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Excited and a little uncertain.
Date of Scene: 28 August 2023
Location: Observation Deck, Hall of Justice
Synopsis: Angelica came to the Hall of Justice to meet with League members. She left with a temp ID and a probationary welcome to the team.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Firestar

Superman has posed:
Superman would let others know about his findings. A hero by the name of Firestar, not to be confused with Starfire, is making waves in New York. Common information about her is this: She has worked closely with Spider-Man on numerous occasions. She has a history of being on Alpha Flight.

What Superman shared with the groups are her powers: flight, an energy wielder, but the heat energy does have the potential to go nuclear. She does have a containment suit, but a future project could be creating a better one.

Superman will pass out a file he made on her, "With most of the Lanterns off world and no contact from other members, it wouldn't hurt for us to have someone good with energy. She has potential. Like Captain Atom, and others, she does have a containment suit that should keep everyone else safe. A new model might help," Superman admits bringing up the merits and flaws. "It's why I gave her your card Diana. It allowed me to interview her as Clark. Not allow anything about Superman change her answer. See the real her," those interviews, although a great story they will make, is also a test. To see where her heart lies.

"She reminds me of Mary Marvel. Someone that wants to do good. Even without past associations she would still be out there fighting, I think combat and other skills could be trained if they need sharpening." Compared to Batman, his family and similar, everyone's combat skills need sharpening including Superman's.

Superman did call the other two here in the observation deck just to compare notes before actually calling her down. "What do you two thnk?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince had met with Angelica in the past week. At the guidance and suggestion of Clark Kent, she woman had contacted the Embassy to speak with her. From that meeting Diana invited Angelica to come tour the Halls of Justice and to meet some of the other members of the League. Her own memo to the team members included her impressions and the interest Angelica had in meeting, possibly joining.

Listening to Superman's comments in the present, she nods. "She is sincere. There was no malice or deception in her words that I could sense when we met. I think that we would be wise to get to know her better and consider how her talents might fit with the rest of the League."

Offering a smile, she glances between He and Batman as they wait for Angelica to arrive.
Batman has posed:
While the Dark Knight glances over the information provided by Superman upon his arrival it is likely no surprise that he already has files of his own back in the Batcave. It would probably be a bigger surprise if he didn't have any information. He doesn't have superstrength or invulnerability or even a magical lasso to fall back on. He survives, even thrives in this sort of environment thanks to his ability to gather information -- and the knowledge and willingness to make use of it.

He stands at one end of the observation deck, his cape and cowl drawn up close around him. There are not a whole lot of shadows to be found, not in the bright confines of the Hall of Justice, but Batman still manages to look as if he would prefer that it was the case. But he is here, as he said he would be. So far, so good on that front.

"She seems experienced enough. If needed we can do what is necessary to bring her up to speed and make sure she can function at this level," he agrees quietly.
Firestar has posed:
Some people might show up all decked out in super hero garb, but she doesn't like drawing attention to herself. Instead she comes in wearing a nice pair of jeans, a light weight blue blouse, and a pair of comfortable slip on shoes.

It's a risk of course, revealing herself. It's risk to herself. Arriving as Firestar might catch the eyes of an anit-mutant sort and cause trouble. The bag on her shoulder is larger than purse, more like a school book bag.

She enters the main building and asks the nearest person she sees for Diana. She seems a little awkward and withdrawn, but she offers the person a polite smile and looks around the entry way, eyes widening more every second.
Superman has posed:
Superman, fully uniformed looks toward Angelica. "Firestar," he says firmly. Yes, Superman knows the candidates name. "I've heard good things. Tell me more about yourself. Where do you see yourself on the Justice League?" he asks softly. The man stands there and will float up, hs gaze stll on her. However, Superman doesn't want Firestar to feel like she is under microscope. That's a job for someone else in the room.
Wonder Woman has posed:
As Angelica is escorted up to the gathered trio, Diana offers her a warm smile. "Hello again Angel. It is good to see you." As Superman also greets her, Diana moves forward to offer a proper greeting with an outstretched hand. If Angelica accepts it, Diana will rest her left hand against the woman's forearm in a true Amazonian greeting of welcome.

