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Castles! Castles! Castles!
Date of Scene: 17 August 2023
Location: Near Dublin - Ireland
Synopsis: Castles! And explanations abound. Nick Drago deserved something at least. Plus fish and chips.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer, Phantasm (Drago)

Sinister has posed:
It's one of the scheduled days off. Why? Because we say it is. And frankly, it's a rather splendiferous day in the Emerald isles, so it is! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and ice-creams are sold at the tourist spots near landmarks and sight seeing locations. Restaurants are therefore also open, as are pubs. Many are a stones throw from castles. Like this one.

Clonony castle sits just about half way between the east and west coast of Ireland, an hour from either major airport on either side and on a parallel with Dublin. It has railways. It has roads. And it has a lot of walled boundary, open spaces, working murder holes, the whole shabang that people that DON'T have castles just lying about willynilly, love to go poke at and go 'I wouldn't like to try and get in here with a ten foot barge pole, no siree!'

And this is where a day trip away from the current filming location can take you and still give you plenty of time to get back in the evening. Sinister is currently squinting up at the north tower, taking pictures of it with his phone and some kind of measurement with the device. And oh, he's singing, in a low and chipper tone... "I'm Henry the eighth I am, I am, Henry the eighth I am... I got married to the widow next door... she's been married seven times before..."
Lucifer has posed:
"You think this is where that song might have originated?" Lucifer asks this, feet away from Nathaniel, taking pictures himself. "Although...wasn't the widow he married from here, it was the daughter..." He seems to answer himself and then goes about looking around just inside the wall where they've landed. "Oh there's a church on the grounds too... Better see about either taking it down or repurposing it...I don't need to be owning any Holy Land..." Though he laughs at that, and perhaps even looks up at the skies for a moment to see if he needs to duck lightning.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"I think the lyrics of the song was basically explaining that his wife was married to 7 guys of the same name before marrying him. Hence 'Enery the Eighth." Nick chimes up. "I'm guessing it was more the narrator in the song was making a joke."

The musician's words drift off as he looks around, looking to the greenery.

When Lucifer mentions a church on the grounds and repurposing it, he looks over to him. "I've seen stories of old churches being converted into living space. Or repurposed for other community gathering places." Pausing under a tree, using the bit of shade cast for a momentary protection from the sun, he looks back over to the couple. "So...how long had you been thinking about buying a castle before...actually doing it?"
Sinister has posed:
"I think, all told, it was about five minutes, Nick. I mentioned castles and then there was a joke and then it was serious. This one dates back further than Elizabethan times and it's still liveable. Less space than the one I'm also buying, but it's a slice of history. New ownership has been an interesting experience, given we've been turned away from private areas no less than twice by guards that didn't know us from the metaphorical Adam..." chuckling, Sinister looks up at the tower again, then turns about on the spot. "It does have a rather spectacular view."

Amongst other things, including a requirement to keep it maintained, because of Heritage. "You might not have a choice about repurposing. But you may be able to make sure it's not working any more. Most of these places are at least going to have holy ground though, people got buried on castle grounds. It might come with the territory."

There is a pause. "This one might have a dungeon. I'm fairly sure the other one doesn't."
Lucifer has posed:
"We live on the whims of ourselves because we're too young to know better but too old to give a shit. Plus, we've got the means for it without blinking an eye." Lucifer says this much and then glances over the grounds once more. "I mean holy ground is what it is... and burial spots aren't as holy as people make them out to be. But if I have to keep it a church, it just won't ever be open for services...unless the people I hire to maintain the grounds and such are the religious sort."

He seems to think on things for a moment and then glances back to Nick. "We're also considering making them like... rentable properties. Extended stays and things like that, since there's enough room for that and even set aside space for us to visit and not have to really mingle if we don't want to." He explains this much and then looks back at Nick. "Also, if you ever come back for whatever reason, Nick Drago, you'd have a place to stay without having to shell out for a hotel or whatever." He smirks and then looks over to Nathaniel. "Have we heard back from the lawyers abouy moving forward with property ownership?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The admission about the amount of time invested to making such a sizable purchase is productive in gaining a response. Nick's head turns, focusing entirely on Sinister as he was the one who spoke of such time frame.

Is he fucking kidding him?




