15506/Following up on Scythes and Chicken Snakes

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Following up on Scythes and Chicken Snakes
Date of Scene: 20 August 2023
Location: McAnally's Pub
Synopsis: Nick keeps Faith and Harry up to date on the Scythe and Shield.
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Phantasm (Drago), Harry Dresden

Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>It's been a couple of weeks and Faith is growing restless. There haven't been any signs of the cockatrice on her latest patrol, but there were signs of stoned animals and trees, and those runes. What could it mean? More importantly, will she and the others be ready when it strikes again?\<br\>\<br\>But it seems that Nick had news and so she agreed to meet him at Macs to catch up, which is where she waits for him now, having ordered a couple of beers and a small nacho chicken platter because it's on sale and she's hungry.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>Nick is tired, annoyed, and quite frankly, so tired that it needs to be mentioned twice. There was an appointment that was supposed to have been handled last month but with delays not of his choosing, it got scheduled to just yesterday. So he had to fly his tired butt from Ireland back to the US for that one ****ing appointment. \<br\>\<br\>But, well, might as well take care of other things while here so it's not a total waste of time. So, another phone call was made and as the performer's ticked off from walks in to the predetermined location, he moves over to where Faith is sitting. As he sits down and the drinks are set before the pair, he immediately downs his glass. Considering the aire about him, it might be good to let the man have his drink.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane grins in amusement as she sees how tired and irritated Nick is. "Yo, good to see you again, and wow, guess I made a good choice in ordering food and drinks?" she shoves the nacho platter towards him while ordering another round of drinks. "Sooo, should I assume your bad mood means no good news on that freaking scythe or..?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>A finger is held up, giving a bit of a waiting gesture before the empty is set down onto the counter. But, the finger remains up as Nick's eyes close, taking a long deep breath. After a few moments he exhales slowly, lowering the finger alongside it. "More work related." Shaking his head he puts on a small smile and then looks over to Faith. "Alright.I'm going to have to head back to the airport in a few hours so I'll get to the point. I got a meeting. I was able to confirm they still have the scythe in possession. They're going to see about getting it released to one of the Slayers. They have to get a higher up's approval. But the argument to get it seems sound." \<br\>\<br\> He looks over to Mac for a moment, tapping his glass as a silent request. "In the meantime they could try and reach Zatanna, Doctor Strange, or Doctor Fate for you if you're having trouble with the cockatrice issue. There was also mention that if you have a potential world ending threat you should let them know since they have groups like the Avengers and Justice League. Although I do agree with the last part, Using either of the doctors against a solitary cockatrice seems like using a tactical nuke on a parakeet."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane smirks, "Oh right, you're into showbiz, aren't you..Thats gotta be exciting but stressful. Good for you! Glad you could make it out here." actually she seems surprised. Most people don't usually go out of their way to help her. There is newfound respect in her eyes for Nick as she nods, shoving the second beer towards him. "I appreciate it.." it's about a# close as she has ever come to saying 'thank you'.\<br\>\<br\>The next comment however causes her to frown deeply. "Well that's dumb, we here in Bludhaven are specialists when it comes to supernatural threats. This is the freaking reason Slayers exist, plus this is our territory. I'm pretty sure those big shots already have their hands full with bigger cities like Metropolis, New York and Gotham..Plus we have our own experienced and powerful magic users. Harry Dresden, Willow and Sabrina are more than enough, once we figure out what exactly we're up against, they're more than capable handling anything in Bludhaven.."\<br\>\<br\>Faith almost sounds offended at the idea of bringing in 'better people' to handle her job, and she's making a big effort not to vent more to Nick. He's just the messenger Afterall.