"We are pleased to have you join us today. I'm sure you know, of course, but.." She nods "Superman and Batman. Welcome to the Halls of Justice."
Batman has posed:
While not precisely as welcoming as the other two, Gotham's Dark Knight is probably on about his best behavior, dipping his cowled features her way briefly in greeting and slowly roaming back and forth, that masked gaze rarely leaving her. "Welcome," he offers quietly, simply, seemingly content to let the others take the lead, at least when it comes to the speaking part of this introduction.

He instead seems more focused on his own silent assessment, seemingly weighing and measuring her every chocie, her every response. Does the fact that she came openly without costume score points in her favor? Or does Batman take it amiss. One thing is certain, those near expressionless features -- at least what can be seen of them -- are pretty much unreadable.
Firestar has posed:
Her attention cycles through each of them in turn. Since Superman speaks first she acknowledges him initially,"Superman..." she offers a little shaky,"...I am glad you hear good...good things." She isn't scared so much as shy and a little overwhelmed,"I am not sure what you have heard about me yet, but I am a mutant. My powers revolve around radiation, paricularly microwave, manipulation. I have been part of a few teams, but currently I am on hiatus from the only one I hold membership with, the New Warriors in Canada. They are part of the Alpha Flight."

Her attention moves to Diana and she smiles, a little more at ease with her from a fraction more familiarity with her,"Diana, it's good to see you again. Thank you for the invitation and the meeting." She accepts the outstretched hand of course, easing a little more,"I am familiar in passing of course, that's about it. Hope you didn't mind that I came in like this. As Firestar I can draw attention to the place, anti mutant bigots. They probably wouldn't hurt you, but might bring some bad press. You saw my face and you trust those around you."

Lastly she turns her attention towards the Dark Knight. Of the three, probably the one that should be watched closely. She offers him a nod in return,"Thank you." she replies. Angelica manages a fraction of a smile. Batman's reputation seems to be accurate.
Superman has posed:
A nod comes from Superman as she address him first. "The mutant part does not offend me. I'm an alien," he knows a small fraction of bigotry that Angelica does. Seeing that she is upfront with that does earn a tick in his book. It shows a concern about others. She doesn't bring up herself. It's the bigotry that could follow her -toward- the League's doorstep.

Sky blue eyes stay on the young woman. Seeing the rapport with Diana has with Angelica is something Superman hoped for. "What about the people that say you're a criminal by association? Your friend Spider-Man has a reputation, if some sources are to be believed. How should we look at this situation?" Superman presses this question because certain company in this room may hold a similar view by society's standards. They both tend to skirt a line, one just does it while being sarcastic.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince glances sidelong at Superman. He went there. Her brows knit softly at that. She'd have expected it more from Batman probably.

She smiles however, offering encouragement to Angelica and glances to Superman and Batman, "We are familiar with Alpha Flight. We have other League members who are also part of that team." So that's a positive thing, right? Far more relevant than who she associates with, at least in the Amazon's mind.
Batman has posed:
Of course the Dark Knight remains an incrutable presence, refusing to give even a hint of how he feels on any of the given answers, or even the questions.

It seems unlikely that he would worry about the fact that she is a mutant. If any of the three here pays little attention to reputations it would certainly have to be him. At least on the surface of things. Then again, he seems to have a very well cultivated shroud of fear and intimidation about him, so who knows.

There are likewise plenty who would probably question his methods. He doesn't fight fair. He fights to win and as such there are only a handful of lines that he will not cross under any circumstances.

And of course he regularly uses the media to hide the truth about himself, about his identity. If anyone would understand just how they can be manipulated, can be played, well, that might be him as well.

Of course he hasn't been accused of trying to off his city's mayor either, so there's that.