Maybe the castle was relatively cheap and they're thinking of using it for rental income?

As Lucifer adds on explanation, Nick looks over to the devil. As soon as the mention of making it a rentable property, the performer lets out a large breath he didn't even realize he had been holding at the start of the admission.


Er- Lucifer.


Well...It's good news!

"Ah ok. Income property." He nods, considering the problem with the church. "You could downgrade its function to a chapel. No one actually assigned to it but if someone were to want to do a wedding there, they could use the property and bring their own preacher. So long as they pay for the usage. If the fees are hourly based that'd probably cut down on the chance of it being a wedding mass."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister can almost see the pennies dropping, the gears whirring in Nick's head as the man tries to wrap his head around that. He grins crookedly, considering the images on the phone a couple more seconds to work out if he has the right quality for his purposes. Satisfied, he puts it away and turns about, back to the stone wall and breathing in the country air with a deep exhale.

"The lawyers are drafting, as far as I know. Bills of sale, transfer of ownership, title deeds. I told them to fast track it with a little extra." This replied to Luci, he cracks his neck to the side, then the other. "This one will probably remain open to the public for historic tours, at least in the public areas. Too much history for it not to, I would suspect. But the private living quarters? At least a couple of ideas there yes, on the rentals. For the ludicrous money." Pausing, he thinks about that. "Has a point about the chapel. Probably as a wedding venue, too." Mused, he looks over at the musician once again, side-eyed. "Rental and also fortified privacy. Believe it or not, this entire place only costs about twice what a condo in manhattan is priced at. And luckily for us, people don't regularly buy castles so there's hardly a ridiculous bidding war either."
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah yes. Yes yes, we'll keep everything as kosher as they make us do. Everyone should have a chance to see where Henry made his claims. In more ways than one." Lucifer chuckles then before giving a shrug of his shoulders. "Honestly the castle we saw online that Nathaniel is purchasing will be the better rental property. Plus an equestrian boarding and training location." He looks himself over, then looks over to Nathaniel. "We should have brought snacks..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The castle online.

Not this one?

He must've misheard that.


Nick pauses, looking between the couple "...Wait. How MANY castles did you two buy?"
Sinister has posed:
"Two," Sinister replies without missing a moment, looking at Lucifer then pointing toward the gates and the tourist trap waiting right outside. "Pub grub, cafe awesomeness, or a little mum and dad hole in the wall.... no, wait, this is Ireland. Fish and chips!"

He slides hands into his pockets, proffering an elbow toward Lucifer in invite to loop up. "We can sit on a wall and lament why they don't have pineapple fritters in America."

Looking toward Nick again, he cocks his head. "Two million five hundred thousand for thirty acres surrounded by moorland and hills, with three properties plus the main castle, all of which have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a stable and paddocks and planning permission already in place for a renovated equestrian centre."
Lucifer has posed:
"I thought fish and chips would be more of a thing to get in, like, London. Though I suppose the fish caught off the coast of Ireland is fried up well enough." Lucifer says this, then links his arm into that proffered elbow. "Pineapple fritters?"

There's a glance over to Nick after that. "Yes. Two castles. On two different ends of the country. If we keep this up we're going to own at least one piece of property in if not every country - at least every continent..." Letting out a laugh at that before beckoning Nick to follow them. "Come along. Foods on us."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"If you're wanting something Irish, maybe some Bangers and Colcannon." Nick ponders aloud to Lucifer's call out on fish and chips being more London-esque. The gesture for him to follow isn't missed and he obliges rather easily. "Ok so, that much for the property. But how much are you expecting for the renovation, permits, and staffing? And how quickly do you think you're going to make your money back?"

It seems Nick has gotten over the shock of the five minute admission and is now moving on to the recovery process.

That or Wade's rubbed off on him.
Sinister has posed:
"Irish fish and chips has more beer batter, but it's just as gaelic as it is Anglo saxon..." Sin grins. "But I'm saving that and the Irish stew for a different date. Fish and chips is easy on a park bench in the sunshine."

At the question of return of investment "I'm looking to sink at least ohh... twenty? Thirty million into mine, if I do what I'm hoping to do. But as to turn around, eeeh..." he shrugs "...probably within a few years the stabling and center fees will work themselves through. In addition, it's outright ownership, no mortgage fees associated. Just property taxes and utility costs. I won't really notice this in a couple of days, it's just a temporary pocket book ding, really. I make north of twenty million a day by doing nothing. When I /do/ something that figure goes up expotentially."