\<br\>\<br\>"Soo do they need anything else from us? I haven't seen Buffy in a while, she's pretty hard to get ahold of if you're not part of her inner circle but I'm happy to meet with any of those agents or men in black or whatever the hell they're call themselves if they're still trying to get that scythe out of the stone.."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Walking into Mac's, Harry pauses at the door,"Yes. Really. That Justice League. Yes I am a member of one team. No I don't want to sign something considering you don't even know what my name is." he growls and shuts the door on the guy. The safety of Mac's. Stupid usually dies at the door. \<br\>\<br\> He grumbles and starts towards the counter. Noting Nick and Faith he offers them a wave and heads towards Mac. Mac shakes his head,"Your adoring fans." He teases mildly. \<br\>\<br\> Harry makes a face and the two friends chuckle softly as Mac brings Harry a brew and sets it on the counter. Turning towards the grill he places two steaks on for Harry without being told. Harry settles onto a bar stool and rests his arms on the counter top.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>Nick rolls his eyes. "Didn't I basically say that it was overkill trying to bring the doctors in on your medusa chicken? I don't think they want to be bothered with this either so I don't think you'll have to deal with them trying to pull rank on you for that cockatrice. And it's not dumb. They are specialists in the supernatural as well. It's more unnecessary and overkill. They're more focused on preventing apocalypses. Either way that's more something you can bring up with them whenever they contact you or Buffy about the damn scythe. I said I'd speak to them. I did. Done." \<br\>\<br\>Nick grows silent with the mention of Buffy. Once the second beer is sent before him, he glances up, spotting Harry's entrance. A hand lifts to wave back to the wizard. "Speak of the Dresden..." He comments to Faith before looking back to her. "Someone has to tell Buffy and being she doesn't even remember me and I have to head back to Ireland soon, that's going to fall on you. I got about 7 more weeks of filming left."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane arches a surprised brow at Nick's unusual crankiness, taking a long sip of beer. "Woow, someone sure got out on the wrong side of bed. Okay, I got the hint, you did your part, leave the rest to me. And do yourself a favor, get some rest. Seriously."\<br\>\<br\>Mention of Buffy has her scowling a bit, shaking her head, "And she calls herself a leader.." she snorts, "Bet I'd make a better leader." Then there's Harry. She grins and waves at him, tilting her head, catching something about Justice League.\<br\>\<br\>"Yo Harry, how's it shaking? Wanna nacho?" she shoves the way too big platter towards him.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> Settling into a seat, Harry looks towards the duo again. Free food is free food after all, so he takes a nacho and catches on to a few things they are talking about,"Thanks. If you want to add to the mystery, she seemed to remember me when last I saw her." he offers to the already difficult puzzle. He doesn't speak to the leadership comments at all, no desire to get into that mess.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>"That's assuming I even had a chance to get into a bed since my flight landed here." Nick mutters, "Listen, I've had a rather aggravating session with one prima donna who couldn't keep a session appointment so I'm having to commute stupid distances to accommodate for the reschedule. And while Wade can work some scheduling magic, I still have some stuff to shoot tomorrow so yeah, "I'm just not in a mood to be argued with when I'm just relaying what got said." \<br\>\<br\> The glass lifts, "So, any other questions?" \<br\>\<br\>Nick's head turns, looking over to Harry as he mentions being remembered. "...Did she know you before meeting Thomas?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane shrugs, "She still remembers me too, I think..But it's been awhile Soo..Selective memory? I figured after killing those memory demons, everyone's memories would come back..But maybe only more recent memories, I dunno.."\<br\>\<br\>She shrugs, frowning at Nick. "Okaay, just don't take it out on us. I do kinda need some sort of way to contact SHIELD though. Or are they that secretive that I just have to hope they find me first?"
