least, laying it atop and giving a firm squeeze. "Something like that. I think I'm just a little lagged," and with another quick glance to the bar, he inclines his head to Wade and also to Nick. "We'll text, promise..." -- but he's giving that man at the bar no opportunity to deliver any message that might be addressed to him, for sure and certain. "If you'll excuse us?"

Because one must be polite, but he heads out of the door and his pace quickens as he does so, leaving the more crowded area to the shadows of benighted Dublin. 'Tis not to the hotel room that he is headed, that's for sure, but to the dark and then to the skies and fast. Luckily once you're out of streetlights you just become another UFO across the stars.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
With the couple making their leave, the Professor is left to finish whatever it is he's writing. It is only after the pair leaves that he pulls out a sizeable wad of cash and slides over both notes with it to the bartender.

The bartender walks over curiously and upon reading one sheet, rings out Lucifer's tab. As instructed, the other note is left unread and slid under the register drawer.

Just in case.

Task complete, the blond man gives one more glance to the two men eating sandwiches and then departs.