The cobblestone and dirt tracks give way to paving in the main township and it's a quaint little place, bigger than just a village. There's a tescos for one thing, plus regular shopping strips, pubs and the like and modest suburbanite life. There's more than one chippy, to be fair -- and he picks the one that smells stronger and looks less polished.
Lucifer has posed:
"That's fair. Save the true Irish grub for when we're sitting in the pub able to enjoy it." Lucifer echoes Nathaniel's throughts. Then listens to how the man plans on earning back the money he sinks into it overall, but there's no real worry on how long that takes. "I don't make as much as that, but on a good night at the club alone I can profit about a million. Then there's all my investments. Dropping a couple million on a castle, and then another... oh for me it'll likely be about five or ten million? So about half of the costs Nathaniel will be shelling out... but a slower turn around unless the touring is profitable - which I doubt."

He follows along to where Nathaniel takes them, and then he has a little inkling. "You think a place like this is where I should inquire about what tales surround the idea of the Devil himself in the Emerald Isle?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
With the mention of the amount Sinister earns in a year from just his investments alone. Nick grows quiet.

Behold the power of compound interest. Damn.

Oh granted, Nick has investments as well but considering the oldest investment account he's got is 21 years old and he's not even planning to take a cent from that one ever-

...It'd be easier to say he's got a lot of catching up to do.

But, it's still not a bad sum. Plus there's the accounts for the music career and the acting career, and the one that got made so he can pretend the first one doesn't exist... Well, if another HYDRA group for some reason goes after him again, he could easily uproot and find a comfortable place elsewhere. Probably. Maybe not castle level, but he doesn't really need all that space.

Or- he could go back to living at the Trisk until they figure out what put THAT bee in their bonnet again.

Nick blinks to Lucifer's question and then to the food. Based from Sinister's comments, he's assuming they're doing the food to go. "...Maybe ask AFTER we get the food."
Sinister has posed:
"Might be. Might also be a good thing to ask around the clubs and societies, particularly folklore ones." Heading into the shop, it's a fairly standard buy for him, ish. Piece of haddock, fritters, chips, with malt vinegar and curry sauce. He also gets a battered savaloy sausage.

The look over his shoulder is all about the 'what will you be having?'

It also wasn't per year. It was the compound interest averaged per day. But we'll just not mention that, it's probably kinda on the brainspace.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gives a little shrug. "It was just a thought. We'll find them out here and there soon enough, especially once we own property." He says this much and then thinks on food. "Cod, chips, and a fritter. Malt vinegar and lemon for me."

He says this and then moves to the side so Nick can put his own order in. "Oh, and perhaps a soda. Or some sort of drink..." That much more. Round out the meal or some such.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Oh perish the thought. Nick wasn't even considering APR. He may not have gone to college... well in the traditional sense but even he's taken advantage of the miracle of compound interest.

Nick takes a moment to peruse the menu. What? It's fish! Yes, but different TYPES of fish. Also there's the internal monologue about the eyes wanting more than one fritter and the brain explaining that there's no way he'd be able to eat more than that especially when having the actual dinner first. But order he does. And he manages to keep it to one fritter added on to the meal. And a hot tea which ends up being presented in a less than environmentally friendly travel cup.
Sinister has posed:
"And three bottles of water and three fizzy drinks, please..." Just the top up there as the bill gets settled. Efficiency is key in this particular chippy, which is probably why Sin picked it. Wrapped in white paper with generous helpings of chips, the fritters are separated, because otherwise that gets nasty -- nobody wants vinegar covered pineapple fritters.

And finding a picnic area to settle and munch; that ends up being in the lea of the castle also, where the tourist flow and local buses can be seen rolling along. It proves that even in the height of summer, the flow of interested viewers isn't stupidly large, but is consistent and likely will continue. "I wonder if it wouldn't also be an idea whilst here, to have a look at horse breeders. Maybe struggling cat sanctuaries on your part, Luci." This comment made, he indulges piece by piece in the food. Hake, it turns out, is Dogfish and is quite delicious. He does share. "And Nick, what's your schedule looking like in the next few weeks?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Owning a historical building is going to take some getting used to but at least they only tour public areas." Lucifer offers as they settle at the picnic spot and he dives into his own fish and chips. Tart and sour just like he prefers them, even getting some of the vinegar on the chips as well. "Oooh... yes... I will help the cat sanctuaries... take a few to have at the castle for mice and bug watch...but also provide funding so they can keep their doors open."