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"Yes. Some of us got back the memories." Harry admits softly. He doesn't go any deeper into that though, just lets it be. Taking a drink of his brew he mostly listens to the two talk, interjecting a nod here and there. \<br\>\<br\> He thinks for a time and finally he admits,"I am pretty sure she knew Thomas first." There is a shrug,"I can't help you with SHIELD things. I try not to draw that kind of attention."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>"I have a feeling when they have their answer regarding the scythe they'll approach either you or Buffy first. " Nick responds, "But if you have a preferred means of contact I could pass that along. Assuming they don't already have that information on hand."\<br\>\<br\>Nick looks back to Harry. "Ah, it's not quite SHIELD things. It's more requesting that they provide an item in their possession over to either her or Buffy."\<br\>\<br\> Considering the timeline, a frown forms. So selective memory loss... Well. Don't I feel special..."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane frowns a bit at Harry's comment. "Geez, I wonder if Buffy remembers Thomas.." somehow that seems to trouble her as she stares into her beer can thoughtfully, quietly. Before shaking her head. "Ahhh screw this shit, not like I care.."\<br\>\<br\>Nick's comment is to be expected, although she seems just a bit distracted as she downs the next beer and orders yet another round, her thoughts elsewhere.\<br\>\<br\>"Huh? Contact? Huh, okay, I don't have a reliable phone, pretty much I can be found around Mac's, The Blue lady or the Hyperion Hotel." she shrugs.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>"The joys of memory theft." Harry mutters darkly,"When ya get your memory back you realize you forgot the one that was more or less the love of your life and also that she is gone from the world. Nobody knows where she went." \<br\>\<br\> He snorts softly,"You also realize that a demon got into your head and convinced you that you were in a relationship with someone else, only to realize that you didn't actually cheat on the one you loved, but you were convinced you were. A relationship all in your damn head." \<br\>\<br\> He looks to the sandwich that arrives and takes a bite of it and doesn't talk again for a while.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>"She doesn't." Nick replies, matter of factly to Faith's question before listening in to Harry's mutterings. He shakes his head. "Most of the manipulations I've ever encountered were from the hands of actual people. Not the supernatural."\<br\>\<br\>Well, that he knows of.\<br\>\<br\>He sips his drink. Unlike last time, Nick takes his time with this drink.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane stares blankly at Harry for a moment. "Huh? the hell you talking about..?" she shrugs and smirks. "Not like I'm worried, not like I have anything to prove.."\<br\>\<br\>She grabs a handful of nachos, dipping them into cheese sauce. Nick's response causes her to arch a brow but keeping quiet on the subject. She never even told Thomas, but..\<br\>\<br\>"Okay well if Buffy wants to be in on this, she'd better get her butt in gear either way. Harry, seems you have a better connection with her than either of us. Maybe you can keep her up to speed next time you see her? I kinda feel like she's never very keen on seeing me.."
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\>Harry eats another bite of his sandwich before he replies to either of them. To Nick he admits,"You get used to the other after a time or two." That sounds bleak. \<br\>\<br\> He tells Faith,"It's probably more of a story than you want to hear, so just trust me getting your memory back isn't everything it's cracked up to be." \<br\>\<br\> Considering the comment he finally nods,"I haven't seen her for a while, but I will reach out to Buffy and see if I can catch up to her. You are getting the magic scythe back and SHIELD might want to turn it over to her. Anything else?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:\<br\>"Turn it over to her Or Faith." Nick amends, "But that sounds about right."\<br\>\<br\>He goes back to sipping his beer. Harry's comment about getting memories back not being great all the time gets a nod. \<br\>\<br\>The glass lowers, "But living without the truth is not much better."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane hehs, waving a distracted hand, pushing the rest of the platter away as she rises to her feet. "You're right, I probably don't have the patience for a long story." she shrugs, "Anyway I think we're about done here, guess I better track Thomas and maybe Buffy down and keep 'em up to date.." although it's been tricky tracking Buffy down later.\<br\>\<br\>"Who needs the truth as long as you're living a hood life?" she's totally not thinking about...Something.."Anyway, see y'all later." and she's headed for the door.
Harry Dresden has posed:\<br\> "Yes. They both suck." he agrees after another bite,"I will try to catch her as well. Another drink of his beer and he gives Faith a nod. He's not interested in debating with her about things. \<br\>\<br\> "Watch yourself out there. Beware of stoned chickens."