Either way, Batman ceases that pacing and simply watches, listens to her answer while wrapped in that shroud like cloak.
Firestar has posed:
"When I was a kid, mid teens, before my father sent me to spend a year under the tutelage of the Hellfire Club's school, and sometimes while I was with them too I was lost. No question. Everything was flying out of control. Then I met a man in a red suit that could cling to walls. His smart mouth and quick wit made for a fast friend. I didn't have many and I still don't, even among my team. I love them all, but friends is hard. Spidey and Iceman are my friends and my family." She is calm, but her eyes show a determination forged in something worse than the fire she creates,"Would any one of you take up a gun to kill someone? Would you be fool enough to get seen in the process? He might not be as strong or fast as you, he is by an large stronger and faster than most. He could be in and out in a blink if he wanted to kill someone." Her jaw sets just a little, the fire in her heart flaring,"Those two are my family, my brothers. I will be the first to bust either of them if they go wrong and the last one standing at either of their sides to defend them from untruth. I know Spidey in a way none of you can. With respect, if that is a problem and it prevents me from joining you so be it. I will apologize for wasting your time."

She moves her attention to Diana and nods,"I know a few of them. Mostly in passing, but I know who you mean." She forces a hint of a smile and adds,"Sorry if I cause you trouble here. I just want to be clear. I mean no disrespect to any of you. My allegiance doesn't sway easy."

She is still peripherally aware of Batman's movements and while she doesn't look to any one of them she adds,"We're all criminals in the literal eyes of the law. Vigilantes. We take the law into our own hands and we strive to stop beings that are beyond what the law is capable of, but I have fought with street level thugs too. They don't need me for that I guess, but I do it." Probably the hardest thing she has done in months, she turns her eyes towards Batman and meets his gaze, holding it for several seconds. It's not about a battle of wills, but rather to acknowledge him. After that she looks back towards Superman to see what he has to say.
Superman has posed:
Yes, Superman went there. Angelica is his suggestion. The name he put out there. Because it has his stamp on it, Superman will go to those places. He wlil press his choices a little bit. Yes, he is trying to show a lack of favortism. Also, this gives the chance for everyone else to make a fair assessment.

Diana brings up the League's association with Alpha Flight. There's not a formal partnership, but they do share members here and there.

Angelica brings out a fire about family. His gaze doesn't sour, but it's not warm either. It just stays neutral. "You didn't waste our time. Nor are you a disappointment. Some people have said bad things about myself. More people have spoken out against my colleague," Superman nods respectfully to Batman. "We're used to similar attention. I trust you will make the right decsion when the time comes," he says firmly on that one. It's not an accusation against Spider-Man. Superman just pays attention to stories. Also, he can surmise Spider-Man -can- do everything Firestar brought up. "I agree with you personally, but it's not just my judgement that matters here," Superman says just showing that she's on even ground with him. However, his is not the only ground that matters.

"Have you ever been to space?" It's an honest question. Superman presumes not, but people can be surprising.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens to Angelica's response and offers a reassuring smile. Of the three, Clark could be said to to represent the truth. Batman very much represents justice. Diana is the one who represents compassion.

"We did not invite you here to doubt you, Angelica. The League has a level of scrutiny and global attention that does require us to be thorough however. Being friends with Spider-Man doesn't, itself, lessen your chances to become a member of the League. We each form our own impressions and thoughts as part of this process."

She looks to Superman and then Batman, letting the latter weigh in with any other observation.
Batman has posed:
Unsurprisingly perhaps, the Dark Knight still does not offer any clear single, at least not right at first, instead seeming content to let Superman take the lead in questioning, to let Diana offer some reassurances about the answers, while he listens and watches everything.

Still, it seems that he is capable of at least a little more then just looming in inscrutable fashion as she offers up her answers to Clark's questions. "Loyalty in the face of adversity is a virtue to. Membership will rarely, if every swing entirely on one answering. We are all a great deal more complex then that," the Dark Knight says quietly.

All of them come with a past, a built up record of their actions and those, perhaps more so then any one answer provides the real truth.

At least so far as he is concerned.