He goes back to enjoying his food for a moment, only coming up for air to wipe his fingers and chin of lemon juice and vinegar. "I wonder if I could get a more defined privacy fence in place to ensure no one tries to bypass where they should or shouldn't be..." This is really just thinking outloud.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
For one who can down a beer quickly when inclined to do so, Nick's eating speed is much slower. While the others might be on their second or third piece, he's about halfway through the first one. Pretty funny considering how he was talking himself down from getting more than one fritter.

As the question is posed to him, Nick pauses from the action of taking another bite. The piece of fish is lowered slightly as he glances upwards in recollection. "It's a seven week filming schedule with an extra week for finishing up any scenes we couldn't get in the regular time period."

"Who knows?" Nick gives a slight smirk, "It might rain."

Joke done with, he tries to sum it up. "The first four weeks are Ireland, the next three weeks would be England. Generally my days off are when they're filming the scenes that don't involve my character."
Sinister has posed:
"Like today," Sinister nods, looking to Lucifer for a moment then the areas around. He squints a little bit into nowhere and people... well, they don't come as close to the picnic spot they're in. Certainly, not close enough to recognize the star having fish and chips on the grass with two striking, but unknown faces. The call of 'rain' makes him bark a laugh though, looking across his nose to their friend. "It will. At least once. It's like a dogma of Britannic life--" and then he pauses, slowing down his curry-sauce dippery and opening his water bottle.

"I wanted to talk a bit about what happened the other night in the Vault. I feel as if we dismissed your concern, even though we had good reason to..." he begins.
Lucifer has posed:
"There's a reason why people always carry umbrellas with them in these countries..." Lucifer adds on, like he's been part of the conversation the whole time. Has he noticed that people give them a wide berth? Likely, but he's obviously not going to comment on it. He's happily sipping at his fizzy drink when Nathaniel brings up the topic of the vault and Nick's concerns there. This makes him blink.

"Was I there for this? I feel like I should remember this but I don't... what vault where?" Asking this much more while glancing between Nick and Nathaniel for a moment. Then he goes back to chomping down some fries.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods. "Yes. Like today. Although, Wade wasn't so lucky. It worked out that you invited me out here. He's going to be remoting in to meetings for much of the afternoon."

The musician takes another bite, chewing contentedly as they distantly people watch the tourists. There's something inherently agreeable to having a break to where others have a spotlight instead of him.

When the topic of the night at the Vault gets switched to, his chewing slows. But Lucifer's question ends up hurrying the process slightly.

Nick swallows. "The Castle Vault." Nick supplies, "The pub I was playing violin at... I think." Pale eyes shift to look at Sinister, "So you were upset?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister clicks fingers and gunhands at Nick, by way of confirming to Lucifer. "With the gentleman that had an attitude," -- he presses his lips together, snorts soft amusement and perhaps a little snippet of empathy for Wade -- "...no rest for the wicked... but I digress."

Finally on to the fritters, he tears his one in half and carefully holds it in between finger and thumb, looking at the battered treat. "You know I'm old, right? You know both of us are old." Nodding toward Lucifer there, smiling at the devil. "Although he outstrips me by most of the span of recorded time."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer thinks on it a moment, and there's actually a part of him that wonders if maybe it's not the best idea to tell Nick about who they met at the vault. But maybe Nathaniel intends to skirt around a few facts, but they are facts that Lucifer will have to share if directly asked about them.

So lets hope that part is just avoided altogether.

"There's reasons why we know so much, and often care so little about our own affairs. Throw caution to the wind and drop millions on castles within the span of being in the country for three days. Own a home in Conneticut on the seaside. Another home in Germany. Have plans to expand Lux's hold on New York. But to answer your question, yes, Nathaniel was very much upset that night." He offers this much more before taking up a fritter for himself and actually gives it a smell before humming gently. "Also, another fun fact, we don't actually -have- to eat. Or drink. Or even breathe. Well. I don't have to breathe. I forget if that's a charm Nathaniel has as well." Stop stalling, Luci.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods as Sinister states the general knowledge of Lucifer and Sinister being OLD old. It's generally accepted. After all, they're not the only immortals or long lived persons he has run into. Although Connor and Duncan have kind of made themselves scarce at the moment. Well... Duncan's just far away.