But the Dark Knight falls silent once more and allows Superman to proceed with his questioning.
Firestar has posed:
Remaining mostly quiet now, letting Superman have his say, Angelica nod and she reiterates finally,"As I said, if I thought he was guilty I'd lead the charge to bring him in. If I couldn't do it I'd seek those that I know would bring him in alive to answer for it." she tells him again softly,"I will always stand by those who trust me to. I might be awkward at times, but I take loyalty and family serious." She does smile a little when he mentions agreeing with her. The space question catches her by surprise and she nods,"Yes. I have. As long as I have a way to breathe the aura around me and the fire within protect me from the cold of space. In space I don't have to be as restrained. I surpised myself when my team needed a way to power a stargate and I was able to do it without too much trouble." Not a brag, not a humble brag, just the facts. Insane facts, but facts.

Her gaze meets Diana's and she tells her,"I know you didn't. I am just a little knee jerk when it comes to Spidey and Ice-Man." she shrugs and smiles a little again. She nods when she listens to Diana's explination of the process,"OK. I can appreciate that. Has to be a process."

When he speaks again, Angelica looks at Batman and listens to the words, more or less hanging on every one,"I hoped you three would understand that." she admits,"Loyalty means a lot to me as I said. I am glad one aspect of a person isn't he only thing judged. People are complex and relationships, romantic or not, complicate things even if that is what keeps us human."
Superman has posed:
Superman is genuinely surprised by Angelica's next answer. The only way it shows on his face is with a small blink. Like his brain says, "Come again?" before the rest of him could rein it in. Superman will speak a little bit, "Have you been in space a lot since then?" He's just genuinely curious on this one. Sky blue eyes look toward Batman as he expects the Dark Knight to have an ace up his sleeve after all of this time. Just some kind of judgement. Superman is trying to just regain his thoughts as he contemplates another question to press forward.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens and nods. "It is admirable to protect your friends." As the mention of activities in space are offered, she nods again. With a glance toward Superman and then Batman, she seems to have heard all that she needs.

"Do you have any questions for us? This is not a one sided metting after all" she adds with an encouraging smile.
Batman has posed:
Nodding his agreement with Diana's sentiment, the Dark Knight moves a little closer to the center of the room and the others. "The League is by no means something that must be pursued over all of your other interests. We come together when there is a need. We stay alert for the greatest of threats. It can be a lot to commit to," he says quietly. Not necessarily attempting to discourage her. But to make sure that all the cards on the table. "So if you have any questions for us, do ask. Better to be sure of the situation that you're welking into," he agrees, that cape rustling around him before settling once more.
Firestar has posed:
There is a hint of a smile, nothing offensive, just glad to have surprised Superman a little. A shake of her head and she admits,"I don't very often. Oxygen rigs like I had are hard to come by on Earth. Not impossible, just expensive. Sometimes I fly up high enough to see through the atmosphere, but without oxygen I can't go out there."

her attention moves to Diana and she nods,"Have to take care of family, whether family br blood or choice."

She starts to consider a question of her own, but Batman's voice causes her to pause. She listens to his words carefully, nodding a little. Maybe something he says strikes a chord and she looks to each of them in turn with the question.

"There are those that are dear to me that are not happy that I came here today. They are sure you are all looking for cannon fodder or just another soldier in the line. Two of them are sure you and the villans you battle will outclass my abilties and I will get in over my head." she explains,"Sometimes those that love you hurt you most or sell you short. You wouldn't have contacted me for such a thing I don't think. You wouldn't want to invite me along if you didn't think I could carry my weight would you?"
Superman has posed:
Superman is quiet for a bit before he speaks. "One of the most dangerous people I know has no powers. They're a force of will, determination and logic. We've brought on others, who on paper, look to be extremely over their head. They bring with them nothing more than skill, from a power persective. Yet, there are many here that would lock arms with them in a heartbeat," he begins to speak firmly, but the voice soft. Not like he is trying to smack her in the face with those facts. He's trying to present them as something to look at and possibly dive into.