The clues presented by Sinister and Lucifer kind of paint a picture. Gentleman with an attitude. Sinister being very upset. The reminder of how old they were.

Thoughts of a past confession Sinister made about activities in the past...



Ok this is going to be a weird stretch but-
Let's find out.

"Did you run into someone from the distant path who had a less than favorable opinion of you?"

He tries to recall if there were any really old looking people in the pub that he remembers. Long memories of unresolved things can be quite an explosive powder keg when introduced to a flame.
Sinister has posed:
"Essentially, yes." Sinister looks at Lucifer again here, the expression reassuring. He's not going to put the devil on the spot if he can help it, but apparently consciences need to be slaked. "Worse, was the fact that the man seemed to vividly hate me and I had absolutely no idea who he was, for the longest time. /And/..." he sighs "...I had been spared. He had come to end me, as far as I could tell and he might have succeeded. In the past that is. Except that jaded morals noted I was doing something good at the time he found me. The contempt and hatred though, remained."

There's a silence for a beat or two as he eats his fritter half.

"Progress is this: feeling bad about being hated for something when you have no idea how you even relate to the hatred at hand. It took a major memory jog. Getting all touchy feely with emotional understanding has some very painful moments."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer focuses on his fish and chips for a moment before finally looking up. "I might have also added to the frustration cause I knew who the man was, and I knew how he knew Nathaniel but I didn't say anything. Figured he could decipher it on his own." This is offered before he takes a bite of pineapple fritter, chews, looks at it, then grins and promptly eats the other bite of his first half. "Delectable... and you're right. Now I'm going to have to learn how to make these..." He says nothing more about anything else for the moment.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick frowns to the description of what happened. "Considering when the sparing happened, did he have good reason to want to kill you then? If you think he could have handily killed you, it sounds like a moment of mercy. You don't HAVE to like a person to show them that..."

The tea is tentatively sipped. The heat making chugging not much of an option. The cup tilts forward, "...Or maybe he wanted you to finish what you were doing."

Lucifer's offering causes for the musician to look over to him. "You ran into him before too?"
Sinister has posed:
"Very much so," the remaining half of his fritter is wiggled side to side at Lucifer. "Sweet and sour fritter, juicy and satisfying." And shouldn't work, but very much does, particular after a deep fried meal. It sort of acts like a palate cleanser.

There's a good deal of silence for a while, then he offers "...he was probably after the Angel of Death at the time. And that's the bitch of this-- the ones that really should've gone down into the dark and the flame, never did."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shakes his head. "First time meeting him... but I gleaned a bit. And he spoke gaelic, which I understand. Nathaniel does not. So there were mutterings that I was able to translate. I just didn't translate them aloud."

He looks to the other half of his fritter and downs it in one go. "He was old too... I could sense his time ran back to the civil war of the Americas. So that puts him at what...three centuries at least? Nathaniel's not quite that old. But war is what ties them together."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Another immortal?" Nick wonders. He pauses. Speaks Gaelic and does a lot of fighting... That kind of sounds like Connor or Duncan. And considering Connor's apparently older than Duncan, both of them are well before civil war times.

Now he's really wishing he was paying more attention to the people in the pub that night. But surely if it was either of them, they'd have said hi at some point, right?

But he might be jumping the gun a bit.