"Yes. You have powers, but that wasn't the primary reason you were chosen. It was your heart. The content of your character. You just looked at three members of the Justice League ready to defend your friend to the bitter end, with a literal Goddess in the room. "Would your friends have had such courage? Maybe there's a reason why you're here and they're not," Superman just gives her that to think about. To him, it's the content of her character. Someone they could trust that just happens to have concentrated energy that borderlines on nuclear.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince spares an almost self-conscious look at Superman as he calls her a goddess. To a degree it is true, of course, but still not a thing she cares to dwell upon or wave about to others.

"We believe that you have the quality of character and abilities to help the planet. Everyone. Humans. Mutants. There is no distinction in the eyes of the Justice League. We stand to help protect the entire planet, Angelica. And to that end.."

She spares a look to Superman and Batman, "..I believe that we are agreed?" her questioning look moves between the two men then back to Angelica. Diana was not one to take longer on decisions than was needed once she had made her mind up.
Firestar has posed:
For a few moments she actually is quiet. She listens to what Superman tells her, seeming to hang on his every word. Her eye brow raises a little at the mention of a dangerous person with no powers, but she doesn't ask. Instead she nods.

She thinks a bit too long and turns to listen to Diana and hear her out as well. Might as well take advantage of being the quiet kid for a minute. She nods and she is clearly a little overwhelmed by the idea of things. When Diana speaks about them being a agreed.

She finally nods and says,"OK." Suddenly the one that was defending her best friend is pretty quiet. Decision time.
Superman has posed:
Superman will float down toward Angelica. He just looks down at the quiet kid. No words are said. Superman just puts a hand on her shoulder then begins to float away. However, if anyone is paying attention Superman's hand does leave Angelica's shoulder, but it does stay extended despite turning to leave.

Between forefinger and middle is a card. "Aren't you gong to take it?" Superman asks Angelica and he will wait for her to pluck it. It looks like a credit card except made of some kind of metal. It says, "Welcome to the Justice League," and Superman will give her a moment. "You were our first recruit. This is your temporary badge. Keep impressing us and you'll be programmed into the telporting system," and now he will turn toward Angelica. "Firestar," he'll give her a nod of respect. Then he'll float off to be at the observation station.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince watches with a knowing smile as Superman approaches Firestar and offers her the interim membership ID.

"We are priviledged to include you among our peers and allies, Firestar." She offers her hand once again, this time to welcome the other woman to the League. "As Superman said there will be a probationary period - for yourself and the League to be sure this is as good a fit as we think it will be. After that if the answer is still 'yes' then you will become a full fledged member of the League." Her smile suggests that she hopes this will help explain the process and next steps to Angelica.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica watches Superman thoughtfully. When he approaches and puts his hand on her shoulder she shows just a hint of doubt. She takes the card from where he places it and her eyes get biggers that dinner plates as she reads the card. Tears well in her eyes a little. Not a sobbing cry, but thrilled and relief mixed with pure emotion. She holds it to her heart for a second and and closes her eyes,"Thank you." she whispers softly as he turns to go back to the observation station. She looks at the card for a long moment.

When Diana speaks Angelica looks to her and smiles a little bit,"I will never forget this, thank you so much." Considering the probation period she agrees,"Yeah that makes sense. Probation with the new kid. I will do my best to make you all proud." she admits. Taking the offered hand she squeezes it a little,"I can't imagine the answer ever being anything other than yes."
Batman has posed:
While the Dark Knight might not have a badge or the promise of access codes and teleporter sequences to come, it would seem that he too is in agreement with the other two. Or at the very least appears to be a believer in the importance of presenting a united front. That cape rustles around him quietly as he moves to stand in front of their newest recruit, dipping that cowled visage her way. "You've chosen to take on a great responsibility, one that will have any number of challenges I'm certain," Batman says quietly. It always does, afterall. "Face them down with the same conviction you showed defending your friend and I'm certain niether you, nor us, will have any regrets at numbering you amongst us," he adds before fading back to the periphary of the Observation Deck.