"Scottish or Irish?"
Sinister has posed:
"Irish. I'm suspecting he left Ireland during the colonization or shortly after. Faught for the North, in the civil war." Sinister isn't going to name him, or describe him, but dammit, Nick deserves an explanation. "He might be immortal, or just incredibly long lived. Honestly, actual immortality seems like it's a dime a dozen, but it kind of isn't. Reality doesn't seem to really like things that continue on and on and on. Most of nature tries to conspire to make sure everything has an expiry date hardwired into itself. Laws of entropy and all that."
Lucifer has posed:
Finished with his meal, Lucifer continues to enjoy the fizzy drink that was ordered for him. He offers nothing more in context, letting Nathaniel explain the rest of it. He's not going to name the man either, because that would give too much away. He really doesn't have much to distract him now, so he decides to pull out that silver case of cigarettes and pulls two out before offering the case towards Nick. Forgetting if the man doesn't smoke at all or just not usually. Either way, two cigarettes are lit with the snapping of fingers and then one is proffered to Nathaniel all while keeping silent the entire time.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick relaxes a bit at the answer. Ok, so not Connor or Duncan. But maybe around their age. That's good. Last thing he wants is friends trying to decapitate each other.

The glimmer of silver draws Nick's attention to the offered sticks. A small smile forms as he shakes his head. He doesn't usually smoke, but it's still nice to be considered.

Speaking of consideration, if the guy is long lived, that kind of expands the period in which Sinister could have met him. And at some point of war. "...Which war did you run into each other?" He asks Sinister, not sure how many wars he was present for but knowing there was more than one possible answer.
Sinister has posed:
"Second world war. Nazi germany. Auschewitz. He caught me ferrying a 'dead' girl out with the empty kraut barrels after having transferred another individual to work detail on special service. As I said, he was probably after Josef Mengele -- that man was... uniquely insane and it's hard to believe, but was far worse than I was, in no small part because he was completely human." Sinister replies, taking the smoke and ferrying it to lips. His suck is so hard that it hollows out his cheeks, blowing toward the sky afterwards. "I've resisted visiting where they burn in hell. Most of them were Lutherian, you know. Very much believed in where they might end up." He sniffs, looks down at the ground, reaching for his water bottle.

"But Mengele lived. As did I. And many, many other monsters."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer closes the silver case once Nick declines and pops it back into his pocket. The two are still talking about Mystery Man, and Lucifer still needs to get a bead on him so he can make sure the man isn't out to get Nathaniel in the current times. Cause that would be bad...for all parties involved. None the less, he smokes and he sips fizzy drink and is quite content to NOT be the one talking this entire time at this point. The less he says the better because it keeps him in that gray area of reasonable doubt.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Ah." Nick slowly nods, drifting quiet as he considers the implications. Well...that would explain the contempt and hatred Sinister picked up off the guy. Nick never lived that time period, so it's probably easier for him to come to terms with things. There's a separation there.

"So...Irish-American." He surmises, "...Opposing sides where the stakes were pretty high. That's probably stuff that's hard to forget."

Except apparently Sinister did.
Sinister has posed:
"There was a reason for that. Random guard, not a face he remembered, who said nothing at the time, just left him to go about his business. Bigger impression on the one side than the other, recalled only because of a dead body with no uniform attached and a lack of the man that was wearing said uniform. Sorry, telepath, you were pondering how I could've forgotten. At the time, there was a -lot- going on day to day--" Sinister shrugs lightly. "The power of perception and self-importance cannot be underestimated. It gets in the way /all/ the time and fusses with objectivity."

And having said that, he reaches out to rub Lucifer's back between the shoulder blades, where the wings were cut off so very many times. Perception and self-importance get in the way =so= much. Including the lack of it, when you're up to your eyeballs in self-loathing.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Okay, so bigger impression on him. Bigger reason for him to have strong feelings about seeing you than the other way around. So long as he wasn't trying to attack you or making threats at that moment, you should be fine, right?"

Nick's not really expecting an answer. "...Maybe it's just something that needs talking out. Maybe the guy needs closure."

Which will probably consist of yelling. Lots of yelling. And maybe a beer afterwards.

Which Nick doesn't currently have. Turning his attention back to his food he works on eating it before it gets cold.
Sinister has posed:
"Only covert ones. He was spitting nails in Gaelic. I might not speak it, but my phone can translate very well when I think at it." What, wait? Yes. Ok, that's now confirmed. He can think at technology and get it to jump hurdles. "Anyway, I hope you can join us again, maybe give an honest opinion of what we ought to do with the frivolity we've indulged in, eh? I just felt like you deserved an explanation."

Rising, Sinister proffers his dogend to Lucifer, along with his hand, nodding toward the town.

"Medium sized town. Middle of summer. Ireland. Lets go pub crawling and meet the locals."

Which will be a thing for another time.